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My Earnings Now Showing in Compensation #Compensation

Reply by Gery 2 days ago

Hi Robert,

We're still discussing the best way to present that information which is of course very dynamic in nature (i.e. constantly changing depending on one's rank and the ranks of many other people in the chain). We're not sure if presenting amounts here (which could show lower/higher than it will actually be later) is more helpful than harmful.

P.S. Look for a new addition to the Scoreboard tab shortly (hopefully tomorrow) that will help everyone gauge overall activity all month long for their PSAs, NSAs, and CSAs.

could you, please, clear this for me/us :

When it comes to the Team Overrides...
if someone in my 7th generation (I am a BTL) buys something...and having some
generations WITHOUT any EA, that 7th generation should enter in the compressed
generations for my BTL rank...
but...if I am NOT a BTL at the moment THAT purchase has been made, do I get
TO for it...or NOT?

I understood that TOs can be calculated only at the end of the month when you can
see what rank we have achieved for the CURRENT month and how deep down we
can go with compressed generations...

So, please,.. could you make this clear?

Thank you!

Minimum rank is EA to earn a Team Override (qualifies you for Team Overrides on 3 compressed generations). So if Joe on your 7th generation generated CV (via either a purchase or sale)...and there were less than three persons between you and Joe at the rank of EA, you'd earn a Team Override on the CV due to the dynamic compression we now utilize.

The line of sponsorship might look like this:

Bob (EA)
Sara (EA)

Of course, if you're a BTL, it could look like this and you'd still earn the Team Override on the CV on your 27th generation! Yes, dynamic compression is a HUGE upgrade to our comp plan!

Bob (EA)
Sara (EA)
Sherry (EA)
Alex (BTL)
Larry (EA)

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A summary of the New Compensation Plan in Team Building #CSA #Leadership #Team Building

Reply by Gilbert M. 3 days ago

Gery, Hi!

WOW! The New Compensation Plan is AMAZING! I see it as a HUGE step forward to empower serious SFI team leaders to build a highly successful SFI business and active team. Thank you Gery and the team. I am ALWAYS amazed at your continual efforts to get me to stop stagnating and to GROW my SFI business. And I appreciate that VERY MUCH! THANK YOU!

Apart from an early congratulatory post in the initial Forum thread that discussed this announcement I haven't made any other comment yet. I just haven't had time. But I have been through the news release several times now and thought about what I now need to do to take full advantage of these changes.

Here's a summary of my current thinking.

1. My current commissions. Yes, these will take an initial hit of approximately 50%. But that's fine. I'm not in SFI for what I can earn NOW - I'm in SFI for what I WILL EARN TOMORROW - and the POTENTIAL just keeps getting better.

Past SFI improvements have also cost me initially, and in fact in one of them I lost my best PSA. He stopped completely. But after a few months he came back and while he has not yet returned to his previous level of activity he is regularly signing in and doing some work. I actually think that the improvements that SFI have made here may excite him again.

2. Team Overrides

I have a new strategy that I will be rolling out this month to my team that will take full advantage of the initial emphasis on a 3 x 3 matrix and the resulting TEAM OVERRIDES (that replace the EP). And I am expecting my team to buy into this BIG TIME. Now I will earn from the activities of all my ACTIVE downline. - WOW!

Now we will see the benefit of the ZING network, Localvantia and Rewardical sales. And these are all areas in SFI that I will be spending much more time on in the future. And I will get the benefit from this - not everyone in the EP.

And NOW I have a real incentive to work with my PSAs down to 12 compressed levels (and my upline also has the same incentive to work with me) to receive the balance of 48% of the CV that has been reserved for my team on EVERY commission generated by our respective downlines. THIS IS HUGE!

For all those "small-minded" affiliates who are bemoaning the loss of some commissions this month all I will say is - get on-board the new system and develop your team in depth. In a few months you will be laughing all the way to the bank!

3. Instant pays. I'm glad that this won't start immediately. I detest any form of bank fees and therefore Payoneer is not my favourite debit card. Mind you, once I am earning thousands of dollars in commissions each month their fees will not be a concern (relatively speaking).

4. Simplified Team Leader Rank Qualifications - 3 PSAs
This was never a problem with me and I will be very willing to help any PSA in my team who wants to become a team leader. But any reduction in the qualification requirements is always welcome.

5. VersaPoints.
Now VP are only for rank purposes and those who earn less than 1,500 per month will have these transferred to the new month. Yes, this will help newbies get started BUT VP actually look after themselves.

REALLY we should be concentrating on TRANSFER BUYING. Surely it is not that hard to find something at TripleClicks that you could purchase instead of buying locally. Of course if you are serious about SFI you will need at least 125 TCredits each month so that you can participate fully in what SFI has to offer. We really need to work towards developing a budget, maybe over several months, where an investment in SFI of about $1.20 per day is possible each and very month. This is what I have done. SFI is my TOP priority each month. It's amazing how you can get this money together IF YOU REALLY WORK AT IT.

All SFI affiliates, not just newbies, should understand that NO entrepreneur or business person imposes LIMITS on their own business activities. That is just crazy thinking. No, the exact reverse is the case - we think BIG and plan GREAT things. And then do everything possible to achieve these plans. An attitude of "doing as little as possible" is not the mindset of any successful person I know (in whatever field of endeavour they are pursuing). And this should not be the mindset of any SFI affiliate either.

