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PTB: Again Lost! in Recognition #Astro Auctions

15 hours ago

Respected Bijan Kanti

Any how, you remain a winner by your very participation in the Auction!!

Earlier win in PTB is a real achievement! Congrats!!

Mind you, I am not a winner yet!!

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HIDDEN word puzzles in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

1 day ago

Respected Biljana


This Game is a real challenge to score! It helps in learning! It helps in earning Badges too!!

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I won card king in Recognition

8 days ago

Respected Abdulwahab

Very Many Congratulations! Fantastic!! Not every participant is able to win!! Nowadays it's increasingly becoming very touch to win in this Game!!

Wish you many many more such wins!!

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The aim of the work is Marketing in Marketing #Marketing

10 days ago


Through Marketing one can bring in:

1. More Sales
2. Fresh Sign ups by which the Team can be built further.

When Sales takes place consistently there will be consistent income also. Compensation Plan clearly defines how one can earn here through PRM/PSA/CSA, etc.


Let's continue to focus on these areas and do our very best. Let's grow with the Team and the Organisation!!

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Need more Info about S-Builders Co-Op. in Marketing #Marketing #Team Building

10 days ago

In case you want to know How it Works in details,, and all other relevant details about S-Builder, please visit:

Solutions >> SFI >> S-Builder Co-op

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Need more Info about S-Builders Co-Op. in Marketing #Marketing #Team Building

10 days ago

What is it?

S-Builder is our new, international, multi-channel advertising co-op available to all SFI affiliates, giving you the ability to accelerate your path to success by purchasing shares.

Just as a small fire produces little heat, small actions produce small results. With S-Builder, you can turn up the heat as hot as you want and propel your business forward.

No Time? No Experience? No problem!

Less than a daily cup of coffee!No longer is a lack of time or marketing experience a roadblock to success with SFI. With S-Builder, you can simply plug in to our global advertising co-op and within a few weeks begin receiving sign-ups (both SFI affiliates and TC members).

Just 72 cents a day gets you on your way

Units (shares) of S-Builder cost as little as $22. That means that for just 72 cents a day, you can be building a residual income stream for you and your family. Indeed, S-Builder is one of most economical ways to build an online business ever!


Make sure you read and understand the following:

The great benefit of our co-op is that it allows persons of even modest means to participate in large-scale advertising campaigns and share in the results without a significant investment. But it is an investment nonetheless, and no specific results are guaranteed, and no refunds are available. We EXPECT to produce results you will be satisfied with but we can make no assurances. If the co-op does great, all participants will share in this good fortune. But conversely, if the co-op does not do well, all participants will similarly share in its lack of results. Make certain, before you purchase any units, that you understand this. And under no circumstances should you invest any money into S-Builder Co-op that you cannot afford to lose.

How to get started today

To get started today, simply purchase one or more S-Builder units at TripleClicks.

IMPORTANT! There are a limited number of spots available in the co-op. To ensure yourself a spot each month, set up an Auto-Delivery for S-Builder units...

...THEN, as a special offer:

Pick up unlimited PSAs To Go for just $1.99 each! This is our very BEST price for PSAs To Go, and you can order as many at this price as you like. Each PSA will be assigned to YOU as their sponsor and could help boost your SFI business, strengthen your team, and increase your potential earning power!


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Do you think Astro Auctions is a good choice? in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Rewardical #VersaPoints

11 days ago

Whether one wins the Auction or Not, at the end of it every participant is a Winner in his/her own way!! Astro Auction ensures this!!

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Badge points for advancement to next level in Miscellaneous #Contests #Leadership

13 days ago

You can view badge point values by clicking an individual badge on your Badge Tab. A popup window will feature the number of points attached to that badge.

From there please see how and where exactly you can increase the point values. For example, I find from your Badges that there are so many Uber Games badges elude you till now. Please take part in them, win them and keep trimming them and there it is - your badge values will increase.

This is just a sample!

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My prize in Astro Auctions! in Recognition #Astro Auctions #Rewardical

14 days ago

Respected Selma

Very Many Congratulations! Astro Auctions indeed throw more and more benefits to every participant! At the end of it, every one will certainly feel a "Winner"! Where else one will get such a feeling??

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How does a PRM benefit me? in Miscellaneous #Compensation #Getting Started #Sales

15 days ago

Direct Commissions
For all your Personally Referred Members (PRMs)

Earn 52% of CV on their purchases
Earn 100% of the VP on all their purchases
Earn 1 Rewardical for every 10 they earn

Where ever they live when ever they buy you will get these benefits.

