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Lee W.

United Kingdom

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Biz Quiz Correct Answers Percentage in Miscellaneous #Contests

27 days ago

Hi I had a couple of wrong ones at the beginning but it has
now (almost) corrected itself!!! Here is what it says on page

Questions you've answered correctly to date: 926
% of questions you've answered correctly: 99%
Current Grade: A+

If that is as high as it can go - then I guess I'll just have to
settle for being 'less than perfect' LOL

Best wishes everyone lee

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SFI EXECUTIVE SPEEDSTER BADGE in Team Building #Auto-Delivery #Team Building #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

Here's mine as well !!

Thank you Gery and everyone - Also made me Grand Master
Hope Ive done this right !! LOL

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Is it correct? in VersaPoints

3 months ago

I am so sorry but I am completely amazed that you as a Pending
SILVER Team Leader do not seem to know how SFI works !!!!
Read this very carefully please
At the end of October ypou obviously had 3 VPs for your Stream
However, on the 1st November ALL VPs disappear and are added
to your VP Ledger. so ..... zero points
As you are then not able to earn any more Stream VPs for that week
you were told that you could not earn points again until on or after
the 4th November - which is of course today so you will be able to earn
3 VPs for this week

I really do not see why all this confusion and THREE pages of other
apparently confused people. All for the sake of not knowing how the
system works - after 3 years. Amazing!!

This is something that happens to all of us every month so what makes
this month so different. Please stop with this thread - all it is doing is
taking up people;s time and causing confusion.

My best hopes and wishes that you can finally understand the system

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Is it correct? in VersaPoints

3 months ago

Please READ what the underlined in red words say
In other words, you will NOT get any VPs for Stream
posts until ON or After 11/04/18 - which is tomorrow!

It also says that you have already earned 3 VPs this week.
This week ends on a Saturday - as it does every week so .....
no matter how many times you try you will be able to
post messages but you will NOT get VP until the 4th Nov

I do hope that this makes it clear
best wishes lee

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Reminder of expiry date of some events in SFI (BTL bonus,MRP,RT) in Miscellaneous #Rewardical #TripleClicks

3 months ago

Hi there

I can confirm that there did indeed used to be a bonus of $10
given when reaching BTL for the first time (or maybe 2nd
as you say - I can't quite remember) but I know it was there
because I received a $10 bonus at that time.

I cannot , however, confirm exactly when that was changed.
All I can add is that I will have been in SFI 4 years on Dec 11.

Hope this helps, for what it is worth
Best wishes

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Where is everyone from in United Kingdom

4 months ago

Hi David
I am in Perthshire in Scotland
lovely place to be and I love it here
Best wishes lee

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Biz Quiz yesterday in Miscellaneous

4 months ago

Hi there
I also got all three answers in the Biz Quiz 'wrong' BUT
I had to write to support about something and mentioned
it in the message.

The message came back that there was a 'glitch' of some
sort in the biz quiz and also that my reply had been marked
as correct. So, dont fret it, there was a problem but it was
sorted and so should everyone elses who got it right has now
been corrected.
Good luck with todays and every other day and don't worry
about it any more - it has been sorted!!
Best wishes and God bless

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Inactive class affiliates .. in Team Building #E365 #Leadership #Team Building

5 months ago

Hi Tope
In answer to your question about find out your own position go to :-


This will give you the information you are looking for

Best wishes


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Glossary definition : Mover list in Team Building #Team Building

5 months ago

hi skumar

Just a quick suggestion for you -
Check your settings at the top of your Movers
List. Something may have 'glitched' in the
Type or Recently Active sections - why not
just check it out. It is so easy not to notice if
something like that changes without warning.

All the best

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I Lost My Net Amount - No Need Standing Order in Miscellaneous

6 months ago

Sorry I forgot to add the URL link to the Affiliate Agreement just in case you do
not know where it is

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I Lost My Net Amount - No Need Standing Order in Miscellaneous

6 months ago

Another reply for MANUEL

Firstly, I WILL NOT copy and paste 'stuff' that other people have said, written and
that has probably been pasted on the SAME THREAD many times - using up SFI
resources, taking up space and wasting people's time. After all, a thread is "supposed"
to be a THREAD about ONE ISSUE so why should one post need to be pasted 6 or 7
or more times ????

Secondly, "but I'm not breaking any SFI forum rules." There are more 'rules'
than Forum rules Manuel perhaps you should read some of them. Perhaps you
have never read the Affiliate Agreement that we ALL agreed to when we joined SFI.

For your convenience and for every one else's information it is No 7 of the terms
and conditions for participating in the SFI Marketing Group Affiliate Program and I
have pasted it below for your perusal - PLEASE PAY PARTICULARLY CAREFUL
ATTENTION to the last sentence.

7. Affiliate agrees to present the SFI Compensation Plan and SFI products and services
as set forth at the official SFI Website. Affiliate will make no claims regarding potential
income, earnings, products, or services beyond what is stated at the official SFI Website.
Affiliate further agrees not to reproduce, publish, or post earnings in any form, online or
offline, by any means.

Now, whilst I may not have been correct about the potential suspension, I did know
that I was correct about the main issue.

I will accept your public apology and ask you here and now to stop patronising me
and acting like you own the forum.

To conclude, I am just 'proving my point' and do not want to get any further into this
I have a business to operate and people who care and appreciate the knowledge that
I have gained over the last almost five years so I do not have any more time for this
nonsense. Although I do suggest that you actually READ the Affiliate Agreement
you signed up to so you will KNOW what you are and are not allowed to do.