6. CSA Program
WOW! I now will receive an additional 1% commission on ALL my current CSAs - THANK YOU GERY!

And I will receive a commission of 8% on all new ones that I earn, win or purchase. BETTER YET. I will have up to 4 Co-Sponsors. Actually I think for all us "oldies" we will end up having a total of 3 Co-Sponsors because our current Co-Sponsor receives 2 slots. But all new PSAs will receive 4 Co-Sponsors. I'm looking forward to being the Co-Sponsor of 4 times as many CSAs as I currently am. WOW! That is the potential to earn 4 times as much in commissions AND 1:25 RTs as well. What a GREAT innovation that is. The bonus RTs I will earn each month are also appreciated.

For the past several months I have received 18 free CSAs each month. Under the new system I will receive (initially) 17 free CSAs each month - 12 for being BTL and 5 for being BCQ. That's okay because I also understand that this is likely to increase shortly. And, of course, I still will receive one share of "Second Home CSAs". This is a good simplification. Thank you Gery!


Get ready. SFI has just made it easier for us all to be successful. You will be receiving from me in the next day or so a simplified plan for you - what you should do and, if you do, what I will do to help you.


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Keep Your Marketing Funnel Focused... in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #Team Building

Reply by Leon M. 12 days ago

When promoting the SFI business opportunity, products and/or services stay in your marketing funnel...

A marketing funnel is the concept of keeping your prospect focused as you walk them through the AIDA process.





Action is either a sign-up or sale

Hint: Do NOT link out of your funnel. Do NOT cause your prospect to lose focus on your specific message. Your entire focus is to lead your prospect to either a sign-up or sale.

Leon McKee

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New Comp Plan Improvements in SFI News #Compensation #CSA

Reply by Leon M. 13 days ago

Why focus on Team Building with the NEW compensation system?

Global residual Income that grows 24 hours a day and is protected from political and environmental events....

1) Income Freedom (do what you want).


2) Time Freedom (do it when you want).


3) Location Freedom (do it where you want).

I recommend this thread:

Why You Should Focus on Team Building...

and this thread:

How To Retire With SFI Sooner Than Later...

Leon McKee

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Localvantia_-The Ultimate in Zing Network! in Miscellaneous #Localvantia #Rewardical

Reply by Gyanendra P. 13 days ago

For years I was wondering whether a networking business be done with our daily grocery purchases on market rates. With SFI introducing Localvantia it is very much possible with our grocery purchases from our local vendors. Yes you read that right. We can start our networking business by continuing to buy products and services from our favorite local vendors. SFI is awesome!

How do I pre-register new Localvantia merchants in my area?

LOCAVANTIA TRAINING: How to approach prospective Localvantia merchants .

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"FREE" members can earn here too... in Getting Started #Getting Started

Reply by Scott L. 14 days ago

The product is games, auctions TCredits and PSA's. Nothing has changed here. If that is how you built your team, great. Just because we have fewer products or ECA's should not make it much different. Especially since the products/ECA's removed represented less than 5% of the total sales. You can concentrate advertising products for SFI affiliates, because they have always been the biggest purchasers.

If TCredits are the highest selling product in SFI, then the removal of the other products should have very little effect. If the other products were selling, SFI would have kept them. (I lost my store too).

So, if team building really meant recruiting affiliates to buy TCredits and PSA's and play games and auctions, what has really changed? Honestly, not very much.

The point should not be thousands of products from hundreds of merchants available just to have a choice. The point should be the highest selling products that produce the most revenue. We should not be window shopping here....just looking without buying.

SFI cannot survive being a shopping mall.

And now, you can earn commissions from referring members to Rewardical merchants if you want, and Localvantia shops. The money the store owners are going to pay for the tokens that was going to the Executive Pool is now going into commissions. Over 300 locations and 65,000 products you can advertise. I don't think there is a lack of products.

Honestly, not that much has changed from the product point of view, except of how they are delivered, and a lot of products don't exist in TripleClicks anymore.

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There's No Magic or Special Tricks to get people to Join... in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing #PSA

Reply by Tommie K. 17 days ago

Hi Fellow SFI'ers,

There's No Magic or Special Tricks to get people to join and be active.

Your main job is to generate traffic to your gateways daily to find your next EA's, STL, GTL, PTL and DTL.

The Workers Will Work without you telling them to work because they will be working to grow their own business.

All that I Focus on is Generating Traffic to my Gateway and don't concern myself who join or who will be active.

I can ONLY control what I do and I can't control what others do,

I use ONLY Free Advertising to attract my future Diamond Team Leaders.

Here's My 5 Top PSAs movers VP's for May 2018:
#1 Maria Irena Zamora 12,023 VP
#2 William Hemmelgarn 5,898 VP
#3 Ime Udombang 5,355 VP
#4 Abubakar Sadiq Usman 5,140 VP
#5 Alistair Knox 4,401 VP

I didn't have to bother them at all to grow their own business (The Workers Will Work).

In fact, they don't need me to motivate or inspire them to grow their business.

See, I'm looking for the workers that's looking for an opportunity that SFI offers.

I Don't Push, Pull or Drag anyone over the finish line.

Tip: Focus on what you have in your power to control!

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The New Comp Plan + Free Advertising + Team Growth = More Money in Marketing #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

Reply by Tommie K. 18 days ago

Hi Fellow SFI'ers,

Tommie Kirkland (Captkirk) here...

