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The Best Way To Build A Team Starting Today in Team Building #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

1 day ago

Hello.. Mr. Tommie K...

Indeed, Appreciable sharing. Free advertising is an awesome tool which is the great source of developing one's business, just one must be disciplined and honest to take the required confident steps for the advertising, believing in that one is doing the useful sharing for the development of business, creating the interest of the mass to visit the site to locate more information.

Whatever the sites you mentioned in your sharing, all are trust worthy, strongly agree.

Since, you are the Master of Advertising having sound knowledge and experience, moreover, result oriented, may I request you to please share your knowledge on this particular aspect for the sake of members whom are having little bit knowledge to use the tool effectively.

Your guidance and directions to adopt the system of advertising, step by step, in easy words, would help to learn and perform, that would be the great help. However, it's true that SFIs is taking all the care to deliver the required knowledge for advertising but your personal sharing and experience would be Commendable.

Hope you would oblige.

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Is it Possible to Change Sponsor? in Team Building #Sponsor #Team Building

2 days ago

Hello.. Ms. Jadranka K...

Noted with pain you are having bad experience with, however, it's beyond the reality, because of your sensitiveness, that are in my opinion, just reflection of negevities which you are feeling due to one or the other reason.

Please come over them, motivate yourself, looks for the reason to smile and feel confident and determined for the desired success, just adding more and more members to your team which would be the great cause of generating income for life comfortably.

However, as you questioned about the role of Sponsor, the Sponsor never fails to extend the required help or knowledge, if one is comfortable to deliver. There may be some reason, because of health or otherwise, please.

Please don't feel bad to visit the Forum, this is for you, to share the knowledge and to extend the required help to receive the issues which are the obstacles for success.

As regards, investment and efforts into business for success, everyone is part of this, respecting one's limitations. Moreover, for success and to earn, investment and the determined efforts are the required tools which one has to follow for great success.

As regards, change of Sponsor, you can, opt out of SFIs Business for six months, after that you can look for the Sponsor of your choice to join on personal ground, as SFIs has no policy to earmark the choiced Sponsor.

Whereas, I don't feel good, opting out for the change of Sponsor, in my opinion, put efforts to achieve the desired success to set an example to follow by other's.

Please keep on visiting the Forum for the required knowledge and sharing yours, for the success of others.

Be positive and successful !

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Free CSAs for new Astro Auction VIPs! in Compensation #Astro Auctions #CSA

3 days ago

Hello.. Mr. Zsolt K...

In my opinion, as soon as you would be able to earn the VIP Badge, the promised CSAs be made available to you immediately.

As your question, if you loose your Badge, the CSAs provided, be in your Genealogy to share your knowledge in the capacity of Co-sponsor to appreciate your earning handsomely.

However, as I feel, after earning the VIP Badge, one would love to maintain, moreover, put efforts to appreciate the same to Gold.

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Satisfaction ! in Recognition #Getting Started #Leadership #Rewardical

3 days ago

Hello.. Mr. Eduardo M...

Love to appreciate your rating SFIs Business at the height of success, gives pleasure to think, am part of this great Platform.

No doubt, SFIs Business, unique and interesting, helps to develop relations with affiliate friends all over the World, you are one of them, to learn and share the great knowledge and business opportunities for better success.

One can comfortably and confidently learn and earn at this Platform for life, if one is committed towards business, honestly and patiently.

Anyhow, you are doing good in SFIs Business, sound good to note, please accept by good wishes, and keep on maintaining the same efforts and also your opinion about SFIs which would help you to develop your team for the desired success in SFIs Business.

Positivity motivate one's to move for Success !

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HIDDEN - some words are misspelt. in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

3 days ago

Hello.. Ms. Right A...

Indeed, agree with you, respectfully. There are few words having different spellings because of English culture and practice of England and America. However, it's true that due to this we are loosing the opportunity to predict the word correctly, as we are supposed to follow the Hidden programs as tuned. But, it's also true, we do learn new spellings of many many words, which is quite interesting and useful to improve of knowledge bank.

Keep on participating into Hidden to earn more and more badges and points to reach at the height for earning the exclusive and prestigious Badge in SFIs Business which would also earn you Rewardicals.

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Prospects Are One Of The Most Important Things!!! in Getting Started #Getting Started

6 days ago

Respected Sir..

Strongly agree !

Prospect are the cause of success, as our presentation before them, sharing the relevant knowledge about the product, motivate them to join. If we are well prepared and able to share the perfect knowledge of the product, we can hope to add to the list of customers. However, just adding, not enough, we are also supposed to take care of their future needs for better relations and to extend the string of customers.

Thanks for your great knowledge..

