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Bruce H.

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Are You Missing The Boat- Putting Things To The Side? in Team Building #Getting Started #Team Building

about 1 hour ago

Are you not getting to a lot of Business and Personal Things that should be taken care of, rather than putting them to the side for later? Most of us our guilty I would presume. We discover one day that practically all of these on our to do list are
ones we have not given a completion date to. That is so important to do.
If you don't enter a dead-line date beside each item we find out the same old ones keep hanging around day in and day out.

You will find that when you start filling in a project dead-line date they get done, unless you are a hopeless procrastinator and save them until the very last minute. Believe me, tasks without deadlines are an open invitation for you to procrastinate.

Play a little trick , create a sense of urgency, set your completion date completion a few dates prior to when you actually
need the chore completed. If you do this you may still run past the completion date.

You'll need to put this system into practice and when you do, you will get rid of having to put yourself under pressure
and have needless last minute worries. Try it, I'm sure you'll like it.

Bless you and yours. Bye for now. Buy SFI/TC/R-ECA.
Bruce Harper

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double members reward auction! in Team Building

2 hours ago

Festus - We should all be thankful that there is no double MRP on auction, and look at the long range benefit- more $$$ in
the executive pool. Gives everyone, from a day 1-"Newbie" (after reaching EA) through Diamond Ranking a bigger slice of
the $$$ Pie. How big will your slice be?
Gery's wise decisions and initiation of all the new programs, etc., will let all of us eat hearty down the road. Thanks Gery, for the one of the top On Line and Off Line opportunities available to all who will invest time and small monthly investments in their marketing Businesses. (Even welcomes the members who, for one reason or another, can only invest
time, but have in their minds, "I know to reach my desires, dreams, and goals I'll need to start investing $ along with the time I spend, be it full-time or part-time, because I want retirement residual income for myself and family."

Bless you and yours, Bye for now, Buy SFI/TC/R-ECA.
Bruce Harper

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Personal prestige domain in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

4 hours ago

Anita A - Go to top right corner of Affiliate Page- Click On Magnifying Glass- Search Bar Appears-Type in "Prestige Domain"-.
Bless you and yours, Bye for now, Buy SFI/TC/R-ECA.
Bruce Harper

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Personal prestige domain in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

4 hours ago

Angela M - Type in Prestige Domain in Search Bar. Top Right Corner- Click on Magnifying Glass - Search Bar appears.
Bless you and yours. Bye for now. Buy SFI/TC/R-ECA.
Bruce Harper

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Have you ever considered offering Builder Bundles with... in Ask Gery

10 hours ago

Steve L - SFI is a Business, not a Country Club. Your suggestion is interesting, however it would kill the incentive of working
to achieve. SFI is not a hobby, it is your very own Business. I'm curious, why would you not include all ranks to DTL? Also,
how were you going to maintain rank under your suggestion? What would your proposed Builder Bundles Include & would
the Auto be once, monthly, or to infinity? (I'm sorry, but I pass on this suggestion, however a stimulating post.)

Bless you and yours, Bye for now. Buy SFI/TC/R-ECA.
Bruce Harper

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aim to work hard in Getting Started #Localvantia #PSA

11 hours ago

Muhammad N.L. - Congratulations for your First Post at the Forum. Your commitment to work hard and make money is
welcomed. I'm assuming you have started/finished your Launchpad Lessons, if not complete them, as they are your
base/groundwork for a successful career in your new marketing Business.

At the top right corner of your Affiliate Page you can click on the Magnifying Glass and a Search Bar appears. Type in
a Subject/topic if you have a question & answer appears or direction of how to find what you are looking for. You can
enter short question if you desire. This service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

You can also visit this Forum anytime and ask questions, If you need help from your Sponsors/Upline be sure contact
them. Under the Reference Tab you can see that a glossary is available. This will let you look up meanings of words
that you may want to look up in connection with your reading and lessons.