I'm excited about the New Comp Plan because it focus on growing a large team to Leverage our Income and to Earn more residual income.

The main things that I like about The New Comp Plan:
- It gives our affiliates the incentive to reach EA and up!
- It gives our affiliates the incentive to retain EA Status and up!
- We get Team Overrides
- We get paid for our time and efforts
- It's easier for affiliates to reach Diamond Team Leader
- It make it easier for me to reach Crown Team Leader!

With Free Advertising, there's no limits on how many ads that we can post daily without having to wait to get money to post ads.

If we want to grow a large team we need to be posting ads daily without fail and Free Advertising fit the bill.

Tip: Run down to Marketing Aids and get your Text Ads and Banners ads and start using Free Advertising today!

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It’s Impossible to Fail with SFI unless... in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

Reply by Tommie K. 24 days ago

Hi SFI’ers,

Tommie Kirkland (Captkirk) here...

It’s Impossible to Fail with SFI unless:
- You don’t do anything
- You don’t drive traffic daily to your gateways
- You’re waiting for your sponsor and upline to do it for you

The ONLY thing we REALLY need to do is drive traffic to our gateways and SFI will do the rest.

SFI will do the following:
- Train your PSA’s
- Support your PSA’s
- Provide A forum to help your PSA’s
- a2a Friends fir your PSA’s
- Provide role models for your PSA’s
- Make sales for you
- And the lists goes on...

Tip: Do your part and get the potential Affiliates to SFI so SFI can do their part!

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Leadership Points!! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Marketing

Reply by Aziz B. 2 months ago

Your most powerful weapon (or your worst enemy) is YOUR MIND. It is basically a computer and it delivers to you what you set it up to do and work on. This is science actually! So, if you think of good things + good thinks will be brought to you. If you think negatively - bad things will happen to you. Think of it as an attractant. It attracts whatever you set it up to (think of). Or see it as a mirror. Whatever you present to it — that is what you will see in the reflection. And what do you do if you don’t like what you see? What do you do if your hair is messy, or you have dirt on your face? It is so simple: If you want to change something in your life change yourself first. Change the way you think, lose the prejudices, re-evaluate your opinions, be open for new things and ideas, don’t judge other people and change the negativity into positivity.

Patience is the key to any success. Nothing is made in a day. “Rome wasn’t build in a day.” A tree needs time to grow and bear fruit, a baby needs nine months to develop lungs so it can breathe independently, you needed several years to finish school.
That’s how nature and life are. We are trained by society to expect things to go/happen quickly (fashion, new software, new brands of mobile phones, new products), but that is NOT how natural things are happening. Sure, you can achieve something quickly and easy sometimes whether by luck or by meeting the right people, but it will be gone as fast as it came. It is never stable.

Leading a team
Most of the people who join SFI and learn that they have to build a team and be leaders think: “Oh I can’t do that. I have never been in that position. I can’t control my own kids let alone some people I don’t even know!!!”
Well good new is: you don’t have to control anything or anyone but yourself. See yourself as a teacher. Teach what you have learned. Let your team know you are there for them at all times and they can rely on you.

Many people are skeptic about online earnings. And they are mostly right because 90% of the companies ask for your money to sign up, then put you through more expenses. At the end you will have spent more than you gain. Signing up to SFI is free, gives you a free training programs and sponsors to teach you. Gives you marketing tips and tricks, as well as templates to work with!! All for free. All you have to invest is your time to study them. Think of it as a crash course for advertising.

Going through hard times
Moral sometimes goes down, especially if bad things happened to you today. Most important thing is: NOT TO SINK DOWN!! Don’t be a victim and don’t feel sorry for yourself. Feel sorry for those who are missing these kind of opportunities. To them no company will ever be good as they are not good themselves. Nurture the good things in you and your life and you will get to the good days eventually. Life is made of ups and downs and so is any work/job/business.

I am providing this link to an article from the magazine “Success” which explains 7 Mistakes These Successful People Will Never Make Again
And what you can learn from their biggest failures:
Many Thanks to SFI Greatest Tips

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The Status Quo Rule Book in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

Reply by Earl W. 2 months ago

The Status Quo has a rule book designed to keep you from making the necessary changes to achieve greatness. Follow those rules and you will never be better than you are right now. Challenge those rules and you will find that you are capable of so much more than your present reality!

The above paragraph represents the problem with many people when they begin to pursue their dreams. More often than not, there will be somebody in your life telling you that you are not capable because the dream is too big. That person appears to be held captive by the status quo, and since he/she cannot see beyond the present reality, you are being told to stay where you are too.

If you allow the status quo to hold you back, you will never be able to move forward.

If we never challenged the status quo, the automobile would have never been created, planes would have never taken flight, and the internet would have never been created causing SFI to never exist! This is why we need those who dream so we can improve our present reality and change our future!

For this reason, I want to encourage everybody to challenge the status quo and dream big!

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Experiment Complete! in Getting Started #Auto-Delivery #Compensation #Contests

Reply by Chris J. 3 months ago

Hello Everyone!

My name is Chris Jones and I want to share my recent experiment with you.

20 day experience after first month of SFI with no auto-delivery or purchases.

Auto-delivery What Are The Benefits? and Why Set It For The 1st?

After 9 months of using auto-delivery option to remain BTL qualified,
I decided to submit myself to excruciating pain and money loss
in order tp conduct an experiment for future references.

