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Vladimir B.


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Beautiful Award in Inspiration/Testimonials #Astro Auctions

7 days ago

It's nice when you get after persistent participation in the AA such a lovely prize as I am today, it means that persistence pays off, and the belief that're going to get still bigger and bigger prize ...

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Great news in Getting Started #TripleClicks

12 days ago

Good news--you were a winner in today's TripleClicks DAILY CROWN Drawing!

You won: 500 Rewardicals

Your 500 Rewardical tokens have been added to your account at www.Rewardical.com and you may redeem them at your convenience. Tip: To log in, just click the Rewardical icon located on the navigation bar at the SFI Affiliate Center.

For a complete list of all of today's winners, see:


DON'T FORGET to make yourself eligible for the drawing today...and every day. To be automatically entered in the day's drawing, simply play any Eager Zebra game (including any free entry game).

See our complete index of Eager Zebra games at:


Have a great day...and congratulations again!

TC Admin

Finally, the tenth victory of the TC Daily Drawing competition, it is a testament to the effort and the work pays off in all fields, thanks to SFI

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Peace of God, Christ is born! in Recognition

14 days ago

Today, when all Orthodox believers celebrate the birth of Christ, I wish all the people of the world health, happiness, prosperity and, above all peace in the world ... I want everyone to just say Peace of God, Christ is born!

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Hapy Christmas Eve in Recognition

15 days ago

All Orthodox believers today according to the Julian calendar, celebrate Christmas Eve, I want to put it in the peace of God with the words Let this Christmas Eve, everyone is happy, some are much longer celebrated and evil thoughts should not be in our head, but the joy of just some of eyes expires, I wish everyone health, success and personal happiness ...

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New PSA from SFI Corporate in Getting Started #PSA

19 days ago

Dear Stephan,
what you now say has nothing to do with my post, I got a PSA from the package that I bought from SFI which is registered under the name Hhhhhh Ohhhh, so it has nothing to do with what I'm saying that you still hold your PSA and CSA under the watchful eye of it and I do of course, but this applies to SFI should not leave to a report by that name, which contains the same letters as well as not receiving the ranks of people who report a false email address, and water them business with us as if they were our dog, and actually it is a malicious hall with SFI ...
I want a nice evening ...

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Great news in Recognition

20 days ago

There after 126 days of hard work in the games I came to Grnad Master badge and entered the top 200 players and you get 2000 points RW... Message to all members of the SFI is that hard work can achieve a result worthy of attention, of course, where the conditions for all competitors equal, and after that they go naturally and successes such as: You won a share of the December Tripleclicks Badge Quest Bounty! and you get 2500 points for the same RW, as well as the Daily Grand winner notification and you get 25 points RW ... Nice start of the New Year and a delightful gift for deserve the effort and work ...
I wish all members a prosperous New Year 2019. ...

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New PSA from SFI Corporate in Getting Started #PSA

20 days ago

Yes dear Ana know that happens I can see, but they should be deleted after verification and assigned a new PSA for them, it is my opinion and my proposal of course, because it is obvious that someone in this way, the only real bad joke at the expense of SFI companies and diminishes us the opportunity to get the okay member in our team ...

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New PSA from SFI Corporate in Getting Started #PSA

20 days ago

Dear Randy,
that bold letters for emphasis and do not imply shouting as you claim, if you'd all written in capital letters that would be shouting, and my text was not all the bold but only message I got from the SFI, and the explanation of the same letter are not was highlighted, the system would have to respond to such requests as are apparent and nowhere in the world does a man with your full name with only one letter and my recommendation is that such members of the SFI do not register because they are obvious, Happy New year to all members of the SFI .. .

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New PSA from SFI Corporate in Getting Started #PSA

20 days ago

Good news! You just sponsored a new SFI affiliate :

Primary language: English*
Keycode: 1104

If this notification has just arrived, it means that they are probably currently online at the SFI Affiliate Center and you should initiate an Icebreaker immediately to welcome this person to SFI and help them get started. To initiate an Icebreaker, go to the following link now and click the handshake icon behind their name:


Next, you'll want to send a welcome letter to them. Directions for this are also provided in the above link. Don't forget that each PSA can generate significant, ongoing, residual income for you. Learn more at: www.sfimg.com/CompPlan

Tip: Make sure you utilize these KEY strategies with them and every affiliate on your team:


To view ALL of your PSAs to date, refer to your Genealogy at:


Want to sponsor even more affiliates? See our list of dozens of methods you can use at:


Questions? Contact your SFI Sponsor, and/or use our 24-hour Help Desk at: www.sfimg.com/Help/

SFI Admin

* To translate languages, we recommend: translate.google.com/#[/b]
Is it possible that when buying packages for 20 years, SFI can find someone with such a name, it was possible to pass off as a sign of the SFI, free'm surprised that in a serious organization like the SFI can anyone sign [these] with full name and email address, in the last package I received the same member with an invalid email address, so I wonder what's going on here? Has anyone had a similar experience with such a problem?