Good luck in all your studies and be sure you log in daily. Visit this Forum often to get marketing information and tips
on how to build your business. Give your best efforts and you will be fine. As you do your lessons and read take notes
which will let you understand everything much better. Use that Glossary to define words if you want clear understanding.

Bless you and yours. Bye for now. Thanks for visiting the Forum, do so often.
Bruce Harper

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I Think I'm Too Social, What Do You Think? in Just For Fun

23 hours ago

Gliceria - A great post for everyone to follow to reach ultimate $uccess. Very professional, thanks for sharing.

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To What %%%Degree%%% Are "U" Committed 2??? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building

1 day ago

Do you lack full Commitment? You can answer that by letting us all know if you have made your Commitment known to
the public, that is your friends, neighbors, and relatives, (even a few of your enemies, haha.)

When you have made your commitment known to these select group of people, that you don't even need an introduction
to, you have taken another Giant Step to $uccess.

When you finally give them your "elevator pitch", your short, quick, excitable "high points" pitch (the A=B=Cs of SFI, I know
you will receive a good amount of Support, some questions about your vast amount of products that they use, some turning
into sales, and even a few that you may give the opportunity to join your team, in your new Marketing Business (On & Off
Line). Yu will also be giving yourself valuable "self-talk & motivation,"

Doesn't this sound so easy and productive for you to grow your Team? You know folks, sometimes "we can't see the
forest because of all those dang trees that are in the way." haha.
Why shouldn't we be making our new marketing business known to all of our friends, neighbors and relatives? I'll bet
you could interest even more than five (5), don't you? Drop by, or call, and ask them if you just get their opinion on
something. (Remember to take your Lap Top along, if your comfortable/ or handouts which you can use also.

Your efforts will provide you with treasures and pleasures. I'll even bet some of your elderly folks might even be able
to earn some residual income down the way. What do you think.
Bless you and yours, Bye for now. Buy SFI/TC/R-ECA.
Bruce Harper "Success To You - Always & All-Ways."

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I Think I'm Too Social, What Do You Think? in Just For Fun

1 day ago

Glicera P- Another great reply. You are always a breath of fresh air. Glad you volunteered for the leading lady position.
There are going t be so many broken hearts. haha. I love the Cheshire cat's big smile, sure not ugly or scary. Looking
forward to your colour changing soon. In your spare time would you practice dancing backwards, as I'm always moving
forward. They say that Ginger Rodgers was twice as good as Gene Kelly because she had to do everything backwards
that he did forwards. I don't know if you remember that duo, they were great, as we are.haha.
Bless you and yours. Bye for now. Buy SFI/TC/R-ECA.
Bruce Harper

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What are the things you can do to make coping with recent change? in Miscellaneous

1 day ago

Michael A - If someone feels uncomfortable, stressed out and afraid, or even scary, they have given those messages to their
subconscious mind. Then Michael what do you think happens? Since the subconscious mind is your obedient servant it will
see to it that is exactly what you want and it will surely deliver your request to you. Interesting isn't it.

That being said we need to have deep faith and trust in Gery's fabulous changes from the git go. They are here already and has given everyone, that truly believes in Gery's new programs , a bright and prosperous future.

If your team needs to be better equipped to grasp the great opportunity that has now opened up for them, perhaps you may need to review them in a team/group E-Mail. With a review and understanding of all the pluses over the past
programs they will play "follow the leader" emulating your positive leadership traits. The hard work that you have
displayed in your rank speaks for itself.

I would suggest you discuss any and everything with your Sponsors & Upline, which will let you have a more comfortable feeling and peace of mind. Positive self-talk and vocal affirmations are always helpful also.

