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Nijaz B.

Bosnia And Herzegovina

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Question about Affiliate Agreement? in Getting Started #Marketing #PSA

5 months ago

Respect Ronick
The roommate is not a member of the family, his name and surname, has his own email address, his computer's IP address is not the same, I do not see the reason why he could not go to SFI.

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Solidarnost u lajku in Bosnia And Herzegovina

6 months ago

Poštovanje Indira
Postavite ili odgovorite na bilo kojem forumu pitanje ili odgovor, da je duži od 25 riječi, da biste dobili lajk-ove.
Lajkovi sa streama se ne računaju, kao i sa taba Growth. Budite aktivni na forumu i zaradit će te potrebne lajkove,
a isto tako i naučite veoma mnogo bitnih stvari o našem poslu u SFI.
Želim Vam mnogo uspjeha

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A new leader of the diamond team in Recognition #Leadership #Team Building

6 months ago

A new leader of the diamond team
Today, on the Growth card, I found Mr. Gerry to be the new leader of the diamond team, which I am very glad and congratulating.

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Accumulated Commissions in Compensation #Compensation

6 months ago

You can look in your genealogy.
or read this post, maybe help you


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What is the domain for a website and why do I need it? in Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

6 months ago

What is the domain for a website and why do I need it?

Domain is actually the name or website address. As you have a home address, so you need the address you want for your own website.
Domain is translated into a unique numeric code or so-called DNS (domain name system). IP address (Internet Protocol) identified by computers. For example, if you enter www.nbgcreator.com in your web browser, the computer translates to the IP address of the server on which our site is located. This is a process that takes place in the background and which users of the site do not see.

Domain extension (extensions)
Domains extensions can be different. The most widespread are international ones such as .com, .org, .net. All these extensions are actually abbreviations that describe the character of a website:

.com - commercial sites
.net - a group or network of people
.org - various organizations, associations
.biz - companies and private companies
.info - indefinite, used for various purposes

There are many other extensions as well as national extensions that actually point to the territorial affiliation of the website.

How to choose, check availability and rent a domain?
The choice of domains is very important, just for the domain you simply do not choose the name of your own company.

It is necessary to consider and decide on a name that is short, memorable, which again reflects the general content of your web presentation.
When selecting a domain, it must also take into account its availability. A large number of domain names has long been busy.

You can purchase the Lifetime Prestige Custom Domain on TripleClicks. See this page for details:


You can also win the Lifetime Prestige Custom Domain via Auctionburks or Daily Grand Competitions.

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SFI'ers I Need Your Advice/Opinions in Getting Started

6 months ago

Maintain the status and build the team in depth.
When your team starts to work, or you make a sale, it will also earn you.
Maintaining your status is very important for your own

www.sfimg.com/Resources/LeadershipManager?referrer=search pages.

Your new members will see your Leadership Manager page

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Guerilla Marketing in Marketing #Marketing

6 months ago

Respect Temel
Great post, very instructive.

Guerrilla marketing (also known as guerilla marketing) is a form of marketing strategy that seeks to maximize performance through minimum investments and unconventional advertising methods. Gel marketing is focused on finding unconventional advertising opportunities on the market and drawing benefits from them.
  The methods of guerrilla marketing include the organization of free promotions and tastings, informative-promotional talks with potential users, and Internet-marketing.

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Set goals and priorities in Marketing #Getting Started

6 months ago

Set goals and priorities

Sometimes it's important to remember what the goals of what you do when your motivation is running out briefly. That is why it is good to set daily tasks and small short-term goals that you can fulfill on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. When you solve each one of them, you will feel better and more useful. Over time, you can set more serious goals, and in this way you can progress a bit, learn new things, and perfect yourself in the profession you are dealing with.

It is important to be aware of your position - if you are satisfied with it, then work to improve your knowledge and skills, so encourage yourself on a daily basis.