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missing CSAs? in Team Building #CSA #Leadership #Team Building

6 days ago

Hello.. Me. Jimmy B...

Your concern for CSAs, absolutely, perfect. They are part of Team, moreover, the great tools to generate income. Also, we are, supposed to, take care of their well being.

The disappearance of CSAs from your Genealogy, in my opinion, in terms of SFIs Policy with regard to inactive PSAs/CSAs, that is, if the member remains inactive for a considerable period of time, that is, one year at present, the SFIs Administration feels good to remove that person from the Genealogy of Sponsor/Co-sponsor. However, it should be, and the SFIs Administration keeps on performing this process at their discretion/comfort.

Feel good to add, keeps on reminding the members, whomsoever you find in your Genealogy, RED FLAGGED, to log in, immediately to extend their Affiliate Membership for their bright future with SFIs Business.

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Getting Re-Started, A quick Jump in Getting Started #Getting Started #Rewardical #Team Building

7 days ago

Hello.. Me. John G...

Yours Welcome, with due respect. It's sound good to note that your love and trust upon SFIs Business, the cause of success. It's true that sincere efforts and trust are the basic tools for great success and you honestly put an example to follow for great success.

Your trust and motivation would help the SFIs family to perform better for the desired in SFIs Business.

Wishing for your great success in SFIs Business !

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Observing The Human Side Of Marketing. in Marketing #Marketing

7 days ago

Respected Sir..

Your suggestion and directions are quite Appreciable, however, feeling good to admit that people like you on this Forum are the reason to trust, whom are always taking care to share their experiences for the success of SFIs family. Feeling proud to part of your knowledge and experience, in the capacity of Forum Member.

Obliged, honestly..

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Suggestion for an EZ game. in Suggestion Box #Eager Zebra

7 days ago

Hello.. Mr. David J...

Everyone has privilege to suggest depending upon their taste and requirements, as such, your suggestion also needs to be considered. However, the Administration has the authority to consider your suggestion, if it would be in the interest of SFIs family and sound enough in larger interest, the Administration would be pleased to add.

Let's hope for favourable consideration.

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Free CSAs for new Astro Auction VIPs! in SFI News #Astro Auctions #Team Building

10 days ago

Thanks, Sir.

Absolutely the perfect step to motivate the Team, whom are the pillars of SFIs Business. This would, interestingly, . motivate the members to participate into Astro Auctions to secure VIP Badge, in turn, earning 100 CSAs free, to boost the income from SFIs Business and also to develop the Team for sure success as well.

Love to say, you are taking all the possible steps to flourish the SFIs Business at length which would not only help the SFIs family to feel blessed but also the development of bus would also helps to strengthen the Trust upon you and SIFs Business, which would ultimately add more and more members from all over the World to earn an honest and handsome income from internet business.

Positivity and Honesty are the great tools for successful business and life, you are strictly following this for development of SFIs Business wholeheartedly.

The Almighty takes care of Honest, always !

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TC Mastercard from payoneer in India #Compensation

11 days ago

Hello.. Ms. Sawni d...

Wish to share my knowledge that unless and until one has accumulated the commission to the tune of $20, one's not having the privilege to request for the issuance of Triple Clicks Prepaid Master Card through SFIs.

However, for your immediate knowledge, the link below would help you to understand all about the Master Card, the procedure and charges as well..

www.sfimg.com/Resources/Cash Card

Hope this would help you at length.

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What is the best way to use the hard earned Rewardicals? in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Rewardical

11 days ago

Hello.. Mr. Peeter K...

Yours Welcome to SFIs family, sincerely !

The following are the options available to redeem Rewardicals, you can choose the best to meet your requirements..

- for versa points, to achieve the status or to re-qualify for the status each and every month comfortably,
- for PSAs/CSAs to develop the team at length for generating income for life,
- for PRMs, the appreciable tool to earn versa points and Rewardicals on their purchase,
- for Bitcoin/Silver, the Commendable product, easily convertible to cash or to use for transfer buying, taking the option for payment, and
- finally, the cash option before you to use according to your requirements, as and when you feel.

Hope this would help you.

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ASTRO AUCTION in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

12 days ago

Hello.. Mr. Nabha Kumar C...

It's appreciable to note that you are interested to participate into Astro Auctions and taking interest to explore at length. Love to appreciate my learned friends whom have taken all the care to share with you, all the possible links available, to feel yourself comfortable and learned, to take note of basic of Astro Auctions.

