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Bingo Games in Suggestion Box #Eager Zebra

1 day ago

Hi Karin P!

Reading your suggestion and responses to it makes me think about many other board games that so many people love.

I for instance love scrabble and various types of online mind games. I love games where I can track my progress not only for fun and relaxation but knowing that I'm stimulating my brain on an ongoing basis too

So many new things were introduced in SFI, just during this ONE year that I am here so maybe we can look forward to many more games such as the ones we're thinking about, being introduced in SFI sometime in the future

All the best building your business and having fun playing games now and again

Kind regards and God bless

Jenny Julies

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Reflection and proposal in Suggestion Box

4 days ago

Hello Darko T!

Thank you for your post

I have also been grappling with this issue you have raised, not only for myself but especially for my active team members.

Initially I invested in the SFI Co-Op, Builder Bundle and TCredit Packs because I understand the value in building my team and building deep.

When the New Compensation Plan was introduced and VP now only aiding rank, I made the decision to only invest in a 125 TCredit pack to re-qualify as EA rank. I have been bidding in Astro Auctions and winning VP and RT from it, have aided my advancement to BTL and STL for the past two months.

I also have a PSA who are now also, for the past couple of months, religiously investing in the 125 TCredits pack and he really works hard to build his business. He has since joining, consistently re-qualified as EA and BTL for the past two months but he is yet to "earn" something.

I know we should focus on TripleClicks Marketing/Sales to earn from this business, that it is possible, and we try but it's not easy.

I also know that this is a numbers game. Though I have a team of 931 PSAs (1st generation), 18 PSAs (2nd generation) and 1350 CSAs, I only earn from my one PSA's 125 TC purchase and a couple $ extra from one CSA.

I am of the opinion that if there's a way that affiliates, whether or not they are EA, can earn something from their own investment(s), they might feel more inclined to stick with building this business; the "incentive" playing the dual role of "encourager" for existing affiliates and "carrot" for new affiliates.

I think of what such an "incentive" would mean to my one PSA who has advanced and maintained his BTL status for the past two months and to every other affiliate who invest cash in SFI to grow their business...

Kind regards and God bless

Jenny Julies

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1st SFI Anniversary - BTL Bikash Mani Bharadwaj in Recognition #E365 #Team Building

11 days ago

BTL Bikash Mani Bharadwaj
... on your 1st SFI anniversary
... on achieving 3rd place on the E365 Leaderboard
... on consistently re-qualifying as EA and for the past couple of months BTL Rank :

You have come a long way, learned and implemented a lot. There is still more to accomplish but you are blessed with the right frame of mind and focus to excel!

I am not only super proud of you - I am blessed to have you on my team!

Let's reach even higher, together on this journey during this next SFI year!

Kindest regards and God bless

Jenny Julies
Your proud Sponsor and friend

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RECA Application - URL challenge, please help in Sales #Rewardical

about 1 month ago

Hi SFI’ers!

I need your guidance regarding the Rewardical Loyalty Program (RLP) Application process, in terms of my URL, please

I am a distributor of a company hence the website provided by them contains a path xxx.com/xxx

The RLP states that my URL is not allowed to contain a path.

Please advise what I should do to successfully submit my application.

Thanks very much

Kind regards and God bless

Jenny Julies

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A Blessed and Happy 6th SFI Anniversary Christine J. Lewis! in Recognition

about 1 month ago

Hello Christine!

I trust you are feeling super duper on your 6th SFI Anniversary! Congratulations!

I know it hasn't been easy - many challenges and disappointments along the way but today I want to applaud you for who you are & all your other achievements in SFI!

You are my Role Model in many respects, I appreciate and love you

All of the very best for the years to come in SFI!

Warmest regards and God bless

Jenny Julies

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Special Thanks To Our Forum Gurus, Moderators and Active Forum... in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi Tommie!

I too affirm your words of thanks which also serves as advice to those affiliates who are not making use of the wealth of free information that can be acquired right here

The Key here is 24 Hour Support and the Beauty is that every affiliate has not only their immediate Upline but also the Worldwide Forum to consult for assistance - no time zone restrictions

Clicking on the Forum tab daily should not just be to accumulated another VP, it should be another, regular stopping point to refresh, remind, obtain, enquire and share.

