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Rewardicals for cash versas Rank in Compensation

about 1 hour ago

I think you could do both within time, but wisely.
If you deicde only to cash out and not invest in your rank, it is like having an offline store and taking your profit from your store and going to the trip and not investing some of your profit to refill the products in your store :-) I see it this way.
See what your goals and priorities are here and then make your decisions.
Also be aware that if you do not reinvest in your business but take out from it until is still "young and fragile" without good fundaments, on the following months it can happen to you that you would not have where from to take out your cash.

If your goal is to grow a Team as a BTL then use your Rewardicals to follow that plan. If instead you want more cash and you "don't care" much about Team building at this moment you can cash out. It all depends what your priorities and possibilities are in this moment.

I have put aside my 4500 Rewardicals to be an EA on the first of February. Then I will invest some cash to have sales VP for my BTL. So for that part I could eventually exchange some more tokens (if I would have them) into cash and then with that make sales VP. I would also see on the 1st February how much Rewardical Matches I earned from my PSA and CSA activity and then see how much I can exchange and cash-out.
I would always first invest in my rank and have discipline until my business would mature to sustain itself. My business is still a baybe and I need to feed it :-)

So, make some plans and see how much you want / need to reinvest in your business in a way to maintain what you have now and make a little grow steadily, and then see how much you can cash-out.

If you have enough Rewardicals for the rank and then you have left some to cash-out I would advice first exchange some for your rank confirmation and then cash-out.
If this is our own private business it is only our decision when we would withdraw our money, but it is also our decision and responsability to sustain our business and make it grow.
Having once in the future a large working downline, which brings you automatically earnings and leaves you some profit that you could withdraw without worrying about rank, is an ideal we all aim to achieve .... In the meantime see what you will decide in a way not to cut the brunch you're sitting on it.

That's my humble opinion / advice. Regards, to your success Bulewa

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Molim Vas Procitajte in Southern Europe

11 hours ago

@ Suzana R, :-)

Neću staviti Quote jer bi post bio predugačak ....
samo ću staviti ovo ovdje, koliko mi se dopao ovaj komentar ....
Hvala za ovo, Suzana
ajmo svi do Dijamanta, onako srčano kakvi jesmo, onako po naški :-)

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Category Option on Region Subforum in Suggestion Box #Contests

13 hours ago

Yes Ken, I've noticed.
It was first earlier in the Miscellaneous category, that is why I asked to be moved in ASK Gery or here. Then it was moved in ASK Gery (for which I was hoping too) and now it is here. Anyway, I hope and know Mr. Gery would see it.
I thought it was more an appeal than a Suggestion, because this is the matter which only Mr. Gery could decide.
Thank you for your kindness, regards :-)

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Category Option on Region Subforum in Suggestion Box #Contests

13 hours ago

They say a picture is worth of thousand words.
If you open today SE latest posts that can be seen on the list - well, these pink arrows, are postings which are NOT about winning the games. The one I have left with no arrows too, because it is remarkable recognition of being 4 years in SFI. One - two postings are appeals to the people not to post only recognition, i.e. every single winning in everything.
So, there is a need for the Recognition category - because, people like to encourage their colleagues in winnings...but at the other side, looking our Subforum seems that we are only playing games here - so it can be counterproductive for those who are building business in other ways.

We have "two streams", let's say: people who are motivating when posting and reading about winning prizes, and people who think that the main aim of our SE Subforum should be work and education in some different way. Nobody is against congratulations and prizes, but people feel cluttered seeing this list.

Maybe the Sponsors could also explain people which prizes are more to be posted in public, and which can be posted in our FB Groups, Group chats we have on FB, Stream etc. In the meantime there is a need that this would be solved in some way. Saying newbies that go to post on the main Forum in Recognition, is no worth if they do not know the language too, as I stated previously.
So, I was thinking this way (having Recognition category on Subforum) we could find some solution which could satisfy all options and Subforum would be (again) the place for learning and education.