For the past 3 or 4 months I had my auto-delivery set for the 1st of the month and started noticing good things were happening nearly everyday. I focussed on what was happening and why and realized how truly deep it went!
So I talked myself into conducting this experiment so that I could share my experience with team members and others that were wondering if auto-delivery was truly worth it or not.

short answer- Most Definitely!

So here is my experiment.

This month I did not make a purchase. I did not use auto-delivery.
I spent my entire TCredit, Rewardical, and commission balances last month and started from nothing!

this was really hard for me to do, I enjoy bidding in auctions daily, and well, I could do this no more

The first of the month comes!
Usually, I am sitting on 225+ Tcredits, top 500 VP(2800plus), BCQ qualified, and BTL instantly!
(for under $70 investment )

But NO!
I do not have any Tcredits!
I do not have any Rewardicals!
I do not have any money!

Ok ok I can do this, I say to myself!

Need Tcredits, need VP, need RT
I do my daily tabs gaining just 10 vp, usually I get 12 and spend 2 TCredits.
I've usually won some Rewardicals from a daily drawing.
I tell you my world was upside down!

I did all the tasks possible to get a few hundred VP for the month, but I needed a sale to get VP. I needed to win a drawing to get RT. I had to run over to Eager Zebra and get serious about winning card king with only 2 free plays daily.
I had to get serious about playing KOT to win and get that extra daily crown entry.
I really had to spend a lot of time advertising trying to make sure I get a sale.
I really had to focus on entering T-Time as many times as possible.
I really had to spend a Lot of Time doing things that took away from building my team.

I bright moment happened though, after commissions were paid i got my 12 Tcredits for being BTL the month before.
I tried to use these TCredits wisely to recycle them into more. I won card king share and gained 6 tcredits after spending only 1 for an extra game. Yay things were looking up so I thought.
5 days later I was out of Tcredits once again. I had only won 2 drawings all month long at it was approaching the 20th.
By the 20th of the month I generally have won at least 5 drawings. Nothing is working as smoothly as before.

Well, here we are... Tomorrow is the 20th...

Not having an auto-delivery setup for the first of the month is a bad idea!

By having an auto-delivery setup for EA or BTL qualifying VP on the first of the month:
This is what you get...

1. Peace of Mind
2. More time for building your team
3. 2 bonus entries daily (up to 62 in one month) into the daily grand drawing
4. If your AD is for TCredits or bundles with them included, you will have firepower for auctions and games and your daily EZ/PB tabs
5. Prestigious badges and ranks and benefits.

In closing, my experiment proved to me that having an auto-delivery setup for the 1st of each month is:
The Absolute Best SFI Experience

Don't be skeptical any longer, free your mind, remove the stress from SFI and budget yourself an auto-delivery in order to really enjoy your new business and not worry about results so much.

It Truly Is Worth It

Chris J

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$6 Lead Turns Into Millions of Dollars in Sales - Part 4 in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

Reply by Leon M. 3 months ago

$6 Lead Turns Into Millions of Dollars in Sales - Part 4

This is part 4 of how a $6 lead turned into millions of dollars in sales. The following is a backstory that has significant meaning to me on a personal and business level.

If you did not have a chance to read part 1 then click here: Part 1

If you did not have a chance to read part 2 then click here: Part 2

If you did not have a chance to read part 3 then click here: Part 3

The phone rang just like any other day, but this call was different! My dear friend and business associate Richard “Rich” Strayer had passed away. The date was July 23, 2008. I was devastated!

Rich was one of those people that everyone loved and with good reason. Rich was not only personable, but he truly cared about people. Rich was a big man, but his heart was enormous. I still communicate with people who remember Rich and, in their mind, he was one of their best friends. Rich had a LOT of best friends. That day I received the call I was flooded with emotion and thought back to when Rich came into my life.

5 years before the $6 lead that turned into millions of dollars in sales I was working a different business opportunity (mid 80’s). I was placing local and national ads, sending out information packets, meeting with prospects and making a lot of phone calls. One day I processed a lead with an address that was from the same state as me. I sent out the packet of information and followed up a few days later with a phone call. Wow! What a phone call that turned out to be…

The very first time Rich and I talked it was as if we had always known each other. Rich just had one of those personalities. During our conversation I learned that Rich had a lot of local experience in Networking, but no experience in using advertising to build his business. We talked at length about what I and my team where doing and how our system worked. Rich was very interested and decided to join our opportunity.

I still remember the very first time I had the pleasure of meeting Rich in person. We had agreed to meet at a business function and had briefly exchanged details so we could find each other. I guess Rich saw me first because out of nowhere this very large man walked up and gave a me a BIG hug. I was shocked and Rich could tell. What happened over the next few years changed my life. Rich taught me to connect with other humans in a way that I had never experienced. Because of Rich Strayer I was able to hug my own Father in a way that I did not think was possible. This changed my life! Rich taught me many valuable lessons, but the biggest one was to hug. Yes, hug!

There’s a saying that our minds are like parachutes in that they don’t work unless they’re open. Rich most certainly had an open mind and we set out to build his business as a team. I wrote the ads, did the testing and ran the system while Rich spent all his time following up on and converting his leads. This relationship continued for years and Rich worked his way to a full-time income. Rich was a hard worker!

One day, years later, Rich asked me to work with him so he could take control and run his own lead generation system to include co-ops. This is what you want! You want team members who take control of their own future. Rich was a leader and yes I helped him, but Rich made his own success!

