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Michael B.

United Kingdom

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Earning report coming soon in Suggestion Box #Compensation #Sales

7 days ago

As a long time Team Leader I have watched my commissions decrease since 2013, with changes brought in that did nothing to encourage or give incentive to my team members. I am still here in hope that things will get better.

Perhaps the new changes will make a difference, but as always they will only make a difference if you are generating sales and sponsoring new people who are willing to invest as we do, in both time and funds where available.

Best of luck

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New Comp Plan Improvements in SFI News #Compensation #CSA

20 days ago

Clarification of the above please Gery

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New Comp Plan Improvements in SFI News #Compensation #CSA

21 days ago

Great changes and hoping this is the one that makes mathematical sense in the short term. A question though. Was there also a decrease on CV percentage for purchases by PSAs? I always thought it was 45% of CV? Now it appears to be 20% according to the new Compensation chart.

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Are we giving too many CSA's away with the new Smart Start plan? in Team Building

26 days ago

Personally I think we shouldn’t be giving any CSAs away to new affiliates. They do not know the business and most will feel overwhelmed enough without throwing leadership and support roles upon them from the very first day.

CSAs are better given to those that have proved thy can sponsor and support.

Just my opinion.

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IMPORTANT! Updates to our SFI Privacy Policy in SFI News

28 days ago

Hi Lori
Thank you for the information. Unfortunately the current actions taken by SFI to comply with EU GDPR fall short of requirements.

Sorry to sound negative here, but SFI MUST comply considering they are holding the data of more than 100,000 individuals. I wouldn't think the authorities will come after SFI, but an EU individual may seek compensation if there is a data breach. That is the real danger.

I believe legal counsel should be sort to ensure that SFI is in full compliance.

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Real Estate Agencies in Sales #Marketing #Sales

about 1 month ago

Tracking numbers have rarely ever worked. Been like that for a long time despite requests to fix.

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Have you noticed ? in Compensation #Compensation

about 1 month ago

It would be good to see it get back to where it was several years ago.

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Can SFI try a suggestion, by making a "Gift Certificate Offer" for our New Affiliates? in Suggestion Box #Team Building

about 1 month ago

There is nothing more to give away.

I cannot see any point in giving them CSAs or PSAs or Cash until they have been through the training, proven they are committed and able to support and lead other people. You cannot lead without knowledge or commitment.

If people come to this business and are greeted with freebies the mindset starts to say THIS IS EASY. Better to give them your honesty, direction and leadership. That is more valuable than anything on offer. DUPLICATION was a word used here for many years. Don’t forget it.

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What is it about this RECA in ECA Program #ECA

about 1 month ago

Hello Ibibie,
If you click on the little magnifying glass at the top of the page and type in ‘Rewardical ECA’ you will find most of the answers.

Hope this helps.

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Notifications For Rolled Up Affiliates and New PSAs on Alerts Tab in Suggestion Box

2 months ago

Hello Isabelle,
I have been here more than 12 years and have never had a problem receiving emails from SFI, I am simply NOT getting them. In my SFI inbox I get a notification the day after a new PSA has joined my team. That's up to 24 hours after they join. Not good enough.

I submitted a support ticket and received the response I expected. Not the correct answer to the issue.

To be delving around in SFi finding when new people join your team takes time away from being OUTSIDE marketing the business. My suggestions are aimed at making it simpler.

As for too many to list on the Alerts Tab, the function to VIEW MORE is already available

Best regards

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Notifications For Rolled Up Affiliates and New PSAs on Alerts Tab in Suggestion Box

2 months ago

A quick suggestion for the technical team here.

If we can have Birthdays and Anniversary alerts on the Alerts tab why not have alerts for affiliates who have rolled up to a new sponsor and notification of new PSAs and CSAs?

Surely this would be a valuable addition as there are no email alerts for rolled up team members and it appears to me that the New Affiliate emails sent from SFI are not getting sent, probably due to mailserver load.

Hope to see this addition to the Alerts tab.