Playing games and winning prizes could be encouraging, as is winning badges and advancing in the Badge Quest, earning Rewardicals and being motivated too.
But, as our colleague Tanja said right commenting locally. this is also another option we have to advertise our business outside our Forum,
So we get to find some "middle way", Thank you for your interest, Randy :-)

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Molim Vas Procitajte in Southern Europe

21 hours ago

Evo, ja sam pitala Gospodina Geryja za mišljenje / savjet, i ako može da udovolji da svi imaju svoje mjesto pod suncem ovdje .. pa eto .. Moderatori nisu objavili u ASK Gery kako sam tražila niti u Suggestion Box, ali nadam se da će tko treba vidjeti.
Toliko od mene, svako dobro svima :-)
Category Option on Region Subforum

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Category Option on Region Subforum in Suggestion Box #Contests

22 hours ago

Dear Mods,
This is purposely meant to be in ASK Gery, category, as it is a thing only Mr. Gery could consider.
We others can only say our opinions, but this thread is not of that kind, but about something only Company / Mr. Gery can solve and give an opinion.
Please, reconsider to put the thread in ASK Gery category where I posted it, or at least in Suggestion Box.
Thank you :-)

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Category Option on Region Subforum in Suggestion Box #Contests

22 hours ago

Respected Mr. Gery,
I thank you for your time reading this first.
I came here for an advice / suggestion / opinion.
The Company gave us the possibility to post on our Country and Region Subforums. What I'd like to ask are we allowed to post our recognitions when is about posting on local / Region Subforums? I have looked all around through all Region Subforums, and it seems to me like a normal practice. We've been given the possibility to post our recognitions in our own language too, exactly becaue people who don't know English cannot post their achievements / prizes in Recognition category on our main Forum here.
That is how I understood, if I am right?

Now, what I want to ask you here is if you can consider maybe to put a category for Recognitions too on our local Southern Europe region subforum? It is not for me personally, but I have read the several discussions on our local region SE subforum, and some people would like to have that option. There is a certain activity on our SE subforum, but it is often about congratulations and posting prizes. People in general agree that it should be posted, and especially new members would be encouraged with their prizes.
But .... as we are not all the same. ... other people feel "cluttered" when they open every day their Forum tab and see there 80% postings about prizes and winnings.

I know that we can describe while posting threads and select up to 3 tags to identify what our thread is about - but people mainly do not use that option, or put Team Building or something not aligned with posting prizes.
So, my request would be if you could maybe consider to leave an option for the Recognition category in (our) region Subforums, That way the new people or anyone who feels to post about his prizes would post it, no matter how many times he wants too. And the other people would read all other threads about the work on their Forum tab without feeling cluttered.

I post this after following a few days discussions in our region Southern Europe Subforum and came to conclusion to ask you if you could meet needs on the subject. Because, some newbies might feel pushed-out that way if others are telling them it is a violation of Forum rules posting there recognition and sending them to post their prizes / rewards on the main Forum in category Recognition.
And I logically ask myself here, how can they post here in our Recognition category if they do not know English. Then the mods could delete their postings - and they could feel very bad - sending them from local forum to the main and then deleting their postings as they are not in English language. It can become very discourageing for the new members, as in some cases already did.

To avoid this and maybe lose some newbies because of that I was thinking to ask you to consider this solution maybe to open Recognition category in our Southern Europe region forum (or if you think it's propriate for all other region SubForums).

I thank you in advance for your time and consideration :-)

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Molim Vas Procitajte in Southern Europe

1 day ago

Mene duša boli što moram najbolji dio sebe dati na stranom Forumu jer kad dođem ovdje uvijek su neke rasprave, ili netko nekog krivo shvati ili se bunimo protiv pravila a sami ne poštujemo, ili ne radimo ono što pričamo, ili se zakačimo na svaku dobronamjernu riječ i tako.
Ako imate neke teme oko kojih želite da se piše na domaćem jeziku onako u vidu pitanja pa da se postuje pa da možda neki Lideri odgovaraju ili tako nešto, ja sam za i nešto malo što znam mogu isto doprinijeti.
Imamo Tanju koja zaista sve prevodi važno, a ukoliko ima nekih pitanja oko tumačenja pravila u radu, i drugih stvari da se pita konkretno nešto bilo bi lijepo da se dogovorimo šta kome leži pa da jednom tjedno svatko ako želi nešto postuje ili tako nešto kad već nemamo webinare više.

Meni je svejedno, moji radni članovi su većinom stranci, ali žao mi je da kod nas bude Tišina a ovo naše podneblje je dalo vrh Lidere
Eto toliko od mene.
Samo želim da znate da ljudi koji postuju na glavnom Forumu ne postuju samo zbog sebe, već da se pomogne ljudima. Ono što imamo u glavi i tako znamo i sami pa nam ne treba pisati o tome zbog nas,
Balkan je dao najjače Lidere do sada pa neka se to vidi i ovdje opet, Neka nas da kažemo otvoreno i direktno, i kad se ujutro probudimo da nitko nikom zlo ne pamti.
Ja sam sigurna i vjerujem da ovdje svi pišu u dobroj namjeri :-) A kako nemamo stol i kavu da pričamo nego tako kako možemo onda ispadne kako ispadne ......