A number of years went by and one day Rich called me and wanted to meet for coffee. Rich had moved on from the businesses we had been in together and was now looking for another opportunity. I had recently been talking with Gery Carson about some of his plans and suggested that Rich should contact Gery. Rich did indeed contact Gery and along with several of his leaders they laid the foundation for the SFI business you are involved with today. Several years later I came aboard and was privileged to work with Rich again. Several of my current PSAs had a close relationship with Rich and I know they also feel very strongly about that connection. We all miss him dearly!

You see, you never know what this business will bring into your life! Most of us think about the financial rewards. Maybe we consider the time and location freedom, but mostly we think about the financial rewards. I’m here to tell you it’s the people that matter the most!

My friend the late Rich Strayer:

Leon McKee

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Additional reading...

How To Retire With SFI Sooner Than Later...

The day we all fear or how to survive a layoff/downsizing...

The Week Networking Changed My Life!

Why You Should Focus on Team Building...

Why Sorting Is Critical To Your Team Building Efforts...

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$6 Lead Turns Into Millions of Dollars in Sales - Part 3 in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

Reply by Leon M. 3 months ago

$6 Lead Turns Into Millions of Dollars in Sales - Part 3

This is part 3 of how a $6 lead turned into millions of dollars in sales. Part 3 will address the math and additional marketing concepts that are critical for your internet marketing business. The part 4 addendum will feature another story that has significant meaning on a personal and business level.

If you did not have a chance to read part 1 then click here: $6 Lead Turns Into Millions of Dollars in Sales - Part 1

If you did not have a chance to read part 2 then click here: $6 Lead Turns Into Millions of Dollars in Sales - Part 2

Hint: The critical lessons interweaved in parts 1 through 3 are not all shown with acronyms and marketing jargon. A little, but not much!

How much is your average lead conversion worth? The voice on the other end of the phone seemed to be frustrated with my responses. I was also frustrated and feeling a little overwhelmed with all the insider acronyms and jargon being thrown my way by this mail-order marketing expert. I remember thinking “What is this marketing system he’s talking about”. I really did not have any good answers to any of his questions and my overall response was simply “I don’t know”. What I learned that day changed the way I looked at marketing!

Come to find out if you know the value of a conversion and what to do with that information you’ve got a secret weapon. I had no clue at the time, but it was time to figure out the math and start systemizing my entire marketing process. Let’s move forward in time to the ad in question…

The first thing I had to figure out was who do I want to see my ad? I had learned that not just anyone would respond to a business opportunity ad. What to do? I looked for advertising opportunities where the readers had already been proven to be seeking a business or income opportunity. Sort of like fishing where others are fishing because that’s clearly where the fish are! I did not try and reinvent the wheel as the saying goes!

The next step was to come up with an ad that would get the attention of my target market. I used the formula AIDA which stands for:

1. Attention
2. Interest
3. Desire
4. Action

Learning to write your own ad is not an easy task to say the least! Sometimes the process takes a day and sometimes it takes a week. However, with experience and measurable results the process starts to become a little more systematic. I remember thinking through what’s unique about the income opportunity I was advertising. If I could just get their attention and then spark their interest I could create desire and end with a call to action. That’s the AIDA formula and it’s time proven in the direct marketing and mail-order industry. Seems to work just as well in the Networking and Affiliate industries also!

I remember feeling a sense of relief when I had my first ad ready to test. Why? I was highly motivated to succeed because I knew my WHY. I’ll save my personal why for another story, but the point is my why was very important to me and I was highly motivated.

I placed my first ad and a few months later the leads started coming through the system. Hmmm! I was not happy with my results as the average lead cost was over $10. I made a few changes and placed my next series of ads. I repeated this process with what’s called A/B Split Testing to improve my cost-per-lead. After testing and testing I was able to get my cost-per-lead down to a consistent $6.

The cost of those leads was only part of the math as I also had follow-up costs. My average follow-up cost was right around $2. However, just to be transparent, some of those leads did require time on the telephone which was not cheap in those days.

So, my average cost to process a lead from ad placement all the way through the follow-up system was $8. What I had learned years earlier, from the mail-order marketing expert is that most marketers stop right here because no one has ever taught them the real secret.

The real secret is that if you know what a lead conversion is worth you know how much to spend to get that conversion. Converting a lead simply means they purchase your product/service or sign-up in your business opportunity. What I was able to determine was that my average sign-up cost was $45 which was not bad in those days. However, the secret sauce to the entire system was that I made that $45 back around three months from each sign-up. After those three months all the additional income was pure profit. Serious profit! WOW!

This was an exciting time! If I or one of my group members could invest $45 and make that back in three months then…

Rinse and Repeat

What we did next was scale up our advertising to as many publications as we could afford. What we knew was that based on prior results we would get our money back and then some! The real secret gets even better when you consider leverage!

The kind of leverage that made our system powerful and lucrative was:

1. Co-op Systems
2. Residual Income

The bottomline is that we outspent our competition because we knew our average return on investment. We then used co-oping to dramatically increase our exposure and lower everyones risk. This was a win-win for all involved!

Hopefully you can understand why the expert I mentioned in part 2 that thought my ad was ineffective was absolutely wrong? The expert had an opinion, but I had done the testing. Testing is critical to your marketing system! The numbers will tell you everything you need to know!

