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Michael A.


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Can I replace 1200 Rewardikals for $ 2 in Getting Started #Compensation #Rewardical #Sales

1 day ago

That is not possible, You must have up to 3,000 Rewardical tokens first before you can redeemed them to Gift Certificate and the minimum Gift certificate to be redeemed by your 3,000 Rewardical is $5.

I will advice you to accumulate your Rewardical up to 3,000 or more first before you should exchange them either to Gift Certificate, TCredit, VP or any others of your choice.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Christopher Guli! in Recognition

1 day ago

I celebrating you victory today as the champion of E365 and i wish to congratulate you for a job well done.
What take to become a champion in this SFI business is your Time, Focus, Hard work, commitment, Persistence, Determination, and dedication throughout a year to awarded this very great honor as E365 Championship.

Congratulations E365 Champion Christopher Guli!

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Thank you Support! in Miscellaneous #Auto-Delivery #TripleClicks

1 day ago

Very sorry for the loss of your father, you just have to take heart as man and keep going, It really painful to loss someone that is dear to you, May the Lord almighty gives you the heart to bears the loss.

I condolences to you and your family and may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

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Training Our PSAs By Leading, Rather Than By Pushing in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #PSA

1 day ago

Wonderful and great post from you, Isaac!, We only need to open our hand to received our new signup affiliate.

TRAINING ARTICLE: Keeping New Affiliates From Becoming Overwhelmed, This article is written by Yank Elliott.

Much is being said in the SFI Affiliate Center Forum about how few newly sponsored affiliates actually get active with their businesses. This is a real problem; based on my own experience, only about 2% of new PSAs will do anything. Many acquire 10 to 100 VP, and then just fade away. Why is this? And what can we, as SFI leaders, do to turn this around?


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Get PSAs/CSAs & PRMs Active & Enjoy D Power of Duplication in Team Building #Leadership #Localvantia #Team Building

1 day ago

This is a powerful message on how to Get PSAs/CSAs & PRMs Active & Enjoy D Power of Duplication.

Allowing your PSA's to duplicating your actions, such as sponsoring new affiliates, making sales, mentoring prospective leaders, etc. If you can achieve a high degree of "duplication" in your organization, you can "be in a hundred places at one time" and able to grow your business rapidly through the efforts of others. he fact is, you don't need to sponsor tons of affiliates to be successful. Rather, you simply need to sponsor a handful of good people who DUPLICATE what you do.

Yes, regularly sponsoring new affiliates is very important, but it should not be 100% of what you do. At least 50% of your time and effort should be spent working with those who you've already sponsored, teaching them how to do what you do.

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What is the benefit of being an executive affiliate every month? in Getting Started #Auto-Delivery #Sponsor

1 day ago

When you look at the BENEFITS CHART, you will all the benefits attached with Executive Affiliate every month.

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Exchange Rate in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #TCredits #TripleClicks

1 day ago

I think the exchange rate is 1 Venezuelan Bolívar equals 0.000010 US Dollar

You can simply post this thread in your region to get immediate answer.

Use the following link to find your location,

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Place 1 ad in multiple places with 1 click in Marketing #Marketing #PSA #TripleClicks

1 day ago

I just want to say a big thanks to you, Zhumagul A! For sharing this wonderful and great post with us. It really look like you are guru in placing free ads advertising both Facebook and twitter account,

I have already bookmark this great information and I will try to use it to build my own too, Nice to learn from you and please do keep it up the good work.

Wishing you greater success ahead both SFI business and Life Generally.

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problem with linking my uba debit mastercard in Nigeria

2 days ago

You can simply a send to the Paypal customers services asking them if you can link your UBA Debit Card to paypal account.

There are the only way to find out.

Hope that help you.

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Entries Daily Crown in Eager Zebra

2 days ago

Daily Crown winners are chosen by random. Each day’s Daily Crown drawing winners will be published on the WINNERS page HERE after midnight CT each day. All Rewardicals are automatically awarded to the Member’s Rewardical account within 24 hours. Notifications will be sent to the Member’s registered account email address. Each entrant is responsible for monitoring his/her email account for winning notification and receipt or other communications related to this drawing.

Maximum of ONE win per day, and a maximum of TEN wins in any 30-day period.

So forget that if you do not win today, you might win tomorrow.

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Vacation mode in Miscellaneous

2 days ago

Can I preserve my VP streak if I go on vacation or am unable to access the Affiliate Center for a few days?

Absolutely! If you're going on vacation, have a family emergency, or experience any other disruption, you can preserve your VP streak and not have to begin your count over. Just go to your MyAccount index and select the "On" option in the VP Streak Vacation Mode section. Turning on Vacation Mode will remove one day from your streak each day this mode is enabled, so be SURE to turn it off when you return!

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Payment in bhutan in Miscellaneous #Compensation

2 days ago

What are the available payment options at TripleClicks?

Wish you all the best.

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These have been happening to me recently in Miscellaneous

2 days ago

Hello Ebuka !
Anytime you online maybe you want to chat with any of your downline that is online or you want to see those of your PSA's or CSA's that is online at that particular time, you can simply go to the Genealogy and click on the following.

Choose the "online now" filter on your genealogy to see all who are online currently so that you can chat with them.