Bless you and yours, Bye for now. Buy SFI/TC/R-ECA.
Bruce Harper

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My foolest purchase! in Sales #Eager Zebra #Sales #TripleClicks

1 day ago

Tatiana K. - EZ Express tokens allow you to play Eager Zebra games just like T-Credits "BUT" with one "cool"difference
- you can use them to play Gold Streak, KO Trivia, and Card King Eager Zebra games even after you have reached your
daily or weekly - play or win limit.
As you say, they are expensive, however it's not a bad ideal to have a few in case of an emergency situation where you are
just shy of continuing a streak or reaching a certain badge, prize, point total, etc.
Sort of like having that spare tire you have, sure is handy if needed.
Thinking back a few years ago I had bought a few and they paid off for me. You may need them if you can't stop what you are playing to get more TC's quickly also.
I believe many, me for one, made that same mistake. Think positive about it, you now have an emergency tool. (that is if you didn't use it yet.) Your experience will let you know not to do the same thing, because you'll get the same mistake.

Bless you and yours. Bye for now. Buy SFI/TC/R-ECA.
Bruce Harper

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I Think I'm Too Social, What Do You Think? in Just For Fun

2 days ago

Gliceria-You know I have Google, Facebook, Twitter, & Skype Accounts.
Bruce- Man, and do you have Life?
G-OMG, No! Could you send me a link? Also, Gliceria just issued SFI's new Fire Policy- "In Case Of Fire-Exit Building Before
Tweeting About It."
My Active Life has come to a stand-still. I was once living very actively, playing football. baseball, basketball, participating in
car races, motorcycle races. & field & track contests. Sometimes I would play poker and pool. But this all ended when --------
Somebody stole my PC, and that was it. Also Pamela wanted me to be sure and tell you the new Forum rules she may or may not post: 1. Come 2.Ask Something. 3. Get Banned 4. Go & Google It. (haha.) Well I've got to get back to turning the
red to green, as I'm just as adamant about changing colors as Soni Gliceria P is. (haha.)
Bruce Harper - Keep Smiling - You look like a Cheshire Cat!

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Time to step it up a notch! in Team Building #Leadership #Rewardical #Sponsor

2 days ago

John M - Great post. I think you hit it on the head, actually the most successful leaders are actually teachers per se.
You mention to bone up on your people skills. very true. The importance of boning up on our computer skills are paramount
also, as SFI was specifically designed for the Internet.
We know the long term vision of success does take time. We can get there by the time and personal investment in our marketing business. We are not obligated to invest modest amounts of money to provide quicker growth than if we just
invest time only.
There certainly no brick and mortar business that can survive without large amounts of $$$. Our rate of growth certainly
enhances quicker growth with affordable $$$ investments in our own marketing businesses. If we choose the option
of only time investment, that's okay too, however we must be content with a much slower rate of growth. It's your
Business, your choice, choose wisely.
Due to personal, and/or family, or other circumstances we all have the option of increasing the amount of time, or invest-
ments we make, as well as the ability to decrease either, as we see fit. Plan for the future, tempus fugit (time flies.)

Bless you and yours, bye for now. Buy SFI/TC/R-ECA.
Bruce Harper

17 posts

Are You On The Right Side Of The Fence? in Miscellaneous #Leadership #TripleClicks

2 days ago

Victor S - Happiest Birthday Greetings to you. Save some cake for me. Both sides of the fence works best. As you state-
different strokes for different folks. Variety is the spice of life. Bless you and yours. Bye for now. Buy SFI/TC/R-ECA.
Bruce Harper.

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Getting Some Whiskers??? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building

2 days ago

Getting Old? Me Too. Getting those whiskers can slow you down, if you let them. Put a stop watch on you and it would probably show you are moving a mite slower, but when you complete things now it is more rewarding than when you were
a fast mover.

Isn't it great what the power of your subconscious mind can help you do if you feed it a diet of positive pills.

If you have just joined SFI & are a little fearful, now is the time to re-think your desires, hopes, dreams, and goals which
will give you the courage to $ucceed.

You need to get the reasoning that if so many affiliates have reached success with SFI, why not you?

Are you a Lucky person? I'd say yes, and you ask, How?, Because with all the preparation SFI gives you, when you study

and enjoy it, it will then mesh with the great opportunity that you now have with your own marketing business. You are

now, or will be worthy of Luck & $uccess.

