SFI Rules of Success



1. Treat your business...like a business! 11. Have a plan (a realistic plan).
2. DO something to grow your business every day. 12. Winning starts with beginning.
3. Lead by example. 13. Focus.
4. Work with the workers. 14. Send praise down (and criticism up).
5. Treat TripleClicks as YOUR store. 15. Don't quit.
6. YOU succeed only if THEY succeed. 16. Think BIG.
7. YOU make it happen, no one else. 17. Don't major in minors.
8. Leaders are readers. 18. Don't be a negative thinker.
9. Open your eyes to your potential. 19. Some will, some won't. So what?! Someone's waiting! Next!
10. Set goals...and publish them! 20. Persist until you win.