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Exhausted with Hidden game in Eager Zebra #Contests #Eager Zebra

16 days ago

Simply put it's nothing but, "Dynamite"!!

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Expectations from Team Members Actions, compared to Team Leader Actions. in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

20 days ago

Lead by example is one the SFI Rules of success. If one wants to be an awesome sponsor one needs to follow what the team members are expected to do. Otherwise, there will be no growth.

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I got the 4 King! in Recognition #Eager Zebra #TCredits #TripleClicks

20 days ago

Very Many Congratulations! Not every one will be lucky to achieve this feat!!

Your persistence paid off!!

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Spin & Win dicontinued in Miscellaneous #Contests #Team Building #VersaPoints

21 days ago

Every now and then I used to post threads specially on Spin and Win urging fellow affiliates to look for and READ News Letters so that there will be an opportunity, in the process, to take part in the S and W and earn valuable VP.

This I did because many times I observed the number of VP awarded was not in proportion to the number of active affiliates.

This did not present a good picture on our working here.

Naturally, a clear decision is taken to dispense with. This is how the opportunity to earn VP for Team Mail was also lost.

Time, we affiliates understand more, work the way we are expected to work and support the Organisation so that every can grow more and prosper well!

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First PB Auction win! in Recognition #Pricebenders

23 days ago

Congratulations Respected Keshav on your Win!!

Happy that you received them from India only. Did the Auction specify that CSAs are from India only? Otherwise, generally it will be from different countries.

Currently, however the CSA Exchange tool is Down for maintenance!!


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earn versa point in Suggestion Box #VersaPoints

23 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Hidden Clues are misleading in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

23 days ago

The excitement continues ..

Today, just now, I scored more than 8200+ points and received 1 more new badge (totally 8 now) and my Rank improved and now remains at 75!!

At times, the clues were confusing and not easy to infer. But I managed with additional clues I bought against TCredits!!

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How to qualify for the rank 'Bronze Team Leader'? in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

24 days ago

1. VP - To do List provides best explanation on how to gather VPs.
2. PSAs - To get sign ups - Explore the warm Market, Use advertisements in appropriate channels/media, etc.

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How to qualify for the rank 'Bronze Team Leader'? in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

24 days ago

Monthly qualifications required to be a BTL:

Qualifications (monthly):

Minimum 3,000 VersaPoints (VP) (1,500 min from sales/purchases)
Minimum (3) PSAs
Minimum 3-star sponsor rating from PSAs (not required if you receive less than 3 ratings)

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Hidden Clues are misleading in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

24 days ago

Keys. At times we find certain confusing clues. But that is where the real fun remains!

But you know it's because ofvFidden that my Badge quest rank improved from 142 to 88 yesterday in a matter of 10 games!!

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Hidden Clues are misleading in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

24 days ago

Let everything can wait this moment.

It's Many many happy returns of the day Respected Andy! May God be with you at all times and bestow His best of everything!!

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Status of a2a in Ask Gery #Getting Started #Marketing

24 days ago

Respected Barry

Still remains under maintenance. Priorities have changed with the introduction of more tools to help all of us grow our business and enjoy our presence. Step up our Rank this month takes the priority now.

Focus remains on growing more/selling more and earning more with the team.
It August well for all of us!

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PSA questions in Getting Started

25 days ago

Respected Mohammed

Please explain the following:

The three BASICS ways to earn in SFI:

Direct Commissions
Co-Sponsor Commissions
Team Overrides

LaunchPad Lesson - Making money with SFI

There are even more ways to earn as an SFI affiliate, and these are explained in LaunchPad lessons!

Please advise your PSAs to read the LaunchPad Lessons and understand them thoroughly. By this they will know how this business runs and they can create a solid foundation for the same. After reading them,, if they are serious they will stick. Other wise, they will remain inactive and even opt out.

But, Some will; Some won't; So what? Next! With this attitude you please carry on with your business!!

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Hidden Words in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

26 days ago

Good that you brought it so that corrective action can be initiated at appropriate end.

Let me also report it to Admin!!

(I did just now)

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Can PPA be helpful? in Team Building #Compensation

27 days ago

Taken from the "Important Notes, Rules, & Restrictions" on SFIPPA PROGRAM:

Put simply, if you participate in the PPA program, you can earn money upfront, but you give up all the long-term sponsorship benefits and potential residual income. Please make sure you carefully consider this before participating in the PPA program.

Please read more about it at:

It's better to develop your( down line ) own Team which can of great benefit over the years.