I think back to that fateful day I followed up with that $6 lead… I had learned, through results, that someone that provides the minimum information has the lowest conversion rate. However, I followed up because I knew what my average sign-up was worth! I had a system and I would simply rinse and repeat each and every day. The numbers don’t lie! That $6 lead turned into millions of dollars in sales!

I would like to leave you with a few thoughts…

Become a student of the marketing process, but don’t just study what to do! Take action and then rinse and repeat your way to success.

Think about how much a customer or sign-up is worth to you over different periods of time.

Our industry provides a lot of leverage when you grow your business deep. There’s a LOT of leverage in converting a lead and then working with that sign-up to build a large team. Focus on action takers!

Part 4 will be an addendum of sorts. I have another story… I would like to show that financial rewards are not the only tangible benefit this industry can provide you. The story I have to tell will be difficult as my connection is so strong. I hope to see you on the other side.


Leon McKee

Part 4

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$6 Lead Turns Into Millions of Dollars in Sales - Part 2 in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

Reply by Leon M. 3 months ago

$6 Lead Turns Into Millions of Dollars in Sales - Part 2

This is part 2 of how a $6 lead turned into millions of dollars in sales. If you’re serious about making a living from internet marketing then I have some basic concepts for you that could literally change your financial future. Part 2 continues the story and part 3 will address the math.

If you did not have a chance to read part 1 then click here: $6 Lead Turns Into Millions of Dollars in Sales - Part 1

The story continues…

My ad was a horrible example of using direct response marketing to build a Network Marketing business! That’s what the well known industry expert on the stage told the crowd and what was passed on to me by one of my group leaders in attendance. Apparently this industry guru actually had a copy of my ad on a large screen and was using it as an example of what not to do! Did I get upset or insulted?

No and No

You see that ad was designed with a very specific target market in mind! All I wanted was their attention so they would read further and possibly request more information. The ad was working and the results where fantastic. Here’s the thing… Opinions are not as important as results. When you test and create a marketing system the numbers don’t lie!

My notorious ad ran for a little more than five years and generated excellent results. Each year I changed the dates, but the ad stayed exactly the same and ran month after month. Strangely enough that ad was never copied or plagiarized (stolen) to the best of my knowledge. Seems no one thought the ad was any good! More on this in part 3.

Here’s an important point… I did not keep those results to myself. I shared the results of that ad through a co-op system and many of my group members also had fantastic results. Several of those close to me laid a solid foundation for a full-time income from that one ad. As a matter of fact I think I’ll add a part 4 and tell one more story about one of those leaders and how he not only affected my business and personal life, but actually has impacted YOUR business.

When I think back to the 1980’s I realize that we (pioneers like Gery Carson) had it a lot better than what we realized at the time. When I got started there was not one single book or resource available on how to build a Network Marketing business through the mail with advertising. What happened was that we connected the dots between Network Marketing and the Mail Order industry. Because there was no reference material we relied on traditional and mail order marketing experts for our “how to” information. This was a critical factor in our favor come to find out! This will become clear in part 3.

Part 3 will address the math and additional marketing concepts that are critical for your internet marketing business. I’ll also add a part 4 addendum with another story that has significant meaning to me on a personal level. My desire is to simply help and inspire!


Leon McKee

P.S. I actually attended several marketing conferences that featured the industry guru talking about our co-op ad. I never said a word!

Part 3

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What things can we sell @ TripleClicks? in Sales

Reply by Scott L. 3 months ago

Recently someone asked how can we earn commissions with all the recent changes, like the removal of the ECA program for example.

Well, TripleClicks has lots of items -- that hasn't changed at all. Sell an item to a PRM and get direct commissions and VP.

What can we sell?

I compiled at list of the departments and number of results in each to show that TripleClicks has lots of items available for all of us to sell -- we just have to look for something we like and start advertising!

Antiques & Collectibles - 8 items
Apparel - 1000 items
Arts & Crafts - 151 items
Books - 462 items
Business - 214 items
Computers - 147 items
Digital Downloads - 1000 items
Education - 3 items
Electronics - 236 items
Food & Beverage - 215 items
Gifts & Flowers - 40 items
Health & Wellness - 961 items
Home & Garden - 904 items
Jewelry - 1000 items
Magazine Subscriptions' - 217 items
Miscellaneous - 305 items
Movies, Music & Games - 47 items
Personal Care & Beauty - 766 results
Pet Care - 98 items
Phones & Accessories - 148 items
SFI - 39 items
Sports & Outdoors' - 310 items
TCredits - 14 items
Tools & Automotive - 160 items
Toys, Kids & Baby - 333 items
Travel' - 34 items

Some items are duplicated across departments, but you get the idea.

All these items are located in your TripleClicks store.

Happy Selling!

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$6 Lead Turns Into Millions of Dollars in Sales - Part 1 in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

Reply by Leon M. 3 months ago

$6 Lead Turns Into Millions of Dollars in Sales - Part 1

This is part 1 of how a $6 lead turned into millions of dollars in sales. The income from those sales was residual income and resulted in a six-figure return. How did this happen? What does it mean to you?

This is just one of many stories...

Before the internet we used to focus our advertising on local and national classified, display, card deck and magazine ads. The learning curve was steep and the cost and risk was sometimes very high. Our turn around from ad placement to results was from 1 to 9 months with an average of around 4 months. When you consider testing a new ad and only scaling up the placement of that ad when results proved positive the overall process was very time consuming.

