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Johnna I.

United States

E365 Champion
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Be persistent, why so in SFI? in Miscellaneous #Compensation #Getting Started #Team Building

22 hours ago

Thank you for starting this stream. Persistence preaching is so refreshing in this online business world where "get rich quick" schemes are abundant. What I've learned from the few I have participated in is totally the opposite of persistence. They support the "instant mentality" of the western world and only serve to frustrate those (like me) who foolishly join them.
I may not have lots of money yet, but what I have learned here (at SFI and the Forum) has made me richer in a different, more lasting way.
So, don't give up because it takes work to earn a living here, keep keeping on!
Happy team leading,
Johnna Ingram

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Biggest AA Win Yet (for me anyway) in Recognition #Astro Auctions #Rewardical #VersaPoints

3 days ago

I think the greatest tip I can give you about AA is frequency. I have won the actual item for only eight auctions because I have a limited budget for buying TCredits, but I bid every day, sometimes only 1 TCredit per bid. I always win some Rewardicals, many times VP and always some type of boost for the EZ games.
The Rewardicals are a valuable tool in building your VP, and I am certain that the combination of my standing order plus these free Rewardicals helped push me to the top of my class.
Good luck Sanusi,
Johnna Ingram

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Biggest AA Win Yet (for me anyway) in Recognition #Astro Auctions #Rewardical #VersaPoints

3 days ago

Thanks for your reply. I had bid 70 TCredits, but only 1 TCredit was for the Constellation prizes (a.k.a. Rewardicals). I was so surprised by the high number of Rewardicals because I only expected 10 or 20. I'm not sure about the combination that you referred to, though.
In this auction, I won 10 CSA's.
Thank you for your kind words,
Johnna Ingram

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Biggest AA Win Yet (for me anyway) in Recognition #Astro Auctions #Rewardical #VersaPoints

5 days ago

All I can say is WOW! This has to be the biggest VP win I have ever had on an Astro Auction and over 500 RT's when I only "tipped" 1 TCredit. I am flabbergasted!
If you have yet to try Astro Auctions, what are you waiting for? It only costs 1 TCredit, but you win something every time you enter! The fact that I also won what I bid on is icing on the cake.

Give her a go guys, you won't be sorry!
Fly me to the moon,
Johnna Ingram, E365 Champion

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My Active PSA..Part 2 in Team Building #Sponsor #Team Building

6 days ago

Nice tip, simple and straight to the point!
This is why I love the Forum so much, so many individuals with insight that I don't have. I am happy to add my own insights and glean from others.
Thank you!
Johnna Ingram

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Does anyone give Gift Certificates to your PRMs & do you get an increase in Sales? in Sales #ECA #Marketing

7 days ago

I have only limited experience here. I have sent gift certificates to a few PRM's as well as to a couple CSA/PSA's. PRM's ignored or didn't see the GC's I sent and 1 CSA used hers.
I agree with the gentleman who said that sending GC's are like businesses sending out coupons, I just don't have the budget to test out the theory.
Happy Team Leading,
Johnna Ingram

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Beware of “router hack” email scams in Miscellaneous

10 days ago

Thank you for the head's up! If scammers worked as hard at an honest day's work as they do for dishonest gain, the world would be a better place.
Thank you for keeping us in the know and we will do the same for you when we have info. to share, that's what support for fellow SFIers is all about.
Johnna Ingram

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Confusion with Opti-Build Reassignments & Rank & Commissions in Ask Gery

10 days ago

I think the answer to your question may be that Andy's post was written about a year ago, possibly prior to Leon's becoming DTL.
Johnna Ingram

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Confusion with Opti-Build Reassignments & Rank & Commissions in Ask Gery

10 days ago

Do you mind my asking how long it took you to begin to see a profit?
Thank you for loaning me a portion of your expertise,
Johnna Ingram

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Confusion with Opti-Build Reassignments & Rank & Commissions in Ask Gery

10 days ago

A thought occurs to me that some of us who are still pretty new (at least compared to your 19 years) need that "right now" income in order to reinvest it back into SFI.
This month my commissions were lower than last month and last month's lower than the month before; I am not even breaking even. I see great potential here and do not plan on quitting, but help me see how to build my income to at least the breaking even point, then to making a profit.
I do primarily free advertising via social media, though I do pay to have ads boosted periodically through FB. I have had on auto delivery S-Builder Co-op and 125 TCredits, but plan on changing to Builder Bundle (100 TCredits + PSAs, CSAs, and more!) in February. The only way I have shared this with friends and family is via FB because so many of them are wary of online business oportunities; most are of the mind that all of them are "Pyramid Schemes."
Do you have any wisdom for this daughter of an ace car salesman who did not inherit any of his salesman genes?

Thanks in advance,
Johnna Ingram

P.S. Currently I have only 1 active PSA despite my best effort at leadership.

