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Clarence W.

United States

E365 Runner Up
Posts: 393 | Followers: 138 | Joined SFI: Mar 2, 2016

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Helping your EA's in Team Building #Team Building

18 hours ago

Hi Seth,
How are you
Like your post or question?
Congrats for joining SFI,
Without a doubt, you are not the only one on that crowded road,
needing 1 BTL etc. to advance to STL.
We are there with you trying to make it
Keep trying and don't give up on your daily activities.
Take care with good luck

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Smart Start help in Getting Started

1 day ago

Hi Andrew,
How are you today?
Good question with helpful response from our 'forum' family, great.
As stated by me, ' SFI made a great move by introducing SmartStart, a pot of gold'.
(yesterday's forum)
The instructions are easy to follow which makes me ask why we are not flooded
with applicants wanting what SFI is offering 'SmartStart'
Begin out SFI's journey with As recommended, along with read, read and read.
Follow instructions given. Become an EA as soon as possible, how about that?
Hope you find this suggestion helpful and good luck to you.

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New PSAs in Miscellaneous #PSA #Team Building

2 days ago

Response and Follow-up.
As from the advent of SmartStart, an increased participation is expected from interested applicants.
I am not having this in the responses coming my way, are you?
SmartStart can be looked upon in terms of value as gold. which no one refuses.
My reasoning tells me, SFI made a great move by introducing SmartStart, a pot of gold.
Without a responder, there's no one upon whom enforcement can be exercised.
Note this, To me, our to-do-list and VP ledger goes hand in hand.
I can easily follow the on going progress of team member which enables me to send tips etc. etc.
that as any sponsor/team leader should take pride in doing. Yes
I have said enough on this subject, let's be watchful into the future.
Thank you Gery and all the other knowledgeable and informed affiliates for taking part.
We will talk again.

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New PSAs in Miscellaneous #PSA #Team Building

2 days ago

Hi Team Leaders (sponsors)
I have observed that within or about the past month, ( more than before)
new PSAs who are introduced to SFI for the first time are not bothering
to confirm their registration or even to 'whitelist'.
This is my belief, that chances of hearing from applicants who exhibits this type of behavior
are doubtful.
Do you have similiar observation?
Thank you for reading this post

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Gold Team Leaders. Tips to success for the start of the month. in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building

21 days ago

Hi Maree,
Good thread, glad I took time to read it, very informative.
Rules Of Success is among my regularly read and of course our
daily task of changing 'red tabs to green' gets the day on it's way.
Maree, you sure are having a wonderful SFI day, don't stop!
Sincerely, your friend

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Do I have a wrong impression? in Miscellaneous

21 days ago

Dear Anda,
You are the author of these important questions.
As I read through them, there is a chance of me answering maybe one or two.
But on second thought it would better for Gery to get on board.
He will, I am sure, be able to give better explainations, due to experience and
the direction he is to take us.
Good job Anda, have a nice week-end

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How can one earn a CSAs or PSAs and which grade one is able to receive the Bonuses? in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Team Building

25 days ago

Hi Mueni,
Congrats for joining SFI, may you enjoy every moment of it.
I depend on the following every month to get me started,
using Auto-Build.
Carefully check it over and make a decision, hope you can use it.
Being a Booster Club member also means…
You will receive 5 income-boosting CSAs (via CSA Rewards) monthly!
You will receive 100 Bonus VersaPoints each month!
You will receive two additional entries each day in the big Daily Grand drawing! That’s a whopping 730 extra chances each year to win hundreds of dollars in valuable and income-boosting prizes!
Your badge mantel will be sporting a prestigious “Booster Club Member” badge to help you lead by example with your own team and enhance your recruiting.
Good luck my friend.

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Why believe in the Dream! in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi Eduardo,
How are you?
Nice post to which I would like to add
It is human to dream, yes,
To make my dream a real life experience I will
apply positive thinking with dedication.
MY thoughts, thank you.
Take care, hope your having enjoyable sun shine
at this time of year. Bye 4 now.

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I Copy And Paste My SFI Ads Directly From My Gmail Account... in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Dear Tommie
Thank you very much for this priceless post.
My internet at my home is down, where I am it's limited as to what I can do at this moment.
Rest assured I will try your suggested post as soon as possible..
Once more, great post,
As always, have a wonderful SFI day

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Why NOT Buy The Highest SFI Rank That You Can Afford? in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi Tommie,
As usual, glad to hear from you.
I partly agree with you, why start at the bottom
when you can do so higher up the ladder .
SFI calls for lots of reading and practicing what is read.
Because of that I disagree.
Nice post.
All the best to you.

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How? How? How? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Localvantia #Team Building

2 months ago

Hi Theodore,
Thank you for your very informative post.
I repeat your quote
I would like to make you all understand that doing Business in SFI is not tough as you all think.
What makes it tough happens to be unanswered mail, (congrats, thank you) and more.
This is common amongst some 'co-sponsors' and 'movers' who are in a position to set an example
worthy of SFI's standard.
Take care and have a nice day.

