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Sampath Kumar S.


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Looking forward to win in Eager Zebra #Astro Auctions #Eager Zebra #VersaPoints

17 hours ago

Respected Esther

There is no special strategy to win than that one needs to answers questions correctly.

You can search the internet, you can skip the question, etc in order to provide the correct answers and win it. As you keep playing you will find it not so tough to answer correctly.

Please try again today and there after..You will be a winner!! Not a difficult proposition at all!!

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spin&win faulty? in Miscellaneous

4 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Forum followers - Lost close to 1000 over night! in Bug Reports #Leadership #Team Building

7 days ago

As on 11th August 2018 I had 1888 followers in the Forum. 12th morning I noticed it stood at 896

Steps to Reproduce:
Support advised me to contact Forum Moderator directly. Mr. Kim Lang is doubtful if it could be due to purging of year old Forum members ( getting removed from SFI)

Expected Results:

Actual Results:
Explain what actually occurred when steps above were executed.

In the Forum followers. Is it a glitch or what?

Provide additional information, such as references to related problems, workarounds and relevant attachments.

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Finally, I won Astro Auction in Recognition #Astro Auctions

8 days ago

Respected Zuhair

Very Many Congratulations on your First Astro Auction Win! I am sure this is just a beginning for a series of wins that you are going to have in future!!

You have clearly explained what are all the attributes required to win in the Auction!!

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Glossary definition : Mover list in Team Building #Team Building

9 days ago

Respected SKumar

Just sharing for information:

*SFI classifies active affiliates as people with any VP in the current month AND who have logged into their accounts in the last 7 days."

They are Movers with whom Sponsors need to work closely!

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Only Auto-Delivaries in VersaPoints #TCredits #VersaPoints

10 days ago

Respected Arnab

I checked the price of many of the TCredits (Packs) including the popular Single TCredit for which the MRP price is 150 (102 VP)

Please check it and take it forward.

You can see the Regular price as well as the Auto Delivery price. Auto delivery price is cheaper than the regular price in all these cases.

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I Am Short Of 500 Versa Points in VersaPoints #TCredits #VersaPoints

10 days ago

Respected Arnab

1. Non working debit card - Please visit your personal bank and check. This way you can sort it out.
2. Against MRP you can still buy TCredits including single TCredit.
3. With an auto-delivery the price is cheaper than the regular price.
4. For example, singleTCredit - Regular price $1.99 with Auto Delivery it is $ 1.89/Each

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How can I retain my badges? in Eager Zebra #Getting Started #Leadership

11 days ago

Respected Rachael

Please visit: www.sfimg.com/Home/Badges

Click the Badges that you want to gather and you will know what you need to do to achieve them or retain them.

If you want to read more about Badges then, please read this LaunchPad Lesson which will help a lot.
Flash your badges!

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My Journey with SFI in Miscellaneous #Astro Auctions #Compensation #Rewardical

15 days ago

Respected By party

Very many Congratulations on your Second SFI Anniversary.

Sincere prayers for your successful journey and many many more joy filled Anniversaries here!

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Supporting my dwnline in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

15 days ago

Respected Winny

I appreciate your attitude and willingness to support your down line.

Please create your down line by introducing new PSA sign ups, There are so may methods to find them like FREE Ads/Paid Ads/exploring the warm market (type the key word "Warm" in the SFI search Bar and you will find very helpful information/tips), buying them, etc.

If you become an EA you will receive 10 CSAs also.

Please study the LaunchPad lessons on the subject of Sponsoring and you will know how to go about it.

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What's the best way to introduce sfi to someone in Marketing #Team Building

16 days ago

1. Share your experience with people known and close to you. They are your "Warm Market". Then

2. What are some tips for identifying my "warm" market?

Did you know that studies show that the average 21-year old already knows over 800 people? The following is an exercise to identify all the people you know who could become your personally referred TripleClicks Members. Don't skip this exercise! If you come up with even as little as 10 names, you'll be ahead of 95% of network marketers. That's because most people won't take the time to do important foundation-building steps like this. Be one of the 5-percenters and put success into motion!