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ASTRO AUCTION in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

12 days ago

Is there a specific question that you have about Astro Auctions? If not, follow this link and read the Astr Rules.
Happy Bidding,
Johnna Ingram

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Please Correct a small grammatical error in Suggestion Box #Astro Auctions

13 days ago

I see I have a kindred spirit across the world. I too notice typos and incorrect grammar, I have done it all my life.
I guess the folks who develop these games are more tech-oriented and less concerned about grammar. Perhaps they will see this post and fix it soon.
Thank you for your keen observation!
Johnna Ingram from America

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10 Winners share Time Machine 9,616 TCredits Zackpot! in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

14 days ago

Thank you for the post!
Time machine is my go-to Eager Zebra game because it's a quick way to keep my Green Streak going. I have yet to win and I'm pretty sure there's no real strategy to winning. If anyone knows different, please illuminate me.
I'll keep entering and, perhaps one day, win!
Happy Team Leading,
Johnna Ingram

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High rate of SFI sign up here..... in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Team Building

17 days ago

This is a very interesting thread, thought-provoking, thanks for starting it.
I think it would be an interesting study to see which country has the highest percentage of active affiliates because simply signing affiliates up does not a business make.
Congratulations on your country's improved standing on the SFI growth list.
Happy Team Leading,
Johnna Ingram

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Redeemed my Rewardical Tokens for cash in Compensation #Compensation #Rewardical

18 days ago

Straight from Gery himself:
"We are excited to announce that, new for 2019, you can now redeem your Rewardical tokens directly for cash!

Yes, this means that every Rewardical you earn or win can now be instantly turned into cash. By the way, did you know that there are more than a dozen ways to acquire Rewardicals (many of which are 100% free)? Learn about all the ways HERE.

You can convert your Rewardicals into cash any time you want...with just a $.01 USD (one cent) minimum!"

Find out more here:

Happy New Year!
Johnna Ingram

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Introducing...Direct Cash Redemptions for Rewardicals! in SFI News #Rewardical

18 days ago

This is a GRAND idea! Making Rewardicals have cash value is just another great way to add value to the activities we do here.

I test-drove the option on Rewadical.com and here is the result:

Nice work as usual!

Happy New Year!
Johnna Ingram

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Tyre Kicker or Tyre Pumpers in Team Building

21 days ago

Thank you for the pep talk, I think we all need one from time to time.
I have been guilty of being a tire kicker in things that I have tried, but since I came here (to SFI), I have become more of a tire pumper. I am setting goals for my new year, instead of resolutions which don't last, and my goal for 2019 is to read more training articles here and learn better ways to promote my business. I would like to be making a profit in the coming year.
Thank you again and Happy New Year!
Johnna Ingram

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Year End Review of Astro Auction Wins in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Rewardical #VersaPoints

21 days ago

I love Astro Auctions! I don't do any other auction because AA is more fun and profitable than Pricebenders, as far as I'm concerned. The fact that I can win even when I lose is all the reason I need to continue with AA.
Here are my winnings:

The Rewardicals that I have won have been a real boost to my rank, and they helped me achieve E365 Champion.
So, Astro Auctions all the way!!!
Happy New Year ALL!
Johnna Ingram

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New Year Project by a Gold Team Leader. in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

21 days ago

Congratulations on six years at SFI!
Thank you for the encouragement to work on my goals for 2019, setting goals has never been a strong point for me. This is something I need to work on.
I do have auto delivery set up, that I have taken care of. I will be updating my Leadership Page, reviewing Smart Start, and reading the marketing training and the Rules for Success.
I have earned money over the last several months, but not a profit, so that is my financial goal for 2019.
Again, thank you for your post!
Happy New Year!
Johnna Ingram

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Most Important Thing To Do When Working With Team? in Getting Started #Getting Started

22 days ago

My sentiments exactly!
If we want our team to grow, if we want our team to work, the best chance we have at accomplishing this goal is to treat each member with respect and kindness.
There's nothing that repels me more than hype. The definition of hype, in my opinion, is: you're so gullible that you'll believe anything I say. Since our team members are not (gullible, that is), but intelligent human beings, I should treat them so.
Thank you for the awesome reminder, Bruce!
Happy New Year,
Johnna Ingram

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Join the Forum! in Miscellaneous #Team Building

26 days ago

Excellent suggestion!
I agree that the Forum has a wealth of information in it. I read some posts every day and learn new things about SFI in general, advertising, supporting my affiliates, etc. each time I read.
You can also earn two badges now for being a member of the Forum as well as for posting helpful information. It is definitely well worth each affiliate's time to participate in the Forum.
Thank you for your post,
Johnna Ingram

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Is AA losing it's charm ? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Sales #TripleClicks

27 days ago

Thank you for the post, I have also observed changes in AA. That being said, I think they are just growing pains, normal for a platform such as this, but I by no means think it is a sign of anything negative. All change can feel "bad," but usually works out for the better.
As you can see from my screenshot, we are still winning good prizes, maybe not with every auction, what fun would that be? But, every so often a really nice prize comes along like 50VP.
Thank you for the nice gift for Christmas SFI,
Johnna Ingram

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Movers tab suggestion in Suggestion Box #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

27 days ago

I love the suggestion. I too have many affiliates on my Movers tab that I would like to acknowledge when they do particularly well on any given day and a Like button would do just the trick.
Great idea!
Happy Holidays,
Johnna Ingram

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Soonerflash Christmas Eve in Just For Fun

28 days ago

You are multi-talented, I love your post!

Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanza to all and to all a good night!
Johnna Ingram

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Perks That Work ( SFI Benefits) in Miscellaneous #Compensation #Contests #Team Building

29 days ago

The key phrase in your post is "in time," because so many of us are in such a hurry to make money and when that doesn't happen quickly enough, too many of us give up. Some give up, I'm sure because they simply need to make a living now to support a family. Too many others, though, simply do not try because it looks like too much work or they won't make their millions in a month. We've lost the concept of the long view and our patience is so short.
Congratulations to all who stick to it and make their business a success!

Happy Holidays All,
Johnna Ingram