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South Africa

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Earning TCredits in Getting Started

7 days ago

Hello & WELCOME to SFI kullboys b.

You are 100% correct Winning TCredits (TC) by entering the T-Time Contest www.tripleclicks.com/t_time.php is super easy AND we have 24 TIMES DAILY to try our luck! I have been winning about 4/6 TC EVERY MONTH!

Then when you use your TC to bid in a Pricebender Auction or Eager Zebra Game www.tripleclicks.com you win TEN (10) REWARDICAL TOKENS (RT) that you can EXCHANGE whenever you want for even MORE items www.rewardical.com/Exchange

So the simple action of entering the FREE T-TIME Contest sets you up for various REWARDS! DON'T miss out on this "starter" freebie!

Remember: To be successful here, you have to COMMIT to DAILY ACTION, consistently building your SFI business.

Here are some of my BEST TIPS for you:

1. Study the Launchpad Lessons www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/ (& remember to confirm that you have read it to earn FREE Versapoints (VP)
2. Attend to the listed tasks on your personalised TO-DO List DAILY www.sfimg.com/Home/ToDoList
3. Expand your knowledge by becoming active / involved in the Forum www.sfimg.com/Home/Forum
4. Advertise, advertise - refer to this article as an example: www.sfimg.com/forum/thread?post_id=1207913#post-1207913

I pray abundant blessings and favor over you and your SFI business

Kindest regards

Jenny Julies

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Achieved EA status in Getting Started #CSA #Leadership #Sponsor

3 months ago

Hi Nikos!

Congratulations on achieving ES Status!

I hope by now you have received your 2 x CSA'S as guided by Parameswaran K

ABUNDANT BLESSINGS & CHEERS to your success going forward!

Jenny Julies

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Personally communication. in Getting Started #Getting Started

3 months ago

Hello Uttam S.

You've asked a great question and received great responses so far

I also communicate with my Sponsor and Co-Sponsor as and when needed. My Sponsor has become more than just a sponsor, like MANY other affiliates will attest also she has become my friend (and often like a mother )

Not all Sponsors have that kind of relationship with their teams BUT I encourage you to communicate with your Upline. You never know whether YOU will be that ONE affiliate that will encourage a not-so-involved-Sponsor to become Super Sponsor adding value not only to you but your entire team!

I have also found that when my Sponsor is not available to answer a question I might require a response to urgently, that the Forum is a fantastic platform to obtain guidance / answers quickly and the nice thing is that the answers are always varied which stimulates even further thoughts and ideas

All the best & God bless

Jenny Julies

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What are some of the MAIN WARNINGS you offer your team? in Team Building #Team Building

3 months ago

Hello all!

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other"
Abraham Loncoln

As I was drafting a fresh Welcome Note to one of my newest PSAs today, I thought back to the years I drifted from one (especially online) opportunity to the next without really achieving much with little progress & growth to show for my effort, expense, time to name just a few.

I have learned a lot along the way

As I was drafting the Welcome Note today though, I paused to ponder anew, the challenges I faced years back but most importantly, the fact that during those times, I had no one cautioning me about possible pitfalls, things to look out for, things that would hinder my growth and success.

Whilst warnings or cautioning isn't the key ingredient to growth and success, I am certain it would have aided a more stern resolve that would have brought me more/better growth and success.

I do believe that the teacher appears only when the student is ready BUT I also remember throughout those years the little, cautionary, golden nuggets I was blessed and privileged to pick up along the way, that is now standing me in very good stead!

So I'd like to share some of my cautionary statements that I share with my new affiliates especially and my team:

* Remain focused & unmoved by distractions!

* IF you want to succeed, you have to be unwavering in your resolve to work hard and with dedication.

* STOP should you become a bit overwhelmed or confused - take a break, come back & start again.

* IF you are serious & really committed to growing your own, successful business, you will stop at nothing to ensure you reach your goals!

* Don't quit!

In an attempt to help especially new Affiliates and our teams, what are some of the main warnings you offer new affiliates/your team?

Looking forward to your responses & thanking you in advance

Kindest regards and many blessings

Jenny Julies

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Buy Now Auction Offer & Get TCredits Back - Ineligibility? in Pricebenders

3 months ago

Hi all,

I have a challenge which I’m in contact with Support about.

Please would you help me figure this out by responding to several issues pertaining to the BUY NOW at Retail Price offer that I don't understand as explained by Support.