I would request yourself, honestly, must go through all the links to learn the basic of Astro Auctions, however, it would be better, if you feel yourself comfortable to participate into Astro Auctions, just spending 1 TCredit, it would be surprising for you to note that not only you have learned all about Astro Auctions, from the very beginning, bidding to winning, but also have earned minimum 10 Rewardicals, moreover, also got the privilege to earn versa points, etc., depending upon your luck, just at the cost of 1 TCredit.

All the best !

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Paying methods in Suggestion Box #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

12 days ago

Hello.. Mr. Joachim M...

I appreciate your concern for the smooth functioning of business at your level, but, sorry to say, in my opinion it won't be possible. However, it's beyond my privilege to submit any reply to your suggestion whereas I duly respect your suggestion.

Feel good to add here that the other payment tools, like, Pay Pal, Master Card, or Local Pay, if you feel comfortable and possible.

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Withdraw of FORUM GURU Badge in Suggestion Box #Leadership

13 days ago

Hello.. Mr. Maclinear M...

Congratulations !

The achievement of Forum Guru Badge, indeed, Appreciation, SFIs taking note of your knowledge which you are sharing with your affiliate friends through Forum.

The learned friends have already shared with you all about Forum Guru Badge, like, the System of Selection, the basic rules and regulations and it's upkeep, absolutely, Appreciable.

Just coming to your concern that the Badge awarded stands withdrawn, it happens, not only with you, each and every member is part of this process whomsoever participating into Forum, including me.

The Panel authorize to qualify the member for Forum Guru Badge is honest and sincere in all the ways, takes note of sharing and also consider the vote's , respecting that Panel keeps on revising the list of Forum Guru's at random.

Please keep on sharing your knowledge for the success of affiliate members, however, as I feel that you would be awarded shortly the Forum Guru Badge, that would help you to feel happy and learned.

Best of journey with SFIs.

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Where to get more VersaPoints? in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

13 days ago

Hello.. Mr. Albert L...

The link to earn versa points through different tasks has already been shared with you, by the learned Forum members. Just determined yourself to earn versa points, performing at your pace.

However, if you wish to have more, besides above, determine yourself to..

- participate into Astro Auctions, just spending 1 TCredit, there is possibility of securing more and more Rewardicals which you can redeem for versa points besides versa points, if your luck favour you,
- participate into Card King, just spending 1 TCredit, you can secure versa points depending upon your luck,
- Localvantia is the best option, determine to avail of the services to earn Rewardicals,
- develop your Team at length, earning of Rewardicals by your PSAs/CSAs would help you to earn Rewardicals that can be redeemed for versa points,
- invite your friends and relatives to join you in the capacity of PRMs, every their purchase would help you to earn versa points and Rewardicals, and
- Transfer buying, be regular to visit Triple Clicks, order for the required items from there, to earn versa points and Rewardicals.

Hope this would help you, however, many ways to earn versa points, the Launch Pad would help you, keep on learning and exploring.

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Qualify EA before 10th and after 10th difference in Team Building #Compensation #PSA #Team Building

13 days ago

Hello.. Mr. Rupak D...

You have the privilege to qualify for the status at your convenience, there is no compulsion, at all.

As regards your query, if you would qualify for EA status, the difference of points as follows..

On Ist .. you would be honoured with Gold Ex Speedster Badge, 400 points
By 5th.. you would be honoured with Silver Ex Speedster Badge, 300 points
By 7th.. you would be honoured with Bronze Ex Speedster , 200 points and
After 10th only Badge with 100 points.

Hope this would help you.

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A small suggestion for RW tab... in Suggestion Box #Compensation #Rewardical

16 days ago

Hello.. Mr. Prabhakar S...

Thanks for the suggestion which would facilitate the members to plan their move to redeem the earned Rewardicals.

However, in my opinion, the Tab doesn't need any sort of modification, as you are also aware that all the related information to redeem the Rewardicals for the products, already Incorporated therein, as and when, one tab on the link to redeem the Rewardicals.

Moreover, accepting your suggestion, would compel to modify the software which needs time and energy besides enough time to authenticate the software for the required results.

Hope you won't mind, let the Administration have the privilege to perform their duties on priority in the interest of SFIs Business.

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Excellent improvement in Miscellaneous

17 days ago

Commendable !

The availability of confirmed information with regard to one's having TCredits and Rewardicals in hand at the right moment, also displaying the versa points earned on the date and time of the month, is quite interesting and appreciable.

It would not only save the time and energy but also limit the burden on exploring the useful and required information, using the different keys/links, time and again.

Thanks to SFIs Administration for giving the useful and authenticated information on the Homepage, the great help, ultimately save the presitizious time of members to utilize the same for learning and sharing with members in the interest of SFIs Business.

Indeed, the Commendable modification on the Homepage !