God Bless you and yours and I wish you a very successful life with SFI and without


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I Lost My Net Amount - No Need Standing Order in Miscellaneous

6 months ago


Forgive me if i have got this wrong but i think it is 'forbidden' to discuss
commission amounts in the forum - or anywhere.
I think this could even get you suspended from SFI but i am not 100%
sure about that.

My advice is - don't do it, then you will be on the safe side

Thank you

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Where are the rewards from Zing Network in Compensation #Compensation #Rewardical

7 months ago

hiya just to let you know that I have received mine - notified by a
mail in my inbox.
Thought you would like to know
Best wishes

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Has Tcredits rewardical points vanished in Miscellaneous

7 months ago

Hi there Hafsah

Just wanted to let you know that I have today both bid in an auction
and played at Card King and I received my 10 rewardicals for both
of these actions.

If there was in fact a glitch then it would seem to have been fixed

Hope you get yours sorted soon - I am sure that SFI will look at this
as soon as they can

best wishes

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Feeling Sad About My 2nd Year Anniversary With SFI in Team Building

7 months ago

Hi there Navanithe

Many Many congratulations on reaching your 2nd Anniversary with SFI
It is a Milestone that many thousands of affiliates NEVER reach and you
have every right to be proud of your achievements. More power to your
elbow !!!!

I also make a point of congratulating my PSAs and CSAs when they hit
any of their goals, anniversaries, achievements and higher status and
even if I see that they have won prizes in games, biz quiz etc. After all
they are greatly responsible in part for the income that I make with SFI

Onward and upward my friend and always remember that we are all
here for you when you need us

lee xx

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Problem earning T-credit in Getting Started #TCredits

8 months ago

Hi Cornel

If you have Rewardicals you can also redeem them for T Credits
Good Luck

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New Look to the "Rewardical.com" Page... I like it! in Sales #Marketing #Rewardical #Sales

8 months ago

Not bad I s'pose but I think it would have been better if we had kept our
own identity - as in for example Hi lee
Much more personal and at least you know you are in the right account
What do you think?

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No auction to play in Pricebender in Pricebenders

9 months ago

Just to let you know that my auction is working just fine
Has been for the last hour
Hope this sorts out for you soon
Best regards lee

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Requalify for badge contest in Getting Started #Getting Started

10 months ago

Hey there

This is for Sead !!!!
Congratulations on your Grand Master Elite - brilliant!
I just can't seem to get there
All the best - win some good prize

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SFI aTrue home Business builder in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

10 months ago

Hi Horace

I am so sorry but unless I have got this wrong - I have to disagree with one of your

" The approach plan you implement and the success level of your down line activity,
will determine your monthly commission payout, but because of the matching VP
your rank increase become easy
to reach when the EA you have remain active."

As far as I am aware Matching VP does NOT affect your rank status - which is ONLY
reached through your own personal VP - earned through your own efforts and VP
received from sales of your downline.

Matching VP with certainly raise your commission payment at te end of the month
because of the extra Shares from the Executive Pool but does NOT contribute to
raising your ranking status.

Please feel free to put me straight if I am wrong here but I do feel that if you take a
moment to re-read this section in the Launch Pad I think that you may have to agree
with me.

I have to add that I do like the rest of your post but, like I have said , I do disagree with
that part as I have explained.

God Bless you and I wish you much success

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Hey Buddy! Can you afford $1.99 per day? in Getting Started #Getting Started

11 months ago

Thank you very much for this brilliant post Scott. I have sent it out to my team
and gave you the credit for writing it.

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Winter Olympics in Team Building #Marketing #Team Building #TripleClicks

11 months ago

What a very nice post Erica!
Very well put - Congratulations, you hit the nail right on the head.
Thank you

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Launch Pad is now 62 Lesson in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building #VersaPoints

12 months ago

Hi Victor
I too went to the page and also did not get the 5 VP - perhaps it is
because we have been here longer and had done all of the launchpad
lessons two, three or four years ago! Who knows? I guess we have lost
out on the extra 5 VP - Shame!

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What actions can we take to make ECAs deliver quality products? in ECA Program #ECA #Sales #TripleClicks

about 1 year ago

I take some exception from the way you answered my post
Yes Tripleclicks was the seller
Yes Emails were sent to Tripleclicks support
Yes the answers received were not really relevant to the problem
Yes the time taken to reply was most definitely excessive
Yes no apology was even offered under the circumstances

Whatever you say this was NOT good service or good business
practice and this situation was definitely not treated in a professional
and timely manner as one would expect from a company who has been
in business for so many years
Yes this will all be reflected in any review my husband chooses to make

We have been in business all of our lives and any business that accords
its customers with such contempt would soon be OUT of business.

Thank you Randy - you obviously have not had the sort of problem that
I am talking about here,

Best wishes

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What actions can we take to make ECAs deliver quality products? in ECA Program #ECA #Sales #TripleClicks

about 1 year ago

I would just like to add to this post regarding my own situation.
One of my PRMs - my husband actually - ordered the Deal of the
Week for me (without my knowledge) because he knew that I
liked the look of the product and he still has not received it.

This was in the middle of September !!!! He has written to the
supplier - which is actually Tripleclicks - a couple of times with
not a lot of response. I do not think this was handled very well
at all and will be thinking twice in future if I want something to
arrive for a special occasion.

In the end, he actually was told to re-order the product and this
was at the start of December, at least two and a half months
after the initial order! They re-ordered the product for him.

I personally do not think that this is 'good' service and the fact
that the seller was Tripleclicks makes it even worse. How can we
expect ECAs to deliver good service if Tripleclicks themselves
seem incapable of doing exactly that. Makes it difficult to
promote products etc when you know there might be an issue
with the service/delivery.

He actually today received an email saying that the item has now
been dispatched! So we will keep our fingers crossed that it will
actually arrive this time!

Best wishes