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TCredits in Nigeria #TCredits

3 days ago

Hello Janet,

10 ways to get TCredits
Here are all the different ways you can acquire "mighty" TCredits:

1. Automatically receive up to 24 Bonus TCredits each month, depending on your rank.

2. Purchase TCredits at TripleClicks, in various bundle sizes, for as little as $0.29 apiece. Note: Earn VersaPoints with every TCredit purchase!

3. Win TCredits "Zackpots" playing Eager Zebra games at TripleClicks (includes Time Machine, Uber-Picks, Card King, and Pick The Price)

4. Win TCredits bidding on TCredits Packs at Pricebenders Auctions

6. Win TCredits daily in the T-Time Hourly Drawing at TripleClicks.

7. You may be eligible to receive TCredits from your SFI sponsor via a TripleClicks Transfer (check with your sponsor).

8. You can earn up to one free Bonus TCredit per dollar spent for a TCD (TripleClicks Direct) item when paying with Bitcoin.

9. You can have one FREE TCredit instantly added to your account by sending a postcard to the SFI/TC Corporate Office. There is a limit of one TCredit from a postcard credited per customer per day. Please include your name and SFI ID number or e-mail address on the postcard and mail it to.

Courtesy :

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Congratulations E365 Champion Ngozi Egwuonwu! in Recognition

3 days ago

Congratulations Ngozi for emerging the E365 champion of your class, you have done so well to emerge as the champion.

Just keep it up in all your future endeavours in SFI

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Making Purchases with Rewardicals in Western Africa

6 days ago

Hello Chinonso,

Orders take between four weeks to one month to arrive depending on the country of origin.
As well it will be difficult for us to know the information you supplied about your contact .

If it exceeds one month, then send a ticket to SFI support team. they will surely assist you.

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Spin and win in Nigeria #Leadership #TCredits #Team Building

6 days ago

Hello George,

I do not honesty believe that Affiliates are not playing or participating in Spin and Win games this is because I regularly play and I always encourage my down lines to participate and they appreciate me for encouraging them.

Moreover, I read from forum about the successes of affiliates who regularly participate , so I want to encourage you to encourage those you think that do not participate to start participating and it is free and helps to promote our success.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Jacquilene Ives! in Recognition

6 days ago

Congratulation the new E365 champion of your class, you have done so well because it is not easy to emerge as class champion.

Just keep it and achieve great success in future.

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Intégration des béninois à la SFI in Western Africa

7 days ago

Bonjour Georgina,

Vous et moi avons de grands rôles à jouer pour encourager de nombreux Africains de l'Ouest et Béninois à rejoindre SFI.

Commencez par promouvoir votre liste de passerelle SFI sur les médias sociaux tels que google, facebook, twitter, e.t.c et pendant que vous le faites, beaucoup seront exposés à SFI et deviendront membres.

Faites aussi de la publicité par bouche à oreille aux gens autour de vous en commençant par votre famille, vos amis et vos voisins.
Vous devrez enseigner à ceux qui seront prêts à vous rejoindre et, bien sûr, les leçons du tableau de bord sont là pour vous aider.
Vous devez juste vous dupliquer et apprendre aux autres à faire de même.

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sales in Western Africa #Leadership #Marketing #Sales

7 days ago

Hello Darlington,

To advertise Tripleclicks products, just copy the products url and paste on your advertising medium such as facebook, twitter, google and other social medias.

To advertise your gateway list, just copy your gateway url with your SFI ID and paste on your advertising medium as above.

Please lean more here :

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Payoneer Mastercard in Nigeria

7 days ago

Hello Dele,

I suppose you have access to Payoneer portal with your account opened , if yes then channel all your questions to payoneer company on issues like delayed receipt of payoneer master card.

Of course you may be asked some questions by payoneer, also it may be that your address was wrongly entered am just saying may be.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Samantha George! in Recognition

7 days ago

Congratulations Samantha, you are the newest E365 Champion of your class and that has shown you are great.

Just keep on the good work and continue to prove yourself great in all other SFI endeavours of yours

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Congratulations E365 Champion Francis Odoi! in Recognition

8 days ago

Hello Francis, congratulations for emerging as the new E365 champion of your class, you have done so well and am wishing you greater success ahead in all your SFI endeavours

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Participation des pays de l'Afrique de l'ouest in Western Africa #Getting Started #Team Building

9 days ago

Bonjour Georgina,

Merci pour votre inquiétude, mais vous pouvez voir que le Nigéria se débrouille plutôt bien dans SFI.
Le Nigeria est le deuxième plus grand pays membre de SFI.