Laka vam noć i do nekog tamo nekad slijedećeg puta ..jednom .... možda

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Molim Vas Procitajte in Southern Europe

1 day ago

@Amire sve mi je jasno bilo do sada i ovaj Vaš tekst i sve ali mi samo jedno nije jasno :-)
Vidim da imate već nekoliko postova oko toga da se pretjeruje s nagradama i taj dio mi je jasan i napisala sam prije svoje mišljenje, da je meni svejedno.
Ali ono što me iznenadilo i što mi nije jasno, dala sam si truda jer sam ja logički tip ... pa eto tako pogledala sam listu Vaših objava na ovom Forumu, i mogu Vas podsjetiti ako ste možda zaboravili - da su od Vaših objavljenih 44 postova prvih 14-15 Vaših objava na ovom Forumu Vaše nagrade i dobici - od Prve Trivija pobjede, prve Aukcije, druge Trivia, Card Kinga, prvog EA, pa potvrde EA, pa značke za VP, pa dobivanje FG, pa Vas je skoro presjeklo kad je niste vidjeli , pa tako redom ....

I onda mi nije jasno zašto smeta kad drugi noviji članovi sad isto to rade što je prije i Vama bilo na ponos i normalno.
Meni je kažem svejedno .... ali ima ona jedna, onaj koji je bez grijeha nek prvi baci kamen :-)
Vjerojatno je Vama to tada bilo normalno i drago da se pohvalite, pa ljudi koji su čitali tada Vaše objave na Tabu Forum nekima je isto bilo ok nekima nije, kao ni Vama sada.

Ja samo želim da istu mjeru koju uzimamo sebi dajemo i drugima.
Taman sam bila počela razmišljati kako da pomognem i sastavim zamolbu / prijedlog da se razmotri da probamo dobiti podkategoriju ... a onda sam pogledala te sve Vaše postove. Puno elemenata bloga, iako simpatično dosta toga bi išlo u kategoriju koju imamo Just For Fun, Vi znate Engleski to se isto tako moglo postovati kao i ove nagrade u Recognition, kako Vi savjetujete drugima.

Meni ste osobno dragi i simpatični u svom stilu pisanja .... Ali ako ćemo iskreno ni tu nema puno savjeta i učenja u ovom što je pisano do sada. Kažem, razlikujem tematku bloga od Foruma. I iako se ne može poreći vaša rječitost i utjecaj koji Vaša slova imaju na ljude, pokušala sam biti objetkivna i pogledati da od 40-44 postova koje ste do sada objavili ovdje na ovom regionalnom Forumu više od 14 su vaše nagrade, oko 5-6 je pobuna protiv objavljivanja nagrada, a ostalo je ugodno oku, Vjerojatno ćemo tek čitati Vaše informativne sadržaje koje tražite da budu postavljeni radi edukacije na Forumu i koji se sada ne postuju jer ljudi bježe zbog čitanja nagrada po Vašem mišljenju.

Baš zato jer volim drugima dati istu slobodu koji uzimam sebi ja nastojim biti objektivna u svakoj komunikaciji, tolerantna i zato eto ova mala statistika - dragi ste mi pa sam se potrudila da pogledam što je to toliko specijalno u postovima kad ste već postali "glas naroda". Pa onda sam se iznenadila i nije jasno zašto sada smetaju te nagrade koje su Vama bile zadovoljstvo i ponos kad ste ih Vi objavljivali.
Samo toliko ...... Čista statistika, bez zamjerki bez ičega, čiste brojke .... Ja Vas inače volim čitati i čitat ču Vas sa zadovoljstvom i dalje :-) Lijepi pozdrav.

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KAKO PROMENITI SONZORA? in Southern Europe #Sponsor #Team Building

1 day ago

Dalibore, čisto sumnjam da je Efrosinu netko prijavio i da je izbačena samo tako, jer je srećom pisano na lokalnom Forumu, pa Stuff i Kompanija ne mogu čitati, tako da ne treba dizati tenzije.
Ali post kao takav je vjerojatno prijavljen iz razloga kršenja pravila jer je Cross-soliciting i Cross-lining zabranjen.
Naše Sponsorske linije idu vertikalno, i postoje pravila spuštanja članova. To je zbog Kompenzacjskog plana jer zarade idu u dubinu, a ne "preko puta".
Post je obrisan, ne znam tko je prijavio, ja nisam. Nemam potrebu komentirati postove kad prijavljujem. Svatko je mogao prijaviti ako se krše pravila postovanja na Forumu.