First step: Grab a lined tablet. Start writing down the names of people you know (one name per line). Use the following list to help jog your memory:


Continue more at:

2. Once you introduce some one, you become the Sponsor. Then,


As the sponsor, YOU are the main SFI point person for your Affiliate. Your job is to provide the personal, one-on-one relationship to your Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs) that is so vital to your home-business success. It's vital, therefore, to provide timely communication, quick answers to questions they may have, and offer friendly guidance and support as they progress through SFI and begin to build their own organization.

Sponsor DO'S:

Sponsors should be available for any assistance PSAs need, and answer all questions within 24 hours--sooner if possible.
Sponsors should make sure their PSAs have checked out the actions outlined on their Affiliate Center's To-Do List and assist them as they proceed through these steps.
Sponsors should set a good example by maintaining their EA status...ideally with a minimum 1500 VP Auto-Delivery.
Sponsors should follow the guidelines of The Diamond Plan in constructing their teams.

Sponsor DON'TS:

Sponsors shouldn't twist people's arms about "upgrading" or becoming an EA.
Sponsors shouldn't be sloppy and unprofessional in your communications with your team members. Leaders get the details right.

Continue reading more at:

3. There are lot of Marketing Aids developed by SFI which are proven. Please study them and see how best you can use them to your advantage.

4. Same there are so many Marketing Methods developed by SFI and explained through the following. Study them and see how best you can use them to create your own downline.

5. Study in the Internet Income Course 2.0 at:

which will help a lot in knowing how to promote your business on line..

This way, please study the Training Materials provided by SFI and make full use of them so that you will know how to introduce SFI to others and create your down line.

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investment time in Getting Started #Compensation

19 days ago

Respected Mercy

What are all the actions you Have taken till now based on the compensation plan will determine how soon otherwise you can see thevearnings in your account.

Becoming or retaining the EA status alone will not help.

Please focus on Sales.
Create active PRMS.

Please study the C/Plan and focus where your strength remains.

This will help.

Your efforts alone will determine how soon you can earn

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My First PTB Win Came with 2 other Bonuses! in Recognition #Astro Auctions

19 days ago

Respected David Abiola

Hatrick of wins on a single day!

Very many Congratulations and wish you more!!

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Is it ideal to move up Team Leadership Rank without active PSAs? in Team Building #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

22 days ago

Respected Herbert

Without active Team Members (PSAs), there is no point in Sponsor advancing in Ranks. This is based on my personal experience. Right from my second month of joining SFI, I was a BTL continuously for almost 2 years. Since many active Team Members (PSAs) left one after another, I just reverted back to EA.

I have been trying my best to get active PSAs through fresh recruitment/purchase etc. again. It's yet to happen and hence I just remain an EA.

I focus on Sales more now. Localvantia and PRMs are my priority at present.

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Uber Picks FIFA (NA)- a Rule to know!! in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

26 days ago

Respected Tanja

Thank you! Lesson learned!

I did what you said here for the next game!!

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Terrific score. in Recognition #Eager Zebra

26 days ago

Respected Joel

Very many congratulations!

That was a fantastic start for a New day today!

Wish you many many more wins & growth here!!

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Uber Picks FIFA (NA)- a Rule to know!! in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

26 days ago

I learned a Point a through a Support Ticket which I want to share here so that those who don't know this will be benefited.

I scored 60 Points in the last FIFA (NA) Game (July 16-22). However, My name was not there in the Winner's List even 2 members who got 60 points figured there.

I just raised a support ticket to know why I was not considered even though I spent a TCredit.

The reply received was, " Their predictions were entered before yours, therefore even though you earned the same points you were not one of the top winners. "

Merely predicting and scoring winning point alone is not sufficient to claim the Prize. The entries should also take place in time or before others do!