There are only two (2) things that SFI does not want you to ever do, 1.-To Give Excuses, or 2.-Quit. I might add, from what
I've been told you are quite worthy of $uccess with your new Marketing Business.

Bless you and yours, Bye for now. Buy SFI/TC/R-ECA.

Bruce Harper

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For The Record in Just For Fun #Leadership #TripleClicks

3 days ago

VictorS - Well, I'm here for the cake/ice cream, by SFI time, I'm 4 hours early for the party, but I wanted to be one of the first to wish the Happiest Birthday ever. You are so correct, there will be many great things ahead of us. May you have
many more glorious, happy birthdays. (On my birthday I finally made out my "Bucket List", I only added 2 things on the
list: 1. Wake Up & 2. Breath In & Out. (That will ensure I get to visit with you & many more wonderful Nigerians.

Bless you, and yours, Bye for now. Buy SFI /TC/R-ECA.
Bruce Harper

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Good Days Can Be Very Contagious !!! in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started #Marketing

3 days ago

Those "Good Days Can Be Contagious !!!" You can accomplish this by making it a daily habit to avoid the Bad Days in Business & Life. All of us have their share of ups & downs. Just don't let the bad moments override the good moments.

When you start to feel a little down, just replay some positive experience that you have had recently. This recall, will let
you model that positive attitude you have most of the time. Thank goodness, the Good Days do become quite contagious.

Make up your mind every morning to look at the bright side of any situation you might face that particular day. You'll be
able to build yourself and your team in your new marketing business at a top level of $uccess. Simply overlook the
negative and concentrate on the positive.

Be careful to watch your choice of words in your new business world as well as in your personal family life. Once said,
they are very hard to retract. We however, try to, by saying, "I'm sorry", but that comes as being shallow, don't you

Another reason we need to be diligent in word choice is because your subconscious mind hears the exact words you say. or type, not what you mean to say.

Over time, your word choice will become automatic. Word choice practiced over and over, eventually will become habit.

Your word choice can mean if your day is a "Good" day or a "Bad" day. So, remember to use the right words for the right
situation. Bless you and yours, May you be blessed with more goods days in your marketing business. Bye for now.

Buy SFI/TC/R-RCA. Bruce Harper

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WE ARE FAMILY in Miscellaneous #Team Building

3 days ago

Olanrewaju G.- I believe many affiliates are part-time because they have not yet developed (built)their new marketing business as large and profitable as it can be as time goes by. Why would this be any different than the situation you are
posting about.
Affiliates have the right to work more than one business at a time. Was your chat of a friendly nature? Reading between the
lines I imagine there is a chance it was not. I would like you to further explain your words "I add the guy up immediately.?"

Are you happy or feel jealous? What was your intent by calling the affiliate up immediately?
Bless you and yours, Bye for now. Buy SFI/TC/R-ECA.
Bruce Harper

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Daily Grand Winner in Recognition #Eager Zebra #Rewardical

3 days ago

Hi... Muhammad Azam ! My Congratulations to you!

and I wish you Happy Birth Day to you Zoran !

Congratulations, Muhammad Azam! Happy birthday too, Zoran

Zoran- Happiest Birthday Wishes. Bless you and yours. Bye for now. Buy SFI/TC/R-ECA
Bruce Harper ( Congratulations Muhammad Azam)

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Here Is Gift Certificate-Only Use To Boost Rank!!! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building

3 days ago

Andy Zeus Anderson - Thanks much-very professional. Bless you and yours. Bye for now. Buy SFI/TC/R-ECA.
Bruce Harper

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Use This & Avoid All Speeding Tickets-Women Only in Just For Fun

3 days ago

How Women Can Avoid Speeding Tickets-It takes intestinal fortitude (that's guts ladies.) A woman gets pulled over by a police officer. Woman-Is there a problem officer? Officer-Ma'am you were speeding. Woman-Oh, I see. Officer-Can I see your license, please? W=I'd give it to you, but I don't have one. O=Don't have one? W=Lost it 4 times for drunk driving. O=I see, can I see your vehicle registration papers, please? W=I can't do that. O=Why not? W=I stoled this car. O=You stoled this car? W=Yes, I killed, and hacked up the owner. O=You what? W=His body parts are in plastic bags in the trunk, if you want to see them. The officer looks at the woman and slowly backs away to his car & calls for back-up. Within minutes 5 police cars circle the car.