1. I participated in the Samsung Chrome Laptop Auction #123865 on 12 Feb '18.

- At the start of the auction my MRP total was 1613
- Each bid placed in this auction earned me 2 x MRP
- During the auction I ran out of TCredits
- I could use either my Rewardical Tokens or MRP to purchase TCredits
- Rewardical Tokens redeemed doesn’t earn VersaPoints, so I opted to use my MRP instead
- At this stage my accumulated MRP was 3083
- I purchased 11 TCredits using with 1650 MRP (earning me 1122 VersaPoints)
- I purchase the TCredits because I was determined to win the auction
- I knew that even though I might not win the auction I would get the opportunity to purchase the laptop at Retail Price earning back all TCredits spent.

2. I did not win the auction
- I bid a total of 158 times which earned me an additional 1580 MRP
- My MRP closing balance at the end of the auction was 1543
- I did not receive the BUY NOW notification.

Upon enquiring why I didn’t receive the notification, Support responded:
You were not given the option for the Buy Now because you used the MRP to place an order.
Part of the Buy Now option is that we remove the MRP that you received for the auction.
If you spend that MRP, you become ineligible for Buy Now because we are not able to take that back as part of that program

From (1) and (2) above, I cannot understand why Support states that I was ineligible for the ‘Buy Now" offer hence not sending me said notification.

Further taking ALL of the aforesaid into account, Support’s response is very confusing to me.

- Yes, I did purchase 11 TCredits costing me 1650 MRP BUT I did so using my EARNED / ACCUMULATED MRP which totaled 3083 at that stage.
- If it is not permissible to use some of my “AUCTION-EARNED-MRP” to QUALIFY for the ‘BUY NOW’ offer, then why not?
- If not, why did the system not give me a warning hereof? Surely if not allowed, the system should guide us?
- If this (non permissible) statement / rule is recorded in our system please let me know where I can locate it?

It just does not make sense to be allowed to utilize MRP earned from an auction, to purchase TCredits, only to be disallowed to purchase that auction product at Retail Price.

The reason why I say so is because I can use the very same accumulated MRP to purchase TCredits at any time using that very same TCredits in any future auction.

- Further, when and why would the MRP be “removed”?
- ALL AUCTIONS result in MRP earnings per bid and as far as my knowledge goes, NO MRP is ever deducted (“removed”) when the auction product is purchased at Retail Price.
- If however it is deducted (“removed”) at some stage, please let me know where this statement/rule is recorded in our system (also for all Affiliates to be aware hereof)?

I look forward to your responses in this regard trusting that I would be allowed to purchase said product at retail price and also earning my 158 TCredits back.

Thanks very much

blessings over you all

Jenny Julies

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Sponsor in South Africa #Sponsor

3 months ago

Hello fellow South African, Mr Cain M. !

Allow me to share some advice with you.

Cain, in ANY business, whether SFI, international or local, irrespective of the type of business, it is ALL ABOUT AND STARTS WITH YOU!

- YOU have to be determined, focused, dedicated, disciplined and passionate about the business you are building.
- YOU have to build DAILY, taking little steps ALL the time
- YOU have to always keep your REASON for joining SFI, your WHY (many people so often refer to), uppermost in mind
- YOU know that this is not a get-rich-quick business; you have to put in the work to build it, consistently, until you achieve success
- YOU have to go the extra mile, acquire the knowledge, learn, apply, fail sometimes, start again…

Now Cain and very importantly:

- IF you are going to wait on your Sponsor to motivate you to "get going" or to push or coerce you into action, then I'm afraid you are never going to become successful (& I say this with the utmost respect and humility towards you).

- IF you are going to wait on others, you are might become dejected and miserable, possibly to the point of quitting, because your mind/thoughts will inform you that "no one is taking my hand and this business isn't working".

- YOU Cain have to take the necessary steps to make your business work, to make it successful. In the process you’ll experience personal growth which is an additional motivating and powerful factor IF grasped and appreciated.

- SFI offers us all the necessary tools www.sfimg.com/PowerTools/ and training www.sfimg.com/Training/ to make a success of our Zing Network business. It's a blessing that it is offered FREE OF CHARGE - up for grabs so to speak!!