Zato sam gore stavila linkove da svi koji ne znaju ta pravila sad mogu pročitati i naučiti. Vidljivo je da je Efrosina pisala u dobroj namjeri, ali svejedno članove tuđih linija kod sebe ne smijemo zvati.
Ovo je ozbiljan posao i radi zaštite svih nas trebamo stvarno proučiti Affiliate Agreement, Rules&Policies, Reassignment Rules i Forum Tips&Rules.
Pozdrav :-)

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Molim Vas Procitajte in Southern Europe

1 day ago

Razmišljam kako bi se moglo udovoljiti svima, i onima koji vole čestitke i onima koje to malo smeta :-)
Ukoliko se pokaže da ima dovoljno aktivnosti i temelja da se na ovom lokalnom SubForumu uvede možda podkategorija Recognition / Priznanja, onda bismo možda mogli zamoliti Kompaniju da nam dozvoli tu opciju, ako smatrate da bi to nešto riješilo?
Naši članovi i da žele neki ne mogu postovati na glavnom Forumu u kategoriji Recognition ukoliko ne znaju Engleski jezik, tako da ostaje da postuju ovdje.
Sad na volju nama, može se pitati ako je moguće uvesti podkategoriju ovdje, pa ako dozvole, a može se i preskočiti čitati takve objave ukoliko nam to smeta.

Nisam za opciju brisanja takvih postova čak i da je moguće, jer se ne protive pravilima, a isto tako novim članovima puno znači i motivira ih.
Zlatna sredina bi bila idealna ako bismo mogli učiti svoje Timove kakva priznanja su više za postovati lokalno (Timski chat, Grupa, Stream) a kakva su više primjerena za ovaj Forum.
Za svaki T-Time pisati objavu vjerojatno ne bi bilo zgodno, ali za neki status ili neku veću nagradu koju član dobije zašto ne? Lijepo je vidjeti da ljudi dobivaju, samo trebamo imati mjeru u svemu.
Meni osobno je svejedno, ja one postove koji me ne zanimaju bilo gdje na Forumu - lokalnima i glavnom ne otvaram i ne čitam.
Za svakog ovdje ima ponešto i to šarenilo ima i svojih draži, ali naravno sve s mjerom.
Srdačan pozdrav :-)

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Why is Top Enroller Badge not awarded to non Team Leaders in Miscellaneous #Team Building

2 days ago

I think Sead give you very logical answer.
Let me put this way:
The aim of enrolling is growing a Team, isn't it? So, it is logic that you want to be a Team Leader to lead your Team.
If you are an EA let's say and you enrolled 200 people yesterday, what are you going to do with all them in one line?
1. You could not reassign them in depth, but only to your first generation (direct PSA) because you get to respect the reassignment rules.
2. If you reassign to your first generation some of them and you are not Team Leader you will not be able to get Team Overrides from your second generation.
3. Every member we reassign can be reassigned again only after 30 days period. So, if you are not a Team Leader and you could not develop depth with all these members, your PSAs will have to wait another month to grow their depth that way.

Instead, you can be at least BTL and instantly grow up to your 6 generations in depth. That way you develop more quickly your Team building.
Furthermore, if you are at least BTL and opted-in Opti Build your sign-ups would be automatically distributed to your downline DDs too.
The condition of being Team Leader is for our benefit and to be able to earn maximum commissions from our Team growth.
You certainly would not like to have an active 2nd-3rd generation and great Leaders down there and you being an AFF/EA and not being ablle to get any perks from that?

They have to meet al the requirements to be recognized.
I know what you mean - to grow first the Team and enroll people and then to go to Team Leader position.
But as I stated above, you cannot benefit more this way as you can benefit being a Team Leader first. Let's repeat in short:
1. Reassign in depth as you wish (6-8-10 etc gen according to your present rank)
2. Automatically distribute through Opti-Build
3. Get your TO (Team Overrides) from your Team.
4. Being Leader showing how one follows The Diamond PLAN. If you are waiting your Team and showing that example, you will always have the Team members duplicating you and waiting one another to do the job. You waiting your member to get to EA/BTL so you can be BTL and they waiting their PSA the same aso. All the Team in "loading" phase :-)

I hope I elaborated a little at least how I understood why the TL position is required. As an AFF/EA you can not grow for your maximum benefit your depth with all these sign-ups. That is for our better earnings and for our benefit.
Regards :-)

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Award top enroller badge to all members in Suggestion Box #Team Building