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I Have 124,100 RW Tokens. How Would Your Redeem Them? in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Rewardical #Team Building

18 days ago

Hello.. Mr. Tommie K...

Congratulations !

Having a good number of Rewardicals, 124,100 as on date, it indicates that you understand the value of Rewardicals and keep on collecting to use them at the right time, moreover, the great cause of feeling the happiness to become billionaire.

However, as you asked, the best way to use the Rewardicals, in my opinion, would love to redeem for..

- Bitcoin/Silver Bar, an appreciable investment into would be multiplied during the course of time a d also can be converted into cash at any time comfortably.

- Gift Certificate, to develop the team at length, would love to invest on determined and committed PSAs, to generate the handsome income for life.

- Redeem for cash, to motivate the team to put an example for them to follow, determined efforts and development of the business can be the great source of earning, participating into different properties of business can help to generate more and more avenues for earning Rewardicals which is basically the cash in hand, ultimately, be the comfortable monetary support for life.

To sum up, everyone has one's choice and dreams, better to use for the purpose, honestly.

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With 3,010 total VPs for December, why am I a EA? in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

19 days ago

Hello.. Mr. Anthony G...

As you disclosed, you are short of 465 sales versa points to achieve the status of BTL for the month of December. However, the laxity at your part, you were not sincere while visiting the Scoreboard Tab, SFIs taking all the care to keep us informed to perform immediate action for the desired success.

Anyhow, you still have enough time to fulfill your dreams, can honourably achieve the BTL status for the month of December. Just opt for transfer buying, order for digital product preferably, better to order for 5 TCredits, which would earn you 515 sales versa points immediately to earn you BTL status. But, your action be immediate and/or latest by 7th of January. Also, take care to submit an undertaking at the time of confirming your order that the versa points earned be added to the count of versa points for December month.

Congratulations, in advance, the SFIs Bronze Team Leader..

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New reeardical for cash can activate many affiliate s in Miscellaneous #Rewardical

20 days ago


The great step to extend the privilege to redeem Rewardicals earned for cash is, quite attractive and appreciable. This would help to create an active team, the reason being, as I feel..

- whom are looking for the cash in business immediately, be having the privilege to redeem Rewardicals earned for cash;
- to earn Rewardicals, even free, they have to log in and also to perform numerous actions, like, to participate into Daily Grand, Biz Quiz, etc.;
- to earn Rewardicals, determine to develop the team and also to share business with members, PSAs/CSAs/PRMs, they would be the cause of earning Rewardicals free, the great and comfortable tool to earn Rewardicals;
- when the new member would get interested into SFIs Business, learning all about, definitely would love to extend the business to earn more and more Rewardicals, extending the efforts to add Localvantia and R-ECA;
- this would also help the members to use the funds for transfer buying, ultimately, the active membership.

To sum up, the basic characteristic of the option, to redeem Rewardicals for cash, attract and motivate the members for active roll to develop the SFIs Business which would ultimately the great cause of earning, comfortably, for one and all.

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Over 4000 VP, no Silver Team Leader Badge in sight!! in Team Building #PSA #Sponsor #VersaPoints

21 days ago

Hello.. Ms. Maxine O...

I, sincerely, understand your concern. Not only you, including me, many of the members are part of your pain. We all are sailing in the same boat, looking for the active PSAs to achieve the next status.

It's, very much, Incorporated in the Comp Plan to achieve STL status, one must have 4000 versa points, minimum 1500 versa points from sales/purchase and 2500 action versa points and one sponsored BTL, whereas no weightage is given to team of CSAs.

As such, unless and until, you have one sponsored BTL, sorry, you can't achieve the status of STL despite having the count of versa points for the status.

Best to keep on developing your team, sponsoring more and more PSAs, looking for the active PSAs to fulfill your dream.

Keep patience and determined efforts to achieve the desired success, always.

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What is the best way to use Rewardical Tokens? in Miscellaneous #Rewardical #TCredits #VersaPoints

27 days ago

Hello.. Mr. Jaswant S...

There are numerous options available to redeem Rewardicals depending upon the utility of choice, versa points, TCredits, PSAs, CSAs, PRMs and many more, as you feel good.

The best to use for versa points to re-qualify for the status each and every month to complete the count for the status.

If you are interested to develop your team, redeem for PSAs, else the second thought to have CSAs.

If interested to earn commission and Rewardicals, the best to redeem for PRMs.

Bitcoin, awesome option, can be used any time for Transfer buying.

Hope this would help you to plan your strategy to have the best use of Rewardicals.

If nothing sound you good, keep on collecting, till the date of expiry, whereas date is not notified, however, the time period of one year from the date of introduction, as per my knowledge bank.