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This Tab TRAINING on Home Page has the power to realize dreams!! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

The intention of this Post is to bring to the attention of Many New Affiliates who register with SFI every day but many of them are not to be seen afterwards.

I take their absence due to not reading the LaunchPad which can help them to get started, as the foremost reason even though they may have their own other negative reasons that stop them from pursuing their goal in SFI.

Once one reads the LaunchPad lessons and grasps the contents one will have a fair view of How does SFI Work and how equal opportunities are available to every one around the globe.

If this is clearly realized and understood a serious person will move on to perform the To Do List Actions every day.

Then, the major questions that will arise in the mind are:

1. How to build the Team?
2. How to make Sales? How and where to advertise?
3. How to bring in Locavantia Merchants?
4. How to create PRMs?
5. How to earn consistently?

This is where they need to KNOW that the answers in detail are all available in the TRAINING materials!

All it requires for them is just to visit the TRAINING Tab on the Home Page.

Visiting this one PARTICULAR Tab, reading and understanding them thoroughly and start implementing them through their own action plan matching their Goals will pave the way for a great innings in SFI.

This is what I keep insisting through my communication to my Team Members!

SFI business is simple! No one needs to break his/her head to grow!! Reading and following the TRAINING material will help a lot to realize dreams!

Patience and Persistence are key factors!

LaunchPad gives a solid platform!
Training Materials provide enough strength and confidence to build something great!!

We CAN do it!!

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20 games won out of 21 games play today. in Recognition

about 1 month ago

Respected Michael

Job well done! Enjoy this moment to your heart content!!

You deserve a pat on your back!!

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Payment in $ (US) for 1VP (versa point) in VersaPoints #Auto-Delivery #Sales #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

VersaPoints’ one and only role will be to determine rank (e.g. 1500 VP = Executive Affiliate). No longer will VersaPoints also represent shares of the Executive Pool.

Read more at:

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Fast progress... in Team Building #E365 #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Respected Jovica

It's really heartening to see that a new affiliate is very active and advancing to BTL Rank in a matter of 3 days of joining.

It clearly shows his commitment to this business and the will to win and succeed here.

It 's very difficult to find such a promising affiliate quickly. Please continue to support him with all your heart so that he will grow more. Please guide him to create his own Team as soon as possible so that all of you can grow together continuously.

All the very Best to you and to your Team Members!!

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What a Loser! in Pricebenders #Contests

about 1 month ago

Gery has explained everything in a separate Thread today. Please read the same in its entirety slowly and you will understand it clearly. Please follow the steps for participation explained and it will be easy to get started.

1. Simply, visit the Auction Index;
2.There will be Auctions;
3. Choose which ever is of interest to you;
4. Place bid(s) accordingly;
5. Follow the guidance given there;
6. Close it;
7. You will receive a mail confirmation;
8. Once the auction is over, you will receive a mail;
9. Click the Link and see what are all the benefits available to you;
10. Claim them by entering the captcha mentioned there;

That's all!

It's as easy and as simple as this!!

Just for your information, I participated in 2 auctions today and I received great Rewards despite being a Loser!!!

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What a Loser! in Pricebenders #Contests

about 1 month ago


I am also a Loser here in a only Auction where I spent ONLY one TCredit today.

I received:

5 Matches, 35 Rewardicals, 10 VP

What a Loser I am! But I want to lose many more!! Participation keeps me laughing Am I becoming addicted??!

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Welcome! Keep It Simple in Getting Started #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Respected James.
Absolutely fine. New affiliates will receive mails directly from SFI.
Our mails should not cause them any worry.
Keeping it short and sweet will help them understand the intention.

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Introducing...Astro Auctions! in SFI News

about 1 month ago

Quite excited reading this announcement. Every participant stands to win rewards if not the auction itself. Best feature is one need not sit around and watch and bid till it's completion. There can be no price wars. Equal opportunity to every one. In short it's revolutionary thinking on Gery's part. (As usual of course)

I just placed my bid for an auction. Will be one in 5000😊