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Chris J.

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Sometimes, it feels like a circle game. in Team Building #Team Building

8 months ago

First of all, this is a Truly Great Question!

We do tend to get in our own routine and forget how overwhelming it really can be for a new member.

I have thought about this before and it sent my mind in a new direction when it comes to new affiliates.
I remember to allow my affiliates to choose which way they want to go.

When i welcome new affiliates I stress that the Biggest income will come through team building.
Although, at the same time there is a lot of money to be made in ALL opportunities SFI provides!

I explain to my new affiliates that the quickest way to earn commissions is through sales at TripleClicks, since so many seem to be here for a quick buck.

I tell them about how SFI has provided everything you need to earn income through 6 different streams.

If you are a great salesperson, sell items at TripleClicks.
If you are a great recruiter, but don't like the idea of being a sponsor try the PPA program.
If you are like to approach businesses with new opportunities, try the Localvantia program.
If you have your own website and products to sell, try the Rewardical ECA program.

Do what you are comfortable with while you study and learn more about another opportunity SFI provides.
Try out the new opportunity and start learning another.
And another....

Don't get caught up on just one aspect and miss out on other income.

Always remember a large team is your best option but takes time and/or money and hard work.
Sales earn money faster.
Both earn Most!

Aim High!

Chris J

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Why $1.99 per day is better...a financial comparison in Miscellaneous

9 months ago

When you copy someone else's post or copy something from SFI site, please give credit to the original author.
In this case, Melvin V should be credited I believe, since I got a team mail with this exact same wording from him last week.
Please respect others at SFI and credit them for their words.
Chris J

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Failure coming while very close to success! in Team Building #Getting Started #Sales #Team Building

9 months ago

Most definitely!

Set reachable goals and once you reach them set more!
Don't aim too high too soon or you will disappoint yourself and cause a negative effect.

Reachable goals add motivation to your journey.
The ultimate destination can be reached through hundreds of small goals combined!

Chris J

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A Totally Awesome Post!!!!!! in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Team Building

9 months ago

Thank you for pointing this out to everyone Ray.

Everyone should definitely try to use their own words and not duplicate someone's post.
If you copy someone's post please give them credit for their words

Chris j

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Strong FUTURE International in Compensation #Compensation #Leadership #Team Building

9 months ago

Thank you to all who have responded. I love the great attitudes and positive vibes.

Believe in yourself.
Believe in SFI.
Believe in your team.

Aim High!
Dream Big!

You and SFI can make it come true!

Chris J

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Which one is better to buy ? in Team Building #Team Building

9 months ago

To me the builder bundle is a more diverse option.
You get TCredits and RT as well as PSAs and CSAs allowing you to hit SFI from all angles in one package.
Since you can't predict the quality of results from signups, i would think the builder bundle is a more complete package.

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Strong FUTURE International in Compensation #Compensation #Leadership #Team Building

9 months ago

According to SFI forum rules you already have permission.
As for me, anything I post is meant to be shared if it can help you build your team and SFI ad a whole

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Strong FUTURE International in Compensation #Compensation #Leadership #Team Building

9 months ago

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Strong FUTURE International

The name is shortened into 3 letters to make it convenient and easy to say, kinda rolls off your tongue!

But let us not forget what SFI means!

You aren't here to Get Paid Now! So don't act that way.
You aren't here for a quick payday! So quit thinking that way.

You came here for a Future

If you truly want what you came here for then you Must remain focused on your goals.

Debate over whether to invest or not is simply 2 opinions clashing.
Debate over whether to invest in Your Future or not is Your Choice!

Ask yourself this question.

Do I want to invest Time, Money, or Both to achieve my dreams.

If your answer is time:
Start promoting products and opportunities in every free way possible.
This will require many hours to build an active team and business.

If your answer is money:
Start buying PSAs, CSAs, PRMs. Use paid advertising to promote products and opportunities.
This will require many dollars to build an active team and business.

If your answer is time and money:
Do a combination of both using an EA or even BTL or higher qualifying auto-delivery for the business building product of your choice for minimal investment. Use a combination of free and paid advertising and set yourself a monthly business investment budget.

But No Matter What You Decide

Remember you HAVE to Invest something into business to achieve results!

Dont expect a big check until you feel you have earned one!

Chris J

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Rules of Success and Rules of being Human in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

9 months ago

I love it.