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Happy Christmas Day and night in Recognition

28 days ago

Merry Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve all the people who celebrate it according to the new calendar ... I wish you all success in personal and business life, and to give all your dreams come true and most desire to be peace in the world, health for all people, love between all people, because what I want myself I want everyone in this world with one sentence ... The peace of God Christ is born ...

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Where are they in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

I'm not mad I'm presenting their views and opinions and I think that's fair ... To conquer what can not disappear or that the statute of limitations, because you pay for each AA with a TC loan that you pay, it is the same in the lottery games and it is not true that moves, matches and hiden moves're getting the AA in unlimited quantities, and you get when you get depends on how many games you play per day, everything has its price ... but if there is a price why should such gains could have a statute of limitations? I still maintain that this is a bad move management and contrary to the law, if you won something can not become obsolete just because you have not used them in a week . Because playing games sometimes you need more matches and moves and sometimes less, it all depends how much will your luck holds. But I see that more and more time is needed to play, for example, ZJ games to win 10 games a day shift to more minimal for 2 to 5 seats and it varies ...
This means that tomorrow we SFI decision and says when not used for a certain period of something and it disappears, it's not good for SFI, so let Mr. Gery consider my proposal and that is what you have won there can be no statute of limitations and can not be taken away ... So let's here at least you're correct, Mr. Gery, all the players to win their private and can not become obsolete and is taken away ...
God bless you ...

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GRAND MASTER PLAYER in Recognition #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

The day came when I realized that my efforts of 112 days of daily play all the games reached the level of the GRAND MASTER players and entered the top 200 ... Proof that the work and effort worth it, although it changed the rules I have achieved one of the goals that I wanted to be reached earlier, but thank God that this has happened ... a beautiful present before the christmas holidays ...
God bless you all ...

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You Need To Monitor Poor Attitude Affiliates!!! in Getting Started #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Certainly Mr. Bruce, you should always give a positive example to your team and its members, but again there's a little something where sins leadership SFI ...
This little thing called the same conditions for all members of the SFI, which this year when it wants to admit it or not certainly not ... to see the new members and they are difficult to persuade them to stay and work even harder to achieve a level which gives them some satisfaction for your hard work ...
Comes to disappointment and you can talk and show our own example of how you want but they easily or stay and maintain the minimum level required to SFI or simply go out of SFI ...
So my suggestion is to equate all the leadership members of the SFI in such a way which will allow everyone to come to the major rankings, because these new rules safe it does not allow ...Allow only members who have been here a number of years and that they were better than others who did not understand that one should strive for a higher level ...
The easiest is the leadership to say one sentence Who does not want to not have to stay will be others, but I think it not a solution, because these others will realize the same thing and so continues to circle and stand in the place ...
Happy forthcoming Christmas and New Year holidays to all ... God bless you ...

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My new badge in Recognition #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

After a little more than 100 days in SFI, I came to 50 badges in the now separate EC competition BQ 20 and BQ TC badge in the competition, which you must admit that it is a good result and an indication that the work and effort worth it ...
That morning I realized that I have two new badges are a weekly winner in Poker and Zack Jack ...
Too bad the only thing it does not make any points, which was my suggestion to do ...
Still under the old rules would now be in the most elite ranks of the BQ, what it was worth when I joined the SFI, here I stand at the Master level, and that's it, but someone with only 40 badges have the same level, although this did not result in an understatement, I'm just saying how hard it is to get to Elite Master badges with current rules in relation to the old rules are much, much harder ...
God bless you, and I wish everyone a good day ...

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Daily Crown in Recognition #Contests

about 1 month ago

Congratulations on winning the award. This is certainly great news is always when you get a reward in many members SFI ... A sign that the persistence, effort and work worthwhile, even if only all were the same conditions of competition, then the pleasure was all the same ... Congratulations once once on winning the award ...

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HELP in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Yes to what I was drinkable where it went Uber FIFA and then I realized that was wiped off and it should seek to return it, because in Europe it is the most popular competition and in the world, because that plays the best football and I do not understand why have deleted this competition ... We should get him back it should be our appeal to the SFI leadership ... God bless you ...

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I can't play on my Grandmaster Poker League in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

If you can not play your league in Poker game javitye to support that there's something wrong with the same and they will solve this problem, it is likely a technical matter in question, but it came to a halt, salute and success in the game of poker want. ..

