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Inactive CSA's, PSA's and PRM's from rewardical redemption in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Rewardical

15 hours ago

Just because a CSA'S, PSA's you redeemed through rewardicals is inactive now does not mean they will always be inactive. This is a numbers game. You have to understand that concept. you are not the only one who redeemed CSA'S, PSA's from rewardicals that are inactive, So Instead you posting in the forum how unhappy you are to have them,

You should finding the "one percent" that WANT to build a business by doing the following

1 Send out some E-Cards to your PSAs and CSAs every week

2 Send out a newsletter to your PSAs and CSAs by updating them the latest info about the SFI programs

"All great masters are chiefly distinguished by the power of adding a second, a third, and perhaps a fourth step in a continuous line. Many a man has taken the first step. With every additional step you enhance immensely the value of your first."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Now it is YOUR JOB to be active and always available for them so that if any one show up and ask any question. You can provide the answer to them immediately.

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GETTING STARTED in Team Building #Getting Started

1 day ago

I must congratulate you for achieving EA this month already and also welcome you the SFI forum where you learn everyday in order to grow your business.

I am just in love with the mindset you have in understanding those basics things we all need to do in order to build our business and grow our team as well.

This getting started button is very powerful tools that can guide every new affiliate in good directions and by working toward continuously, Success will been sure.

Thanks, P A ! For sharing this great idea about training our mindset toward the business, just keep it up and I wish you great success ahead.

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20 PSA in Team Building

1 day ago

I think that will been the decision of SFI management team to make, if the they will considering those affiliate who can not lay their hands of the 20 or more PSAs at once BUT as for this moment you have to focus your mind toward the 20 or more PSAs.

This is really a great promo offer pack, PSA at $.89 each, We need to encourage our downline toward this special promo pack.

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Commissions in Sales #Leadership #Team Building

1 day ago

Team Overrides

With SFI's powerful Team Overrides, you earn 4% on up to 12 dynamically compressed levels!

"Dynamic compression" means you can earn rich override commissions infinitely deep in your group because any generation in a line not represented by a Team Leader is automatically passed over ("compressed")
Here's the breakdown:

If you're a Bronze Team Leader, you'll earn 4% of all CV on 6 compressed generations.

In short, the higher your rank, the deeper in your organization you can earn. Learn more about dynamic compression and view an illustration of how it works HERE.

Earnings Example: You've built a group that now has 500 active affiliates in your first 20 generations, all of which you earn Team Overrides on due to dynamic compression. The average CV is $35. You earn $700 in Team Overrides (4% x $35 x 500).

And for those your CSAs, you will earn the following

Earn 8% of CV on their purchases
Earn 1 Rewardical for every 25 they earn


So if their earning is not showing up in your Scoreboard, that means both your CSAs and Gen 2-12 have not purchase/buy anything.

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SFI 20th Anniversary Special offer in Team Building

1 day ago

Hello Sead... The PSAs for the special price of just $.89 each is working perfectly well, It stated like this,

Buy 20 or more PSAs for the special price of just $.89 each!

Each PSA purchased also earns you 23 VP and 10 Rewardicals (so 20 PSAs gets you 460 VP and 200 Rewardicals)!

If you are buying less than 20 PSAs it will not work, you need to buy above 20 or PSAs before you can proceed.

I bought 20 PSAs 4 days ago and they just start arriving one after the other now and I am serious working on them to see if I can get them into the business.

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deduction of clue point in Hidden in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

1 day ago

Please take notice of the following and it stated in Hidden games HERE

The blue Clue button provides a RANDOM hint (it will either display another letter or give you another word hint) and costs one (1) Clue. while
The green Clue button allows you to choose the next letter you want revealed. Revealing a LETTER costs two (2) Clues.

This happened sometime when you are trying to guess and your cursor or pointed mistaking touch one of those button and you will surprise that clues is deducted,It usually happened to me sometime.

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What Does A Team Leader Do??? in Marketing #Marketing

2 days ago

Wonderful and great thread about what a team leader should do to his PSA and CSA in building up his own business. I just want to add the following steps.

Team Leader should be available for any assistance PSAs need, and answer all questions within 24 hours--sooner if possible.
Team Leader should make sure their PSAs have checked out the actions outlined on their Affiliate Center's To-Do List and assist them as they proceed through these steps.
Team Leader should set a good example by maintaining their EA status...ideally with a minimum 1500 VP Auto-Delivery.
Team Leader should follow the guidelines of The Diamond Plan in constructing their teams HERE

Thanks, Bruce Harper ! For sharing this wonderful thread with us all.