One fateful day I received a plastic bag in the mail from the post office. Back in those days it was not uncommon to have mail that was torn apart by the mail processing machines. The post office would deliver damaged mail in a plastic bag. This particular day the plastic bag contained a card from a card deck I had been testing. The card was all torn apart, but I was able to see the address. The sender did not include the requested phone number and their address was a PO Box. Back in those days this was considered a very low quality lead. However, I processed the lead and mailed a presentation packet out that same day. The cost of the lead was $6 and the cost of the packet was close to $2 total. Generating and following up on leads in those days was costly and time consuming!

About a week after sending the packet I received a phone call from the requester (lead). She proceeded to ask me a LOT of questions and really put me on the spot several times. Several weeks later she joined the business opportunity which means the lead converted to a signup. Good news!

After getting settled into the program my new signup took massive action. Sure she had a lot of questions, but within about 90 days our conversations became focused on our business relationship and not "getting started" questions. This lady was a take-action-and-get-results kind of person. Her marketing strategy was "rinse and repeat" each and everyday.

Over the years she and her team generated millions of dollars in sales. Our business relationship only lasted around 8 years before she changed her business focus, but that happens. However, the results of my relationship with this leader still affects my business to this very day. Almost 30 years later!

Part 2 will continue the story. Part 3 will address the math and what this all means to YOUR business.

Leon McKee

Part 2

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Don't Be A Thumb Sucking Pinhead-Stopping Negativity in Miscellaneous #Leadership

Reply by Harold G. 4 months ago

This is where leadership starts. Period.

Did the title catch your attention? There's a real life story behind this title and a lesson to be gained by any of us.
The Story Behind the Title:
Many years ago now (wow--time flies!), I was involved in a network marketing opportunity. This was well before SFI. In fact I had done VERY well with it until some lawsuits emerged due to alleged unethical practices by various leaders in the distributor field in the late mid/late '90s. In spite of that my belief and confidence in network marketing remained strong--which is why I joined SFI. I learned from many extremely successful leaders in the industry--met many of them. In my early days I listened to some audio tapes and there were a handful that had an incredible impact on me. You guessed it, one of them was called, "Don't Be A Thumb Sucking Pinhead." Wow that title was strong! In fact, some people offended by it. I initially was when it was handed to me. But, I listened to it and immediately did some self analysis which made a huge difference in my life--and of course with my business ventures.

The Basic Lesson:
The basic lesson here is an attitudinal one. Attitude is a dynamic that affects the course of our becoming successful. It affects what we do, what we say, and our perspective in any given situation. In short, we must be able to handle, deal with, and discuss objectively our situations without being negative. I also learned a long time ago, "It's not what happens to you; it's how you handle it." In our business community--the SFI Forum, our Stream, our GroupMailers--beware negativity as it will kill your business!

In as much as "winners never quit and quitters never win," so also is the fact that, "whiners never win, and winners never whine." If we discuss change and air our concerns, is it negative? It depends how we discuss it? People look for leadership. Leaders are people with answers--and when they don't have the answer they have proper posture--an attitude comprised with confidence when uncertainty arises; faith when they aren't yet sure of an answer; and courage that encourages others in times of winning and struggle. While you can be as successful as you'd like; you CAN'T be successful in a big way if the size of your attitude, faith, and courage is blown away with adversity. A fundamental principle we must remember is that out of every adversity is a seed of greater benefit. Whiners never see that seed; winners do. Adversities are the stepping stones to greater heights and greater achievements and the steps and reactions found in leadership reflect this principle.

In short the principle lesson is we can either suck our thumbs over things that happen, or changes that take place, or we can choose to stay focused. The head of pin--a pinhead--is small. It doesn't grasp the bigger picture. It won't see the seed of greater benefit in adversity. Faith is to deep of a concept and dynamic for a pinhead to embrace. So--it whines, it complains, and spews out negative, and unless something changes, it quits never realizing the potential of greater successes. A winner finds growing opportunities in life. With growth comes fruitfulness, results, and prosperity. Sure, there are defeats, disappointments, setbacks, struggles, obstacles, and adversities experienced in the process, but the results between growing and keeping the bigger picture compared to the results of being a (yes a) pinhead are extremely different.

Some Practical Applications:
Why would anyone want to build SFI with you if they see you complaining about your commissions, the rate of success in your sponsoring efforts?? There are people in this business who are successful with SFI--you won't find them in the Forum or elsewhere complaining, whining, or being negative. PERIOD! When say you sponsor large quantities of people and you don't get any movers--YOU are doing something wrong. Yes, this is a numbers game. AND YES!!! We can improve our numbers if AND ONLY IF we take charge of our own marketing efforts while acquiring and applying activity knowledge. So, when you post like that--you defeat yourself!
---How can you approach it in a non-negative way? Like this: "Hey--any suggestions on how to improve my sponsoring efforts or improve my team building efforts?"

Do you see the difference? I'm NOT complaining, whining, or spewing negative. I want to have a DD badge like anyone else...but I welcome the challenge of having to work harder to earn it....WHY? Because rising to challenges forges greater leadership qualities AND causes the income to rise in the process!!!