2 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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KAKO PROMENITI SONZORA? in Southern Europe #Sponsor #Team Building

2 days ago

Ovo što ste gore napisali je strogo zabranjeno po pravilima Kompanije.
To je čisti Cross-lining.
Vi ne možete osobu iz drugog Tima i kompletno druge Sponsorship linije otvoreno na Forumu zvati da bude član Vašeg Tima.
Gospođa Jadranka je u Evansovoj liniji, a Vi ste u Leonovoj liniji. Kako zamišljate da Vam je njen Upline spusti?
Molim Vas, Vi ste Team Leader i ovdje godinu dana.
Sreća da ste pisali na domaćem Forumu, zbog ovakvih se stvari leti iz Kompanije. Pretpostavljam da niste dobro proučili SFI Rules & Policies kao ni Reassignment Rules (Pravila spuštanja članova).

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KAKO PROMENITI SONZORA? in Southern Europe #Sponsor #Team Building

2 days ago

Poštovana Jadranka!

Istu temu postovali ste i na glavnom Forumu, na engleskom jeziku, i eto tamo smo Vam dali ista objašnjenja kao i ovdje.
Ali, voljela bih da se ovdje "kod kuće" na našem jeziku malo dotaknemo nečega što bi Vam moglo olakšati, bilo ako ostanete, bilo ako se odlučite na opciju "pauziranja" i odlaska na 6 mjeseci iz Kompanije.

Malo sam pogledala Vaš Upline, i Vi imate vrlo radni i kvalitetni Upline. Ono što Vam želim reći: sve da Vam je materinji jezik i Engleski sa tako jakim Aplajnom isto bi se dosta probijali sami. U smislu, da Amerikanci i neka druga podneblja u poslu i naši ljudi imaju donekle različite mentalitete u odnosu na Sponsorstvo.
Kod nas se često puta stvaraju vrlo bliski odnosi u poslu u našim krajevima, a isto smo tako skloni nekim "majčinskim" izljevima pa uvijek dreždimo i čučimo nad članovima i kad treba i ne treba i tako smo se jednostavno navikli, takvi smo sami po sebi.

Amerikanci imaju drukčiji odnos prema poslu, bez puno priča i smatraju ako sve informacije imamo na sajtu da je dovoljno da imaju superviziju i jave se kad član to zatraži - uglavnom je tako.
Prema našem Kompenzacijskom planu mi kao Sponsori imamo dodijeljeni način obračuna naše zarade, i naših provizija. Te provizije nam ne daju ni naši članovi, ni itko nego ih mi zaradimo svojim radom, kad se od našeg treninga i obuke isformiraju radni članovi koji isto tako žele raditi ovaj privatan posao za sebe.

Na ovo se moram vratiti, jer ovo je najveća razlika u gledištima koje neki članovi imaju i onoga što nas Kompanija uči. Molim Vas, ovo je važno da shvatite: VI ne dajete pare Sponsoru, Vi radite za Sebe
To je postotak koji se redovno po Kompenzacijskom Planu odvaja za naknadu Sponsorskih provizija. Da nije taj Sponsor išlo bi nekom drugom, da nije od Vaših kupovina išlo bi od neki drugih.
To je isto kao da dođete kod gospodina Geryja na glavni Forum i kažete da je DC (drekt provizija - Direct Commission) Vama manja, jer vi dajete Njemu pare od Vaše zarade. Znate šta bi Vam rekao :-)

Ovo Vam govorim radi Vas samih i radi svih članova koji tako razmišljaju. Jer zbog takvog razmišljanja mnogi članovi ako nemaju dobre odnose sa Sponsorom (iz bilo kojih razloga, nebitno) počnu NE potvrđivati statuse računajući da na takav način "kažnjavaju" Sponsore, a u stvari samo kažnjavaju sebe jer sprečavaju svoj rast u dubinu.
Istovremeno se ne drže PLANA i onda kompletni smisao Team Buildinga i ono što se do tada gradilo gubi formu u Timovima i ide se korak nazad.
Isto tako ni Sponsor nije dužan da ulaže u svoje članove i da da za Kampanju po 70$ pa onda da spusti članove i da mu se kaže i spočitava da su neradni. Tako da to možete gledati sa raznih strana.

Prema Active Sponsor Policy da bi netko bio aktivan Sponsor dovoljno je da se Sponsor ulogira jednom u 45 dana i ima odrađenih minimum 250 VP u tom periodu da bi zadržao svoj Tim. To su pravila. Isto tako imamo linkove za rad, sve je na nalogu i smatra se da je to dovoljno da bi se uspjelo ako se ono što se pročita i nauči provodi u praksu.