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Catalyst badge in Sales #Auto-Delivery #PSA #Sales

2 days ago

Exactly that is just the description of the badge and it worth earning, the more mark you earn the more benefits it come.

Special Bonus: Who will be the first affiliate to earn the "CATALYST CLUB Elite Member" badge? The race is on! And just to add a little extra energy to that race, we're going to award 50,000 Rewardicals to the winner.

*How marks are scored for the "CATALYST CLUB" badge: Each 100% CV Direct Commission you earn (maximum one per PSA) scores you one mark. Score two more marks (three total marks) if a minimum 1200 VP Auto-Delivery is included.


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Congratulations E365 Champion Nico Grobler ! in Recognition

2 days ago

Congratulations on achieving the title of the SFI E365 champion, Nico !
Your hard work, persistence and perseverance has finally been paid-off, truly there is no shortcut to success and I Congratulate you on a brilliant success and for finally getting to see your dreams come true.

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My scoreboard in Marketing #VersaPoints

2 days ago

2,425 VP are total amount of VPs earn by your PSAs this month already and it worth +10.4%

0 NSA VP, simply means that your (generations 2-12) have not earn any VP in this month

0 CSA VP, simply means that your CSAs have not earn any VP this month

So the total amount of VP you earn so far this month is 2,425 VP and it worth (+10.4%)

Hope this help you.

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November Badge Quest winners in Ask Gery #Contests #Rewardical #TripleClicks

2 days ago

I think since the badges quest are separated into two (SFI Badges quest and TC badges quest) and most affiliate won both Bounty pot, I do believe that is why each 40 lucky winners name are not announced.

But if you have a share on the bounty pot at the end of November, you might received your own share on the 1st day of December because I got my own share in bounty pot on 1st of December.

Each of the bounty pot winners can not been separated and that is why the combinations of both badges quest bounty pot.

Last month, SFI Affiliates and Members received 20,817,532 Rewardicals from our Biz Quiz, Daily Grand, Daily Crown, and Badge Quest contests HERE

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Super Nova Win in Recognition #Astro Auctions

2 days ago

That is just the blessing of Astro auctions, it can surprise you anytime when you did not except the blessing.

WE only need to pray for more blessing on the time everyday by spending at least 1 TCredit.

A big congratulations for such big rewardicals, just playing and I wish you more winning.

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How do I transfer VersaPoints? in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

2 days ago

Every new SFI affiliate who unable to earn 1500 VP before the month end, their VP will automatically transfer on the 1st of the next month and if any new affiliate achieve 1500 VP, their VP will become ZERO and he/she will start collecting VP again.

While any SFI affiliate who have spend more than 1 month in SFI and unable to earn 1500 VP, their VP will been transfer on the 9th of next month after backdating grace period. (Backdating periods btw 1st to 8th).

Clarifications on new VersaPoints automatic transfer rules, Check HERE

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Do You Miss Spin&Win ? in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

2 days ago

I do believe you wouldn't tell me that this is not free VP but it is absolutely free and you can use to get the free VP you want per month without thinking of Spin and win contest.

Develop your mindset toward T-TIME contest and if you lucky to win 2 TCredits, you can use them to bid in Astro/pricebenders auctions or play any EZ games, Each TCredit spent you will earn 10 Rewardicals, exchange your 20 Rewardicals to VP and you earn FREE 6 VP.

This is the method I am using to get my free VP Since Spin and Win contest have discontinued. You can use it too.

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Use KeyCode, with your JMT Gateway! :) in Marketing #Marketing

3 days ago

Thanks, Ria ! For sharing this great and wonderful tips on how to add KC to any respective SFI/ TC post on our personal blog of Blogger.com, Thsi is really a great one and I want to appreciate you for sharing it with us.

Using our JMT Gateway is really the best because it defined who you are and the kind of business you are doing with that affiliate company you are advertising, I do use it sometimes but not always.

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Where is the promised replacement of Spin & Win ? in Miscellaneous

3 days ago

Maybe Mr Gery and SFI management teams are working for something good for us all, remember that Mr Gery know what is the best for his affiliate and he will do all means to fulfill what he promised.

No affiliate can survive in SFI business without having patient and determination and that is what we all need.

