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Olufunmilola O.


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New Eager Zebra game...HIDDEN! in SFI News #Eager Zebra

2 days ago

Hmmmm, interesting game.
I tried it out before writing a comment here but I have not gotten my hand on it.
Those foxes are not nice at all.. hehehe
Well done Mr Gery.
Another game to wind up for relaxation.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Marilyn Cabcaban! in Recognition

2 days ago

Oh Marilyn, dear friend, you made it.
A big congratulations to you dearie for earning this E365 prestigious award.
Am happy for you. Well done.
I wish that you continue to prosper and achieve your goal.
Best regards.

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May I be ECA with a blog? in Sales #ECA #Sales

2 days ago

Hi Rui again,
Please read about the kind of website you can have to host Rewardical ECA

And here too....very detailed


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Rewardicals program what for? in Sales #Marketing #Rewardical #Sales

2 days ago

Hi Rui,
The way i understoid your question, Rewardical token is an incentive or reward you give out to your customers as an encouragements to come back again and also to boost your business.

How ever, to be able to know how effectively you can do this and make use of this opportunity, you can apply for Rewardical ECA but, you need to have your own website on some e-commerce platform.
I suggest you read about that here


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Can one earn a higher grade in the Biz Quiz contest? in Miscellaneous #Contests

2 days ago

Hello Phillip,
Yes, of course. You can.
When you are on the biz quiz question page, you will see how many answers you have given correctly.
The numbers or percentage of the correct answers given will determine your grade.
I have grade A and many others too.
Just continue to answer correctly everyday and with no time, you will earn the higher grade A.



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Who wants Freebies? Who wants bargains? in Team Building #Contests #Getting Started #Team Building

3 days ago

Thanks Nimo P. for sharing this with us.
A lot of freebies to help each and everyone.
I will also add, T-time game. 2 TCredits each day is also a way to go.

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Versa Ponts Win in Inspiration/Testimonials #Astro Auctions #VersaPoints

3 days ago

Congratulations Omede for your big win.
Well done.
Keep bidding, keep winning.

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Country Champion in Miscellaneous

5 days ago

Hello Muhammad,

Is your PSA very certain that she was the Country Champion?
Because, I don't think her position will be given to somebody else.

But in case she is really is and she hasn't received the badge and the point for being the Country Champion, there is nothing to worry about. It might be a glitch.
She should just send ticket to support. They will look into it and do the needful.

By the way, Congratulations to her in advance.

Best regards.

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Step-It-Up! Just Won 500 Business-Boosting CSAs! Life-line! in Team Building #Contests #Leadership #Team Building

5 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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How does the Auto-Delivery work? in Sales #Auto-Delivery #Sales

6 days ago

Hello Ayesha,
Though I really do not understand your question but I will say this.

Setting auto delivery of any product means that, you will be getting the product at the same day you ordered it every month.

When you want to set auto delivery, you will enter your some informations which require where you want the product to be delivered to incase it is not electronic product like TCredits and PSAs at the "check out" and also of course, your bank information to process your order at the "Payment order".

TCredits, PSAs purchases are always immediate. But other products will be deliverred to you at the stipulated time given to you.

Setting up auto-delivery for your favorite TripleClicks product is easy and takes only a few minutes. Once completed, you'll have your favorite items automatically delivered to you each month without the hassle of having to continually place an order. And if you change your mind, you can easily modify or cancel at any time!

To set up Auto-Delivery:

1. Go to TripleClicks and locate the product you want and that you want to have automatically delivered each month. You will need to be on the item’s Product Details page.
2. Click the "Add to cart" button.
3. Choose the quantity of the item you wish to receive.
4. Check the box to confirm you want Auto-Delivery.
5. Click the "Create Auto-Delivery" button.
6. Click the "Check Out Now" button.
7. Enter your shipping and billing address information (if needed).
8. Click the "Continue Checkout" button at the bottom of the page to proceed.
9. Choose your payment method (For Auto-Deliveries, accepted payment methods are credit card, debit card, PayPal, SFI Account funds, or TCurrency).
10. Review the Auto-Delivery terms/agreement.
11. Submit your order.
12. We will now initiate the process of delivery of your chosen item immediately. Then, starting next month, on the date you’ve chosen, we will automatically charge you for and deliver the item again, and for each subsequent month until at which time you cancel your Auto-Delivery.ope that helps.

If at any time you want to cancel the auto delivery, then you do that here


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I Won Rewardical Tokens! in Recognition #Contests

7 days ago

Congratulations Abdulwahab on your winning.
I know it's a big win for you.
Continue to make yourself eligible and continue winning.
All the best.