The Forum is no place to air out dirty laundry--go upline with it or by some of TC Direct's Naturals ;-). It's not a place to emphasize minimums--keep that within your own team. The Forum or any other communication venue is not the place to complain about commissions:
You want more money? Learn how to market our products--
HEY! There are people in SFI who are TC Top Sellers! Don't tell me you can't sell products!
You want more money? Don't complain about it here, no one on your team will want to put money into their SFI business with you.......
Learn how to be effective in sponsoring active people who are willing to produce sales by learning from you as to how to generate retail sales and through purchasing some products themselves, and then teach them to sponsor others like themselves! Their are SFI affiliates who do this. You won't catch them complaining or whining--they're busy growing thei business!

Negativity is an energy stealer, its a team-stopper, a defeat promoter (it promotes or "grows" our defeats), a dream killer, and again--if you have to get it out follow this rule: Throw up (go Upline with it); never throw down.

YES! We can talk objectively about changes, about our challenges. We can admit we are facing problems--but let's approach in an inspiring way--in a manner worthy of being followed by others. We can share our disappointments and ask for encouragement without making it an airing of dirty laundry..... Right?

Winners think big, they think in perspectives and concepts. Pinheads can't even grasp that sentence because its too large of an ideal already. Try to understand and grasp what I'm saying. It'll make a huge difference in your SFI business--in your life! :-)
And for your sake and everyone else's--Stop Negativity.

Go Diamond!

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Unlocking our BONUS VP in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

Reply by Scott L. 4 months ago

A lot of people who sign up here spend a lot of time looking for and asking for FREE VP.

Eventually, if SFI gives away enough FREE VP, we can all get on with our lives since we will have so much free time because SFI will no longer be in business, and we won’t have an SFI business either.

However, SFI does give us bonus VP, which is kind of like FREE VP, if we are willing to work for it.

It is shown on your To Do List tab under Team Leadership and Support.

If you make the effort to reach EA each month, then every single PSA you recruit into the business that makes EA as well earns you 100VP. This is an unlimited amount of VP you can earn, because the number of PSA’s you recruit is not limited. If you get 100 PSA’s that make EA, you get 10,000 VP.

The higher in rank your PSA’s go, the more VP you get. Each rank upgrade your PSA achieves gets you another 100VP. If you have 100 PSA’s who could reach GTL every month, that would be 40,000VP for you.

And, there is more bonus VP out there for you. If you make the effort to reach at least BTL every month, then all the VP that is earned by every single affiliate in your downline up to 6 levels deep who reach at least EA, is added to your commission calculation in the compensation plan called the TripleClicks Executive Pool. Again, it can go as wide as forever. All your PSA’s could recruit hundreds of their own PSA’s that reach EA, and you get paid on all those VP they earn. And so on down the line.

It’s called Matching VP if you don’t already know.

Now, I know all it seems I ever talk about is Versa Points, and Matching VP. Well, that is because it works for me. And I think it can work for you too, if you want. Becoming BTL can be the real key.

Oh, and don’t forget about the Rewardical Tokens. Whatever your PSA’s earn, you get a 10% bonus added to your total. Guess what you can redeem those for?

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This Week's Team Mail - Aiming for Success instead of the Minimum in Compensation #Compensation #Leadership #Rewardical

Reply by Andrew A. 4 months ago

Last e-mail I sent was a bit of information on Rewardicals.

It seems in the forum there is a lot of confusion as to how Rewardicals are changing the landscape with many complaining over the loss of MRP they would exchange for 1 t-credit worth 102 VersaPoints (VP) to make Executive Affiliate each month.

While EA does qualify you for shares of the TripleClicks Executive Bonus Pool that income is only around 71 cents on 1500 VP each month. At that rate, it will take you half a year to qualify for just one payment slightly over $20 USD. I call this doing the minimum because it really is the minimum and real earnings don't start until you have actually earned a team leader rank.

Notice I said earned and not bought a team leader rank.

See earning a Bronze Team Leader rank requires a minimum of 5 team members in your first tier downline we call PSA or Personally Sponsored Affiliates and earning 3,000 VersaPoints for the month.

Again this is the minimum and many buy their way to BTL to achieve the rank and get a more prestigious badge but what is a Team Leader if all 5+ PSA are inactive and you are only earning around $1.40 a month on a cost closer to $60 a month?

With no active PSA, you have no Matching VP and your Executive Bonus is the same as being an Executive Affiliate.

Earning your rank is easier than you think.

A prime example would be an affiliate who refers just one PRM who likes to play auctions each month and buys a 200 t-credit bundle every month for auto delivery. For the sale, you earn $8.86 a month in commissions plus since the member is not an affiliate you keep the 1661 Versa Points they would have earned.

Selling 1 pack of 200 t-credits a month makes you an Executive Affiliate every month for free while also paying you a cash commission every 3 months of around $26.58 while you seek some active PSA. Sell two packs of 200 t-credits a month and you make double that and get paid every 2 months. It also makes you a BTL once you have 5 PSA.

Surf for 300 credits a day in 5 traffic exchanges will give you a minimum of 45,000 visitors to TripleClicks and SFI every month. Your Zing Network Referrals in a good exchange happen around 0.5 & 2 signups per thousand visitors sent. That is up to 90 new referrals a month if you work hard and stick with it.

Want another free way to get VP, PRM, or PSA make sure to read up and promote Rewardical and the Rewardical ECA Program. Check all alerts on the Alert page when you log in and follow the links on the official news blog for related articles on Rewardicals. I won't add length to this already long post with the dozen or so links. Log into www.sfimg.com to get the scoop on Rewardical and the Rewardical ECA Program.

I apologize for the long message this week but it's full of training so I hope you won't mind.

Andy Zeus Anderson
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