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Preview An E-card in Suggestion Box #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hello Thomas
You can see the preview of your Ecard on the right side of Ecard and if you want to make changes, it is also possible.

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I Currently have 50,298 RW Tokens To Redeem... in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

3 months ago

hello Tommy,
What will happen to them is oneday SFI Says that they expire?
I redeem my Rewardicals for Tcredits to help me climb up to Bronze.
I redeem them for PSAs.
I can as well use them to buy Bitcoins .
Use them rather than accumulating..

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PSAs and PRMs added to Rewardical Exchange! in SFI News #PSA #Rewardical #Team Building

10 months ago

Thank Mr Gery for another achievement. The exchange of Rewardicals for Psa and Csa will
help us to grow our teams without spending much money since most of us don't have the enough .

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Say Yes to Invest!!! in Getting Started #Auto-Delivery #Getting Started #VersaPoints

10 months ago

Thank you Lindsey for this post, I do agree with you in all the facts that you mentioned. Money does not come on a silver plat, a good business does`nt start pumping money immediately.
1. it has to be learned , how to run it .
2. Nothing comes from nothing
3 Spend money on it and it will generate profit
4.It takes time and sleepless nights to grow a successful business.

I was also thinking at the beginning that all is free so let it start rolling money into my account but this is furtile.
So I made up my mind to take time to read and learn more.
If can spent money buying food and half of the food is trown into the gabbage then let me spend 20 t0 40$ a month with .Autodelivery of Builders Bundle and build on it as a foundation and I believe that someday it will turn out good. How can a farmer grow crops without daily checking on his farm. People think about this.

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ECA program moving to Rewardical.com in SFI News #Rewardical #Sales #TripleClicks

10 months ago

Hello Gery,
I was planning to buy Seller's certificate so that I can sell at Tripleclicks. com .
What will bed the Faith of those who want to use the sellers licence.

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Introducing…Zing Network! in SFI News #Marketing

11 months ago

Thank you Mr Gery for another great acheivement, everything now under one umbrella, it is easy to understand

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I like SFI to use bitcoin wallet for payment in Compensation #Compensation

12 months ago

Payment with Bitcoin is a great acheivement. those living in countries where other methods of payment are difficult.

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Christmas bonus in Ask Gery

12 months ago

I see that you are new and you don´`t know much. Christmas bonus is not applied
1 . You are not employed by SFI.
2. You are a business owner so who pays a Christmas Bonus for you.
3 . As a new Affiliate please read your Launchpad and get yourself aquinted with how to earn money .

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Our PSAs Must Know The SFI Mission Statement When They Start in Getting Started #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

12 months ago

Thank you very much for this post , I will sent it to all my downlines.

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Sometimes is so boring :/ in Miscellaneous

about 1 year ago

Hello Sonya,
You feel it is very boring because you have done all you can and nothing is happening, I too feel the same, but nver give up your dreams because your PSAs are not active, Some of us focus only on PSAs while thinking through them we can achieve our goal. We can only sponsor them , but forcing them is beyound our power. Contnue sending teammails ,do your to-do-list, reply those who have sent you mails and see to it that they receive the help that they expect from you.

SFI has a lot to exploy, spend time to see what you can do, you can sell ,you can invite ECAs, you can as well use the time to learn from lessons that will help you to grow a successful business at SFI.

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Did anyone got Credits from last 5 days? in Eager Zebra #TCredits

about 1 year ago

Keep on entering the T-time , once your name is drawn as a winner you will definately receive your TCredits.

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What kind of gifts can we give to sponsors as appreciation in Suggestion Box

about 1 year ago

Hi Micheal,
You have good motive for asking this question. As a Sponsor the best gift will be ,is seeing your downline moving up from zero to Executive Afiliate and upwards. Another gift I will like to receive is that you rate us every month , persisting to acheive goals that you have set as you know we our success comes from you.

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New Game - 4 Pics 1 Word in Suggestion Box #Eager Zebra

about 1 year ago

Your suggestion is good but bear in mind that these games are copyrighted, SFI can´t use them. SFI will are able to created their own games. Lets be satisfy with what we have now and focus on how to make money rather than playing games.

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The SFI App & PSA Notifications in Suggestion Box #CSA #PSA #Sponsor

about 1 year ago

Having SFI is possible but what is the use of it . You can use your smart phone to do all the work you need at anytime and anywhere, SFI has modified everything and is smartphone friendly. I work with my smartphone everyday, most of it is at nights when I receive a notification about a new PSA,I just go online and send a welcomme message. You just on internet and enter SFImg.com and there it is. Another App is a waste.

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Spin & Win in Suggestion Box #Contests

about 1 year ago

Hi Jadranka,
It is true that it should be more attractive to those who have not played it once, but the newsletters comes always too late on the our homepages,I used to have on my email but for sometime now i don´t receive it on my mail , so I receive the notification towards the end of the game. If this is happening to most of us then we loose hope and interest in playing it.

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Presenting…Class Cash! in SFI News #Contests #Getting Started

about 1 year ago

Thank you SFI ,

This change is very good , it has replaced the Signing Bonus that made many Affiliates to stop SFI, they only wanted to get the Signing Bonus but failed to work hard . With Class Crash all will work hard to make to the top just like the E335 Championship. This is great I am really happy about this change.

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The Builder Bundle is here! in SFI News #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 year ago

Dear Gery,
when are we to expect the fisrt 8 PSAs form the Builder Bundle.

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New Active Sponsor policy in SFI News #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 year ago

Thank you Mr Gery,
This change is a good one that will take those who are serious sponsors to a higher level . Psas will no more complain of inactive Sponsors . I will also like that something be done to those PSAs who are not active because they are waisting our resourses.

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Opti-Build™ has arrived! in SFI News #Team Building

about 1 year ago

Dear Gery,
How can Teamleaders without active downline benefit from the Opti-build programme.?

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Happy Birthday Gery Carson ! in Recognition

about 1 year ago

Happy Birthday Mr Gery,
I wish you a wonderful birthday , may God richly bless you, give you good health, may God bless you with more wisdom for all your endeavours. May God bless you and your family.
Hip Hip Hurra.

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What is the difference between the Builder bundle and the Sbuilder Co-op in Team Building

about 1 year ago

What is the difference between the Builder bundle and the Sbuilder Co-op

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Why ? in Team Building #Getting Started #Auto-Delivery #Team Building

about 1 year ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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How come am Affiliate as of today in Ask Gery

about 1 year ago

Hi Elmar,
The qualifications you had last month are not re-entered into the the following month. Every new month the qualifications reset to Zero, I will advise you to make a Standing Order of at least 1,500VP from Tcredits it is just 25$ so you don´t have to worry and you will always maintain your EA2 status. You have the grace up till 29th of every month to requalify. Please read post news.sfimg.com/2017/01/23/change-to-grace-period-on-rank/ .

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Why is it no longer possible to earn EA for free? in Getting Started

about 1 year ago

Hi David,
The first month is free , you can earn all VPS without spending a cent but the following month they are to set up a Standing Order to maintain their EA status every month. Always advise them to finish up all the Getting Start actions the first month, it motivates them to move to the next level every month.