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Make the difference ! in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

21 hours ago

Treat SFI business as a business from where we can earn extra income. A 2-hour daily operation can earn us more money than 8 hour a day employment. We are our own boss and manager with the freedom to grow and create our own income.

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Go Forward in Marketing #Getting Started #Sales #Team Building

21 hours ago

Well said, bro. Randy. Sponsoring and team building is essential for the business to grow and continue to survive. If our team is active, there are more sales as sales are generated from our downline. The purchase of tcredits by our downline is part of the sales. PRMs and CSAs also contribute our sales income. We will have less worries if we have active teams.

Good products which are comparatively cheap are saleable. People will buy if they need them. So keep on promoting to create their needs and awareness.

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Really in the Badges Quest' I'm going backward! in Compensation

3 days ago

Don't focus too much on the badges. For tripleclicks, keep on playing EZ games and win. For SFI badges, do more on building your team. As more affiliates get involved in SFI, they too are hunting for badges and earn more points to improve their leaderboard quest ranking in the different levels. Every second/minute/hour our leaderboard rank changes by the points we earn at that point of time. We can see up and down of our position. It's just a notification. Your rank and position in leaderboard is determined on the last day of the month.

Before the new system(SFI and tripleclicks badges are separated) was introduced, I always maintained my badge quest leaderboard position below 200. But now my position is between 200+. I'm inefficient in team building by the badges I have in SFI. More have to be done in this area.

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Reassignments To My active BTL PSA in Team Building #Sponsor #Team Building

5 days ago

I prefer to assign manually since I don't have any DD under me as well as myself is not DD. I definitely assign new and fresh PSAs to any of my downline who are active. After all, if they quit, the PSAs will come back to me.

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Reassignment PSA Difficulties in Team Building #Team Building

6 days ago

What I did before. Go to genealogy, Look for reassign tab. There you can see the list of assignable affiliates. Tick the assignable affiliate(new PSA in green icebreaker in my case) and on the top of the table you can see a long bar where you can type in the ID of the PSA whom you want to him to receive the new PSA. Press 'enter'. Try may be it works. Or try following the reassignment tool.

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How to create the team? in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

8 days ago

There are no direct answers to your questions. There are marketing tools to use in SFI but these tools are ineffective if we cannot use them to create relationship and get connected with our downline. We need to go through the training materials,understand and apply them to our business. It takes time and persistence to build good and active teams.

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Help Minimize Team-Member Loss!!! in Team Building #Team Building

8 days ago

Almost every day we lose a number of PSAs and CSAs through opt-out or when they are no longer active and their accounts cancelled. We have to compensate and replace these losses through new recruits of PSAs/CSAs. Or else our team becomes smaller and demotivated.
We work with the 'workers'. If we don't have any 'workers' then in no time we will close shop.

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Please spanish-speaking people help us. in Team Building #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

9 days ago

Be careful about using google translator. At times google uses direct translation which may be out of context.

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Non-Designated Diamond Option now Functional in Ask Gery #Team Building

10 days ago

My understanding of opti-build: DD is designated by SFI. Minimum rank to participate in Opti-build is BTL. Even though you are BTL and not DD, you may not get any spill-over from your sponsor. If you are STL but not DD or opt not to be DD, then you can opt for NDDO. STL. Your downline will get PSAs from you but you may not get any from your sponsor. If your sponsor is not DD, you may not get spill-over either. So you can see where the boundary is.
Focus more on your downline. They are the people who push you up.

At BTL/TL, you want to get the 2, 3 or 5 best/active PSAs to be in your 1st generations line up. Your management and leadership skills are very important at this level to motivate and retain your active PSAs. With your active teams, your upline will definitely get benefits.

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Qualify EA before 10th and after 10th difference in Team Building #Compensation #PSA #Team Building

11 days ago

More info at Benefit Charts @https://www.sfimg.com/Reference/ComparisonChart and Compensation Plan @ www.sfimg.com/Reference/CompPlan. These two should be read to understand why we should go for higher rank if opportunities arise. You can be BTL without EA. But you cannot be STL without BTL. Practically, every affiliate can be BTL if they want to.
To enusre that you maintain your STL, make sure that you must have a BTL under you or else you fall back to BTL even though you may have 4000 vps.

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Strange event! in Miscellaneous

11 days ago

Consider it as a blessing! As long as you have not achieved EA status yet, your last month vps can be carried forward to this month to give you the chance to reach 1500 vps to be EA. In the past, we could not accumulated our vps to the following month, meaning which that our last month effort's had gone to waste. To be EA we needed to buy tcredits to earn vps to top up our monthly vps. But with the new ruling, new affiliates don't need to spend a single cent to be EA within 2 months or more if they haven't earn 1500 vps.

But I notice that you have started 9 months ago and your accumulated vps is 9522. Looking at your biodata, you have been EA for 5 months streak and seemed to disappear after. Only today that you log in and discover that you can be EA again. Is this a motivation to you? What about your CSAs? Are they still there? I assume that you had put "vacation on" to avoid losing your last vps. I may be wrong.