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Getting Started-Every Day Is A Training Day!!! in Getting Started #Getting Started

6 months ago

Respect Bruce
I completely agree with you that training is a very important thing because of:

• Permanent adaptation of employee qualifications to changes in job requirements.
• Providing and using high-quality potential from internal sources.
• Securing and increasing competitive advantage.
• Marketing effects on the external labor market and sales.
• Greater opportunities to meet the needs for new knowledge and skills from internal sources.
• Motivating employees.
• Investing in future success with a small material investment.
• Encouraging mobility within the company and multifunctionality.

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PRACTICAL ADVERTISING in Getting Started #Marketing #Pricebenders

6 months ago

Practical Advertising
Advertising is a part of marketing, and it represents a form of communication communicating information
through the media. Some forms of advertising inform, speak, or entertain, others are
boring, and even insulting. It permeates our lives to attract the attention of different audiences.
Individuals and organizations apply it to promote products, services, ideas, images,
disputable issues, people and generally anything the advertiser wants to publish and support.
It is used to encourage companies to boost demand, encourage sales staff to be more efficient, increase product use, and remind and convince customers about the product.
Because it is very flexible, advertising offers the ability to reach an extremely large target
group, but can also be directed to a small, precisely determined segment of the population.
After we design a product that we believe has potentials in the market on which
we act, then all the forces are directed towards correct and aggressive advertising that will penetrate
deep into the very market, leave great influence on this market and sell our product.

Now we have a new Astro Auctions product, we begin to advertise and sell it.

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Savjet 1ili više Tcardits za Card King igre in Bosnia And Herzegovina

7 months ago

Sidekick is a great way to help post a big, Zackpot-winning score. You have a 50/50 chance of getting it right, but the real key is to use it when there are big points at stake, so that you may quadruple (4x) those points.

Sidekick #1 is free and should always be used on every game.

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What are the MAIN problems you face growing your business on Social Media? in Marketing #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

7 months ago

The inability to share any gateway link on social media, especially FBs, because they block them, you can override the Custom Prestige domains. You can buy it, win it at auction, or buy it for RW.
Now you can use a custom domain in all types of marketing, including email, web banners, print media ads and social networks.

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Informatics literacy in Team Building #Getting Started

7 months ago

Informatics literacy today is the imperative of a modern man. Of course, it is crucial for its success, because if today, tomorrow we will work in a company like ours, and technologically advanced and computer-networked, as well as all aspects of life, without simply having the necessary competencies to work. That's why at least at least a basic knowledge of IT is a prerequisite for work. Of course, knowledge is never too much, the more we know IT the easier it will be to master our business.

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Business online marketing in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Team Building

7 months ago

Respect Mr. Bruce H.
Are you ... (haha), but I appreciate and respect your years, knowledge and life experience, as well as known wisdom.
God bless you

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Business online marketing in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Team Building

7 months ago

Business online marketing is a way to get rich because it's a revolutionary new way to share wealth with anyone who really wants to get rich. The network marketing system is set up so that everyone can participate in the wealth. The network marketing system is a personal franchise or an invisible network of big business, a very democratic way of creating wealth. The system is open to anyone who has the will, determination, and perseverance. The system does not care about what college you have attended, if so, how much you earn today, what gender or race you are, how nice you are, who your parents are, or how popular you are. Most network marketing companies only care about how much you are willing to learn, change and grow, and have a loop to cope with all the obstacles while learning how to own your business.

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Lifetime Custom Prestige domains in Team Building #Marketing #Team Building

7 months ago

Lifetime Custom Prestige domains
By purchasing this product, you earn 5.069 VP prizes and prizes.
My question is: If I take this product for 3,000 RW, then I get 5,069 VPs.

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I wrote this 6 months ago in Team Building

7 months ago

Respect for Mirjana
Thank you for this wonderful post and advice.
Redistribution is a great tool for deepening the team in depth.
I'm still building the first line, but as soon as I get stable working members in the first generation, I will undoubtedly accept this advice.
Thank you