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Adnan S.

Bosnia And Herzegovina

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Connect with Facebook in Suggestion Box #Team Building

9 months ago

Respect dear Gery.

I have one idea, I think it would be a great help to our work in SFI.

I suggest connecting SFI with Facebook when registering or entering SFI, as are many social networks and other sites, such as Instangram, Flazio, Wix etc.
In this way, we get better members because we know where to find them, and we all know on Facebook is the most number people.

Many email addresses are false or incorrectly written or do not exist at all.
With Facebook registrations we could directly contact a member, so we will have more work members.

Many members after first logging forget how to enter in SFI accaunt so that through Facebook was easier to help.

Many sites use this option of joining Facebook, it would be a great idea for us to implement this idea in the SFI.

Thank you.