Svakako Vi ćete napraviti kako Vi želite, meni je osobno svejedno i poštujem svaki izbor svakog člana SFI za njegov posao ovdje. Samo ne bih voljela da se razočarate ukoliko se opet vratite za neko vrijeme. Ono što Vam toplo preporučujem je da dobro razmislite što očekujete od nekog Sponsora i što Vi smatrate da je za Vas dobar Sponsor. Jer to je naravno za svakog od nas različito - u odnosu na afinitete i naša očekivanja.
Najprije razmislite što očekujete od sebe u ovom poslu, koji su Vaši ciljevi, a onda probajte naći osobu s kojom mislite da ćete se složiti.
Moj najradniji PSA je strankinja i ona svaku i najmanju sugestiju s moje strane oko posla smatra uplitanjem u svoj posao, na primjer. Sasvim smo različiti mentaliteti i ja to poštujem.
Spuštam članove redovno i šaljem Timski mejl - njoj je to preko glave kontakata.

Za naše podneblje to bi bilo premalo, bez da se "kafeniše"online i krene naširoko i naduboko u rasprave oko svega vrlo često. Ovo govorim samo da shvatimo da ono što mi mislimo ne znači da je i za sve tako svugdje u ovom poslu.
Neki Sponsor u svijetu je vrh a kod nas bi dobio nisku ocjenu na primjer i obratno, Shvaćate :-) ?
Liderstvo (Leadership) se uči.
Vi ćete shvakako naći svoj model u ovom poslu i svoje mjesto - ja u to ne sumnjam.
Ima vrlo uspješnih Sponsora koji po par tisuća ljudi mjesečno uključuju i jednostavno ne smatraju da moraju nad svakim članom i svakim klikom visiti nad članom. Kod nas je drukčije, mi volimo obiteljski štih u poslu.

Ovaj Forum naš Southern Europe a isto tako i lokalni forum Srbija je tolike kvalitetne Lidere dao. Na ovom Southern Europe Forumu su tolike stvari prevedene, sve novosti i sve, pogledajte unatrag koliko dobrih stvari je rečeno.
Toliki Lideri su pisali. Šta Vam još treba za uspjeh?
To VI najbolje znate.
Bila sam duga - pisala sam Vam na lokalnom Forumu da me bolje razumijete i da možda vidite da su stvari relativne.

Od srca Vas pozdravljam i želim svako dobro :-)

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Top Enrollers in Team Building #Contests #Leadership #Team Building

2 days ago

Yes, Maclinear, they have to be Team Leaders, From Bronze Team Leader and on (BTL, STL, GTL, PTL, DTL).
Glossary definition: Team Leader (TL)

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Is it Possible to Change Sponsor? in Team Building #Sponsor #Team Building

2 days ago

You have got all the links and tips from our colleagues already, and really good advices in both Forums (main and region SE where you've posted too the same topic).
So, I will say only:
We have people here not knowing a word of English language (from Balkans) and they work great. Don't let that stops you from working.
There are also great Leeaders who did all alone without an active Sponsor or who in short-time surpassed their Sponsor in knowledge and proceeding on their own.

So, this is your private business, traeat it as it is - you have Serbian, Southern Europe Forum, our main Forum etc.
You've been able to post this thread in English language so for sure you're able to read with translations all the information here.
Furthermore, all most important changes and news are always updated on our Southern Europe Subforum,

You can target your advertising too and choose regions wheere you want to sponsor people, if you think the language could be a problem.
Do as you wish ... It is your business and your choice...
If you choose to opt-out and wait 6 months before changing Sponsor don't forget to register with the new email address.
How can I get a new sponsor?
Good luck :-)

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Top Enrollers in Team Building #Contests #Leadership #Team Building

2 days ago

I see what Jimmy says too...
They have to be Team Leaders (confirmed for the month) and are among the top 10 enrollers of PSAs and PRMs during any time in the last 30 days

@ Tanja
Maybe you had the same no. of enrollments as the 10th on the list so you got the badge too?

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The Balkans/Balkan Peninsula in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building #TripleClicks

2 days ago

If I may say something here .....
Thank you for having nice opinion about people from my region, but I think that all over the world there are people willing and good to work this kind of business.
The fact is that many years ago we lived much better than we do now - travelling abroad, getting more value for the money we earned in local currency, having lower taxes etc. Today one can overcome the local economy obstacles by working globally.
So, in every country / region which passed through period of transition in economy and changes, with the high rate of uneployment one searches the option to survive. If you have the possibility to work online instead leaving your home / country and moving abroad I think it is a wise choice to accept it, and at least give it a try.