There are certain Forum Gurus that often leave me amazed at the wealth of information they share not only on the odd day but on a daily basis!

Writing a post/thread takes time, thought and effort, and that all of it is done while those affiliates are also building/assisting their teams is indicative of excellent characteristics among which selflessness and dedication - to these people especially and all Active Forum Members, I give a standing ovation!

Kind regards and God bless

Jenny Julies

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New TripleClicks homepage in SFI News #Sales #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

Everything in one place makes it so much easier to negotiate the platform now PLUS it it's great on the eye!

A huge for all the thought, planning and work behind the scenes that made this happen

Looking forward to the other enhancements

It's really a great feeling to be associated with a company that is all for renewal on an ongoing basis.

Well done!

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Suggestion regarding E365 Champion contest in Ask Gery #E365

about 1 month ago

Hi Keshav!

Though I understand your reasoning for the non-disclosure of VP suggestion, and even though some may think it shouldn't really have been necessary for me to watch my Class E365 Leaderboard, like a hawk, on a daily basis (because from my second month onward I was already leading my class by a large amount of VPs), it was ONE of the tools I used in determining, measuring and leading me to reach my goals during my first year in SFI.

I mentioned in an older thread that this is my second time in SFI. The first time around my circumstances were different, I was looking for a system that could make me money very quickly, I didn't take the time to read and study the rules / training and I quit within a couple of days of joining.

Fifteen years later I found SFI again but this time around, this student was ready - my mindset had changed, I understood that there's no such thing as get-rich-quick, I knew that I would have to read, study and implement.

So, from the word go, I was determined to be successful this time around and to be top of my class. From experience gained in my previous careers as Financial Officer, Secretary, PA, Administrator, and others, I knew that I needed a minimum of two tools to measure my progress and as gauge to compete against myself.

Within a couple of days of joining I studied the E365 Contest rules as well as the Benefits Chart and based on it these two sections, I made the decision there and then, that I was going to be:

1. Feverish in watching my E365 progress;
2. #1 in my class Every Month;
3. My class' E365 Champion;
4. Country Champion;
5. At least BTL for the rest of my 1st SFI year;
6. STL in my 1st anniversary month;
7. In the top 100 in my country by the time I reach my 1st SFI anniversary.

I viewed the E365 Leaderboard on a Daily Basis, which served as personal motivation as well as reward when I realized in my third month that I have "discovered" a way to stay well ahead of my group. The "discovery" was simply sticking to the 7 goals mentioned above. I wasn't competing against others, I was competing against myself because I had something to prove to me, this time around.

By simply applying myself to reach the goals stated above, I focused and worked determinedly, despite various set-backs during the year, to ensure that I lead this race by a large margin and achieve all my above-mentioned goals.

I was, and still am, waaaay ahead than the rest of my class on the E365 Leaderboard and I have reached all of my aforesaid goals.

Next to my Monthly and Daily Goals, access to my Class E365 Leaderboard was crucial in me reaching my goals.

I am hoping that this post will add more discussion to your thread, Keshav, but also that it would serve as motivation for especially new affiliates in terms of the importance of goal setting, honoring those goals and using the SFI tools at our disposal to in building our businesses.

Kind and God bless

Jenny Julies

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First Step Instructions in Getting Started #E365 #Getting Started

3 months ago

Hi Ana!

Only because we are not allowed to use capital letter words here on the Forum, I am underlining and making bold this section of my response to your Thread to emphasize my appreciation:
I absolutely love That you have shared, What you have shared and that you did so Visually!

I learn best visually so my eyes "gobble up" training/teaching in this format, as my excitement grows while viewing it, because I know I will understand and remember it waaaaay better than having to read numbered steps about it! :

I know that creating something like this takes much planning, thought, time, focus and commitment, therefore I would like to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for your selflessness in sharing with us here in the Forum

Besides me benefiting from training like this, I know of many people who search for visuals like this, even videos, on the internet, in an attempt to understand better due to their mother tongue not being English, for whom this will be perfect!

