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Gift Cards! in Getting Started #Rewardical #Sales #TCredits

4 hours ago

Here is the link, www.tripleclicks.com/tcsearch/search:TC+Gift+Certificate/

Yes, You can buy any Gift Certificate amount and use it at your own benefits, the amount of Gift Certificate will be available here for you too, www.sfimg.com/Resources/GiftCertificateManager

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AA clarification about Returned Bids in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

5 hours ago

You did not Choose how many of your TCredits you wish to receive Constellation Prizes on, You lift it with the 50 TCredits and that is why you get 503 Rewardicals.

There is no way you can use 50 TCredits to win auction of 200 TCredits, except auction Junior auctions.

(Repaired typo - moderator)

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Who gets the VP? in VersaPoints #TCredits

11 hours ago

Have you try it once and see that they will not get all the TCredit, VP and Rewardicals?

TCredit Pack is what I use to assist my team Member(1Gen) to reach EA rank and They get all TCredit, VP and Rewardicals.

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Who gets the VP? in VersaPoints #TCredits

14 hours ago

Purchasing TCredits pack to help your team member(1Gen) is the best way to speed up your team member VPs, The reason is that sending them Gift Certificate, They might not use it to what you want them to use the G.C for, they may decided to use it on their own way.

But you purchase the TCredits pack to any them, They will get both VP+TCredit and the Rewardicals attached with the TCredit pack but 20% CV +1 Rewardicals for every 10 Rewardicals earn by them will still come to you again.

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New win limits for TCredits auctions in SFI News #Astro Auctions #Pricebenders #TCredits

3 days ago

Wow ! I love this introduction of win limit both Pricebenders and Astro Auctions in all products, This is hits opportunity we are waiting for, To get our share and become Astro auctions as well.

Thank to Mr Gery and SFI team management staff for this wonderful and great info, may you all remains blessed.

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Question on Payoneer card in Compensation #Sales #VersaPoints

3 days ago

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Attention, SFI Leaders Please! in Suggestion Box #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

3 days ago

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New Second Home CSAs - Why? in Miscellaneous #CSA

4 days ago

Just because a CSA is inactive now does not mean they will always be inactive. This is a numbers game. You have to understand that concept. Team leaders are given these CSA's for a reason. Instead of posting in the forum how unhappy you are to have them, find the "one percent" that WANT to build a business. I have hundreds of currently inactive CSA's. I also have CSA's who are EA, and TL rankings. Recently, a few "sleeping" CSA's started working again. Maybe the last co-sponsor could not or did not communicate with them.

Now it is YOUR JOB to be active and available for them. It must be very discouraging to someone who sees their sponsor or co-sponsor being negative in the forum. Try to remember that THEY are also reading this. Just change your mindset back to a team leader mindset and be an awesome sponsor!

The Second Home CSAs are given to us in proportion to our status, not as a reward for that status, but because we have shown that we have a certain level of leadership, and these people certainly need leadership, at least those who have low VP counts. Their original co-sponsors failed them in one way or another. We know this, otherwise they wouldn't be a second home CSA. If they have very low vp, then either they need help in some way, or their sponsor and co-sponsor could not help them. So it is our turn to give back to SFI and try to guide these CSAs into activity. We may succeed with some. It may take months.


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Badges points .. in Eager Zebra #Contests #Eager Zebra #Leadership

4 days ago

No Badge Quest points for these, too easy to cheat by getting advance move guidance from friends. Play these for the fun of the daily and/or weekly challenge to best other players.

This is what Mr Gery said about the daily/weekly challenge badges for zackjack and
grandmaster poker games.

Get more info here. www.sfimg.com/forum/thread?post_id=1378020#post-1378020

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i want to redeem rewardical tokens for versapoints in VersaPoints #Eager Zebra #Rewardical

4 days ago

There is absolutely nothing happened to the rewardicals page, I just redeemed some of my Rewardicals to TCredits which I use to play games now.

Maybe you did not do it well, Here you go.

Click this link and click on any of the item you want redeemed, If it is VP, click on VP button.


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Uber-pick badge in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

4 days ago

That was a nice and great way of earning free Rewardicals from Eager Zebra, it well encouraging.

Just keep up the good of the games, Other will following through this your excitement and a big congratulations to you.

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Astro Auctions in Recognition #Astro Auctions

5 days ago

That was a lots of Rewardicals won, redeeming them into VP, can speed you up towards achieving an EA status.

Very good one, keep it up and a big congratulations to you.

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Does it matter... in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

5 days ago

It's does not matter at what stage you enter your bidding, You may enter at Boarding stage you still have the chances to win any of those prizes.

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Diagonal Alert Banner in Astro Auctions

8 days ago

This is what Mr Gery said about those doubting the merits of this new feature, think about it this way

With this, I think we all are good to go, No stopping until you become highest bidding in any auctions.

Let us embrace this new feature and see how effective it will look like, The new feature really look great.

