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Ethel M.


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Chat optimization for mobile devices in Suggestion Box #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

7 hours ago

Hello Fabrizo, i am sure our technical team will look into it soon, as we know now so many changes are happened and i think this kind of idea canot be ignored, i like to use my mobile too it works without problems, but for those that are struggling am sure a solution will be available soon, thank you for your suggestion.
Kind regards,
Ethel Mtungira

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typical problem of birthday and anniversary on the same day in Miscellaneous #PSA

11 hours ago

Hi. Why not semd him a message to congratulate him, simple sweet message would do, it doesnt have to be a card all the time, does it?

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Help! So what happen with all my SPINS IN BID & BUILD? in Pricebenders #Compensation #Pricebenders #TripleClicks

4 days ago

When i first read Pamela's post i thought let me go and check mine as well, then i come back to see the replies from the experts, now i can fully agree that if you want the best answers visit the forum regularly. Followed your link Andrew and there it was, my spins.
Your post was right on time! Thank you Andrew

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Tough Times. in Inspiration/Testimonials

6 days ago

Indeed Lesil,
When we meet these times, its best we sit back, rethink and set our goals to what exactly we want to achieve in life, that will give us the incentive we need to move on and get over those tough times, like any other business it moves up and down, sometimes we are successful other times things dont go our way, but if we keep on, it will surely prove success in the end
Always upward and forward, we keep moving.
Thanx for your post

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Only with with you sfi... in Getting Started #E365

6 days ago

With time all your badges will come back to you, now that you are able to open your page again, try to log in everyday, play some eager zebra games, that will put you back in the track.
All the best

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Where can she see it? in Getting Started #Contests #E365 #PSA

6 days ago

The help we get from the forum is amazing, had it been you ddnt ask this here your whole group would have been confused by this false information, thanks to our quick thinking forum gurus this matter is at rest.
Thanx Nkechi for sorting her out, we really dont need scummers here, let alone fake news.

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My first income after 50days in Getting Started #Compensation

7 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Had to share this knowledge in Compensation

7 days ago

I had to write it here, but i hope the moderators will put it to the appropriate place, about 30 minutes ago i read a thread someone wanting to know how they can increase their income but, they put their commission amount and how much they have earned the past month, according to this policy;

7. Affiliate agrees to present the SFI Compensation Plan and SFI products and services as set forth at the official SFI Website. Affiliate will make no claims regarding potential income, earnings, products, or services beyond what is stated at the official SFI Website. Affiliate further agrees not to reproduce, publish, or post earnings in any form, online or offline, by any means.
That is a violation. The reason i am bringing this up again is because that post was removed immediately which is the right thing to do, my advice is we must avoid mentioning how much and actually put the figures in our posts, why? Let's say you are working at a company, would you disclose your income to your fellow workers? I dont think so. Its just a reminder, let us read the rules and policy of SFI as well to understand the do's and the dont's.
Thank you for your time.

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By referring Zing Network Members will I automatically achieve or maintain W3 Membership? in WAVE3

10 days ago

I think the answer to your questio. Is yes,
Here is why;
Question and answer from zing announcement.
Q: Do we still use the term PRM?
Yes, we still have PRMs (Personally Referred Members). The only thing that’s changed is that the “Member” part of the term refers to Zing Network Members and not any individual property.

Q: So how do I refer members under this new Zing thing?
Just keep doing what you’ve always done. If you want to promote SFI, use an SFI gateway, banner, etc. Your members will come in through the SFI door, so to speak. Or maybe you really like Eager Zebra games. Then promote those games, your members will come in through the Eager Zebra door. In short, promote the property or properties you are most passionate about…and let us take it from there in exposing your referrals to all our other properties, including SFI.

Q: Can I earn commissions on Zing Network Members?
Yes. Remember, even if someone has become a member at a property like Rewardical (which sells no commissionable products), that member will be exposed to TripleClicks, Pricebenders, Eager Zebra, etc., where purchases ARE made and CV is generated that turns into commissions for referrers, their upline members, and the Executive Pool.

Q: Aren’t the Zing Network Members I refer the same thing as a PRM (Personally Referred Member)?
Yes, same thing.

Q: So can people sign up to become a member at ANY Zing property?
Yes, all our properties have content and features that can only be accessed by logging in (i.e. having a member account) and will have a sign-up (registration) form. So when a person chooses to sign up, whether that’s at TripleClicks or Rewardical or any other property, they’ll be signing up as a Zing Network Member, with the side benefit of also getting member access to ALL our sites (which we’ll mention when they sign up, in membership confirmation emails, etc.)..
I hope i got it right.