A senior officer slowly approaches the car, clasping his half drawn gun. Ma'am could you step out of your vehicle, please? The woman steps out of her vehicle and says, is there a problem sir? O=Well one of my officers told me that you have stolen this car and murdered the owner. W=Murdered the owner? O=Could you please open the trunk of your car, please? The woman opens the trunk of her car revealing nothing but an empty trunk. O=Is this your car Mam? W-Yes, here are the registration papers. The officers are stunned. O=One of my officers claims you do not have a drivers license. The woman digs into her hand-bag and pulls out a clutch purse and hands it to the officer. The officer snaps open the clutch purse and examines the license.

He again looks puzzled and said one of my officers said you did not have a license, that you stole this car, and that you murdered and hacked up the owner. The woman then said and I bet that lying officer said I was speeding too.
Bless you and yours. Bye for now. Buy SFI/TC/R-ECA.
Bruce Harper

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Is That Daylight? or Train Headlight??? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building

4 days ago

Is that daylight, or a train headlight? I'm sure you have all heard of the proverbial saying that when the going gets tough just
look ahead, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
The very first step you take into that tunnel, you are on your way out of the tunnel. (It's best you make plans before entering that tunnel,)

If you did not make plans, you might still see the light, but it could very well be the headlight of a freight train. This could be
your demise. The moral of this is to know the schedule (your training) (your SFI Plan) or you could be left in the dark.

With the professional training you will get, or start soon, you will have the opportunity to always and in all-ways know there will be a strong light of $uccess if you look ahead. plan, and give your best effort on a daily basis.

Bless you and yours, Bye for now, Buy SFI/TC/R-ECA.
Bruce Harper

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Here Is Gift Certificate-Only Use To Boost Rank!!! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building

4 days ago

In an E-Card, what do you think of this note-I'm sending you a $ gift certificate, it's best to only use it to boost your rank. Or,
is better to just send with no word on how to use. (to be sent to Team movers.) (Don't want to not use proper etiquette, but
don't want recipients to use on Bidding, Games, or personal Gifts.) Thoughts please?

Bless you and yours, Bye for now, Buy SFI/TC/R-ECA.
Bruce Harper

8 posts

Kaizen, the continuous improvement, for your SFI in Inspiration/Testimonials

4 days ago

Daniel C - Your best post yet, in my mind. An opportunity to have a 365% improvement, glad that wasn't a weight reduction
percentage. I guess the invisible man used that reduction %.(haha.)

I commend you on a well thought-out posting. Keep posting gems like this, everyone appreciates your Forum postings.

Bless you and yours, bye for now. Buy SFI/TC/R-ECA.
Bruce Harper

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What Is For Breakfast? in Miscellaneous #Leadership #TripleClicks

4 days ago

Victor S - Sounds like you are eating "The Breakfast Of Champions" to me. You got me hungry. OK back to Business.
My ideal time is 1 minute past midnight and now I will tell you why. If my computer goes out I have 23 hours and 59 minutes
to get it going. If I can't get connected, I know I can go to any library the next morning and take care of the red to green tabs.
Also there are so many fast food places (McDonald's for one.) This keeps any streaks going also.

This gives me peace of mind knowing that nothing can stop my daily red to green business, What do you think? This gives me able time to turn a computer glitch, malfunction, internet connection from a negative to a positive. This system works
well also with no family to interfere with what I have to do. If a member has to share computer with family this system
solves that problem also.

This works for me, and may for you too. Bless you and yours, Bye for now. Buy SFI/TC/R-ECA.
Bruce Harper