These rules definitely apply to both scenarios.
You are who controls your "where" and "when" and "how"
Where do you belong
When will you realize it
How will you use this knowledge?

SFI is where I belong
I knew it from day 1
I will spread the word and help others become successful.

Thank you for sharing

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Have you ever considered offering Builder Bundles with... in Ask Gery

9 months ago

It seems a great idea, but you have to remember the heart and soul of our compensation plan is building ACTIVE team leaders.
You cant just "become" STL without a BTL on your team.
You can't progress in ranks solely by purchase.
That is what separates our comp plan and makes it so powerful.
Chris J

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AFFAIR; ACLARATION REQUEST in Getting Started #Compensation

9 months ago

You are never required to spend anything at SFI.
If you feel that investing the $58 in your business is worth it, you should invest.
If you feel that it is not worth it, don't invest.
Work on getting sales and the PPA program if investment is not right for you.

By becoming EA and remaining EA you will retain all CSAs you've earned, you will earn your share of the executive pool, and you will be banking milestone shares for a bonus when you become BTL for the first time.

In order to build a team of team leaders and earn from their efforts as well as your own efforts you will need to become a team leader yourself. If you are unable to get sales and earn those VP, then sometimes you need to invest to hold your rank.

I suggest that everyone just budget themselves an auto-delivery each month and consider it a business expense.
Of course it may be a monthly loss, as in any business, sometimes you start out with much expense and then ad your returns start coming in you surpass your investment and reap the profits.

I look at it this way, if I choose to invest $100 monthly in my business then I have a yearly business expense of $1200.
I know from doing the math that one can easily build a team that could earn $200 each month.
That would give me $1200 a year profit.
With SFIs comp plan, I also know that in time, that 100 investment could easily be earning 1200 a month or even 12000.
Why wouldn't I invest 100 a month, as long as I was building my business that has that kind of potential.

If after 5 years in business, I am still only earning about 500 each month, I am still making profit and I have made back all investments.

You are the decision maker, this is your new business.
You choose your path.

Your investment is more than just building for this month, you are building for your future returns.
Chris J

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Experiment Complete! in Getting Started #Auto-Delivery #Compensation #Contests

9 months ago

First let me clarify, I do still have to gain 200 VP in order to make BTL.
Setting up an order for 1 pack of 100 Tcredits ($29 AD - 1200VP)and 1 pack of 125 Tcredits($36.25 AD - 1500VP) will earn you 2700VP plus 100VP for BCQ. Total of $65.25 investment (make it 2 packs of 125 to start the month with 3100VP for $72.50)
I like a more personal team building approach so I can build quality.
If I want to boost my team for a few months I will add the builder bundle and increase my investment slightly.

Hope this answers your question
Chris J

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Experiment Complete! in Getting Started #Auto-Delivery #Compensation #Contests

9 months ago

You must understand that I first joined SFI originally in '01 and lost my position after more than a year inactive due to personal reasons I would rather not discuss.

When I was first with SFI, I never once spent one dime, I was unemployed and spent all of my day promoting SFI. After about 6 months in business I was earning a decent amount each month without spending 1 single dime. I was selling magazine subscriptions and some of our wellness products and earning every month and wqs building an active team.

I have been on both sides of this and I would simply suggest to find the budget if you can

It can be done without spending a single dime on purchases. This is 100% true and you should never think otherwise.

Now that I do have investment money I choose to do so.
Booster Club Qualified On Day 1 Just Makes It Much More Simple And Less Stressful

Thank you for your thoughts on this.
Chris J

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Experiment Complete! in Getting Started #Auto-Delivery #Compensation #Contests

9 months ago

Thank you for the additional info. You are absolutely correct. Start the month off with excitement and let it flow through your team and the whole month goes so well! Also a very great idea!

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Experiment Complete! in Getting Started #Auto-Delivery #Compensation #Contests

9 months ago

Hello Everyone!

My name is Chris Jones and I want to share my recent experiment with you.

20 day experience after first month of SFI with no auto-delivery or purchases.

Auto-delivery What Are The Benefits? and Why Set It For The 1st?

After 9 months of using auto-delivery option to remain BTL qualified,
I decided to submit myself to excruciating pain and money loss
in order tp conduct an experiment for future references.

For the past 3 or 4 months I had my auto-delivery set for the 1st of the month and started noticing good things were happening nearly everyday. I focussed on what was happening and why and realized how truly deep it went!
So I talked myself into conducting this experiment so that I could share my experience with team members and others that were wondering if auto-delivery was truly worth it or not.

short answer- Most Definitely!