Congratulations! I've noticed that you've celebrated your first SFI anniversary recently. You have come a long way already & I applaud you for that as well as the fact that despite not receiving the desired assistance from your Sponsor (and maybe Upline) that you have persevered. That says a lot about you and your character! You’ve already got what it takes to build a successful business - persistence, not quitting!

If you haven't contacted your Upline for support yet, or even maybe anew, I suggest you try again. Contact them and ask for help but (one of my golden tips! ) do not despair if they do not respond!

You have MORE THAN your Sponsor or Upline here in the SFI Forum as well as your a2a Friends. I have learned SO MUCH asking questions in the Forum and my a2a Friends AND they're often available when my Sponsor isn't (due to time zone differences).

I encourage you (another one of my golden tips! ) make a concerted effort to build into your daily schedule, time to READ some of the Forum posts. THIS golden tip has been invaluable to my SFI growth, understanding the business, learning about it, implementing tips shared by other affiliates especially the top performers!

There’s a saying: “If you want to be successful, surround yourself or befriend successful people”. This is what I have found to be very beneficial not only in business but also in life.

My most NB! TIPS for you Cain is this:
- Commit to learning by yourself.
- Commit to excellence by utilizing the SFI tools and training available right now.
- Commit to building your business by using also and especially the SFI Forum platform.

I guarantee you that just these few commitments will result in a change in attitude towards your business, it will create purpose and direction AND it will further motivate you to do what it takes to build your business

Go for it Cain! It’s a new day, a new year, a fresh start! Who knows where you’ll be in/with your Zing Network business on your next SFI anniversary!?

Lastly, remember also the following three quotes:

For things to change, I have to change"

I can’t expect a different outcome if I continue doing things the same way

If it’s to be, it’s up to me!”

Kindest regards and I abundant blessing over you and your SFI business

Jenny Julies

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Alerts, badges and winit tab missing on vpledger in Ask Gery #Contests #Team Building

3 months ago

Why is the Win It Tab hard to find? It is at the far right-hand end of all the tabs where it has always been!!

Hello Godwin W.!

In addition to Brian R's response, the following:

1. Access the icon DAILY not only to locate the Win It! tab but also various other tabs that can earn you valuable VP AND Rewards!
2. To EARN those hidden gems (VP & Rewards) you have to click EACH tab, read and ensure you scroll right to the bottom of the screen to confirm you have read it and
3. Your VP Ledger will help you earn EVEN MORE VP by guiding you www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/MyReports/VPLedger
4. As per a recent SFI "Quote of the day": SUCCESS = Focus, Dedication & Discipline. I advise you to follow this advice.

I abundant blessings over you and into your SFI business.

Kindest regards

Jenny Julies

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What is the benefit of Rewardical X-Card? in Miscellaneous #Rewardical

3 months ago

Hello Pankaj K.!

Go here www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?id=230446&referrer=search to view ALL the relevant information.

I abundant blessings over you and your Zing Network business

Kindest regards

Jenny Julies

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Alerts, badges and winit tab missing on vpledger in Ask Gery #Contests #Team Building

3 months ago

Hello Sunday Ikechukwu E.!

I really like your suggestion because I very often use my team members' VP Legder as tool to motivate & make suggestions to them.

Whilst actioning the three mentioned tabs in itself don't result in VP like all the other tabs, like you also mention, affiliates can earn some resultant, valuable VP and other rewards by clicking on it AND it would be an even more effective tool in Team Leaders' communication with members if added to the VP Ledger

for the suggestion

I abundant blessings over you as you diligently continue to grow your Zing Network business.

Jenny Julies

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RT Redemption - Did I understand SO Incorrectly!? Help!! in Compensation #Compensation #Rewardical

4 months ago

Thank you everyone for your responses It is much appreciated!

So I learn every day & I love it!

I so appreciate the Forum, thanks

Kindest regards to all & abundant blessings

Jenny Julies

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RT Redemption - Did I understand SO Incorrectly!? Help!! in Compensation #Compensation #Rewardical

4 months ago

Hi all Zing Networkers!

I feel very bad for it appears that I have made a huge mistake in my understanding of the benefits of using Rewardical Tokens to purchase TCredits

I was under the impression that it would work exactly the same as using cash or MRP in that the purchasing benefits/earn of, i.e. a TCredit = 102VP & 10RT.

Since none of the other current RT Redemption Options www.rewardical.com/Exchange would normally result in a VP/RT or VP/MRP benefit, I just interpreted that Redeeming it for TCredits would result in its associated benefits.