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Why should non SFI Affiliates participate in Pricebender? in Pricebenders #Pricebenders #TripleClicks

2 months ago

You are missing one vital word: free. The limit is that only free shipping is to the USA and Canada. Others can have their stuff shipped at the cost of shipping.

I would like to see where it states that we can pay the shipping to outside USA and Canada. Perhaps I missed an update which would be unusual.

Honestly there was never a need to charge shipping.

It was free shipping worldwide on items won at Pricebenders. If you calculated the cost of Tcredits used on an auction several years ago the cost of the item AND shipping was well covered, with plenty of profit for affiliate commissions, the executive pool AND SFI. I have never understood letting Pricebenders go the direction it has.

I am not going to disclose my commissions here but I can assure you they were significantly higher than they are today and that was due to the purchase of Tcredits used at Pricebenders. I could always see that by checking my Sales Report each month.

Unfortunately the focus and enthusiasm has diminished. I hope it can be revived.

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Why should non SFI Affiliates participate in Pricebender? in Pricebenders #Pricebenders #TripleClicks

2 months ago

Hello Dave
I agree. There is a lack of attractive items for non-SFI affiliates. Years ago there was a very good range of items and the earnings were higher for affiliates with their TC Customers bidding on these items. The restrictions to only ship to the USA and Canada also decreased interest and the Your Dropshipping option never showed true value against the items actually won. I even had some of my top team members quit because of the changes and nothing has been the same since then.

I was happy to see Amazon vouchers but they are far between and just not enough to maintain interest.

There needs to be more physical items that can be won by anyone, anywhere in the world. I believe we will then see more interest leading to more income.

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Experiment Complete! in Getting Started #Auto-Delivery #Compensation #Contests

3 months ago

Well done! That is why it is important to invest in your business = peace of mind. It also shows that it can be difficult for those that do not have the funds to invest. Not impossible but more difficult, especially if they do not get OUTSIDE of SFI and promote to others.

I applaud you Chris.


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Getting Started Pages Need Updating in Bug Reports

3 months ago

Provide a descriptive summary of the issue.
The Getting Started pages need updating with regards to Tripleclicks and Rewardicals. The information there at the moment must be creating some confusion for new affiliates.

Steps to Reproduce:
In numbered format, detail the exact steps taken to produce the bug.
1. Have a look at the following link and go through the process - www.sfimg.com/GettingStarted
Expected Results:
Describe what you expected to happen when you executed the steps above.
Correct information.
Actual Results:
Explain what actually occurred when steps above were executed.
Incorrect information
Describe circumstances where the problem occurs or does not occur.

Provide additional information, such as references to related problems, workarounds and relevant attachments.

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On the Rewardical Exchange page, in Miscellaneous #Rewardical #Sales

4 months ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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TRUST CONSIDERATION in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Sales

4 months ago

Correct. Empathising with your customer, spouse, team members and any other person, is the only way you can relate to them. If you cannot put yourself in their shoes you will never fully understand their needs, wants or motivations.

The best leaders in the world have been and will be those that can empathise.

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How to Send a Team Mail to a specific Group of my Downline! in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Team Building

4 months ago

Thank you Rania. This is well worth bookmarking and sharing with you teams.

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Overpriced items in Sales #Sales

4 months ago

Great post Boris.
I was always taught that price disappears when the value and benefits suit the customer. A pink umbrella? I wouldn’t buy one for one dollar, but there are people who will pay one hundred dollars.

The product must match the needs of the customer. Learn what your customers needs, show you can deliver it immediately and price disappears.

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The Noun Sponsor creates the problem... in Suggestion Box #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

4 months ago

Mentor is a great word!...but I think the problem is that 80% or more of those who sponsor someone would not come close to qualifying as a mentor, especially those that are just buying PSAs. This would also apply to coach, consultant, guide, etc.

The word we use sets an expectation for the new person of course, so if we were indeed going to change the term, we'd want to choose a word that sets the right expectation.

I am personally in favour of REFERRER as the word to use. It has been used in affiliate marketing for many years and I don't see any advantage in trying to change it. I have been involved with Affiliate Marketing even before it was known by that name. When I began it was called REFERRAL MARKETING.


