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How to do TC Sales and promote Eager Zebra games? in Getting Started #Eager Zebra #Marketing #Sales

9 days ago

Jyotsana, welcome to SFI and congratulations for signing up as affiliate. SFI has provided cool business tools to help affiliates do TC Sales and promote EZ games. You want to be friendly and use your gateways to introduce Tripleclicks products to friends. There many TC items you friends need to buy and they can find them at TC stores. Also as you practice transfer buying and buy choice items from your store, Tripleclicks tell your prospects. They will become inspired to order. Let them know registration is free. Connect them with your Triple clicks gateway. They become your PRM. You may apply same style with EZ games. People love to play games. You may also promote Localvantia. It is a fantastic SFI introduction to promote local merchants and affiliate business. I hope this helps.

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Someone help me help me help me please This is not a puppy love! in Miscellaneous #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

11 days ago

Thank you Steven for the post. Indeed Very does dig deep! He is a great inspiration. What you suggested is a good challenge as promoted in SFI mission statement.
I am with you to dig deep, brain storm, get the professionalls input and work to promote Gert's SFI vision. This is a global vision, to enable anyone with a device and access to the Internet to have a good source of leveraged income. Best regards.

Just a reminder for future use. Mr. Carson's name is Gery, not Very or Gert. He may not mind what you call him, I just think the reader is drawn to this error instead of grasping the message you are trying to make.
Thank you Jessie for the observation and kind corrections. My sincere apology. The typo errors were my mistakes. Best regards!

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Someone help me help me help me please This is not a puppy love! in Miscellaneous #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

14 days ago

Thank you Steven for the post. Indeed Very does dig deep! He is a great inspiration. What you suggested is a good challenge as promoted in SFI mission statement.
I am with you to dig deep, brain storm, get the professionalls input and work to promote Gert's SFI vision. This is a global vision, to enable anyone with a device and access to the Internet to have a good source of leveraged income. Best regards.

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Something to point out...again and again! in Recognition #Getting Started #Localvantia #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

LOL, Ria!
You somehow missed my point...

What I wanted to point out was how the Transfer Buying can make it easy
to get enough VPs for the rank we want.

I thought that was clearly enough said in Lawrence's post...but, it seems that
I should have BOLDED it in some way.

Thanks Tania. You did very well to highlight Lawrence achievement and direct affiliates to the Localvantia business boosting edge. SFI corporate introduced this tool to make SFI affiliate program very rewarding. Congratulations to Lawrence!

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Strange happenings with EZ games! in Eager Zebra #Contests #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

Mustafa! I am pained to read that you are unable to play EZ for some thirty days. I suggest you contact support for help. You may also check your browser for update. I hope this helps.

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Getting them clicking and keeping them going in Suggestion Box #Getting Started #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

Thank you Scott for sharing this idea. I agree that introduction of such initiative will pep up the interest of new affiliates, showcase the vast items /products available on the Zing network, promote sales of TC and Reca stores and make our exiting SFI experience more so. I recommend that Gery and SFI technical team consider this for development. Best regards to all Forum participants and successful month of May as you turn the 15 red Tabs green.

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New Member Pack in Team Building #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi Al,

I made a few comments about NMP in the Smart Start announcement thread here:


Hello Sir Gery
I saw the comments in Smart Start announcement but here am suggesting if there will be an extention to the NMP days i.e extending it from 10 to 15 or 20 days so that the New Interested Affliate will have the Opportunity to grab it after purchasing the smart start

Thank you for your suggestion. That was a kind one and appreciated from new sign ups point of view. However we need to keep in view that the objective of SMart Start is to develop productivity in the new affiliates. SFI program offer great business bonuses to all affiliates on a daily bases. Daily Grand, Daily Crown, Biz Quiz, T-Time , Spin and win, Rewardicals and more. It is the responsibility of sponsors to point these out to new affiliates. Many leaders did not order NMP . They built a business. Do not forget that SFI is administering NMP and Smart Start at some expenses.

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Smart start alternatives in Team Building #Team Building

about 1 month ago

All, thank you for your observation and principled stand. However We must keep in mind that Smart Start is designed and introduced to motivate new members to develop to enthusiastic and active participation in SFI affiliate program.. Sponsors have tried various strategies to get PSAs active without satisfactory result. Inactive PSA remains a hurdle and challenge.. 48 hours may be sudden for a new affiliate to understand the great bonus offered here.. We need to get new affiliates to treat SFI affiliate program as business.

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Second Income Earnings from SFI in Getting Started #Compensation

2 months ago

Anuj thank you for your inquiry. Kindly keep SFI vision and mission statement in mind. That is the big picture. Tripleclicks is SFI online store. It showcases a great number of products that very many consider essential. Every affiliate finds choice items of interest. All an affiliate needs to do is "transfer buying'. This means buy items one usually buys from other stores from one's own store. Tripleclicks is the store of all affiliates, your store.
Making sales and purchases from Triple clicks promotes all affiliates business. Business is now enhanced with the introduction of Localvantia and Rewardicals. You may promote sales by referring prospects to sign up with Tripleclicks as your PRMs. I hope this helps. Let us remain positive and build something great. Best regards.

