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Ratan A.


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Question in Team Building

2 hours ago

Most positive from recent changes which I see in my scoreboard tab is my CSA commissions . It has gone up by almost 700% .
DC is reduced ,But I am sure it will be compensated with increased EA or above in my team in coming months . It is the time to work on building our team deep .


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sponsor who are not interested any more in sfi in Team Building #Auto-Delivery #Marketing #Sponsor

8 hours ago

SFI provides us with huge line of support . No.1 is of course your sponsor but no worries if he/she is not interested in helping you .
You have your co-sponsor and now you can have upto 4 of them to count on .
You have your upline team leaders from whom you can seek support .
Above all ,SFI Forum is a wonderful place to get all your questions answered by so many experienced fellow affiliates .

So, If the sponsor is not interested any more , it is his loss and not ours .

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How to Win in Biz Quiz? in Miscellaneous #Contests

6 days ago

Keep trying every day dear friend .
Your name will be drawn sooner or later . It's just matter of luck smiling on you .
Good Luck !!

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Can anyone explain to me about Co-Sponsor Commissions in Sales #CSA #Sales #Team Building

8 days ago

Dear Milord ,

I guess you are confused between Commission Report and TC sales Report .

Commission Report only shows what you have earned , on the other hand TC sales Report displays all the buying activity of your PSA's and CSA's .

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Can anyone explain to me about Co-Sponsor Commissions in Sales #CSA #Sales #Team Building

8 days ago

1. Tcredits won in auctions have no CV ,hence no commission .
2. PSAs To Go (Special Offer!) have no CV ,hence no commission .
3. Single tcredit packs if bought other then by spending money have no CV ,hence no commission .

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A2A (affiliate to affiliate) button added to growth page in Suggestion Box

9 days ago

You just need to click over affiliate's name and his/her affiliate profile will pop up . From there you can easily send A2A request to your favorites .
Have a great day !

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Blocked from getting followers in Miscellaneous #Leadership

10 days ago

I dont think anything is wrong or your name got blocked to follow . I am seeing "+" and I can start following you if I do desire .

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Rewardical Tokens as payment option in Ask Gery #Rewardical #Sales #TripleClicks

10 days ago

Hopefully ,In future we can see many more items listed in exchange store for us to exchange our RT's and most probably we all will be able to redeem RT's with variate of options available to choose from .

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How are the winners in Time Machine determined? in Eager Zebra #Contests #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

11 days ago

Read the Rules carefully and you will know every rules about Time Machine .
Above all ,The question itself explains ,how the winners will be determined .

Good Luck !

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New upline?? in Team Building #Team Building

14 days ago

Most probably ,you are seeing your new co sponsor which is not reflecting yet in our upline list .
We all can now have upto 4 Co- sponsor and we all will see new faces as our Upline team leaders .

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On this we are all Struggling with this Method. Right? in VersaPoints #Sales #Team Building #VersaPoints

18 days ago

Mr. Ratan,
You have made great points.
My only focus has been on building stronger teams for several years now.
I'm often reminding my team leaders this is our only focus.
Thanks for your support!
What I'm experiencing is Designated Diamond level dropping out.
Over time 3 Designated Diamonds quit.
These represent many months of hard work.
Starting at zero is frustrating. I have a sponsor and co-sponsor still struggling to make EA on the 5th day of this month. I know I will qualify as Silver in a few days.
I've held up at Designated Diamond for over two years.
How many affiliates do you have that held their position as Designated Diamond this long?
To many of our affiliates designated diamond meant nothing after sticking out for several months, only to be knocked down to EA every month.
Please understand; my focus is on building stronger teams, and building stronger teams faster!
Thanks for your support.

Mr. Alvin ,
I am quite new compared to you and surely you know better then me . I don't even have a large team ,only few active members .
I was maintaining GTL for few months with 2 STL PSA's . One of them is now BTL and another one is EA . But ,I see all the recent changes as very promising and encouraging .
Thank You !!

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On this we are all Struggling with this Method. Right? in VersaPoints #Sales #Team Building #VersaPoints

18 days ago

Dear Alvin ,
I am quite new compared to all participants in this thread but I will like to add my thoughts with you all .

There is no need to try to qualify to a higher rank unless we have a very deep down line active team . In my case ,If I dont have more then 8 generation deep team ,I don't need to worry about trying to reach GTL Rank . And now it's been made even more easier . We can by pass all inactives and can earn override commissions from may be 50th generation also .
It is better we focus more on building team of active members rather then advancing our own rank .

Focus now is on making affiliates EA and provide them enough reason to retain their EA status every month . For this CSA program is totally changed and we all will be getting more and more CSA's and for sure MORE ACTIVE CSA's then before .Good reason to retain EA rank for new affiliates .
It's time for us to focus our self in building team rather then trying to advance our own rank .
Thank You

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For Lider Teams in Suggestion Box #Leadership

21 days ago

At a glance this plan looks like very good for leaders who have a large and deep team . But we all should wait and see the results of it .
Best part of the plan is ,more emphasis given to encourage affiliates become EA's and retain EA every month . If it works as expected ,This can make a huge difference in coming months .
Imagine if the active affiliates ratio increase with 5% ,how big impact it can have in your growth .
I am quite hopeful and working on my ads .