I always try to write my Posts/Threads bearing our readers in mind, focusing especially on those readers who won't necessarily respond to any posts but who come here to obtain further knowledge and information.

I also always try to write as if I'm addressing a brand new Affiliate or even someone who might be considering joining SFI and that's why I'm raving about you sharing this Thread with us as a way of thanking you also on behalf of them!

Personally, I would welcome more of this type of training / sharing, for all, in the Forum.

Great work! Keep it up! Your selflessness will be rewarded even in blessings!

Kindest regards and God bless

Jenny Julies

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I need prayer warriors in Miscellaneous

3 months ago

Hi Philip!

I pray that God would meet Paul, you and all you loved ones at your point of need this very moment and during the time of surgery and after

I also pray for wisdom for the medical team to be their best at all times

We serve a Mighty God who hears our prayers.

Kind regards and God bless

Jenny Julies

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Just won 25 TCredits!!! in Recognition #Eager Zebra

3 months ago

Hi Bosah!

Wow, congratulations on your high score and the amount of TCredits won for second place!

Enjoy and use your reward optimally!

All of the very best for this month.

Kind regards and God bless

Jenny Julies

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home page buttons were green today in Getting Started

3 months ago

Hi Svend,

I agree with you that time zones can't turn Red tabs to green and I agree with you about the SFI time zone.

What I wrote/asked that I don't agree with is: "I didn't know is that this [VP Transfer] automatic action results in all Red Action Tabs being automatically turned to Green on the day of VP Transfer. Did I perhaps miss a notification to this effect?"

Also, "It doesn't appear correct... I doubt that coding the system for VP Transfer would result in a default that changes all manual tasks related to all fifteen Red tabs." meaning, I don't think the system is coded to automatically change all 15 Red tabs to Green on the day of VP Transfer.

Though based on what you confirm and the other Affiliates also affirming, that the VP Transfer process does in fact result in all tabs to appear in green on the day the transfer takes place, then it is incorrect, and must be reported to and Support for rectification because it effectively means that all affected Affiliates lose out on the action VP for that day.

Kind regards and God bless

Jenny Julies

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Promoting TripleClicks only? in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

3 months ago

Hi Irene!

Just in case you haven't seen the New Compensation Plan, here is the breakdown

Are we to understand your question to mean that you only want to generate/earn from TripleClicks Sales without having to manage a team?

You know that the magic starts happening when you reach Executive Affiliate (EA) Rank. The New Compensation Plan now makes it more fair to earn from Sales opposed to VP as was the case previously. EAs are now more enabled to "participate in two of the most powerful forms of compensation in the world:
- Leveraged Income
- Residual Income

So I encourage you to at least maintain EA Status, setting yourself up to earn on the various streams of income instead of only TripleClicks Sale.

This Forum Post helped me understand the New Compensation Plan even better:

Hope this is helpful to you to

Kind regards and God bless

Jenny Julies

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home page buttons were green today in Getting Started

3 months ago

Hi Svend!

I agree that effective 1 June 2018, the monthly VP from that point onward, if less than 1500, is automatic transferred to the following month(s) until that total is reached qualifying Affiliates as Executive Affiliate

What I didn't know is that this automatic action results in all Red Action Tabs being automatically turned to Green on the day of VP Transfer. Did I perhaps miss a notification to this effect?

It doesn't appear correct... I doubt that coding the system for VP Transfer would result in a default that changes all manual tasks related to all fifteen Red tabs.

I am of the opinion that it has to do with different time zones. Thus my suggestion would be that Affiliates check the date/time as indicated below to determine whether the new SFI day has commenced (when tabs are turned to Red again):

Kind regards and God bless

Jenny Julies

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Is this new? in VersaPoints #Getting Started #VersaPoints

3 months ago

Hi Gabriel,

Just to clarify from my side It was a bit baffling to me when I noticed this morning that my CSA, who is very meticulous, didn't earn the 10VP for reviewing the SFI Glossary yet for everything else he did, months ago So I surmised that due to the length of the Glossary list, he might have left it to attend to later and omitted to go back to review it. It brought to mind the importance of Team Leader checking their Team Members' VP Ledger, to help guide especially the newer members to earn all those free VP.