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The Noun Sponsor creates the problem... in Suggestion Box #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

4 months ago

I agree Leon. I have never liked the word SPONSOR and many people run from any business where the word SPONSOR is spoken. It gives the impression that they are going to have to SPONSOR other people, meaning that they will support them with finance as well as teaching them.

SFI teaches team members, we support them by answering questions that may not be covered by SFI, or missed by the team member.

I remember the walkathons at school when we would seek SPONSORS to pay us money for every mile we walked. The same impression may be given here at SFI.

Referrer is a much better word as would be Mentor?


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Put Some Skin in the Game! No, I am not buying you a computer in Team Building #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

4 months ago

Hi, Michael,

Which lead me to thinking: This entitlement mentality is not only prevalent among the poor, but also among common, healthy people with the ability to earn a living and not dependent on the government for doles and handouts.

I may be off topic here, but who can tell me the source of this "entitlement mentality"? This awful disease that seems to have no cure? This dreadful disease that seems to infest almost half of the world?

Like you, Michael, I have been asked for money. Early on, in my desire to help a struggling PSA who showed potential, I issued a Gift Certficate only to find it was used to buy a jewelry for a girlfriend and then did not do anything until his account was cancelled for lack of activity. Was I a sucker? Maybe, but I was only following the advice I found on the Checklist on the new Affiliate Profile...you know where it is.

Who started it?

Hello Gliceria
Thank you for commenting on my post. I was reading an article about entitlement (can't find the link now) and it blamed the generation born directly after the second world war in Western Societies. Well actually their parents.

That generation lived through a period of austerity and their parents who had been through so much hardship and pain (WWII), told them that they could have anything, be anything and if things failed for them society (social security) would support them. What was not passed on was the HARD WORK ethic and that they would need to go through struggle and pain of their own to achieve their goals.

This lead to another generation that had watched their parents get what they wanted, through work of through social support and they decided that they could just plod along and get what their parents had without too much hard work. I am from that generation. Fortunately I watched my parents work hard and they taught me to work hard and smart. Gave me books to read, by authors who are often quoted on SFI pages and I leaned to become self-sufficient. I even lived a self-sufficient farming life for a few years where if I didn't grow my own food I went hungry.

While I was doing that I watched my generation work hard, but not as hard as they needed to. I also watch people of my generation live of society and tell their children it was OK to do likewise, that they could have it for free if they wanted.

Entitlement is rife in the world. The good news is it is coming to an end. Most societies can no longer support their people. The globalisation of nations is forcing or holding down wages and most social security systems are on the brink of collapse.

Sounds like doom and gloom, but from that will spring the NEED to work for what one has, and not rely on others to provide for them. The time is here now where we need to secure our today and our futures for ourselves. Working smart and through duplication we can achieve this.

The generations of today can cry for their entitlements, their cries are falling on deaf ears.


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Put Some Skin in the Game! No, I am not buying you a computer in Team Building #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

4 months ago

I have been asked for money, visas, a plane ticket, a car, a computer and clothing. Not once have I been asked for a book.

I have been sent photos of hungry children, injuries, houses falling down and storm ravaged communities.

What I have not been asked is ‘how are you?’ Or ‘are you ok today?’

The biggest issue with some, if not most, team members is that they cannot see that ‘putting some skin into the game’ means investing their time. Many of those that have funds invest as little as possible and those earning commissions cannot understand the word ‘reinvest ‘.

Entitlement is there and a problem, but the willingness to learn has waned in many with a sense that all learning should be easy. This has given rise to the ‘learn by video’ generation.

I agree, give a man a fish....teach a man to fish etc., is the best method of creating active team members, but how do your get them to put the bait on the hook to catch the fish when they want you to GIVE THEM THE FISH NOW!

I have some great leaders in my team. They are active, invested and leading their teams. I am fortunate.

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My PSA is my CSA too is that possible? in Miscellaneous

4 months ago

I am not sure that would be right for the affiliate. The idea of a co-sponsor is to have another level of support. The database for SFI must be enormous so I am guessing that this would be a data error. I have a team member who is also co-sponsored by my own co-sponsor. That is the nearest I have seen.