So here is my experiment.

This month I did not make a purchase. I did not use auto-delivery.
I spent my entire TCredit, Rewardical, and commission balances last month and started from nothing!

this was really hard for me to do, I enjoy bidding in auctions daily, and well, I could do this no more

The first of the month comes!
Usually, I am sitting on 225+ Tcredits, top 500 VP(2800plus), BCQ qualified, and BTL instantly!
(for under $70 investment )

But NO!
I do not have any Tcredits!
I do not have any Rewardicals!
I do not have any money!

Ok ok I can do this, I say to myself!

Need Tcredits, need VP, need RT
I do my daily tabs gaining just 10 vp, usually I get 12 and spend 2 TCredits.
I've usually won some Rewardicals from a daily drawing.
I tell you my world was upside down!

I did all the tasks possible to get a few hundred VP for the month, but I needed a sale to get VP. I needed to win a drawing to get RT. I had to run over to Eager Zebra and get serious about winning card king with only 2 free plays daily.
I had to get serious about playing KOT to win and get that extra daily crown entry.
I really had to spend a lot of time advertising trying to make sure I get a sale.
I really had to focus on entering T-Time as many times as possible.
I really had to spend a Lot of Time doing things that took away from building my team.

I bright moment happened though, after commissions were paid i got my 12 Tcredits for being BTL the month before.
I tried to use these TCredits wisely to recycle them into more. I won card king share and gained 6 tcredits after spending only 1 for an extra game. Yay things were looking up so I thought.
5 days later I was out of Tcredits once again. I had only won 2 drawings all month long at it was approaching the 20th.
By the 20th of the month I generally have won at least 5 drawings. Nothing is working as smoothly as before.

Well, here we are... Tomorrow is the 20th...

Not having an auto-delivery setup for the first of the month is a bad idea!

By having an auto-delivery setup for EA or BTL qualifying VP on the first of the month:
This is what you get...

1. Peace of Mind
2. More time for building your team
3. 2 bonus entries daily (up to 62 in one month) into the daily grand drawing
4. If your AD is for TCredits or bundles with them included, you will have firepower for auctions and games and your daily EZ/PB tabs
5. Prestigious badges and ranks and benefits.

In closing, my experiment proved to me that having an auto-delivery setup for the 1st of each month is:
The Absolute Best SFI Experience

Don't be skeptical any longer, free your mind, remove the stress from SFI and budget yourself an auto-delivery in order to really enjoy your new business and not worry about results so much.

It Truly Is Worth It

Chris J

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What do you think? in Team Building #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

9 months ago

First I like to introduce my affiliates to launchpad and allow them a chance to see the full opportunity for themselves.
SFI laid out the launchpad training in order to build into the TL part of SFI.
I definitely mention to them that when they build their own team they will see much better results and slowly increasing commissions each month.

First and Foremost work towards becoming an EA while studying and learning the business.
What you do with the knowledge is up to you as an affiliate.

In my weekly mails to my entire team, they will catch a glimpse each week of what building a team can do.

With that said, all affiliates are different. Built with different mindsets. Made with different triggers.
Each affiliate you sign up will require a different level of communication.

Read! React! Reward! Results!

Read the affiliate and find their needs.
React with the best info you can give them to help them find initiative.
Reward affiliates for hard work.
Results will speak for themselves.

Chris J

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WE ARE FAMILY in Miscellaneous #Team Building

9 months ago

While it is easy to look at other affiliates as competition, it is to your benefit to help their post with positive feedback and support. You see, even though this affiliate could be signing up your potential team member, it does not mewn you won't benefit from being helpful.

First of all, you are boosting the image of SFI and setting a great example by adding your persuasion to his or her post.
Secondly, this affiliate, the potential affiliate, and all of their collective downlines
could also be your CSA or downline member
Finally, by helping and setting a good example, you have instilled this type of action into both the mindset of the affiliate and the mindset of his/her potential affiliates.

Collectively, we are business owners with the same ultimate goal.
Grow SFI = grow your income

Chris J

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$6 Lead Turns Into Millions of Dollars in Sales - Part 4 in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

9 months ago

Thank you Leon for such a heartwarming and inspirational 4 part series.
I am proud to be a member of your downline and I agree completely that relaionships WILL BE your greatest reward in this business. Money comes and goes, friendships can last more than a lifetime!

