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Clarence W.

United States

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What is stopping you ? in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Team Building

16 hours ago

Hi Melvin,
How are you today?
Good thread, I like it.
Melvin, I would like to add to your two observations, and that is:-
'computer knowledge' that makes it possible to use what the internet has to offer.
Surely, there are offers of free instructions, only to find that they are not thorough
or indept.
Hence, a possible reason for some drop our while others refuse to be held back
I will find success.
Have a nice day.

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how to rèqualify for my EA before the end of month? in Miscellaneous

1 day ago

Hello Mustafa,
Greetings and congrats for joining SFI.
You are receiving some excellent advice from the best at SFI.
Because of that I will add two other possibilites.
Auto-Delivery, if possible and Rewardicals.
Rewardicals, if used correctly will get you what you want.
Save Rewardical for that most needed time.
Like money, Rewardical has that kind of power.
Good luck my friend.


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Have you read EXPERT REPORTS? in Getting Started

2 days ago

Hi Daniela,
Thank you for your observation.
SFI has many volumes of information and training materials,
therefore it is necessary for us to read, read and we are sure to discover
new and exciting info all for free.
Our SFI President and his team over the years, without a doubt, has done
a wonderful job. :thumbsup
Thanks to G.C., and Daniela have a nice day.

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Help in Miscellaneous

4 days ago

Hi Ebuka,
Good question,
When ever I get the chance I would say to affiliates ' good things at SFI, begins
at EA'. In other words, I am reminding you about the importance of re-qualifying
your position which enables you to receive all benefits.
Congrats on your progress during this short time as an active Team Leader.
Good Luck

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Help me to help my PSA.f es in Miscellaneous #Leadership #PSA #Sponsor

4 days ago

Hi Bode,
How are you?
Interesting questions. I am about to make suggestions on part of your list
of questions :
From "solutions' I give you the following, a2a
Click the button to request friendship. If the person wants to be your a2a friend, they will approve your request and they will then appear on your a2a FRIENDS LIST (https://www.sfimg.com/a2a).
Note: Because you already have multiple ways to communicate and interact with affiliates in your own downline, a2a is limited to affiliates outside of your downline ONLY.
Finally, I would go for 'Gift Certificate'
Hope you get lots of helpful results, good luck.

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Servicing Product of a MLM in Sales #ECA #Localvantia #Sales

6 days ago

Hi Edward,
Congrats 'E365 champ', way to go
If I understand your question my suggestion is the following:
To refer online sellers to the Rewardical ECA program, simply point them to the Rewardical ECA Gateway (show below) using the specially encoded link for this gatway you'll find on your Gateway List.
Make your friend a part of your team. Hope that is of help to you.
Enjoy your week-end.

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What is the best way to describe what we do in SFI in Getting Started #PSA

6 days ago

Hi Mercy Njeri,
How are you today?
Welcome to our wonderful world of SFI.
You have asked a good question, seeing how new you are to SFI.
This question has been asked by many before you.
To me, this is a requirement for reading and exploring SFI, and to be informed.
LaunchPad, The Plan, SFI Agreement and more are recommended platforms from where
you make your entrance and to build your future.
Also, SFI is a strong business with successful affiliates from all over this world.
Welcome aboard my friend.
Have a nice day

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'My Upline' got updated.. in Miscellaneous #CSA #Team Building

10 days ago

Hi Prbhakar S,
Hope you're enjoying your day.
Your observation is in place, good job.
There is an article which adds more to your thread.
It is from news.sfimg, (go to Reference, SFI News) dated June 1 2018, take a look.
Got to leave you now, have a nice one.

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Changes To The CSA Program - June 2018 in Team Building #CSA #Leadership #Team Building

10 days ago

Hi Wayne.
How are you!
Hope your week-end was as enjoyable as you like it to be.
A good thread and I agree, nice job.
From June 1 edition of News.sfimg .com I have
observed the following:
Special Note: With up to three more Co-Sponsors now in the mix, it’s critical that all persons supporting new affiliates (Sponsors, upline Team Leaders, and Co-Sponsors) clearly know their role. Please review this important new “Leadership Do’s & Don’ts” article so that you are providing proper support while not overstepping your responsibilities.
My thanks to those helped to make these changes possible and to my fellow affiliates, let's do it.

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+ versus - in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Team Building

12 days ago

Hi Melvin,
How are you doing today?
Like you, I joined SFI, hesitant about what I will find.
That was two years ago.
It was only yesterday my 'stream' (tab with red background),
contribution was written by Norman Vincent Peale, and I
quote , 'Change yout thoughts and you change your world'
One never gets rich working for some one else, is my addition.
Nice blog.
Enjoy your week-end

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Disgruntled members receiving PSA's from countries other than USA, UK, Canada or Australia. in Marketing #Marketing #PSA

13 days ago

Hi George,
Thank you for sharing your observation.
As a BTL, all PSAs, CSAs, be they purchased independently by me
or vis SFI, are my GOLD.
I care not from where they came. I love having them on my team
and I am prepared work and encourage them all the way to success.
Yes, I agree, they are the diamond of which you refer.
George, have an enjoyable week-end.

