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Tanja K.


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Do Traders list in Rewardical Tokens pay tax or not? in ECA Program #Localvantia

3 hours ago

Hi, Badrudin!

The merchants from Localvantia and RW ECA program are paying a certain
percentage of every sale to SFI , per their participation in the program.
When they pay the invoice sent by SFI, SFI put tokens in the RT Account
of the buyer.

For Localvantia, the minimum percentage is 05% or 1%, depending on the
type of the store.
For RW ECAs, the minimum percentage is 5%.

The merchants are paying on the amounts WITHOUT taxes.

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The easiest way to build a brand new team of awesome PSAs in Team Building #Team Building

12 hours ago

You should start it with reading the Launchpad Lessons...if you don't understand
what is this job about, you will just waste your time here.
So, start reading and learning...


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What Is For Breakfast? in Miscellaneous #Leadership #TripleClicks

13 hours ago

SFI Official day starts here at 7 AM (6 AM at the moment...we will change the
time at the end of the month).
So, it's my time to have my green tea and do my Dailies...
But, I am at home usually...and my laptop is on all the day...SFI, TripleClicks and
Facebook windows are opened all the day...so, those that need me can FIND me
online almost all the time...
The other windows? Well...the world wide web is there to work on it...

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Back to beginning in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building #VersaPoints

17 hours ago

you need to accumulate, at least 1500 VP in the CURRENT month to become-
maintain the EA rank.
As I already said above, we start every month with ZERO VPs.

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Is it possible to bring in the products that I sell to SFI? in Marketing #Marketing

19 hours ago

Hi, Jennifer!
Welcome to SFI!

Not sure what you mean by " sell to SFI"...
If you mean sell products through the SFI platform, there is a way...
you can apply for the Rewardical ECA program.
You need an online store on some other e-commerce platform and if you
already have it, you can apply to become a RW ECA.

There are some guidelines for doing that...you can read it here


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Back to beginning in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building #VersaPoints

20 hours ago

I will try to make it simple, as much as I can:

1. We start from ZERO VPs every month and we need to earn as many VPs as
we can during the current month.
2. Those VPs will be converted into MONEY if you become an EA or higher.
If you remain on the Affiliate rank, the VPs you have earned will NOT be
converted in money...just put in your TOTAL VPs Account and you will be
able to see them on your badge and Scoreboard.
3. As Goran said, becoming an EA you will get some CSAs and, also, 10 TCredits
after the earnings are calculated.
But, if you don't maintain your EA rank every month, you will lose your CSAs...
even if you win them in auctions (and pay for them) or win them on Card King.

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Pouka za početnike in Southern Europe

22 hours ago

Slozicu se sa ostalima da su zadaci sa nase To-Do liste samo dio naseg svakodnevnog
posla .
Onima koji se tek uclane data je mogucnost da sakupe odredjeni broj VP besplatno
jer se podrazumijeva da bar taj prvi mjesec treba da se cita i nauci kako se radi ovaj
Ali, kada se odrade ti pocetni zadaci, onda nastaje pravi RAD...broj besplatnih VP
nije dovoljan da se dodje do zarade.
Ovo je internet marketing...nas posao je oglasavanje...oglasavanje za nove clanove
i oglasavanje za promociju-prodaju proizvoda i usluga iz svega onoga sto nudi

Ovo je posao gdje se mogu nauciti stvari koje mozda nikad niste sanjali da cete
raditi... koliko nas je prije ovog posla znalo da napravi website?
Mnogima djeluje nedostizno...ali nije...nauci se...postanemo i strucnjaci u tome...

Kao sto je Radana napisala u njenom postu:
Ako ste spremni da ucite, niko vas ne moze zaustaviti!

Ne dajte se zaustaviti!

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What can we offer to the new affiliates? in Team Building #Team Building

22 hours ago

What I would like to add to Harold's and Kay' s posts is the IMPORTANCE to
understand the "Rewardical revolution" that SFI is going through lately.

People still don't get it the right way...
Still whining about MRPs and not understanding that they are getting more
now than before.

Many are not getting the fact that BEFORE they were not getting anything
when their PSAs were buying TCredits with MRPs.
NOW their PSAs are earning tokens, in so many ways, and THEY, sponsors,
are earning 1 token for every 10 tokens they earn.

Another important fact to understand is that almost 50% of the money that
Localvantia merchants and RW ECAs are paying to participate in the program
goes to the Executive Pool...and should grow the value of the VP.

What should you offer to the new affiliates?
Tell them to advertise the Rewardical program and get as many PRMs as he/she
can...let them earn tokens from them....that they can convert into VPs...making it
easier to get to the rank they want...
Advertising items from TripleClicks might not be easy...but if you add on your
splash page the ad for the Rewardical program it might be more "catchy" for
the eye of the visitors-possible buyers.

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Sharing button in R-ECA page. in Sales #Marketing #Rewardical #Sales

1 day ago

Thanks Tanja

For Zing Network within Tripleclicks I believe is working fine but I guess is not working for James.; You may see above post.

Thats is what I am sure everyone is worried about when you share via Rewardical webstore and PRM can bypass us without promo code. Promo code doesn't work unless it is build in with discount. Haha sorry guys if I turn off but it is the fact now.

Here is another Gery's post...a part of it...
Please, read carefully that last paragraf.