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The Wisest Woman/Man Alive-Is It You??? in Marketing #Marketing

7 days ago

Professor Bruce as Gliceria P. used to call you.
Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us.
I have been following your posts and no doubt, it has always been addition to me.
Grace and strength to you.

Bless you and yours too.


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How to win in Astro Auction? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Rewardical #TripleClicks

9 days ago

Hello Yussuf,
Just take your time to read the rules. You will understand why.
But you cannot win with 1 TCredit for sure.


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How to win in Astro Auction? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Rewardical #TripleClicks

9 days ago

I will also like to add to what others have said.

You must be the highest bidder to win an auction, however, it is not necessarily being the highest bidder expecially in Junior auction.

E.g. In an auction that is for just those who have 50 TCredits or less, there seems to be a lot of highest bidders. You may say you also bid for 50 TCredits but the winner will be determined by Tie breaker rules.

Its either affiliate who tip the Pilot the most, if that doesn't work, then the rules will continue to be applied until there is a winner.

From my experience, Tie breaker 3 was used because I tipped the Pilot all my 50 TCredits and I had never won an auction before.

You can read more here.

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A proposal to the forum "emergency help box" in Suggestion Box #Leadership #Sponsor

10 days ago

Hello Alberto,

What a nice idea. It won't be bad if there is something of such.

But I am afraid, people will miss-use the opportunity as I believe at the long run, the purpose might be forfeited.

I guess that is why we have Support there and they are doing very good job.

We also have forum, full of great minds that are selfless readily to support everyone.

There is also a team of Upline there as well to assist.

I wish your suggestion is considered but to what purpose?

Best regards.

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What is something worth? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Rewardical #TCredits

11 days ago

Thanks for this analogy Kevin.
Very detailed.
That is exactly the way I see it also.
Many really want to win to earn some badges and update already earned badges.
You know, badges also has many thing to do in badge quest contest and some rewards too.

Thanks once again.


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Thanks mister Gery in Recognition #Astro Auctions #Compensation #VersaPoints

11 days ago

Yes, Vahida.

I have read so many testimonials on how AA has helped many affiliates to improve their ranks.
If you notice, these days, there is nothing like Second Home CSAs because many that can not afford to make EA before are now EA and even Team Leaders.
That is the joy of being an active and dedicated affiliate.

I wil also say, thanks to Mr Gery and his team.


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Budgeting in Miscellaneous

12 days ago

Yeah, I noticed. Was just curious to know.
Guess, some are just lucky. ...hehehe
Thanks all the same Tanja.

And thanks to Gliceria for her post that brought up the TCredits management.

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English translation in Miscellaneous

12 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Budgeting in Miscellaneous

12 days ago

Hello Tanja,
Seriously!!! 😯😯😯😯
May be you have to teach some of us how to play T-time game. You are really a guru in T-time game.
I have not been really lucky as I had only won just 10x since almost a year now.
Expecting your reply ooo.

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Mysterious bidder! in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

12 days ago

I also participated in the auction.
To say I was suprised, is an understatement.
But you know, I concluded that the winner really wanted to win at all cost and so he won.
And am very sure, his constellation prizes would be massive.
I wish him all the best.

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My name is Matthew in Getting Started #Compensation

16 days ago

Hello Mathew,
You are welcome back. Your coming back is a wise choice and it is much better because things have dramatically changed for the best here.

However, am really sorry for all you have gone through. You know, that is life. We just have to embrace it and move on. To be strong and let whatever we are passing through be the 'push' to our success.
My prayer is, God will perfect all that concerns you and your family.

The truth is, everyone want to make the best use of this platform to achieve their goals. Majority are giving it all it takes to achieve that. Some are on part time while some are on full time working this business. It all depends on what your goal is and how fast you want to achieve it. This will be the propeller force that will help you to know how much effort you want to put in.

As regards your sponsor, it is good we hear from our sponsors, it gives a kind of self belonging and team work. But that is not compulsory. You don't need your sponsor to succeed. In fact, you might even rank higher and make it faster than your sponsor.
Your concern should be, how well you want to go and how far you want to go.

I wish you all the best.


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My First AA Astronaut WIN and 7th Badges! in Recognition #Astro Auctions #Leadership

19 days ago

Congratulations David on your win.
Wow! You have also won Quantum prize.
That shows winning Quantum prize is possible.
Keep bidding, keep winning.

Best regards.


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Astro Auction is Awesome !! in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

20 days ago

Couldn't agree more Prasad, couldn't agree more.

I already got 5 badges as well, eager to get 4 badges more.

Meanwhile, congratulations on all your win.

Astro Auction 💞👍👍👍 way to go.