Mais je suppose que d'autres pays d'Afrique de l'Ouest commencent à adhérer, rappelez-vous que les affaires de SFI sont traduites en anglais, donc cela peut être un défi pour les pays ouest-africains non anglophones.

Un facteur important qui aidera toutes les nations linguistiques est que SFI peut être traduit dans de nombreuses langues du monde en utilisant translate sur la page d'accueil de SFI.

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Method of receiving payment for Nigerian in Compensation #Compensation #Sales

9 days ago

Hello Oladare,

Since I joined SFI I have had to make my purchases through local Nigerian banks's credit card without challenges even when sometime ago there was embargo of foreign transacts.

Fortunately, that embargo is lifted and that is that as far as making purchases is concerned.
As for my commissions, Payoneer master card has always been there for me since I chose it as my payment option.
So I have no need for more alternative since what is available is efficient and effective for now.

I have no reason to complain !!

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Why are the VersaPoints are hidden? in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

9 days ago

Hello Bashir,

I do not get your question clearly here but I assume you want to know how to earn free Versa points .

If that is what you mean then click here : , 18 ways to earn free VPs

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According to Google in Team Building #Team Building

9 days ago

Hello Janet,
Thanks a lot for informing us, .

SFI is our business and we can not stop building our business because as we build we earn and as we earn we prosper.
Success comes from promoting, advertising and marketing and to do that we must be proud of what we are doing .

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Congratulations E365 Champion Robert Siler ! in Recognition

9 days ago

Congratulations Roberts for emerging the new E365 champion of your class, it is so a great achievement for your self.

I wish you more success in all your further SFI endeavours.

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This may be a stupid question in Team Building #Team Building

10 days ago

Once in a while one may forget or may not be able to get one or two things right,

I do not therefore believe you have asked a stupid question, you have my response here.::

Designated Diamonds will no longer be chosen by sponsors. Instead, Designated Diamonds will now be selected by SFI. There are now three criteria:

You have to hold the minimum rank of BTL (Bronze Team Leader).
You must be opted-in to and participate in the new Opti-Build program :
If your sponsor has more than five Team Leaders on his/her first level, at the end of the month you will need to be in the top five, based on rank (with most VersaPoints for the month used as the tiebreaker, if needed) to be a Designated Diamond for the upcoming month.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Angiene Cannigan-Pommells! in Recognition

10 days ago

Congratulations to you new E365 champion of your class, to emerge as your class champion is a great feat you have achieved.

I wish you success in all future endeavours in SFI

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Congratulations E365 Champion Nena Zivkovic ! in Recognition

11 days ago

Congratulations to you Champion of your E365 class as you emerged Champion am believing that you can achieve greater heights in your future SFI endeavours.

I wish you good luck.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Moses Okpala! in Recognition

12 days ago

Congratulations to you Champion of your E365 class as you emerged Champion am believing that you can achieve more greater heights in your future SFI endeavours,

Wishing you more luck

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Congratulations E365 Champion Dennis Conyers! in Recognition

13 days ago

Congratulations new E365 champion of your class, you have shown that you can do it and with hard work you did it.

I wish you many more great achievements in your SFI business

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Congratulations E365 Champion Paul Okparaji! in Recognition

14 days ago

Congratulations Paul for emerging as E365 champion of your class contest, just keep it up and work harder for great and great achievements in SFI.

Well Done Sir.

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Can anyone bear me witness ? in Nigeria

15 days ago

Do you mean number one in Top earners meaning QUALITY or number one in membership meaning QUANTITY ?

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Pay Attention in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

15 days ago

Great is your wisdom SEAD in correcting with humility and maturity, am in love with your choice of words here.

This should be emulated by Affiliates whose choice of words annoys .

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Welcoming in Nigeria #Auto-Delivery #Sales #VersaPoints

15 days ago

Hello Bashir,

Welcome to SFI an interesting on line enterprise .

As a new member I will advise you to contact your sponsor and co-sponsor so that they try as much as possible to respond to whatever questions you may have.

As well go to the launchpad lessons of SFI to learn more :

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Great time with you sfi in Getting Started #Auto-Delivery

15 days ago

That is a good one from you, for as long as you continue to advertise for products and put them on all sites, you sure will succeed.

So go ahead with your efforts and good luck