Maybe you forget to noticed that there is a chat message for you before you logout, next time make sure you check the chat icon on your Alert page whether it is yellow or white.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Stephen Bennett! in Recognition

2 days ago

To be a champion, I think you have to see the big picture. It's not about winning and losing; it's about every day hard work, Time, Focus, commitment, Persistence, Determination, dedication and about thriving on a challenge. It's about embracing the pain that you'll experience at the end of a race and not being afraid but you make it.

Congratulations on achieving the title of SFI E365 Champion and It is a great honour of becoming Champion of the class.
I wish you greater success ahead, remain bless.

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Paid or free advert? in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

2 days ago

I don't have time to do free advertising. What are the best paid advertising options?

Which is more effective--paid or free advertising--and why?

Which is best, free or paid advertising?

A Small Guide To Free Advertising, www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?catid=26444&id=232661

All this can help you to understand which one is best for you, But as to me, I prefer both.

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It is important to be social on Social media. in Marketing #Contests #Marketing #Sales

2 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Sorry! Practice Does Not Make Perfect! in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started

2 days ago

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. Helen Keller

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Question on RECA restrictions of products to sell. in ECA Program #ECA

2 days ago

Q: Can anyone who sells products online become an ECA at Rewardical?
Yes, so long as they have a qualified website and they’re not selling prohibited products (e.g. guns).

Q: What do you mean by a “qualified website?”
You can’t just have an affiliate link, for example. To be listed in the Rewardical search engine, you have to have your own website where you sell from.

Q: Is it possible to set up my own e-commerce site for FREE?
Yes, though unless you are savvy with both technology and graphics, you’re likely going to be happier and have more success with a site hosted by a third party company that specializes in e-commerce websites.

I think there the same restrictions.

You can get more info about Mr Gery responses here, www.sfimg.com/forum/thread?id=114105&sfiid=21505

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How to gain more points for requalification in Getting Started #VersaPoints

2 days ago

Set up Auto-Delivery of 125 TCredits pack, you will automatically requalified as EA again with 1500VP. or You can make sales from SFI/TC/R-ECA products and even Localvantia merchants.

What are the best actions to focus on?

The ones that create income for you of course! A good place to start, of course, is your To-Do List (www.sfimg.com/Home?tab=to-do_list). Start earning money by accumulating VersaPoints, increase your earnings by referring TripleClicks Members, earn even more by sponsoring SFI affiliates, becoming a Team Leader, and creating duplication. Then, add supplemental income streams. For more information, see this LaunchPad Lesson.

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New, new recods in Recognition #Eager Zebra

2 days ago

A big congratulations to you, Nada! For scoring 2,459 points in Grand master poker games.

Just keep playing, a lots of success are coming your way.

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Advertising or PSA Packages? in Getting Started

2 days ago

You are highly welcome to this SFI program and the forum as well.

I will advice you to use both, you can advertise in any of the social media through your free gateways and if you decided to invests in PSA packages which is still good.

You may not know which one might favour you intents of build up your own team and growing your income.

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12 or 24 ? in Getting Started #Rewardical #TCredits

2 days ago

You will only get 12 TCredits not 22 TCredits.
Remember that when you achieve EA rank, you will get 10 TCredits+ 2 CSAs and also have a share in the Executive pool, likewise the BTL rank, you will earn 12 TCredits + 12 CSAs, you will have a share in executive pool+ matching VP from all your CSAs too.

I'm not get 12 CSA for become BTL each month, so where do you have that from?
See Image below from CSA Ledger, as BTL 3 CSA, as DTL 10 CSA, so no rank gives 12 CSA

Best regards

Not sure...but, maybe he is talking about this:

To become a BTL you need at least 1500 Sales VPs...and when you get them,
you become a Booster Club Member and you get 10 CSAs...add to this those
2 CSA for becoming EA...but, there are usually more of them... and you get another
one for the BTL rank, too... and I am talking about CSA Rewards...NOT Second Home

You are absolutely right Tanja ! I didn't even include the 1 CSA you get when you achieve BTL status.

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Is recruitment necessary during the first month of membership? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

2 days ago

A big congratulations to you, Mamerto ! for achieving EA status within 7 days here and also want to welcome you to SFI and the forum as well, It look like you have the business in your heart and your heart in the business.

Base on the question you asked, I think that depend on you, you can invests on new PSA's while still learning how the program works or you can learn and understand the program first before investing.

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how to re -qualified as executive affiliate in Getting Started

3 days ago

Where can I see an accounting of all actions I've done to date and when and what points were awarded to me?

This information is provided for you on your personal VP Ledger at www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/MyReports/VPLedger.

According to the Benefits Chart, the commissions and benefits really kick in at the 1,500 point level. Should that be my goal—to have 1,500 points every month?

In a word, yes! You should definitely aspire to have a minimum of 1,500 points each month. In addition to earning substantial commissions, achieving 1,500 points also gives you the prestigious title of Executive Affiliate. But don't stop there. Even more benefits and larger commissions can be yours by reaching ever higher point totals. For more on this, see "Taking It To The Next Level" LaunchPad Lesson.


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A question from my PSA in Sales #TripleClicks

3 days ago

Tell your PSA to write to support team in respect to that question, I think there are the only people who can give answer whether there is or not.

Are there any restrictions on products I can sell at TripleClicks?, www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?id=20742&referrer=search