Kind regards and God bless

Jenny Julies

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Is this new? in VersaPoints #Getting Started #VersaPoints

3 months ago

Hi Lesley!

Have a look at your VP Ledger under the "Getting Started" section.

It should appear about 4th from the bottom in that section

Kind regards and God bless


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Is this new? in VersaPoints #Getting Started #VersaPoints

3 months ago

Hi Gabriel!

Just this morning I was assisting a CSA who joined in November last year, who attended to all his To-Do List items except for this very one that you are asking about. Had I not looked at his VP Ledger and drew his attention to it, it might have gone unnoticed and he would have missed out on adding that 10VP to his total.

It was unusual to me that it had not been completed as he is very meticulous Affiliate.

All I can surmise is that maybe it was indeed left to be attended at a later stage because the Glossary is made up of 183 different Definitions besides the 7 additional "Other Resources For Immediate Help", and he omitted to go back to it. I certainly didn't read all 183 but I gobbled up quite a lot during my first week of joining and since then umpteen times and on a regular basis

My CSA attended heeded my advice so his VP Ledger now reflects Action dates as Nov/Dec 2017 for everything except for the SFI Glossary which reflects today's date.

Checking our team's individual [b]VP Ledgers and guiding them even in this regard can definitely serve as conversation-starter and follow-up-communication tool so maybe you raising this issue can be used as refresher for team leaders (who have not been doing it) to continuously draw their team members' attention to possibly extra VP that can be earned...?

Kind regards and God bless


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Please Help Us Reform SPIN & WIN in Suggestion Box #Rewardical #VersaPoints

3 months ago

Hi Olanrewaju!

I think it is a great question you have asked. SFI encourages us to ask and maybe raising the question might result in a change or enhancement. Who knows, maybe Corporate has already thought about changing/enhancing Spin & Win. I wouldn't be surprised if it is already on the list of "Things-To-Be-Attended-To"

Though, I feel conflicted on this one because there will always be Affiliates who would simply love winning VP to help elevate them maybe to the next rank and then there are those who don't necessarily need VP but would prefer maybe RT, TC or other options.

I am working hard on growing my team so I know that needed to advance to the next rank, I won't think twice about accepting VP from any source! Since the change though (that VP now only count toward rank), I am one of those Affiliates who are now holding back on acquiring excess VP and would rather prefer RT that I can exchange for items of my choice. Obviously as my team grows, I want to remain the great leader for my team to follow, so one of my main goals is to always ensure that I hold appropriate rank which will require appropriate VP.

I am leaning a bit more towards Scott's suggestion:

That said though, would it not be great if we could convert "excess" VP (obviously after reaching our preferred rank) to RT (as it already has various options in place upon redeeming) then the Spin & Win Contest would not have to be changed...? Is this is crazy thought!?

Spin & Win and Biz Quiz are really excellent tools to keeping us informed and helping us learn/grow in SFI knowledge, and I love it and always look forward to it, irrespective of the winnings.

So Olanrewaju, I am definitely keeping my eyes peeled to see what Corporate will eventually come up with regarding this one because like you , I have also noted there have been less Spin and Win opportunities (although I can't agree on whether it coincides with the "VP-for-rank-only" change, as I don't know).

All of the very best to building your business during this month

Kind regards and God bless

Jenny Julies

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Astro Auction completed boarding & became ready for launching in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

3 months ago

Hi Bijan!

Apologies for the confusion and thanks for correcting me You are right, I should have used the word "claim" instead of "redeem" as I was referring to claiming Astro Auction prizes won and not Rewardical Tokens that one would redeem.

Kind regards & God bless

Jenny Julies

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Astro Auction completed boarding & became ready for launching in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

3 months ago

Hi all!

So to some this might be a silly question but I deem it NB to ask anyway.

It pertains to the 7 day period in which Astro Auction prizes need to be redeemed.

Now that VersaPoints aid mainly Rank & some affiliates not wanting to "waste" it, I can see that some may opt to postphone the redempion of Astro Auction prizes, especially during the last few days prior to month-end.