Patience is the key to success and breakthrough to freedom.

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saying goodbye to my csas in Getting Started

3 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Congratulations E365 Champion Mohd Azahari Isa! in Recognition

4 days ago

Congratulations on achieving the title of the SFI E365 champion, Mohd Azahari!
Your hard work, persistence and perseverance has finally been paid-off, truly there is no shortcut to success and I Congratulate you on a brilliant success and for finally getting to see your dreams come true.

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Pricebenders Auctions! in Pricebenders #Pricebenders

4 days ago

Yes you are right Dusica, It Might been a technical issues or maintenance problem, We just have to wait till it come back. Pricebenders auctions will definitely come back.

This is what Mr Gery said about Pricebenders auctions

As long as enough affiliates continue bidding (which makes Pricebenders feasible), we'll keep Pricebenders going!

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Why Localvantia doesn't work in Getting Started #Localvantia #Rewardical

4 days ago

NOTE! If you’ve chosen or are only qualified to just pre-register merchants, without taking on Account Manager duties (eligible to EAs and above), follow steps 1 through 3 below and ignore Step 4.

Here's how to pre-register your Localvantia merchants:

1 Visit your favorite merchant(s).
2 Take a good picture of their storefront.
3 Go to www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/lv_prereg and complete the pre-registration form for the merchant and upload the photo you took.
4 Send out your invitation letter and accompanying brochures to get your merchants formally on board with Localvantia. LEARN MORE.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Jasmina Stojkovic! in Recognition

5 days ago

Congratulations on achieving the title of the SFI E365 champion, Jasmina ! On your 1st SFI Anniversary Day and for your superb E365 Champion achievement.

Your hard work, persistence and perseverance has finally been paid-off, truly there is no shortcut to success and I Congratulate you on a brilliant success and for finally getting to see your dreams come true.

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Astro Austions in Ask Gery

5 days ago

To been Astro VIP qualify you must have to bid at least 60 auctions within 30 days

You can simply check your Astro DASHBOARD to see Auctions you've participated in during last 30 days and how many auctions you need to participated this week in order to stay qualified for VIP.

You can take a look at your Bid History by clicking at View Bid History and the numbers of auctions you have bids so far this month.

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Rewardical adds enhanced support for Shopify stores! in SFI News #Rewardical

5 days ago

I can't wait to been hit up with the future announcements about this development. I an really eagerly to know more.

Thanks, Mr Gery ! For this wonderful With easy integration with the Rewardical loyalty/rewards program for Shopify merchants, shopping choices can increase exponentially. Indeed, over 600,000 online sellers use the Shopify platform and can now instantly add Rewardical support to attract and retain customers.

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Last Minute (Days) To Get Your Speedster Badge ! in Team Building #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

5 days ago

Addition to what Ana B have said so far, There are still four good ways of earning this badges within the 10th days if you are really serious in building your own business with your team as well because your team will following your footstep.

1 Set up Auto-Delivery of 125 TCredits pack, The pack will give 125 TCREDITS+1500 VP+ 32 RW, you will earn the Executive Speedster badge immediately.

2 Redeemed your rewardicals to VP direct, If you can redeemed up to 1500 VP from your rewardicals now, you will earn the Executive Speedster badge.

3 Try as much as possible to win TCredits Subscription -- 125 TCredits pack for 3 months (includes 4,500 Sales VersaPoints!) In Astro auctions. this give you 125 TCredits+1500 VP to qualify every month within that 3 months and Executive Speedster badge is sure, that means you don't need to fight of setting up AD again and you don't need to redeemed your RW to VP in order to earn Executive Speedster badge again.

4 Try as much as possible to earn a new level in both badges quest contest every month, by advancing into a new level in any of the badges quest contest will enable to earn the prizes of that level and you can convert the rewardicals you will earn into VP and that is another level of earn Executive Speedster badge.

Note: This Executive Speedster badge is for every month to month, That means we need to earn this badge every month by re-qualify as EA between 1st to 10th of every month.

Go for it, don't miss it because it have a lots to do toward your SFI badges quest points.

Thanks, Ana B ! For sharing this with us all, Just keep up the good work.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Dejana Stupar! in Recognition

6 days ago

Congratulations, Dejana! On your 1st SFI Anniversary Day and for your superb E365 Champion achievement.
Truly there is no shortcut to success! Congratulations on a brilliant success and for finally getting to see your dreams come true.