Chris J

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It Cracked Your Brain, Blew Your Mind And Left You Dumbstruck in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Team Building

9 months ago

Hello Victor

In response to the first part of your post:
First, I would explain to them that no one can predict the activity of any signups.
All sellers of signups have something like this noted on there pages before you purchase.
"we offer no guarantees as to how active purchased signups will be"
This is just simply impossible to predict.

To answer your question in original post:
Sherwood's answer pretty much took the words right out of my mouth.
always find an answer for your affiliates if they can't.
Look it up, ask your upline, do what it takes to get the info to share with them if you do not already know the answer.
Teach them how to go about finding these answers for themselves in the future.
This is a chance to develop a lasting relationship.
The more effort they see in you willing to help them will translate into more interest in the opportunity and working with you more closely to build their business.

To answer your other post:
What do you do when PSAs are having difficulty understanding launchpad?
Explain to them this.
Take your time, let it soak in.
You're not getting rich overnight so dont try to learn it all in one night.
Read, re-read, click links, explore the entire site and find all the answers you week so that you csn be a better sponsor for your team as well. No rush. This is your business. Do it at your pace

Chris J

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It is right for me or not in Miscellaneous

9 months ago

Hello Skumar

If this affiliate has not been with SFI for 30 days, the affiliate hasn't won class cash.
I would politely inform him of how the process works and forward a link to the class cash info page as someone has already posted.

As affiliates of SFI we have to keep calm and remain patient with our team.
Due to language barriers and other small details that can lead to misunderstandings, we must continue to remember how difficult it was for us to take in all of the information and understanding.

Although what you say is 100% correct about not wasting time, I do think we as affiliates need to secure the most polite ways of relaying this information to our "lost" members as possible.

Direct and to the point will definitely get your point across, but at the same time if your message is perceived as rude you could be running off potential assets.
If your sponsor seemed rude to you when you were simply misunderstanding something about the program it may have turned you away, but look at you now.... 7th year in business and still an active and respected member of SFI.

So in review of your post, my only suggestion would be to lay down a little more understanding before being judgemental.

Now of course if you have been constantly back and foeth with this affiliate and seem to not be making any progress on the situation, maybe your message is right on target, or maybe you can gift this PSA to an active member of your team from similar location in order to attempt to gain better communication lines.
After all, SWSWSW, do your best to help them understand but when it is starting to waste YOUR time, move on!

Hope this helps.
Chris J

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Requesting a possible change. in Suggestion Box

9 months ago

Dear Madelline,

My badge will show I have only been in SFI for less than a year, but in all honesty I first joined SFI many years ago.
Even then we were faced with the problem of inactivity from sign ups.
At that point in time we were using a system that did only go through corporate co-ops.
It made no difference in how active the signups were.

Now through many years of growth, SFI has been able to expand, reward those that produces growth, and allow you more options to purchase signups through leaders that have done it successfully.

You have an option and a choice to purchase these PSAs only if you want to.
You have an option to do your own advertising and see for yourself how difficult it is to predict signups activity.

There is absolutely no way of predicting the activity of affiliates.

I applaud SFI for rewarding its top members and allowing them to earn back some of the many dollars they spent in advertising efforts in order to help grow SFI to what it is today.

Thank you for your concerns and suggestions, but personally I feel things are great as they are in this regard.

Chris J

5 posts

Missed Opportunity :( in Suggestion Box #Marketing #Team Building #TripleClicks

9 months ago

I would participate and I think it is a great idea.

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Why Extra Free VP's Are A Problem in Miscellaneous #Compensation #Team Building #VersaPoints

9 months ago

Just a side note, what about milestone shares? These bonus VP come from somewhere and I am sure it isn't Gery's right front pocket

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Please Clarify for Me in Ask Gery

9 months ago

Direct commissions do not require EA. Matching VP Overrides and the Executive Pool require EA or higher.
PPA commissions do not require EA.
All other SFI benefits require EA or higher to qualify.

Benefits Chart can help you understand a little better as well

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How does one market their SFI shop in ECA Program #Localvantia #Marketing #Rewardical

9 months ago

First of all welcome and thank you for joining us here at the forum.

My question to you is this.
Were you accepted as a rewardical eca?
If this is the case then once you're setup people will find you through the rewardical search engines.

I didn't think any TripleClicks ecas were being added at this time.