The online business is an ideal business today in the whole world, in every region.
You earn money in foreign currency which has more value than your own, you have less "travel to work costs" (no at all), you can schedule your working time whenever you want, and you deal with the people you want too .... aso.

So many people here understood it, together with our high Uplines who brought this opportunity in Balkans. They showed us in practice that it works, and that is important. The other is duplication.
If you see one person unselfishly helping Team, always reinvesting all commissions initially in her downline, always present and helpful and having success that way, at least what one can do is trying to duplicate.

I think it is nice having people having success in our business all over the world, but the better is when you have examples in your neighbourhood that someone really succeeded in it. So that is also very big motivation for others from the region.
Wise people can recognize an opportunity and grab it - especially because it is a free start program.
We don't have nothing to lose, except our time initially. And even that time isn't "lost" because we gain knowledge of which we can use everywhere online today, in the world where without marketing one is almost dead today in sales.

It is only that people have seen in practice that it works, and replaced the mistrust and suspicion for online work with confidence and motivation for this kind of work and Team building.
If you see your Upline buying a house from this business, knowing that she sustains all her family from this kind of work, you'll be "fool" at least not give it a try.

It is that simple :-)
You see them - and you try to make success yourself too.
Thank you, regards :-)

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Is it luck or there are technics for sponsorship in Team Building #Sponsor #Team Building

3 days ago

Hi Morgan!

1. If you want more control regarding the new sign-ups you can insert new members through your own advertising campaings. That way you'll be able to see on what different kind of ads and content you put while advertising people react. However, I personally noticed that the percentage of (in)activity is the same regardless the source my PSA came. But, as I said you can do your own try and see whether you notice the differece.

2. Probably you're not more or less lucky than any other of us here. We all deal here with people who are not ready in a great percentage to jump into instantly. Once we insert people our job with them just starts.
Yes, it could be in some percentage the luck too, because if you have a member not willing to work no mater what you do/write/say/train him it is no help. They get to be motivated inside them for the work. So we work with workers.

But, that is why we get to advertise again and again to find workers. The more we insert - that more is the possibility of having people who will work. I will not put you my percentage of (in)activity here as you will get discouraged :-)
But, you are not the only one. Only I look this in another way: I look how many people I still didn't find willing to work - and not how many people who are not working I do have now :-)

3. We have many tips on how to be an awesome Sponsor in our Training (I will not enclose the links cause our colleagues did above). I believe this new Starter Incentives tool would give also good results in motivating new members.
We all get to find our own recipe here.
If we look thoroughly we all get the same training here for sponsoring. Some have really great results in recruiting people and getting them active. So, I guess it is the matter of experience too and finding our own model to be done in a proper way.
I check regularly Top Enrollers list and Leaders Power Rank and their badges, as much people of whom I saw they never fall the rank here. I follow them on Forum and I am absorbing every word they write.
I'm sure they had to deal with the same issues as you and me, and some other people did before they got their real Designated Diamonds.

It is the matter of experience more than a merely luck I think. We get to contact our members on a regular basis, to analyze their Affiliate profile, to pose them maybe the right questions about their expectations here, about what they might find as an obstacle for them here, about their personal goals, motivation etc.
It is not always on giving information, some people really need talk and guidance to "break" their mindset for doing this kind of business. I believe that is in some parts (at least this is my experience) the biggest challenge for them.
Once understood that they really might earn doing online business (not job) and earn commission with no limit, I'm sure they would push hard :-) ... at least some of them.

So, in conclusion, we get to focus on what we have now, do our best to inform our present members and give them the tips and proceed finding those who would match our criteria. We have all the world to insert, and I'm sure that you and me and some others will find our Top FIVE in the future.

To our success :-)

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Powerful new Starter Incentives program is here! in SFI News #Team Building

4 days ago

Ok, I was studying for a while this news and I have some comments / questions:

1. First, thank you for improving our first contact with new members. We get the opportunity to get more activity this way.

2. What I don't understand is when we turn options #100 and #101we will be deducted the amount of Rewardicals we have put per PSA no matter if they will read that mail or appear on chat, right?
But for all other incentives we will give, we'll have the possibility to have back "unused" reward in Rewardicals, is that correct? I just want to understand well.
I am inserting about 300 PSA on a monthly basis so I'd like to know if I give to every PSA the same amount of Rewardicals and they read my mail but they don't reply on those questions will I have some "repay" back for unused Rewardicals. Or I pay the chat and email service for those two options, no matter if they appear on chat or answer the email questions.