The reason why I say this is that unless affiliates are focused on appearing in Leader boards & using their VersaPoints for Rank purposes only, then it would be a wise decision to redeem Astro Auction prizes in the new month because of the big possibility of it including VersaPoints (which would be very beneficial, then, to aid their rank progress).

The Astro Auction Rules state: "To receive ... Prizes, you must claim them within 7 days from the end of boarding."

So, irrespective of what the reason (s) for later redemption might be, I would like some clarity on the following :

Say you've received an email stating: "The following Astro Auction completed boarding and became ready for launching on Aug 15th".

What would be the final date on which he prizes can be redeemed? 21 or 22 August?

Thanks for your assistance

Kind regards & God bless

Jenny Julies

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Please help me understand the Localvantia/RECA inside scoop in Sales #Localvantia #Rewardical

3 months ago

Hi all,

I can see that incorporating both Localvantia/RECA into our individual SFI businesses is a minefield of opportunity to explode our income but I'm trying to wrap my head around just how it works for those we sign up!

So I understand that Localvantia is for businesses in our own areas where we would purchase items things like bread, milk, meat, ect. but also other products and services, and that RECA is for those businesses who have a website already and as running their businesses online.

What I am trying to understand is this:

Those Online Businesses we are targeting to join our RECA program, what are the exact changes they would have to make on their systems to accommodate the entire Rewardical Tokens concept?

The same question applies to Localvantia, what exactly would they, for instance, my little shop owner around the corner have to do/create additionally to accommodate the entire Rewardical Tokens concept?

For both of these entities, who decides on what the number of Rewardical Tokens each product / service should be/have?

Then for both of these, my benefit for recruiting them would be 1RT per every 10RT they hand out. I understand that more RT can be earned if we manage to recruit customers who frequent those Localvantia/RECA businesses. To those of you who already have Localvantia/RECA in place, what are the ways , tips and strategies you employ to target those customers?

I understand that when we refer business owners to these two concepts, that SFI will provide them with all the information but I would like to also like to understand exactly how it works (or did I miss this information somewhere in our training sections?)

Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond to my questions.

Kindest regards and God bless

Jenny Julies

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What is the importance of saving games as Prime games. in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

3 months ago

Hello Samkelisiwe H

Welcome to SFI!

You've asked a great question

I played for a couple of months not realizing the importance of setting Prime Games.
The reason: I was too hasty to just get started, read through everything without taking notes and ensuring I understand fully before moving onto the next section.

So I played during those months without using ANY of my points as prime games (yes, it is embarrassing for me to mention it here BUT that's how I learned one of my SFI lessons!). Anyway, one day whilst chatting to my dear a2a friend about my desire to get to the next Badge level to earn the applicable RT, she explained to me the importance of Prime Games.

I started adding the maximum of 10 Prime Games daily but I was still too hasty. Because she explained to me, and because I trusted her, I just took her word, not going back to study the Rules, only to discover later that I was still not going about it effectively, to earn the Badges and points and of course, RT!

She probably explained perfectly but I think in my haste I still didn't take absorb the information optimally. I can't remember what made me go back to look at the Rules of the various games but it served me extremely well when I did! I understood and since then EZ Poker, Zackjack, Card King, KO Trivia, Gold Streak and Brain Sprint have all become my favorites and are listed daily on my personal tasks-for-the-day list.

The second lesson I learned is not to solely depend on others to spoon-feed me certain aspects of this business. I decided that this is my business which I have to take full responsibility for and the lesson made me even more determined to read, study, make notes, ask questions, implement, try and try again to ensure I l develop personally every day.

Obviously games should not be our primary focus because we joined to make money, so our main focus should be on studying, implementing and fine tuning those aspects of the business that will ensure financial returns.

Regarding the games though, the spin off is, needless to say, the various Benefits and Rewards I have received since, some of which have aided my re-qualification as BTL several times already!

I encourage you to play ALL the games, especially all the free games, everyday.

