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Kolade Joseph O.


E365 Runner Up
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What is going on with the number of auctions? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

3 days ago

My little observation about getting the adequate numbers of bids and staying VIP is to bid a minimum on two or more auctions that get completed in that particular day. Bidding on any Astro Auction help turn you green your red Auction daily Streak, but to have that particular auction counted for you as bid Auction for that say, the auction must completed that day ie launch. If you bid in two auctions yesterday and say only one launch, it is only one that will be record towards your VIP completed auction for yesterday.
So the beat way I see getting the VIP and staying on is biding on two Auction that will launch that same day

Thank you and more winnings on the future. All the best
Kolade Okuwa

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EA Contest Qualifier in Miscellaneous #Compensation #E365 #Leadership

11 days ago

E365 contest is a competition for affiliates who join on the same day and runs for their first year in SFI. Any of the affiliates of the same class who had not spent up to year can win the final competition if they have the highest VP at the RNs of their class first year irrespective of if they make in the any of the preceding months or not.
I have s void example the person who won my class E365 was not among the top 20 in our first five months. And for some month he didn't Mae EA and didbt even win the monthly contest of E365 VP monthly challenge.

Just keep the race on and gather enough to be top. I know I gave the guy a rub for he race and was glad I lost to someone of more competitive spirit and a strategist.

All the best
Kolade Okuwa

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Spend Some Time With The Lord Via Some Old Playing Cards! in Inspiration/Testimonials

13 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Why deceit? in Team Building #Sponsor #Team Building

15 days ago

Definitely it is the affiliates buying the PSA that get to lose that hard earn money to fake unverified recruit. For me, it a question of where the ECA or source one uses. Many joined with mind of giving SFI a trial.
I just want to know how SFI can detect this a point if registration and separate such people from join through whatsoever source they are coming in from.

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Incorrect supernoca jackpot quanrities in Bug Reports

20 days ago

I just observed that after the conpletion of AA auction #3473, no one wins tge supernova prize but the jackpot reset to 1000 instead of adding up to 14000. I guess this is glitch that need quick correction.
The last time supernova was won was for AA# 3435.
Tge pixture below show a screen shot of this glitch

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New boosters to advance your rank in Badge Quest before the end of the year! in SFI News

28 days ago

Thank you Sir Grey and the team for this awesome addition and modifications

Merry Christmas
Kolade Okuwa

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Quick reading ? in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago

there are various ways people use to quickly read through something and remembering them is other ball game that is left to the individual. One i use to remember any interesting topic or what i want to refer to later is making use of the bookmarked button available to every post in forum.
Also i get quickly to useful post by members, i just hit the follow button to always get the important and useful post(s) they contribute to the forum.

Keep learning and as frequent and you desired

All the best
Kolade Okuwa

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What does the Quantum Card look like anyway. in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

The Quantum price in Astro auction is one of the rare prize of the astro auction as you note. As per noting people winning, if you really been following the winning you will observed that either on 11th or 12th off this month a luck winner won the 125Tcredits of 3 month subscription with 1500vp and in other month too.
What i have observed is that there is always aleast one win of the quantum prize each month. keep playing like myself hoping for the wins too

All the best with future wins
Kolade Okuwa

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i cant continue like this in Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Hello garaga
I will advice you simply use whatsoever RT you have now redeem to Tcredit and try your luck in astro auctions to win some cool constellation prizes, you can be luck like me to win supernova with just one Tcredit or even the rear quantum prize. Also I will advice you play more games to increase your rank to badge quest grandmaster.
In this business you need to find ways to always keep your EA .

Hope you find inner strength to carry on

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Don't get caught like this! in Miscellaneous #Eager Zebra #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

I totally agreed with you most time is not only because one is out lifeline but the move already exhausted. I sometime wish the numbers of moves for grandmaster pokers games can be Increase to eight(8) per games.

All the best

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i give up in Getting Started

about 1 month ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Stop The Flow in Suggestion Box

about 1 month ago

Everyone is battling for the guru badge ohhh, that on a lighter note by the way. Everyone earlier as giving possible scenarios, one thing I have observed is that many affiliates don't bother to read various post under the thread to know if answer to the thread as earlier be giving
Kolade Okuwa

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I will not quit in Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Hope is one thing every living soul need to have in abundance no matter the circumstances. Keep hope alive.
By the way, you didn't specify which area you want SFI to make you buoyant, as you are not a newbie here, you know it is your hands on the direction you want your business to go. Recruit PSA and PRM, who in turn invest and you earn. Or if you a game lover like myself, daily play various games to earn free rewardical on daily bases or monthly through badge quest. All this can be converted to cash at the rewardical exchange ledger.
The platform is there utilize it to optimize your returns

All the best
Kolade Okuwa

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Smart Start Review! in Getting Started #CSA #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

I want to believe that as laudable as it is to remind every new affiliate join about the smart start reward of CSA to select and pick them, many will still not take it up. I want to believe this is due to different belief system of everyone. Recently, I was driving from home to Site I work on as Architect/Contractor, on my way saw a lot of traffic and many at bus atop waiting for commercial bus or city buses, I decide to pick some going along my way to join and drop them off, offering them free transport. To my greatest surprise many refuse to board the car except for an elderly who after discussions on our way said many didn't board believing nothing good comes put from free gift or ride and some didn't board because they can't spot opportunity even when is spread out like bread and butter for then on their table.
So, give people opportunity to choose we always be there and taking it up is left for them. When one is registrating you can take you time to read every line on the pages to know what be offer. When you even register, you ate giving some reminder on it to quick do and accrued benefits. Taking it up is left for them, gentle reminder can't make them change their mind if they don't see the need in the first instance.