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I want delete my Auto delivery..125tcredits in Miscellaneous

22 days ago


Go to the above link and manage your auto delivery according to your wish .

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E365 Champion! in Suggestion Box

22 days ago

I think ,E365 contest is full of prizes . I normally win something almost every day .
There are DAILY DRAWING PRIZES ,MONTHLY VP CHAMPION PRIZES to be won regularly for a year .
And if some one is not E365 Champion ,he/she can become country champion also .

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When is the best time to invest monetarily in SFI ? in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Sales

23 days ago

Best time to invest is just after you decide to start . Wasting even a second is like lost opportunity .
Have a great day dear friend .

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The Quest to Achieve EA status in Getting Started #Getting Started #TCredits #VersaPoints

24 days ago

Hi Gabriel ,
You can exchange your Rewardicals to VP but maximum you can will be 18 VP from 20 RT and 3 TCredis.
I will suggest you to check your to do list www.sfimg.com/Home?tab=to-do_list and find out if any actions are due for you or not .
Also you can get help from your sponsor to find out which action can give you desired VP's . And if no actions are left then you can spend $1.89 to buy 1 TCredit and achieve EA rank easily .
Have a wonderful day and finish the month on a high note ...

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Time Machine results in Eager Zebra #Contests #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

25 days ago

Only few more hours left and we all will know the result .
I am sure ,there will be many winners including you .
Wishing you good luck .

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In which currency? in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

26 days ago

Good Day Mick ,

The source for the question is Source: www.coindesk.com and I see USD price there .
It has to be USD for sure but yes ,it will be better if it is mentioned in the question itself .
Wishing you good luck for the contest .

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Handwork+Focus+Commitment+Investment really paid off. in Getting Started

26 days ago

I can only say , "You are wonderful ."
Congratulations on your achievements !

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Why and how did you know SFI is a real thing? in Compensation #Compensation #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Thanks Marija , you started a very interesting topic to follow .
I will be following this thread to read replies from our fellow affiliates .

For me , it's been around 10 months association with SFI and so far its been hassle free and entertaining journey for me .
SFI delivers what they promise and it's upon us how much we want to grab from here .

Regards ,

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Can I replace 1200 Rewardikals for $ 2 in Getting Started #Compensation #Rewardical #Sales

about 1 month ago

There are dollars, but will they go to my account?

No you were say it is set in on TripleClicks account, and that is NOT CORRECT.

When you check out there is one checkbox for Gift Certificates, and onather for TripleClicks account, called "Member sales Account", but it has also name Gift Certificate Account, but not for those Gift Certificates you are receive, but for those you issue to team.

So THOSE GC YOU RECEIVE is not go to TripleClicks account, they are simply not go to any account, they are ONLY GIFT CERTIFICATES.

Best regards

You need at-least 3000 RT to exchange with $5 TC Gift certificate . $5 is the minimum we can exchange .
Those GC will go to your TripleClicks account and you can use them at TripleClicks as par your willing .

It is not correct it is go to TripleClicks account it is a gift certificate to use on TripleClicks.

Money on TripleClicks account can be used to issue GC. to team and also be withdrawn, that can a Gift Certificate not.

Best regards

Thanks Svend for correcting me but ,I think I said exactly the same .
Definitely TripleClicks Gift Certificates will not reflect in SFI account alone and it can be used to spend at TripleClicks as par one's willing .
BTW ,I have not exchanged my RT to GC yet but I understand ,I can not withdraw them to my Bank account .

Regards ,

Thanks for the clarification .

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Maximising VPs earned from PB and EZ tabs in Getting Started #Eager Zebra #Pricebenders #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

Dear Ratan with all due respect I have to disagree with you if you are stating that the tcredits used on auctions or pb should not be considered an investment or should not be factored into ROI figures. Failure to do this will make it seem like you have a very profitable business when in actuality you are going bankrupt in the back end. In my opinion anything that you spend in your business should be accounted for.

That is just my humble observation.

Mr. Ray ,
I have to say ,you totally misunderstood my statement .
I am considering 5000 vp as bonus and by no means I intend to say that spending to buy tcredits should not be accounted in .
Thank you

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Maximising VPs earned from PB and EZ tabs in Getting Started #Eager Zebra #Pricebenders #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

Rattan that is awesome figures but could you please clarify how much of a monetary investment it would take to earn those VPs. It would help to understand how easy it actually is to accomplish this.

Thank you in advance.

Dear Ray G ,
Practically it is a very bad idea for those who are aiming to earn vp only . Because to earn those 5000 vp will cost you minimum $435 . But we can earn 5000 vp by spending maximum $120 also .
But for someone who is interested in playing auctions and games and investing $435 for that can also earn 5000 vp in this manner . We have to count this vp's as bonus and can not compare it with investments or ROI .
Regards ,