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Happy birthday Mr. Gery!! in Recognition

3 months ago

We celebrate your vision and efforts to empower anyone with a PC or internet device and access to internet to become a successful internet entrepreneur and awesome leader. Happy Birthday. Best regards to SFI Technical team and your family.

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Please discontinue that $250 Class Cash Promotion! in Suggestion Box #Marketing #Team Building

3 months ago

Class Cash is an SFI introduction to improve on new affiliates interest and participation in SFI online program. SFI is promoting a unique mission to mobilize persons who have a PC and access to Internet and mentor them to business success. We live in a world of opportunities, uninformed people and challenges. SFI has been working for two decades. SFI has successfully impacted on millions of affiliates and trained us. I am one of the favored beneficiaries. In my humble opinion, Class Cash should be continued to encourage new sign ups to train and grow. A salute Very and the SFI technical crew. I encourage sponsor leaders to work on new recruits and explain the need to focus on the bigger picture. Best regards to all members of SFI family.

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CSA needs help in payment option in Nigeria in Miscellaneous #CSA #Getting Started #TripleClicks

3 months ago

Vijaya thank you for posting. My advice is that your CSA open an account with Access bank or GT bank in Nigeria. Then CSA may easily buy TCredit online using Visa or MasterCard issued by the bank. Your CSA may also choose to create a domiciliary account with the banks so to trade significantly. When completing ATM form it is required that applicant specify that dollar payment be enabled. I hope this helps.

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Class Cash Winner :) in Getting Started #Contests #Getting Started #Leadership

3 months ago

Thank you my awesome Leader for this explanation. It is indeed very baffling that sign ups do not yet seem to note the great incentive of Class Cash. In my business presentations I point out this great offer. I emphasize that in SFI program affiliates get to sign up free to be trained and guided to create a rewarding online business. In addition they enjoy this Class Cash competition incentive of winner earns $250 in 30 days period.
I recommend that all leaders exercise patience. Over time many new sign ups will embrace this program.

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Soonerflash Selection in Miscellaneous #Compensation

4 months ago

Randy, thanks for posting. Indeed Rewardicals program is a unique SFI business tool. It could improve affiliates activity and team. The ZING Network is set to grow. Kudos to Gery and SFI corporate.

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Are You A Smart Alec? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership

5 months ago

Thank you many times over for this post. I love it. It is a great refresher. Also thank you Gery for the rules of success.

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Why tears when receiving assigned PSA from my Sponsor. in Team Building #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

5 months ago

Sangoh, this is an instructive post. I am always inspired and touched when I receive an assigned PSA from a sponsor. I also admire any one that sign up for SFI online training and business.
Thank you for posting on how we may work with our PSAs and CSAs

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Blessed Monday with SFI! in Recognition #Eager Zebra #TCredits #VersaPoints

5 months ago

Congratulations! Bravo! Thanks for sharing this post. Yes, SFI platform presents opportunities for active affiliates to win and build their business.

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Messenger ads! in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #PSA

6 months ago

Thank you Elizabeta for your post. This promises to be of great benefit. Have a successful year.

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Using Rewardicals to their full effect in Team Building #Rewardical #Team Building #VersaPoints

6 months ago

George, thanks for this post. Indeed Rewardicals is a welcome business tool for affiliates. I wish you a happy and successful year 2018.

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Our business is not science in Getting Started #Getting Started

7 months ago

Thank you for this excellent post. SFI program is a great business. For an affiliate to succeed the affiliate wants to learn and apply recommended tools. The affiliate wants to work patiently with his team
SFI program is an awesome opportunity designed to guide affiliates achieve business success.

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Ask your inactive PSA in Suggestion Box #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

7 months ago

Gery, this sounds grand. Rewardicals make ideal incentive and gift to help Team leaders prompt inactive affiliates to work with the team. Thanks for the idea.

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The Magic of 1 Single T Credit in Compensation #Compensation #Leadership #TCredits

8 months ago

Thank you for sharing this Theodore. You illustrated a basic SFI tool designed to help affiliates achieve business success.

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How much do you like the opti-build program? in Team Building #Team Building

8 months ago

Thank you Jasna. I love Opti- Build. Great introduction of SFI corporate. I am very satisfied with this program and I do recommend it to all affiliates.

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E365 Daly Drawing in Recognition #E365

8 months ago

Congratulations! SFI online business program is rewarding.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Shelby Cunningham! in Recognition

8 months ago

Congratulations and good luck to you. I wish you great success in SFI program.