All the best to new affiliate who take up the opportunity
Kolade Okuwa

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Pricebenders Item Groups - PSA's & CSA's - Win Limits in Suggestion Box #Pricebenders

about 1 month ago

Your observations is something what noting but I like to point put some things, first create too many win limit can't totally limit competition among affiliates who are so desperate to increase their badges or build their team. Secondly, every heavy bidders will always participate in whatsoever auction they know they can win at reasonable price even when they know they are competing with new affiliate except on junior auction. In all let us continue to look for ways to win or earn give ourselves the competitive advantage over others.
I believe why the auctions in PB are limited to about three at a time is some that competition can be there and still be profitable to tripleclicks, having more we mean so many will be ending under performing.

Study the best time or period you know you can compete and have the advantage to win and capitalise on it

All the best
Kolade Okuwa

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Why are Tripleclicks product expensive? in Western Africa #Sales #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

Removal tripleclick ECA is not any affiliate disadvantage we can also register RECA Couple with locavantia merchant. We might not be able to earn direct commission from RECA or locavantia but the rewardical token can be collect and let accumulate and then exchange to various option as stated in the rewardical exchange ledger.
If we want to keep earning direct commission focus on the recruitment of PSA and PRM who will make purchases of most tcredits. Note: You have to lead by example in all aspect of this business.
All the best
Kolade Okuwa

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Top Affiliate Marketers Common Traits in Marketing #Marketing

about 1 month ago

I totally agreed with you and the author on each of this points. For one to be successful one must be passionate about the quest, this passion is stern from the rooted belief in the quest at first. This belief(s) is what make one not give room for excuses even when you see and know challenges but instead of giving it to the excuses but forge ahead with every known and proven method of overcoming the challenges. Overcoming this various obstacles or challenges are what brings about consistency. Everyone who is successful or desire to be. are constantly networking with people
Keeping an open mind and determined to see their dreams achieved through constant daily learning and relearning.

No one achieves success without first Learning the process of being successful, even after several faced attempt they constantly learn what make it not work the first or 99th time to know which way not go do it.

All the best, let us keep learning
Kolade Okuwa

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Why are Tripleclicks product expensive? in Western Africa #Sales #TripleClicks

2 months ago

I understand perfectly well this your complain has I have so experience this a lot. I yhobk the best solution is for us affiliates in Nigeria and across Africa to register more local merchant that we can. Patronized for physical product and still earn our various versa points and rewardical one. Under the locavantia and the online rewardical ECA program, we all can make this happen.
I hope we can continue to make SFI popular here I. Africa

Kolade Okuwa

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Versapoint and Overall rank in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

2 months ago

Versapoints are the points you pick up by doing various activities such as turning your red tsb green for scoreboard and other tabs. Versapoints primary goal now is to determine your rank that if you have 1500 VP you become an Executive affiliate and 3000 VP for BTL etc. You can earn cersapoibt by making personal purchase or by sakes done by your PRM. You can also get versa point by converting your earned Rewardical token (RT( to versapoints.
Your overall rank is your position on the leadership boars for all affiliates worldwide base on your total versa points earn till date from the day you joined SFI.

I hope this is explanatory enough
Kolade Okuwa

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Result of Time Machine in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

2 months ago

The result of the last time machine will be know in the next five hours at exactly 3pm. So jibdly wait patiently like other to know what the result will be.

All the best to future winners
Kolade Okuwa

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Please give a prayer for Laverne. in Miscellaneous #ECA #Leadership #Sponsor

2 months ago

My prayers for you LaVerne Christian is that our God the great healer with heal you and restore your health. It is well with you and quickest recovery I prayed.

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The SFI Games in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #Leadership #Team Building

2 months ago

It is true now that to maintain one leadership position on the Eager zebra games, oneneed to play regularly. What I have decide to do is to focus on the games I have daily steak over five days already and win from the day streak first them move to the other games to try and consolidated my position. If out of my time I can still play more games that is require I do so. If not I rest my case till the next day.

A the best to all
Kolade Okuwa

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Why Did You Rejoin SFI After You Quit? in Miscellaneous

2 months ago

First when I saw this post immediately you posted it. I was like it one of this posts I don't h e anything to contribute on but somehow I got to leave it tab on on my mobile and for close to one hour now it took time to read read every post I. This thread a d I am better informed and challenged to know as long has I have breath I should not give up or quit and if I must for reason beyond my control, I should gather myself up and give a try again.

Thank you Sir Tommie for this thread, Grandma Mary, keep the fire burning, more strength to you, your contribution have really inspire me. To one of my secret Mentor that I use to follow His post regularly when I joined in 2017, welcome back Sir Randy, looking forward to learn more from you a d the rest.

I will leave with this words of saying in Yoruba to English as: He whom as not be encounter serious fight, can't call himself a man. Meaning only those who know when to throw in towel and pick it up at appropriate time is man enough

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213 Second Home CSAs Bronze TeamLeader in Getting Started #CSA #Getting Started #Team Building

2 months ago

Hello Slobodan,
I will like to ask if you opt in to received second home CSA, if not definitely you we not received the 214 CSA add to all team leader on 14th November 2018. You can check again to be sure you are still opt in to received this

All the best
Kolade Okuwa

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Mentor will Help you make Success! in Inspiration/Testimonials

2 months ago

Thank you for this great reminder, many of the affiliates joining SFI font see there sponsor as a mentor. But someone they can just ask for financial reward without first doing there part. One question every sponsor need to start asking PSAs or PRM is how good are they with technology (computer and phones) and how can they get any need information from the internet themselves?

Many wish yo be successfull but lack basic knowledge and patience to read through laid down guides.

Wish every all the best with their mentor and mentee
Kolade Okuwa