As I have simply been accumulating my RTs to date, I didn't realize until testing the purchase of a TCredit today, (in my quest to assist one of my active CSAs), that in fact the result is different!

- Am I wrong in my understanding that MRP will eventually be replaced by RT (I seem to remember that I read something to this understanding in a newsletter of maybe the Forum... I forgot which)?

- Am I wrong in assuming that purchasing a product will ALWAYS result in the benefits listed under its "product earns" irrespective of which "vehicle" is used to make the purchase?

If I'm wrong, why then has, in the case of this example (TCredits), MRP been replaced by RT as a product earn? In my mind, then, the "earn" has been "taken away" because the (similar) previous MRP value can thus not be derived... Help!!!

I wish I had tested this section prior to getting the hopes up of one of my team members but this is where I am at. I feel bad for providing incorrect information to the person who I was trying to assist but I remain willing to learn and I will find other ways to help this person even more!

Thanks all for your responses.

Kindest regards & abundant blessings!

Jenny Julies

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Are you serious or making excuses? in Inspiration/Testimonials

4 months ago

Hi Zing Networkers!

The SFI Tip of the day by Rudyard Kipling: "We have forty million reasons for failure, but not a single excuse" made me ponder.

It almost the end of January 2017 which made me think:
* How close or far are we in terms of goals set for this month?
* Have we set goals?
* Have we tried everything we possibly can to achieve those goals?
* What & how many excuses have we made?

Let's just be honest with ourselves. If we haven't achieved, is it because we haven't planned or maybe we planned and failed and didn't try again OR is it maybe because we have been hiding behind excuses!?

FAILURE is a LESSON ONLY if we learn from it & NOT give up!

You won't achieve if you don't commit, if you are not serious, if you expect others to do things for you, if you don't take the hand extended to you, if you don't plan, if you don't change...

For things to change, YOU have to change. You can't continue doing the same things expecting different results.[/b]

Stop hiding behind excuses, commit, plan, ask, respond, & see what happens!

NB! It's never to take to start afresh. It you haven't reached your goals this month, try anew in February

All the best to all of you.

God bless

Jenny Julies

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Why would I even bother bidding on an auction? in Pricebenders #Pricebenders

4 months ago

... because THIS is the result of my persistent efforts after almost 4 months of trying:

"Congratulations! You won auction #123145 for - (1) TCredits - 20 pack"

Hello Zing Networkers (ZN)!

Since joining I've been trying to win an auction. Some days I got within reach, tasting victory, feeling it, seeing it in the bag, only to see it silently slip away with me being left 4th, 3rd & 2nd on the bidding list...

Today,[/b I was [b]determined to win an auction & I did!!! Needless to say, I am beyond happy!

I think I spent about 10 TCredit bidding... watching... waiting... with hawk's eyes, until... just the right moment, to pounce like a hungry lion catching its prey! I'm convinced I know how lions feel catching their pray! Hahaha!!! But seriously, you know that feeling your have inside when you realize something fabulous is about to happen!? That what I felt as I watched the final few bids & placing my last bid!!!

Apologies if I'm excessive in my exuberance but I worked hard for this achievement & I just wanted to share my good news with you! It's not so much about what I've won but that I've won! Its not so much about the winning gain, it's all about my believe that I CAN do this too has been strengthened! I'm by no means an expert & I can't give advice (yet) but now I know I can do it again!

THIS is ALL about NEVER GIVING UP! It's about trying & trying & trying knowing at the right time, marvelous results will be achieved!

Let me go & celebrate my winning with a large mug of ! Anyone joining me!? Sorry nothing stronger on the menu! Sorry for being so silly - I'm just feeling very happy now!

So ZN's, this is my way of cheering you (especially the Newbies) on! If I & so many others can do it, so can you!


Praying abundant blessings over you & yours

Jenny Julies

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Happy 8th Year SFI Anniversary Scott L! in Recognition

4 months ago

Hello Scott!

Happy 8th Year SFI Anniversary!

May you enjoy a marvelous day as you reminisce about your SFI starting point, how you've progressed to where you are today! Bask in & own all those precious moments/events in your SFI career!