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How to use matches and moves in Eager Zebra #Astro Auctions #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

8 days ago


As you’re playing a game, you can discard (“burn”) up to five cards that you don’t think will help you build the poker hands you’re after. Your first two “burns” for each game are free (with a maximum of 20 free burns per day). Each non-free burn costs 1 TCredit or 1 “Match” (packs of Matches may be purchased between games and are less expensive than TCredits).

During a game, you can also move up to five cards to help you build the poker hands you’re after. Your first Move for each game is free (with a maximum of 10 free Moves per day). Each non-free move costs 1 TCredit or 1 “Move” (packs of Moves may be purchased between games and are less expensive than TCredits).


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What is a2a and how to access a2a? in Getting Started #Getting Started

8 days ago

a2a it simply means (Affiliate to Affiliate)

Short for "Affiliate To Affiliate." SFI's affiliate communication program. With a2a, you can search, browse, and exchange messages with ANY SFI affiliate; identify SFI affiliates in your own country, state/province, or even city; search by gender, age, join date, common goals, and more, or by any combination but right now a2a site is still under maintenance.

We just have to wait till the a2a site come up again.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Henry Okoh! in Recognition

8 days ago

Congratulations to you Henry Okoh on this, your 1st SFI Anniversary Day and for your superb E365 Champion achievement.
Truly there is no shortcut to success! Congratulations on a brilliant success and for finally getting to see your dreams come true. You have proved that you are destined for greater things in SFI and life generally.

Congratulations E365 Champion Henry Okoh!

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Oh, my HIDDEN!!! 143 :) in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

8 days ago

A big congratulations to you, Ria! Just keep up the good works of HIDDEN Games by playing and scoring high every day. You can become one of the top 10 for this month and win your a brand new T-shirt or What do you think of that?

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New Astro Auction High Bid feature in SFI News #Astro Auctions

9 days ago

Everything is worth trying for, So let try and see how it will works because I am seeing great competitive bidding in auctions of their choice.

As the name imply, The current high bid featuring are meant for the higher bidding and not for those below 50 TCredits.

Thanks, Mr Gery ! For adding this wonderful feature current high bid in the astro auctions.

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Do i need to become an EA before i can get a PSA of my own ? in Getting Started #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

9 days ago

Hello bullem, You are highly welcome to great SFI business and forum as well.

There is big and great different between PSA and PRM here, Take a look at the following.

PSA (Personally Sponsored Affiliate)

An affiliate you personally brought into the SFI program and to whom you are responsible for providing leadership and support.

PRM (Personally Referred Member)

A person you refer--who is NOT an SFI Affiliate--who signs up at a Zing Network property (i.e., TripleClicks.com, Rewardical.com, etc.). For tips on personally referring members and generating sales, www.sfimg.com/Resources/Refer

If you want to get people under you, Get them, FREE" Gateway, NGRQ "No Get Rich Quick" Gateway, JMT "Join My Team" Gateway, Testimonials Gateway and Skeptic-Buster" Gateway. Anybody who signup through this gateway will become your PSA.

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Which is the best Astro Auction and why? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Getting Started #Leadership

9 days ago

The best auction that can get you closed to the winner is Junior auctions, Junior auctions are based on the TCredits you have in your account and disallows participation by those with large TCredits balances, helping to make Junior auctions easier to win for less aggressive bidders.

But my advice to you, Use 1 or 2 TCredit per auctions, there is a possibility that your of winning many Constellation Prizes from each TCredit spent than using all the 20 TCredits at once.

When you use the 20 TCredits at once, sometimes you might earn 200 or more Rewardicals but sharing your 20 TCredits across the auctions, there is a possibility that you can earn up to 300-500 Rewardicals.

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New TripleClicks homepage in SFI News #Sales #TripleClicks

9 days ago

The redesigned TripleClicks.com homepage is really look great and wonderful, it featuring all ASTRO AUCTIONS, EAGER ZEBRA GAMES, PRICEBENDERS AUCTIONS and MARKETPLACE.

I just love the structure how TripleClicks.com homepage look like.

I can't wait to see more are featuring them.

Thank Mr Gery for this wonderful info.

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How to make fast money as an SFI affiliate? in Getting Started #Astro Auctions #CSA #VersaPoints

10 days ago

How much money can I make?

The bottom line is you'll get out of your business what you put into it. It works...if you do. But that's the beauty of it, too; you are in control—it's up to you how far you take it. And don't forget, SFI offers the opportunity to earn residual income. This basically means that for the work you do just today, you have the potential to earn money not only for today but also for potentially years to come.

To learn more about the SFI compensation plan, see www.sfimg.com/Reference/CompPlan

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How Can We Help Them? in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

12 days ago

The truth is that most new signup affiliate for this programs don't like to read and study the main basic knowledge and they want to earn money immediately, I think that is not possible.

I will advance you to always refer them to this get started pages so that they can choose the one they want to follow.


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Fully observe about SFI Compensation Plan in Compensation #Leadership #Marketing #Sales

12 days ago

Thanks, P K R! For sharing this great and wonderful information about the compensations plan. The info are very useful both new and old affiliate.

Keep up the good work of SFI business.