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Qualify EA before 10th and after 10th difference in Team Building #Compensation #PSA #Team Building

12 days ago

Becoming EA or TL on the first day of the month makes differences. As we all start with 0 vp, I like to see something different on the first day of work that gives me motivation. So I set my auto delivery on the 1st day of the month as EA. Other benefits will follow. Moreover, I can be BTL earlier if I have won more vps in AA. My target to be BTL is on the 10th of the month. By that time I will know how many rewardicals do I need to redeem for vps. I will increase my vps to 4000 vps(STL) if I have a BTL. So with rewardicals, you can control your vps.

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Developing our business to reach success in Marketing #Compensation #Leadership #Team Building

12 days ago

Well said, bro. We come in here to do business. In business, we should know what to expect. Those who think they can make money without labor is deceiving themselves.

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Who has a resolution like mine for the Year 2019? in Compensation #Rewardical

14 days ago

If we have silver, gold or diamond in our hands, we can sell them for cash. Rewardicals is like ATM where I can withdraw and redeem with cash, tcredits, vps etc whenever I need it. Save it for rainy days especially towards the end of the month when we need to top up our vps for our upgrading. .

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Has everyone forgot Opti-Build in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

15 days ago

I put in 50% opti-built for my downline. As I'm not DD, I don't expect any reassignment from my upline. It's ok if they don't need my presence but I care more of my downline. If they feel complacent and comfortable up there and careless of those downline who need their support and encouragement, they will one day fall like a house of card. Anything can happen when any member of the team feel being marginalized and quit. To be DD is very competitive and don't expect to be one if DD slot is full.

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Excellent improvement in Miscellaneous

16 days ago

SFI has to be proactive to make positive improvements to serve the SFIers and be competitive and stay ahead against the competitors. With these improvements we are being challenged to be more committed and active to build our business.. We can't afford to 'wait and see' what are happening but the least is to 'follow the tide' and keep afloat if we cannot swim against the tide.

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Why Signups Join Then Optout 3 Seconds Later in Team Building #PSA #Team Building

16 days ago

This is not new in SFI. Notification received of new PSA but when you clicked the affiliateSnapshot, no response. Then search in at Opt-out, his/her name was there. So opt-out will happen before you break the ice. There are many reasons for that which you can think of. Since there is no replacement, you lose the affiliate and your money.

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More news in Miscellaneous #Rewardical #TCredits

16 days ago

New features will definitely help to save my search time to search for rewardicals and tcredits balances in my ledgers.

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How to sell TCredits? in Sales #Astro Auctions #Compensation #TCredits

17 days ago

Tcredits is SFI currency,a medium used to buy and sell. Every one needs tcredits so every one has to buy for auctions and biddings, versapoints and lots for other purposes. When your PRMs and your downline buy tcredits, you will earn commission. If you have aggressive bidders, they will buy more tcredits. If you have more active affiliates, surely they will buy tcredits. So important to build up active teams.

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I Have 124,100 RW Tokens. How Would Your Redeem Them? in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Rewardical #Team Building

17 days ago

With rewardicals, I redeem with tcredits and vps whenever I need them. However, I may convert to cash to top up the cash in my account to buy a specific product. Rewardicals have saved the cost of my business as I don't have to spend extra from my credit card with high interest.

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Be alert!! PayPal phishing and scam doing its rounds again. in Miscellaneous

19 days ago

For precautionary measures, I will not pay paypal using my credit card. It's rediculous to pay a few dollars asking for your credit card whereas you have more than enough cash in your paypal account to pay. As we are familiar with paypal email address, we will recognize fake email address.

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Wondering why our team members are stuck? in Compensation #Compensation #Sponsor #Team Building

19 days ago

May be we are getting in the wrong people at the wrong place. Most of them are looking for easy money without labor or are being misled to sign in for a dollar or less. How much we want to convince and motivate the affiliates, if they themselves (affiliates) are not convinced or motivated by facts and truths, how much can we do? From Day 1 with 0 vp and end up 365 days later with 0 vp. With "Introducing…Direct Cash Redemptions for Rewardicals!" affiliates can convert rewardicals for cash. So they should go for more rewardicals to convert to cash.. Will this new approach attract affiliates to be active? Let's wait and see!

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Unhappy New Year! in Miscellaneous

19 days ago

It's advisable not to wait for the last hour or the last week of the month to reach or requalify as EA. It's more secure to have auto delivery in early part of the month to avoid any interruption in communication. Change your plan for the better. You will gain more to upgrade early.

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Need clarification on item in benefits chart in Team Building #Leadership #TCredits #Team Building

20 days ago

By pampering your affiliates with freebies and goodies, will they work independently? We are independent entrepreneur and we should work independently to build our business. Incentive is a mean of motivation but not to overdependent on it.

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Assistance in Getting Started #Marketing #Sponsor #Team Building

22 days ago

The best medicine to reduce 'spoon feeding mentality' is to make a search for ourselves until we reach a situation we can no longer find the answers to our own questions. There are tons of knowledge available in SFI basics/Forum and do take our time to read and digest what we can.