Thank you for your contribution in the Forum and for being a role model to me

Praying God's continuous, abundant blessings over you & your business going forward

Jenny Julies

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ptp old vs new system in Miscellaneous

4 months ago

i am talking about winner list where all winners show and i can see how many all points i got

Oh, I understand

Yes, I agree, the list will definitely be helpful

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ptp old vs new system in Miscellaneous

4 months ago

Hello Manzoor H!

Go here to obtain PTP Winner information: www.tripleclicks.com/PBlatestWinners.php

Hope this is what you were looking for...?

Kindest regards and abundant blessings

Jenny Julies

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Empty shopping chart? in Sales #Sales

4 months ago

Hello Marica!

That is strange indeed!

I've tested a purchase now too. I went as far as adding the item to the Shopping Cart & stopped just before I had to confirm method of payment. I ALSO saw that 1 item had been added to my Shopping Cart.

However, when I exited and accessed my Shopping Cart again, it was empty & it surprised me because, like you, I expected my selected item to be there.

Maybe someone in the Forum has another explanation & if not, I suggest you contact Support. It would be great to read the response

All the best Marica & God bless

Jenny Julies

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Change Hand. Let Sandy do it. in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Team Building

4 months ago

Hello Sangoh T.!

Thanks for your encouraging post! It encourages Reassignments, determination, different strategy, fresh approach/focus/renewed energy, least of all team growth, helping our Downline & teaching duplication! sparkles:

I agree with what you have shared: thumbsup:

I reassigned PSAs to my first active PSA within a very short time of him joining because he shows grit, determination, focus and wants to make a success of his business. Besides your reason Sangoh, my main reason was to allow him to start learning / duplicating on this level, while I was holding his hand (& still am, every time I do something different or achieve results - I even become excited to share my successes with him & others!) as he develops into the great team leader which I see in him!

Besides my main reason for reassignment of PSAs I do believe also that it is a powerful tool that exhibits our faith in our potential leaders, giving them wings to fly!

We should continue to reassign not only because of the eventual financial benefits for us & our teams but simply for the joy we derive from making a difference in someone's life, for being there, believing in them and adding value on a much higher level! THIS is who I am & what I have come to learn, as being one of those things that fosters profound gratitude within me & those whose lives I impact, just being me, AND I thank God for this GREAT privilege & blessing!

Even if you, Team-leaders, don't derive the financial benefits from reassignments, remember, you WIN in any case should that PSA become inactive (though I doubt it will happen when they have experienced your sincere confidence in them!) but most of all, I pray that you derive the deepest pleasure in your inner being for the value you add - it might just be what that person requires to soar!!!

God bless you all: pray:

Jenny Julies

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Unclaimed Commission in Getting Started #Compensation

4 months ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Redeemed RT in Suggestion Box #Rewardical #Sales #VersaPoints

4 months ago

I don't see any problem about THAT part ...
Maybe they will consider the idea to put those VPs into the VP Ledger.

Hi ladies!

I am in on this SUGGESTION!

This addition to the VP Ledger [please Support] will definitely enable Sponsor/Co-Sponsors' full understanding as to how team members accumulated total VP to any given date during the month which will further enable us to assist our teams even more professionally!

All the best for the rest of January and THANKS again for starting this thread!

Kindest regards and abundant blessings

Jenny Julies

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My INBOX in Miscellaneous

4 months ago

Hello Kay B!

I know the feeling! It sometimes takes me hours to clear my personal email Inbox & it annoys me because it is time that could be used for other more important things though it has to be done for those of us who try to maintain our administration sanity!

I did, however, create a separate email address solely for matters related to my Zing Network (ZN) This has made it way more manageable! Maybe a separate email address purely for your NZ matter could be the answer...?

I'm unsure if Yahoo has an option for you to divert specific emails (e.g. ZN emails) to a different Yahoo email address (Gmail has this option). If you have this option then you could set it up to at least have a 'somewhat' sifted list but your ZN emails will then be easier accessible and manageable.

Hope this helps

Kindest regards & God bless

Jenny Julies

PS! I'll be thinking of you when next I have to sit and clear my inboxes (one for church matters, one for personal/family matters, one for ZN matters, one for our NGO matters, one for my financial matters)

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My INBOX in Miscellaneous

4 months ago


This is something that I have also been thinking about because I find the notifications simply a nuisance that requires unnecessary, additional work to delete it.

I've searched the TripleClicks: Email Preferences, Text Alerts and Instant Notifications but can't locate the section to set up the 'block' notification? Please can you guide me with the link?

