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Ratan A.


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Rewardical Exchange in VersaPoints #Rewardical

6 hours ago

Hi Ljiljana ,

We already have RW Tab in our daily activity .
I will like to get a link there to go directly to rewardical.com and then it will be our own choice how we like to redeem our RT . It can be done by exchanging them to VP , TC ,Bitcoins or any other item listed there .
Thank You ..

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What's Going On? in Miscellaneous

1 day ago


Use this link to spin your remaining spins . And there is no need to rush , you may do it next month as planned by you . :)

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Bid & Build PSA Prize Wheel in Pricebenders #Pricebenders #PSA #Team Building

2 days ago

It displays the panic between affiliates for all the recent changes . It may take some time and your assurance to ease out the situation .
Thank you ..

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Winning Today at PriceBenders in Pricebenders #Eager Zebra #Rewardical #Team Building

3 days ago

Congratulations Cecil M on your win .
Auctions and games are probably for fun . Our ultimate long term goals are to build a strong team of affiliates and gain residual income from SFI .
Regards ,

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Not an easy task in Compensation #Auto-Delivery #Marketing #Sales

6 days ago

Yes Samten , we are in a business and success doesn't come easy .
All of us have to work harder day in and day out to become successful .
Collecting Free VP's are not the only task But we have to do something extra along with collecting free vp's to become successful .Either Buy or Sell or Build a team of successful affiliates or both .
Have a great day .

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Screen Shot in Miscellaneous

11 days ago

Agreed and very funny picture .
But ,it explains what you want to say ..

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Hurdles in the way of creating something big in Getting Started #Compensation #Team Building

12 days ago

Dear Sukhpal ,
We can not measure the depth of the Sea without getting into it .
You are convinced about SFI is not a fraud So ,Be fearless and give a honest try to SFI . You are in a business and 2nd name to business is Taking Risk . Here at SFI ,risk is minimal and gains can be for life long or even more .
Wishing you luck dear friend .

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Time Machine Winner in Recognition #Eager Zebra

13 days ago

Congratulations to you and all other 180 winners !!

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Using the Same Brush! in Ask Gery

17 days ago

I am seeing SFI making frequent changes in Rank Badges but keeping everyone satisfied is never easy .
Will it not be good to find some better solution and make a suggestions post to improve this part of SFI ?
I am sure ,yours and ours suggestions will be taken into consideration by Gery .

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ECA Feature in ECA Program #ECA #Getting Started #VersaPoints

18 days ago

Check this :-

Q: I’m still seeing references to the TripleClicks ECA program in the Knowledge Base, LaunchPad, etc. Are they going to be removed/updated?
Absolutely, but keep in mind that the TripleClicks ECA program has been a part of our system for over five years; it will take a little while to identify and make all the necessary edits. Note: If you’re still seeing references in a couple weeks, please submit a ticket and let us know the page where you’re seeing it so we can get it taken care of. Thank you!

Source : Q & A section from news.sfimg.com/2018/01/31/eca-program-moving-to-rewardical-com/

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Removal of cheque order in Miscellaneous #Sales #TCredits

20 days ago

But ,while buying Tcurrency ,we don't need to pay to TripleClicks . No need to select any of your above mentioned payment option . Rather ,you have to pay directly to the Tcurrency seller in your local currency .
Pay to tcurrency seller and get tcurrency in your account and buy tcredits from TC and select Tcurrency as your payment option .

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Hitting That Button in Miscellaneous #Compensation #VersaPoints

21 days ago

For your both questions ,answer is NO .

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5+5+5 in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

21 days ago

Just set your goals and start working every day to achieve your goals . Keep trying different ways and you will find what is working for you .
All the best

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Introducing…Zing Network! in SFI News #Marketing

24 days ago

It is Simplified more now .Like it .

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T CREDITS WIN in Inspiration/Testimonials #Eager Zebra #TCredits

25 days ago

Congratulations Deepak !!
Wishing you more and more wins !!

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I just have to write this in Miscellaneous

27 days ago

Hi Mirjana & Igor C.,

My deepest condolences for your loss .
May her soul rest in peace.
God bless you ..
Ratan A

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Im FULL in Recognition

28 days ago

Answer is 7 But with regular flow of sign ups every glass will be full and all of us can enjoy the benefits . That's the beauty of Opti-Build or DD program .
Thanks for sharing .

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Teachable Staff in Suggestion Box #Getting Started #Team Building

about 1 month ago

I agree with you Mr. Kumar .
Helping and guiding new people to SFI is the task of sponsor but if the sponsor is not able to provide time to this new members ,they can hire teachers approved by SFI .
Good suggestion ..

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Can we Sell Gold in our ECA store? in ECA Program #ECA #Sales #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

Hi ,
You can find out all restricted items and services list HERE

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Bronze to Silver in Gold Streak in Eager Zebra #Contests #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

I think ,you are getting confused between Gold Streak Top Streak Badge and Streak Strong Badge .
Top Streak badge have no such description as you mentioned .
This badge is awarded to all Gold Streak winners

Badge Quest Points:
In it to Win it: 10
None: 200
Bronze Trim: 400
Silver Trim: 600
Gold Trim: 800

Streak Strong Badge is for those who scores top top 2 longest streaks of the day.

This badge is awarded to all Gold Streak winners with one of the top 2 longest streaks of the day. Earn bronze trim with 3 wins, silver trim with 10 wins, and gold trim with 20.
Badge Quest Points:
None: 50
Bronze Trim: 100
Silver Trim: 150
Gold Trim: 200

I hope ,I was able to find a solution to you .

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EA in Getting Started #E365 #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

There is no any requirement of buying anything . Buying is optional and up to you to decide . It is easy to buy and advance your rank but alternatively you can promote TripleClicks store and get few sales which can earn you enough VP to advance to EA or even to BTL .