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Gabriel E.


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P.A.C.E in Getting Started #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

4 hours ago

Hi; Kimberly W.

Great inspiring admonition you've got here.
It's true of the fact that the essence of persistence and consistency can never be over-emphasized; especially in building anything of substance and value in life.

The majority that seek after quick and effortless earnings know that they are only looking for free meals that in available nowhere. Even beggars have to step out to receive anything; with all the indignity of it.

Thanks for sharing, and best wishes.

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Card King in Recognition

6 hours ago

Hi; Dimova B;

Congratulations on your sweet win on the Eager Zebra Card King game.

All Eager Zebra games are great sources of winning great prices like you just did.:
** TCredits
** RTs
** VPs
** GMP moves
** GMP & Zackjack match sticks
** Hidden Clues
** Daily Crown draws

It's great fun playing Eager Zebra games.

Best wishes'

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Ubava igra I dobra nagrada in Eager Zebra

11 hours ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Keep executive affiliates ? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #VersaPoints

3 days ago

Hi Slaven M;

You're welcome to SFi.

The need to attain rank is important, but you don't have to spend to attain same.
SFI is a network business. Building a team of active downline is the pillar on which success stands.
Doing your daily activities at your affiliate homepage, and building a downline that replicate this can earn you rank.

For better understanding of the workings of SFI you should systematically read, digest, and put to work resources from: 1) the LAUNCHPAD, 2) the RULES OF SUCCESS, 3) the INTERNET INCOME LESSONS.
Also contact your Sponsor and Cosponsor for directions.

Best wishes.

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Losing fot nothing? in Team Building #Astro Auctions #Getting Started #Team Building

3 days ago

Network Majic Queen; Jan Green.

Thanks for the good wishes.

Happy Birthday; my birthday mate.
Wishing you all the very best in the coming years.


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Losing fot nothing? in Team Building #Astro Auctions #Getting Started #Team Building

3 days ago

Go, Go, Go, Girlie!(Hope you don't mind?)

That is the spirit of champions and winners.

One tip: activate the AA alert for auction items you are interested in so that you place your bid very early on such auction.

Beat wishes.

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I Was Wrong... Everyone Did Not Become Gold Team Leaders... in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

4 days ago

Hi; Tommie Kirkland (Captkirk),

Free advertising is great, but it is hard work; not to mention the fact that it demands lots of time. The results are sure, but a long ride. With a bit of good fortune the results could be surprising though.
For those with limited time, free advertising may not be so attractive. But for a full time online marketer, dumping scarce funds on advertising will certainly be a sort of waste.
Different means to attaining same objects sure do require different methodologies.

Thanks CaptKirk.

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Roll of VP collected by PSA and CSA to Team Leader. in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

5 days ago

Hello; Madhukar K.

I am not sure what exactly you're referring to in your post above.
"roll of vp collected by PSA and CSA to a Team Leader?"

Maybe other members will have something to say.
Best wishes.

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Team Leader rank qualifications simplified in SFI News #Compensation #Leadership

6 days ago

Well done(as we say in Nigeria) Mr. Gery.

It's great to have a corporate team at SFI working tirelessly to improve conditions for members.

On the issue of Sponsors' ratings I concur with your position.

Best wishes.

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What good reasons do we have in Getting Started #Compensation #PSA #VersaPoints

8 days ago

Hi Olimpia A;

Games, gaming, and auctions constitute a large chunk of online business. But the one singular moving factor is human beings who participate in these games and auctions.

For prospects that won't play games nor bid in auctions, recruiting people who love playing games and participation in auctions is one way for income generation.

Another, which is at the core of network programs as SFI, is duplication(which I prefer to call "multiplication"). You recruit others who, will recruit others, who will recruit others, . . . . In building a team/downline where sales is generated is how income is built over time.

Getting others to buy products from TripleClicks as PRM is vital.

So, recruiting PSAs and PRMs, and SALES are the keys.

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cleaning up your sfi rank from 1-8 date of month in Compensation #Compensation

10 days ago

Hello Karani P;

I guess you are referring to the grace period to make up
for the previous month 's VPs to attain the desire rank.
If this is what you're referring to, then you're spot on.
A good reminder for our downline members.

Thanks and best wishes.