I guess we can read all the necessary information in the new Announcement, soon.

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Sharing button in R-ECA page. in Sales #Marketing #Rewardical #Sales

1 day ago

The Announcement about the SHARE button should come this week.
Here is the Gery's post about it:

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Can rewardicals be redeemed in bits? in Suggestion Box

1 day ago

It is slightly awkward that you have to select the number of Rewardicals you are willing to Redeem rather than the number of VersaPoints you want for example. Otherwise, most of your Rewardicals are redeemed for a large quantity of one item, all at once.

But, Stephen,
that is the purpose of the slider...to define how many of any item you want.

Why does that seem so difficult? I don't understand...

We have the option to define the NUMBER OF ITEMS we want using the slider,
define the NUMBER OF TOKENS we want to redeem, using the box and putting
the number there.

So,..what is the problem there?

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How to promote ECA Rewardical store to generate sales? in ECA Program #ECA #Rewardical #Sales

1 day ago

To update this post:

We just get the SHARE button for the RW ECAs...the Announcement will
arrive next week...
in the meanwhile...a couple of Gery's posts about this matter :

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Rewardical program i oglasavanje...na engleskom in Southern Europe #Rewardical

1 day ago

we are waiting for the Announcement next week about the SHARE button for
the RW ECAs.

It's there just from yesterday...but, let's wait for the official Announcement.

meanwhile..here is the Gery's post about it:

Please, read carefully his LAST paragraf!

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Class Cash Winner :) in Getting Started #Contests #Getting Started #Leadership

1 day ago

when new sign ups click to register on SFI, the first page they get is the CLASS CASH
page...where they need to CONFIRM their e-mail address...
it looks like this

They NEED to click that YES button to confirm their e-mail address, so, that SFI
can send them the e-mail with their entry number and the date for their 30th day
when they HAVE TO LOG IN and check their ALERTS page.

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order in Marketing #Auto-Delivery #Team Building #TripleClicks

1 day ago

I agree with others that it depends on your goals...
The important thing is that you can combine more items, if you want...and you can
always change the item/s you want as Auto Delivery.

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Why most people failed in business? in Miscellaneous

1 day ago

I'm not mean reading business books is vital in SFI.

But read the training section is vital, SFI provide all needed information to us free of charge.

Okay for those want know more about business it can be good read business books, but with the training SFI give us, we can be very successful.

The most important to be successful, is you really want be it, and work hard to come there.
If you are not do that will investment not help anything.

I'm myself not coming so long, and surely, it is because, I'm never get done that work, I mean is the best way.

I'm doing like many other do, buy my PSA, instead of produce my own leads.

I have seen people on internet, who direct say in their ads:
Seeking someone, who want to work hard to be successful, if you are not ready do that, then do not join.

I think that ad for SFI can be:
Looking for 5 persons, who really want to work hard to become successful, are you not ready to work hard for it, then please do not join

And then let this ads get them to join your list, in you list you make follow up mails that clearly explain what needs for you want them to join. Never give them the link to your gateway before you are in contact with them, and they have understand the needs, and have understand your plan.

You will not get many sign ups each month that way, but they will have much higher quality, and is already when they join, motivated for the business, and they will never be overwhelmed, because they are already know, what they have joined.

I know what to do, but have never got done the work to set it up.

And you must of course give those join a very good plan, I think make 2 or 3 very good plans, and let them chose one of these plans, and then give them an exact workinglist, for how to go for the chosen plan.

Best regards

Well said, Svend!

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Can rewardicals be redeemed in bits? in Suggestion Box

1 day ago

"I think instead of the slider, maybe we could type, into a box how many Rewardical
Tokens to redeem!"

We already have that option....
just click in that box...cancel the existing number and put the number of tokens
you want to redeem...then click on the green button of the item you want

You just need to know that you need 3 tokens for 1 VP....77 tokens for one
TCredit....and so on...

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Can rewardicals be redeemed in bits? in Suggestion Box

2 days ago

Welcome to SFI and our Forum, Adeler!

Yes, working with SFI might be life changing , indeed.
It needs a lot of reading and learning` how to work... so, I hope you will find
it interesting and motivating.

All the best!

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Can rewardicals be redeemed in bits? in Suggestion Box

2 days ago

you can redeem as many tokens as you want, just move the blue slider until you
get the number you want.
You can exchange tokens for different items, but, you need to do that
one at a time for every item.

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Purchases Commission Compensation in Getting Started

2 days ago

I am afraid you are mixing some things here...
You are probably talking about the Direct Commissions... DC.....not CV (Commission

You get Direct Commissions from the purchases of your PSAs and PRMs (45% of
the CV).
DC is added to your SFI Account until the 10th of the month when our earnings
are calculated and paid.
You need to accumulate at least $ 20 to be allowed to withdraw them...
Direct Commissions from purchases of physical items are not added immediately
because sometimes orders get canceled and refunded...so, no DC on that one.

As for the Scoreboard....
the value for CSAs and TCredits is not money that you can withdraw.
Those are benefits for your rank, BTL, given by SFI...and it's only showing the value
you got for those two benefits.

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E365 monthly race in Miscellaneous #E365

2 days ago

The monthly E365 contest is about having the biggest number of VPs for the
current month.
But, we have the backdating option until the 8th of the next month, so, the number
of VPs can be defined only AFTER the backdating is over.