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LaunchPad lessons in Getting Started

11 days ago

58 of 58 lessons completed!
1. Review each of the 11 Chapter Lessons first. These 11 lessons will give you a great overview of the SFI program.
2. Next, review the Related Lessons under each chapter to fill out your knowledge.
Note: LaunchPad contains an extensive amount of information. Do NOT try to take it all in at once! Two to five lessons a day is a good goal. Once you've reviewed all the lessons, return and review topics as needed
Related Lessons
SFI Basics
Thanx for bringing this thread up, just did my last lesson now, my index shows as above.

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Triplesclick store, ECA and Rewardicals. in ECA Program

11 days ago

TripleClicks your own store, means that any sfi affiliate can promote TripleClicks products just as you would in your own store, not literally perce.
Eca known as E-Cormence Associate you apply at TripleClicks now transfered to rewardical ECA.
Yes when you promote TripleClicks products and your PRM buys products you will get the Commission.
I see you already got more information on your thread, i hope you understand it better now.
Keep selling and promoting.

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Uploading profile pic in Getting Started #Getting Started

12 days ago

Hi Tendai,
It could be insufficient memory on his device, tell him/her to free some space in his device, and if the problem continues he must just submit a support ticket, it will be sorted. I am speaking from experience, i had kind of similar problem whe i sfarted couldnt upload my photo, but support helped me.
All the best.

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The Advantages of NMP - New Member Pack in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building #VersaPoints

13 days ago

Very well summarised, i should copy and paste this to share with my new PSA s. Thanx for all your effort Tatjana

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16 Daily Crown entry but not succeed in Eager Zebra #Contests #Eager Zebra

13 days ago

Ver true Sabih A.
Best thing to do is to keep playing dont stop.

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Home business in Bug Reports

14 days ago

Good day,
Can someone help me if you ever receive an invitation like this,
Hi Ethel - It's Irene M Brooks,

Hope all is well. I'd like to recommend clients to Home Business so I've added you to my referral network.

Simply click the link below and we can start exchanging referrals. Thanks!

View Invite

Irene M Brooks
Strong Future International
Copper Center, AK
How does this referal network mean, any ideas?

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Spin and Win contest in VersaPoints #Contests #VersaPoints

15 days ago

If you're not receiving your PSA notifications, weekly and monthly newsletters, and other important e-mails from SFI, take a few moments and review the following list of the most common e-mail delivery issues:

1. E-mail delivery times can vary widely (from a few seconds to a few hours), depending on many factors beyond our control. These issues can originate on any of the multiple third-party servers and services through which an e-mail is routed before arriving at your inbox.

2. Be sure you have whitelisted SFI's corporate e-mail address with your e-mail service. See our whitelist article HERE.

3. Check your e-mail junk/spam folder. If you find an SFI e-mail there, flag it to ensure proper delivery into your inbox next time.

4. As a last resort, contact your ISP directly or register with a new ISP/e-mail provider. Be sure to update your new e-mail address with SFI HERE.

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What No Money!!! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building #VersaPoints

16 days ago

The trouble is many people want quick cash, they have got no patient in learning and training, they want it now, i mean the money but working for it its hard.
Many easy money schemes are advertised everyday but once you click to join they do ask you for a fee but sfi is not like that, your Internet connection and log in daily is all that is required to accomplish big things, advertise regularly and recruit, your efforts wii surely show.
Thanx for the nice post Lindsey.

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I did not reach any Daily Grand in January. in Miscellaneous #Contests

20 days ago

All the best to your February Gordana. It will happen i am sure.

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What a shame in Miscellaneous

20 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Thats it. I give up. in Inspiration/Testimonials #Marketing #Sales #Team Building

20 days ago

Hello mr Sangoh, what a nice posg you have here, the main point is that wr must bd prepared ourselves if we want good results.
Thank you

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5+5+5 in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

23 days ago

Its not easy but it is achievable, your time, dedication and commitment to do your best.

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Today I feel sad! in Eager Zebra #Contests #Eager Zebra #Pricebenders

23 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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The number one Sponsor at SFI, is SFI itself, in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Leadership #Sponsor

26 days ago

What you are saying moira is very true,
Personally. When i started afew months ago i was very confused, i ddnt know how to start, i would log in but sometimes i fail to log in, until i get a letter of encouragement from my sponser, he explained everything so cleared and directed me where i can query my problems at support tab if he cant answer them, from the on it was easy for me, i started login in everyday, since then i have enjoyed being here everyday, i dont miss a day
Even when i dont have daytime data, i make sure i set my alarm clock to do my daily tasks on the night owl data. Indeed sfi is the number one sponser, but also the individual sponsers helps.

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Wins Wins.. Daily grand Winnings in Compensation #Localvantia #Rewardical

27 days ago

As long as you dont miss to enter the chances are there that you will win. The secret is to keep trying

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PSA has issues with Steam Tab!! in Team Building #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

28 days ago

Thank you Zhumagul
For raising this issue, i am sure most of us have learned a thing or two, from all the valuable replies given