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Want to learn about how to sell products. in Sales #Sales

2 months ago

Hi Kinley
Welcome to our wonderful world of SFI and may you enjoy every moment with us.
Apart from LaunchPad, a good stop is go to 'Training'
Scroll down to 'Ask Gery', who is a great sales person of our time. Check it out.
Good luck

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SFI'ers I Need Your Advice/Opinions in Getting Started

2 months ago

Hi Oluwatoyin,
How are you today?
I would, in my response to your question is for you to continue with the good work you're doing,,
except it is necessary to move up to the next level, BTL.
BTL, with 'auto-delivery', the rewards are enough to get you more excited.
That's my simple suggestion to all my fellow SFI'ers in a position similiar to yours.
Think big, build big.......go larger than big......ahh what a life

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Deal With Team Member's Performance, Not Their Personality. in Team Building #Team Building

2 months ago

Hi Bruce,
In this business which we are actively involved, bad relationship is a big NO...NO.
We need to be polite, helpful in every way possible to one and all
not forget to display that warm and welcoming smile.
Smile and the world smiles in return.
Bruce. I'm going to bed now, do the same with pleasant dreams.
Bye 4 now

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The Email Plan in Suggestion Box #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

2 months ago

Hi Keith,
Doing well I hope!
SFI asks all new applicants to verify their e-mail address.
At Points of action, is 'Getting Started' they are invited to:
When this act is completd, it will no longer be visible.
This is my observation.
Take care Keith and have a nice day.

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Versa points For helping TLs. in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

3 months ago

Hi Godawattaliyanage ,
Hope all is well with you and your loved ones.
My response to your question is not lengthy, since relevant
info is given by others.
Among the many rules by which we live is to help each other along the way.
SFI is no different since we are 'rewarded' for our efforts.
Help our affiliates to advance to higher level (EA to BTL etc.) and be rewarded, how generous
That, as the saying goes, ' is the name of our game'.
Tell me, why should we not do our daily tasks with a smile of satisfaction?

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My business is "CLOSED" . in Miscellaneous #Compensation #Getting Started

3 months ago

Hi Melvin,
Hope all is well with you and yours.
Closed sign on the door of a business, is saying 'no business'
Yes, I agree, so , go to LaunchPad and keep that door open.
Good post.

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I just noticed this on my "" TO DO List"" in Miscellaneous

3 months ago

Hi Ebuka,
About six days ago the following appeared on 'forum', based on your enquiry about PSAs.
As Gery has pointed out in this thread, the PSA Mailer and the CSA Mailer have been moved. Look (under TOOLS/COMMUNICATION on the main menu) to find them. We no longer receive VPs for the mailings.
Hope this sheds some more light on info addressed to you.
Have a nice day my friend.

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Bing Obaldo goes Diamond! in SFI News #Compensation #Leadership

3 months ago

Hi Bing,
This is with great pleasure I am able to say to you Congrats Diamond Team Leader.
Your example is the best which we can follow.
Awesome team leader, way to go.
CONGRATULATIONS, Bing! You are leading the way. Smile:

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Why is the TCredits - 125 pack the most popular package? in Team Building #Auto-Delivery #TCredits #Team Building

3 months ago

Hi Sanja,
As a BTL, I depend on Builder Bundle along with TC125 pack to get started
every month using AD.
This is my recommendation to all affiliates who are serious about success
with SFI and earning on the internet.
Hence the TCredits - 125 pack, the most popular package and why do we are usually buy it in Tripleclicks and set it as a permanent order, or Auto Delivery (AD)
Good post, thank you. Enjoy your week-end.

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woowww Best CSA in Suggestion Box #CSA

3 months ago

Hi Carlo,
Thank you for sharing your recent observation with us.
I am not sure what you are really pointing out.
Are you saying that
, with the purchase of the Special 50 TCredits + 50 CSAs package by SFI 1 Bronze Team Leader and 2 EA.
Thanks SFI.,
is the over all content with this purchase?
If so, I agree with a big wooowwww

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Feeling Sad About My 2nd Year Anniversary With SFI in Team Building

3 months ago

H I Navanithe,
I am Clarence and I want to say to you
CONGRATULATION on your anniversary,
may your future be merry and bright.
Good job on your achievements,

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Inactive PSAs in Team Building #PSA #Team Building #TripleClicks

3 months ago

Hello Nouta,
How are you today!
It is understood that no guarantee is given about possible activity
and or participation by any PSA won via PriceBender auction or purchased.
Some will and some wont. We all have the same experience.
You are still new with us and have lots more to learn. Log in daily, grow and learn
as time goes by. Become an awesome sponsor and thank you for being a valuable participant
here at SFI. Good luck, prosper.

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EA 'pending requalification'? in Compensation #Compensation #CSA #Eager Zebra

3 months ago

Hi Mesrane,
Good question.
Now this is my understanding and possible solution.
Every one need to re-qualify every month, failing to do so
will take that affiliate to a lower or previous level.
This may possibly cause a loss of work in progress. Check this out:
'If you want to earn benefits, bonuses, and commissions every month, you must earn them
every month. Furthermore, if there was no requalification requirement, many people would simply do nothing. Surely you do not want to invest your time and effort building a team of people who do nothing (which would mean no override commissions for you)?'
So then, re-qualify and keep CSAs and more.
Bye for now and good luck along the way!