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Prospect Says, "I would like to think this over!" in Marketing #Marketing

10 days ago

Dear Sir,

Thank you for another great lesson in recruiting prospects in affiliate marketing.
It's a privilege to have you here on the forum.

Like you imply here; having the right answers to sway a prospeect's deciding positively
is crucial for success.

Best wishes.

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Unable to process an order in Getting Started

13 days ago

Hello Abdulwahab ;

The very first thing is to see them at your bank. If your bank says the problem is not from them, then follow the ordering steps carefully to try place your order again. And if the challenge persists, then you should send a 'ticket' to SFI support for explanation and assistance.

Best wishes.

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Haven't yet tried Astro Auctions?  Now you can...FREE! in SFI News #Astro Auctions

13 days ago

Great stuff; Sir Gery Carson.

The inclusiveness in almost all things SFI is unbelievable.
This offer is definitely irresistible.
FREE BID for members that have not had the privilege to bid on the Astro Auctions before.

Keep up the great work; SFI.

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Finally a Zackjack after 7 years ! in Recognition #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

16 days ago

Thanks Manohar for your kind wishes.

It tough coming, but I'm working on it.

I'll start earning someday soon.


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Finally a Zackjack after 7 years ! in Recognition #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

16 days ago

Hi Manohar L;

Getting your 1st ZACKJACK in 7-years is worthy of commendation.
I want to believe that this situation is as you admitted:
"As it is, I don't get much time to play Eager Zebra Games."
Your focus I guess is more on other areas of SFI/TRIPLECLICKS.
The most important thing is to make earnings; no matter your area/s of interest.
And your STL is testimony enough that you're doing well.

Congratulations, ad best wishes.

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I love this tool! in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #Team Building

17 days ago

Teresa S; you're absolutely correct.
The hit tracker keeps you updated on how
your promotion/advertising is progressing,
and where to improve on.

Best wishes.

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need help about team building in Getting Started #Auto-Delivery #Sponsor #Team Building

18 days ago

Airene C;

You're welcome to SFI.

1) On how to become successful and to be a team leader, you need to learn be reading
*the LAUNCHPAD lessons,
*rules of success,
*internet income lessons,
*advertising your SFI/TRIPLECLICKS gateways, banners, and text ads,
2) On how to welcome your new PSAs, CSAs, and PRMs, go to the GENEALOGY link. There you'll find instructions and sample letter on how to.

Best wishes.

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Reminder of expiry date of some events in SFI (BTL bonus,MRP,RT) in Miscellaneous #Rewardical #TripleClicks

19 days ago

Thanks, Laza P; for the reminder.
We should spread this through "stream post"
and through other means on SFI.

Best wishes.

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How can I get the 20VP from installing the trippleclicks banner? in VersaPoints #TripleClicks

21 days ago

Hi Praveena D;

The part about "So how can I get that 20Vp installing the banner correctly?" I don't know anything about.
Maybe I will get some learning from response from other members' responses to your question.

As regard "But when I copy my web page URL and past for 'check the banner' box it says that I've installed the banner wrongly.", I guess you just have to check the copied link to be certain you copied it correctly.

Best wishes.

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Your Loyalty Needs To Go Up & Down To All Levels!!! in Marketing #Marketing

21 days ago

Thank you Professor Bruce H.

Succinctly and to the point. Leadership by servanthood and compassion.
Dictatorial leadership ends in failure ultimately.
Teamwork and mutual cooperation in the enabler for success in business.
SFI can't be an exception.

Thank you Sir.

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Important reminder! in Team Building

22 days ago

Thank you for the reminder; Sonja U.

Though it's been shared by emails and as stream post, bringing it
on the forum as you've done is also good.

Best wishes.

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Wow! Time Flies When You're Having Fun... I Make Another Year! in Miscellaneous

24 days ago

Hi Tommie K;

Just gone through this thread and so much has been said. I can hardly add anything more. As one of those I follow on this forum, I'll boldly say "YOU ARE A PHENOMENON". Well done and thank you.

We appreciate you and say congratulations as you celebrate your 17th year with SFI. Wishing you greater successes in the coming years.

Best wishes; CaptKirk!

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How is your marketing? in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

26 days ago

Mr. Earl W;

Thanks for the advice.
Adverts should not look boring and monotonous .
It should elicit interest at all times.
Thanks also to SFI for providing a wide range of banners to use.

Best wishes.