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How to create a Residual Income, in SFI? in Getting Started #Compensation #Getting Started

13 days ago

Hello Mark & Urseureka B.
Greetings. How are you?
A good question.
To build a residual income you can eventually retire on,
Check The Plan, Aim High, Dream Big for lots of related info, also
My understand is from an active down line (numbers count) comes 'residual income'
This is just me, what if it happens I am correct?
That's all for now. The week-end is here for you to enjoy.
Bye 4 now

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How would I start & how to achieve my 1500VP for EAs. in Getting Started #PSA

14 days ago

Hi galina u,
Greetings, nice question.
May I suggest you have a look at the following from 'reference', how to go EA.
The 1500 VP required for EA status can come from any COMBINATION of purchases, sales, and actions. For example, a personal purchase worth 500 VP, plus a customer* sale worth 500 VP, plus 500 VP via actions would combine to equal 1500 VP and earn you EA status for the month.
Hope this helps to get you on your way.

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Can you turn the heart reaction to red, the like button to blue, the faces to yellow? in Suggestion Box

14 days ago

Hi Emem,
How are today?
To what are you refering?
Is this a puzzle intended for us to solve with
the given clues of heart, red, blue and yellow?
Help me out, I need more to work with.
Guess you have done your daily task for today, I am now
in the midst of doing mine.
Take care and bye 4 now

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Challenges and difficulties in Miscellaneous

15 days ago

Hi Lesil,
How are you doing?
Thank you for your observation.
Words of encouragement is necessary especially with your SFI team.
This leads to 'communication', to succeed in conveying information, written and verbal.
We exercise this act with each other every day.
We build strong friendship and family ties.
Be an awesome leader, communicate.
Lesil, have yourself a wonderful day.

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This the real thing in Getting Started #Eager Zebra #Leadership #TCredits

16 days ago

Dear Peter,
How are you?
Hope you are able to smile and understand more about SFI, from these wonderful and informed
responses to you.
Yes, we have lots to read, understand and practice, in that it can feel burdensome.
WE, at SFI are here to help and to guide you and all affiliates to achieve your SFI dream.
Like you are doing, keep your line of communication open, and for sure you will not only
feel better, you will begin to feel the pulse of success.
Good luck to you my friend.

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Checking messages in Miscellaneous #TCredits #Team Building

19 days ago

Hi David,
Hope you're enjoying this week-end!
My daily approach to SFI is like yours with a difference.
I visit 'win it', not wanting to miss that hour's entry. This done
off I go to 'forum', scroll to the bottom left to 'more at forum',
this done I head on to 'alerts', with my cup of coffee near at hand I
face the day's challenge at my favorite place, SFI.
Take care, and bye 4 now!
Clarence W

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Advance Status in Miscellaneous #TCredits #Team Building #VersaPoints

21 days ago

Hi Violet,
As we are aware, on the first day of each months our e-system (computer) appears to come to a halt.
That is sometimes referred to as, end of day run, end of week run as in our case end of month run.
It is within this period where a computer does up-dates make calculations as needed also print reports.
This said, we need to continue with our daily tasks and without any doubt, our e-system is back
on line and we are all smiling .
Violet, it was nice sharing this time with you and our fellow affiliates.
Have a pleasant week-end, is my wish to you and all.

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Which way do I go? in Getting Started #VersaPoints

23 days ago

Hello George,
Congrats for choosing SFI.
In your position as described, I would re-qualify as a BTL, get the benifts
that go with it.
Get active with PriceBenders auctions with a chance of placing a
winning bid for Prestige Domain.
Good thoughts George and good luck

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SFI college in Getting Started #Getting Started

28 days ago

Hi James,
How are you doing?
James I firmly agree with your observation,
SFI to College.
The SFI experience, unlike college is that there is no pressure,
learn at your pace, a good thing.
To me, my exam is acquiring EAs who become team leaders,
Also, it is Zig Ziglar who said 'if you are determined to learn
no one can stop you'.
Stay with SFI, graduate as an 'awesome leader'
All the best towards your future success at the top.


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Why do some points Disappear on the EZ. in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #Rewardical

29 days ago

Hey Edmund,
Greetings and also welcome to our wonderful world of SFI.
You are an Affiliate for about one month now.
Lots to learn as time goes by,
All the responses to your question is the same I would give along
with a suggestion of exersising some more patience.
Learn something new each day as you progress.
Best of luck to you my friend

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New START in Suggestion Box #CSA #Rewardical #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi Hanswathee,
If I understand your post.
Are you suggesting/asking for a program with a title of
'New Start', since our SmartStart program is already established
with it's rules and benefits.
Will your suggested New Start be aimed at affiliates of 'xy' years with
SFI as an EA?
Would you be creating a special re-invite to those affiliates with a SFI ID , to return?
Good thought, need work to done for it to come alive. Good Luck.

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Thank you Support! in Miscellaneous #Auto-Delivery #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

Dear Alger,
For the loss of your precious father, my sympathy comes to you and your loves ones.
May your Dad Rest In Peace, and strength prevail amongst you.

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Problematic in the purchase of TCredits from Venezuela. in Sales #Auto-Delivery #TCredits #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

Hello Ana,
Greetings. How are you today?
I congratulate you for having a courage of wanting to move forward,
especially when present conditions are not favorable.
You wrote 'they tell me insufficient balance.'
Thus, ones ability to purchase is conditionally restricted.
Solve this restriction and you will be able to move forward.
Ana, have nice day. Hope all goes well.