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If You Don't Have A Target, No One Can Follow You!!!Do You??? in Getting Started #Marketing

about 1 month ago

To be sure, a man who has a goal in life, always striving to achieve the same and it is a very important thing for all of us, because nobody iakakvog goal is like walking through fog or indulge in mountain river rapids ... So here should be that each has a specific goal you want to achieve with your efforts and work and fight for it ...
Now art is that it will make other people to follow your goal, whether it is their goal to realize that they can get to the finish only the work and effort ... Many of us are able to do so, but many are not ... We need to help them to achieve their own and with that is our goal, so I said that SFI teamwork, we just need to be happy and meet people with similar attitudes and similar work habits, to ask for many other factors of happiness in an environment in which we want to achieve our goal ...
I want to SFI provides equal opportunities for all,which in my opinion is not so far, but I hope common sense leadership that will realize that everybody should have the same conditions as are enjoyed by advertising, so that they have opportunities and promotions ...
God bless you and happy and successful We all the job ...

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Auto pilot-biding on "forbidden" items+bidding on Junior auctions in Astro Auctions

about 1 month ago

Hello Lazare, for the first answer is simple some items are not available to us in Serbia, so says the boss Gery and it's such a inter alia to have the silver lining, so you do not you can participate on these AA is not usually not the auto-pilot. ..for the second thing is the same simple intended for those players who are under 50 TC credits that they also had a chance to get an AA because most other AA for those who are stronger purchasing the TC credit, however, is for these reasons made Junior competition, but when you get below 50 or TC credits you can participate in them ... I wish all the best and much success in the awards ...

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New in SFI in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

Welcome to SFI team Koki ... Speed ​​up process is not a good thing because that in our people say everything is fast and it is kuso ... So the first month he trained well lanch pad lessons and two to three lessons a day, doing everyday tasks , weekly and monthly tasks too ... Follow the instructions of your sponsors, because I believe that he is the best address to know what to do, to do ... If you want to progress quickly, then you have to invest resources or money to purchase TC package purchase S- Buillder packages and PSA to GO package, or to participate in AA and PB so that they win the same ... Just that requires money to invest and Teba lucky to get the same rewards ... so my advice is to go slowly easier but surely, to learn how to advertise and that advertising you get members of your team and it's the best in the area where you are in the local bulletin boards,and of course to go to advertise products on a pallet SFI and for all to have an explanation of the No.1 team in Serbia on FB page, ask for membership and will be easier for you to start ... a happy and successful work I want

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Understand Situation B/4 in Getting Started #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Certainly Mr. Bruce ... You should always listen to what they say members of your team and it would be nice if the leadership SFI listened to its members and provide all the same working conditions and progress. In my opinion they made a lot of mistakes abolition of some conditions, by adding new conditions, some members have left the points that are earned by easier conditions and badges that no longer exists, and the other of these conditions does not and can not have the old badge because they are not a therefore points ... This leads to a gap between the members, and I think that everyone should be a team with the same conditions and advancement opportunities ... because of these things comes to shedding members or simply maintain the status of the EA because they see no good to try as impossible to achieve status with benefits ... the easiest thing to say ok if you're not satisfied go from SFI, there will be others, , and only these others will see the same thing, someone needs to understand ... God bless you and happy and successful work I want everyone ...

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Great news - bad news in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

[Moderator removed non English words in this post.]]

I do not understand what you said, Mr. Gery ... What you mention cheating? Who can cheating on games like Zack and Jack Poker? So this is not like in the casino where they could hide the map and use some tricks, it's all determined by a computer that will be the next card, so at least I think so ... If I have succeeded in three months to achieve a victory in the daily challenge of how is it possible that someone can be deceiving ... it can only someone who is in cahoots with some of your core team that controls all the processes, and to install someone has won something, but it can in every game then it's not only here, but I wonder whether it's all here to be with God's honesty?

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Great news - bad news in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

[Moderator removed non English words from the post. ]

Dear Saude, for fun, you can use Zack Jack and Poker games not playing daily and weekly challenges. So just click on these two games and play to your heart's content for 24 hours uninterrupted in the results we are among only 10 won games. There are these daily and weekly challenges that are more difficult to win, because it can play only when you win these 10 that I mentioned previously, and to win in these challenges need to have a very good result, to know those who play these games to them won not just for fun, which does not mean that on the competitive part of the game a man is not a party, but she wins, it would be nice to have some of the same satisfaction and these are points not empty bedzevi ... Greetings and all the best wish .. .

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Great news - bad news in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

In my opinion this is not good, if it serves only that, but those are harder to win than the other badges in a regular game, especially because you can them play only when you fill up the daily limit of 10 free games and my proposal is to put the same points to win these badges ...

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Great news - bad news in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

Today when I was like every morning, opened the first mailbox to see your inbox from SFI, which is normally processed when I win a new award today was also opened I saw that I won a daily challenge in Zack Jack game, which is not easy to get to this prestigious award because he played almost all the members of the SFI ... later, when I was doing daily tasks, with the task, big disappointment ... this badge, as well as the weekly challenge badge with Zack Jack and Poker games do not bring any points ... My question is then what the badge if you do not have trouble not, but consumes no incentive earned lives and moves .. God bless you...