Don't let some of them scare you. I know there are some affiliates who don't play Brain Games, KO Trivia and Gold Streak because they say they're not clever ... or don't have a great general knowledge... Well, to those affiliates I say, only when you start playing those games can you really make that estimation and you will stand amazed at how addictive the games become once you start play with a purpose, trying and trying again to better your score on a daily basis! Besides that, every game you play will enhance your knowledge and as several members in the Forum has responded, the benefits/rewards are amazing!

Another very important aspect I'd like to encourage you to do is this, set yourself a target to only use games of 1000 points or more as Prime Games. It is very achievable if you practice on a daily basis. Sure, initially it might take a bit long because you might (like me still) have to go back and forth to remind yourself of the scoring system, but hey, it will stand you in good stead once you become more and proficient, and you will in no time!

The last thing I'd like to add is, make it a fun experience! Don't let the games and maybe not understanding it or even the dreaded Zackjack that doesn't give you suitable cards to create your 3 x 21 sets, deter you from playing or reaching your goals!

Just go for it, enjoy, learn and always go here www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?id=222445 to ascertain what you need to accomplish next to attain your next BQ level.

Samkelisiwe, everything I wrote about above is related to our Rules of Success www.sfimg.com/ROS/Index which I encourage you to read, read and read, implement and use as your guide to build a successful business, one step at a time.

All of the very best.

Kind regards and God bless

Jenny Julies

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Long Auction in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

3 months ago

Hi Israel!

My suggestion to you would be to do whatever it takes to learn how the Astro Auctions works.

My justification:
1. Even when you don't win the actual auction, you still win Constellation Prizes PLUS stand a chance to win the Rocket Box, Supernova & Pick the Bid prizes! - The latter 3 are huge prizes (I haven't yet won any of them but I will one day!)!!
2. The Constellation Prizes are 8fabulous because it can be used in EZ games which in turn can help you even earn more Badges;
3. My favourite winnings which I really get very excited about is Rewardical Tokens and VersaPoints! Of course, as you know too, the RT can be redeemed for various items among which Bitcoin (must = a minimum of $25 in value though to redeem) and then the VP winnings which can either help to retain a rank or help propel one to the next rank!
4. It's way better using your TCredits for bidding in Astro Auctions because the RT winnings are always more than the maximum 10 per TC that you would earn by using it for PB Auctions or other EZ Games.

Whilst I unfortunately can't provide you with any tips on winning an Astro Auction (other than what the Astro Auctions Rules state) simply because I haven't won one yet, I can help guide you on your way to Astro Auction success.

I suggest you read this Forum Thread from which you definitely will learn a whole lot:

as well as the Astro Auction rules:

Treat Astro Auctions not as something to be feared or postponed until you know exactly how it works, just go for it! Start with ONE TCredit (that's how I started ) until you start feeling a bit more comfortable and knowledgeable about how it works.

I can guarantee that if you implement these suggestions that we'll soon see you rejoicing about your winnings here in the Forum (and I for one am looking forward to that because nothing gives me greater pleasure in this business than to witness others succeed!)

Go for it! You can do this!

Kind regards and God bless

Jenny Julies

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Astro Auctions and unsuccessful bids in Astro Auctions

3 months ago

Hi Nelson!

I'm sorry to hear about your TCredit situation after that auction. Like the other members also mentioned, it is NB that the Rules be read/applied.

Because I am one of those people who remember something much better when I see it, I wrote this Forum Post about Astro Auction bidding especially what needs to happen and the information on the second screen:

Subsequent to that post Astro Auctions have been enhanced with a 4th screen = Confirmation Screen (see below), that will again display the information for you to check before pressing the "submit" button.

It's good practice to again pay special attention to the wording: "TCredits returned to your account if you do not win the auction" before pressing the "submit" button to ensure it reflects what you expect to be returned should you not be the winner.

Good luck in future auctions!

For now though, if I had to be in your position, I would either redeem so of my Rewardical Tokens tokens for TCredits or if budget allows, I would purchase single TCredits simply because of the 102VP that would help me to retain my rank.

Hope this helps

Kind regards and God bless

Jenny Julies

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Long Auction in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

3 months ago

Hi dear Tanja!

Thank you very much for guiding me with the correct wording and aiding a better understanding

Kindest regards and God bless

Jenny Julies