Thanks very much.

God bless

Jenny Julies

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My INBOX in Miscellaneous

4 months ago

Hello Tanja K!


I am also a very organised person and I prefer keeping things where it 'belongs' for easy accessibility / navigation.

It's okay, currently, to receive copies of emails in my personal email Inbox where I have the option of creating and storing it in folders but still, I hate clutter and duplicate information so I would prefer having all emails related to Zing Network (ZN) within my ZN Inbox ( another umbrella within our new umbrella network ).

The option to create additional folders within our ZN Inbox would be fabulous indeed! Maybe Corporate could be persuaded to add it (as consolation especially for control freaks [like me] in the meantime ) to the TO-DO List as a future consideration...?

God bless

Jenny Julies

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Am I missing something? in Miscellaneous #TripleClicks

4 months ago

In the announcement about getting Rewardicals with a purchase of the super deal said nothing about replacing Your VPs. If that was the case they would have removed the Super Deal tab in our To Do List tab. Last month I received The Rewardicals and the VPs. This month I did not get the VPs or the Rewardicals. Support said that the Rewardicals have replaced the VPs but I never seen a post about this. If anyone can send me the link to the post I would be grateful. Because in the forum search I could not find this information. I had 2227 Rewardicals before buying the super deal this month. I still have the same amount and support stated i clearly received my Rewardicals for my purchase. Something is wrong because I am not the only one that is having this problem. I have wasted to much of the support teams time over this and hoping to find the answers on the forum. Thank you.

Hello David C!

You can double-check Rewardicals earned by accessing your Rewardicals Redemption:

This Ledger aids knowing where RT had been earned RT from.

If it does not display the RT for your Jan. 6th 2018 Super Deal then you can revert to Support with all the information for them to investigate - they respond fairly quickly and my experience showed that they have a lot of patience with us

It would be great to hear from you that it has been resolved.

All the best to you for the rest of this month!

God bless

Jenny Julies

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E365 Previous Month's VP in Miscellaneous #Contests #E365 #VersaPoints

4 months ago

Hello Ray G!

Thanks for posting this thread

I understand exactly what you are asking because I have queried this situation twice before.

In addition to doing my DAILY SFI TO-DO Tasks I ALSO check my E365 CLASS Leaderboard status everyday because I believe that:

* That which is measured, gets done, can be managed and improved upon;
* That which is rewarded / recognized, gets repeated, and much better;
* That which is measured, managed, rewarded, recognized, repeated and reported, improves exponentially.

I am committed to becoming 12 Sep '17's E365 Class Champion so it is imperative that I know exactly how I am progressing, on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Since I joined, my Class Leaderboard has consistently indicated that I am #1. However, when I didn't receive the expected 365MRP, I contacted Support and was informed that "The September champ was someone else, not you, which is why you were not awarded the prizes. Keep in mind that people can backdate orders for the previous month for the first eight days of the month, so someone likely posted an order and overtook the top spot."

I wrote back to ask if Support can "confirm whether there is a way to check whether ... (I knew exactly who was 2nd all the time & by how many VP I was leading all along even up until 7 Oct '17) was in fact the E365 Monthly Class Champion for September?

Support simply replied: "Yes, he was the champion." but I wasn't satisfied with that response - not because I begrudged the other affiliate or that I didn't believe Support's response, I simply felt I had no control over the situation because I couldn't measure, manage and improve my VP timeously to ensure E365 Monthly Class Champion qualification .

Because I kept track every single day because I was (and still am!) it didn't make sense that I was not #1 but it has only fuelled my determination to be the Monthly AND ultimate E365 Class Champion.

I am driven to continuously measure / record what I do in order to better manage my progress and improve upon it because I want to receive the applicable rewards. This process truly serves to propel me even more to determinedly make a success of my Zing Network business.

It is for these reasons Ray G. that I too would like to add to the suggestion that an additional column be considered on the E365 Leaderboard, that reflects the actual, qualifying, VP total of the E365 "VP Champion of the Month as at the 10th of each month

I do, however, realize that there are a host of things on SFI’s Corporate TO-DO List but it would be great to know that this suggestion can be added for review/consideration sometime in the future…?

Thanks very much.

I pray blessings over all Zingers and especially those who are determined and focused to be their Monthly VP Class Champion for January 2017!

Kindest regards
Jenny Julies