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Lilia G.


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How to interpret this report ? in Getting Started #Compensation

12 hours ago

Where do you see it?

You may visit your Genealogy ... www.sfimg.com/Reports/Genealogy?active=true

I have not there%

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How does this text mean from the new plan? in Compensation #Compensation #Rewardical

1 day ago

It is means SFI now will be able to make instant payment to your Commission report.
But they are not begin do it, and will maybe not do it anytime.
So it is is only tell, you that IF SFI DECIDE to pay direct after every purchase it is possible to do it.

What if someone cancel the purchase, and you already have got the money withdraw, it will make a problem, so do not wait SFI will do this.

Best regards

It will be provided for the cancellation of purchases or will be withdrawn from the next payment.

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How does this text mean from the new plan? in Compensation #Compensation #Rewardical

1 day ago

How does this text mean from the new plan?

3. We will have the ability to do Instant Pays on ALL commissions (no need to wait until days after a month ends to calculate share values). Speaking of share values, you can now erase this term from your SFI vocabulary.

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For today my achievements in Eager Zebra #Compensation #Eager Zebra #TCredits

1 day ago

For today my achievements

CONGRATULATIONS, Lilia, you won Knockout Trivia match #182790!

* You outlasted 13 opponents
* You scored 28 Trivia Leaderboard points
* You earned a Knockout Trivia Winner Badge (or badge upgrade)
* You earned a free bonus entry in today's Daily Crown drawing

Good news, Lilia, --your name was chosen in today's 2 AM TripleClicks T-TIME Drawing!

You won: 2 Free TCredits

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I received this message but nothing opens. in Team Building #CSA #ECA

8 days ago

From 24 hours I stand on the wall.

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I received this message but nothing opens. in Team Building #CSA #ECA

8 days ago

I received this message but nothing opens.

You currently have 2 CSAs eligible for adding to the CSA Exchange. Click here to learn how to exchange your CSAs to increase activity in your group and grow your commissions.

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Useless Information in Miscellaneous #PSA

12 days ago

Not in the slightest - I thought it was funny, hence my need to tell others, but thank you for the apology anyway

The translations are very confusing, sometimes...and BEYOND funny , too...

For example:
the word DRAWING that we use here for contests...drawing the winners of the
contests... has also another meaning in the English language...a kind of "painting"...

So, when we get the message about some win...the Translator uses that OTHER
meaning of the word "drawing"...
Can you imagine what kind of message comes up that way? LOL

I can't stop laughing sometimes seeing those kind of "translations"...

But, for those that are FORCED to use it...it's NOT funny...just confusing...
and sometimes it really needs a lot to get the real meaning.

So, we just try to help those members translating all that is needed to understand
this job, making files in our Support groups on Facebook.

The funniest and the worst are in Brain Sprint. Very confusing.

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I join yesterday, I need help to get VP in Getting Started #Getting Started #VersaPoints

13 days ago

To succeed in SFI, you should focus upon the following:
1-Listen to the video of Mr Gerry Carson in which he explains the basics of SFI.
2- Log daily into SFI and press the buttons of To- Do- Lists after reading the information.
3- Read the articles of launchpads many times so as to understand the basics and never get confused.
4-Do the weekly actions every week.
5- Do the monthly actions in the beginning of the month.
6- Do the getting started actions in the first week.
7-Enter the Daily Grand every day.
8- Advertise the products of TripleClicks and sell them to get commissions.
9- Start building a team using your gateways.
10- Advertise SFI and TripleClicks in social media such as wordpress.com
11- Be patient, determined, persistent and never quit.

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What is the CSA Rewards program? in Team Building #Compensation #CSA #Leadership

16 days ago

Hi, Mr. Nisar K.!

SFI already provided that for us.

Thanks to SFI!

But for now, we have to wait, because CSA exchange is under maintenance.

Hope this helps Mr. Nisar,and i wish you all the best!


It does not open to me CSA Exchange.

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Am I the only one facing this problem? in Team Building #CSA #Team Building

17 days ago

How you gathered so much Rewardicals?

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Am I the only one facing this problem? in Team Building #CSA #Team Building

17 days ago

They come slowly in a few days.

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Card King Zackpot in Recognition #Contests #Eager Zebra #TCredits

17 days ago

CONGRATULATIONS, Lilia, your terrific score(s) yesterday has earned you one or more shares of the Card King Zackpot for June 5, 2018!

The final Zackpot was 1097 TCredits. Your share was 7 TCredits. They have been added to your TripleClicks Member account and you may start redeeming them immediately. To learn about all the different ways you can use your TCredits, log in at:

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Redeeming Rewardicals in Ask Gery #VersaPoints

19 days ago

Where do you buy from Rewardicals?

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New plan in Compensation #Compensation #Getting Started #VersaPoints

20 days ago

From when does the new plan begin?

With the discontinuation of the Executive Pool, Milestone Shares no longer make sense and, hence, have been discontinued, effective immediately. Note: If you qualified for Milestone Shares in May, you will receive in your May commissions the value of those shares.
To accommodate our new features, Direct Commissions now start at 20%. However, with Team Overrides, you’ll be able to boost your de facto Direct Commissions to 24% or more.
Check out our new compensation plan details page: www.sfimg.com/Reference/CompPlan
The “My Earnings” panel has been temporarily removed from the Scoreboard tab to allow for needed updates.
Since Matching VersaPoints are no longer a thing, we’ve removed the section of the Genealogy (top left corner) that provided Matching VP data.
With the big change to the Executive Pool and CSA program, the Genealogy may be down temporarily for new code to be put in place. Some other pages within the Affiliate Center may also have some temporary downtime and/or missing information during the transition. Please bear with us.

Hope this helps Ms. Lilia, and i wish you all the best!

Gery now:
The plan didn't take affect until today, June 1st. The Executive Pool still existed for May...so, yes, you'll be earning Executive Pool shares for May (paid approximately June 10th).

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New plan in Compensation #Compensation #Getting Started #VersaPoints

20 days ago

From when does the new plan begin? How will it end in May under the new plan?
Why do we not see the number and type of our affiliates in enology?

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The Quest to Achieve EA status in Getting Started #Getting Started #TCredits #VersaPoints

24 days ago

30. 05. Play today Card ™ Кинг under 1TC - 1 VP +10 Rewardicals
1 TC -AUCTIONS -1VP +10 Rewardikals

2 VP +40 Rewardicals ( 13 VP)=15 VP

31.05. - 10VP
1 TC - Play Card ™ Кинг 1 VP +10 Rewardicals

26 VP

From the game Card ™ Кинг you have a chance to win ?

If you do not win the buy 1TC.

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Choose your charity in Eager Zebra

24 days ago

1. www.rewardical.com/Exchange
2. When you fill out a payment invoice

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A lot of joy.Congrats! in Recognition #Compensation #Contests #Eager Zebra

24 days ago

CONGRATULATIONS, Lilia, you finished as the runner-up in Knockout Trivia match #178209!

* You outlasted 24 opponents
* You scored 33 Trivia Leaderboard points
* You earned a Knockout Trivia Runner-Up Badge (unless you already had the Winner badge)

Good news--you were a winner in the latest E365 Daily Drawing*!

You won: 25 Rewardicals