3. Will we have the option to create our own incentives through Starter Incentives Manager and put some as default with those two - or you will create all the incentives later on with formatted content for every and we will only choose them?

I'm considering the whole month how to motivate my new PSA to finish Getting Started Actions and login daily at least 10 days in a row, with first 10 days VP Streak. This way they will accumulate at least 900VP (more than half for their first EA) and I will get Movers who create a habit to login daily. This for sure is one of the incentives I'd like to have first,

4. I was calculating that if we pay $10 for incentives and that is for sure much cheaper how you would prevent the fraud accounts stopping people to insert others who would have fake accounts (double accounts) getting Rewardicals very cheap and exchanging them into TCredits, for almost double cheaper price than would be normally?
Would it be some tracking as you say also for this situations? How can I know that my new PSA didn't insert himself on the fake account under him and receiving my incentives, then exchanges in TCredits and send to himself (his fake account)?
So, I think there should be some limit not only for the #100 and #101 option, but for the other options too.

5. I have a proposal for Incentive (Incentivizer) badge - with starter badge of $10, no points and than gradually with trims, for let's say $30 bronze trim, $50 silver and $100 gold and more. You can even put Platinum trim for $500 with more Badge Quest points.

6. Now we have a link for the Starter Incentive Manager. I suppose I don't see it still on the black bar menu as it is the new thing still. May I suggest that it would be placed in our Account right in Team Building under our Gateways because we will for sure use that option much (see image). And you could move maybe our CSA Exchange at the bottom of that row under the Gateway Hosting Manager, as CSA Exchange option is temporary unavailable.

I excuse myself for being long Mr. Gery, but I wanted to cover all parts. Thank you once more for this improvement.

I thank you for your reply :-)

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Giving Away Lifelines in Suggestion Box #Eager Zebra

4 days ago

Ok, here is what I was thinking:
We got on Astro Auctions as constellation prizes Extra Matches for Grandmaster Poker or Zackjack Eager Zebra games, Extra Moves for Grandmaster Poker and Hidden Clues among the other prizes.
Some of us play more, some less. Some play more one sort of games, some other games.
I play rarely Hidden game. When I play it I play for a couple of hours 2-3 times monthly, In the meantime my clues expire. So I almost don't use them.

We always encourage our Team members to play on AA, or to win some badge in games to advance in Badge Quest and get more Rewardicals aso.
So, I thought if we could get the possibility to transfer our Lifelines to our members?
That would mean a lot to some of them, and in the meantime that was a prize which sometimes stays there and even vanish unused.
It would be great for our members, and it doesn't cost us much, as we got them as a prize too.
If our members would exchange Rewardicals into EZ Lifelines, they would need 600 Rewardicals for getting 50 Eager Zebra Lifelines and this way they could have them for free sometimes and we could help some of them too.
What do you say? :-)

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Report Gone in Ask Gery

4 days ago

I don't see on any posting an option to report, whether it was already reported or not?
I checked with others too earlier (before your thread) and they didn't see the option too.
I submitted the Bug report this morning.
I'm sure no one reported this post already, but there's still not an option (just an example),
Thank you, regards :-)

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Why do team leaders Re-Stream posts? in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Team Building

4 days ago

You can find some very good information and links, for example your high Upline posted on your Stream. You are his 10th generation and you have some members in your downline generations (let's say an example 4-5th gen and on) and you think it might be valuable for them to read it. So, you restream it, so your downline would be able to see it,
Restreaming is very good option, if used wisely. Don't forget that Stream postings can be seen up to 12th generations, Restreaming allows you to share something valuable.

I like seeing my Uplines posting about Top Enrollers from our Teams, and I like to see my colleagues achievement when my Sponsor post them. I see our Uplines congratulating and sharing valuable links and tips too.
I don't consider congratulations braggings - for me it is a good motivation seeing my colleagues achieved GTL, Top Enroller aso. Meaning it is possible to achieve success here.
Stream has multiple purposes, one of those could be posting congrats too.

I like to post welcome tips for my new members when I have mulitple sign-ups on that day.
Every Sponsor will manage as he thinks too.
We now have an option to block restreaming so you can use it if it bothers you.

Tip: Divide your text into paragraphs for better reading.
Regards :-)

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Daily Crown Entry in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

5 days ago

Sasha this is a link about PPC Search Marketing from our training. Could you replace it with a correct one?