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Overcoming Obstacles!!! in Marketing #Marketing

1 day ago

Life is dead without obstacles. Without obstacles there are no problems. Without problems there are no solutions. Without solution there is no change. Life will be dull! Let's get out off our comfort zone and do something that make life more meaningful and exciting.

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SIUS Program of September, 2018 & 2nd home CSAs in Team Building #Contests #CSA #Leadership

1 day ago

That, is the result of being patient and determined. A team leader(BTL) being frustrated and disappointed with his monthly income downgraded to affiliate or remain inactive and lost a share in 2nd Home CSAs. Being a TL from BTL upward, we get more benefits in value which can cover our cost. So why focus so much on the cash we receive, how little it is, and lose our focus on building up our business? Receiving a substantial number of 2nd Home CSAs is a bonus and a source of our income. If I depend on my PSAs, I probably get nothing because they don't move or stay inactive. At the end the affiliates themselves are at the losing end because they do nothing and earn nothing. To new affiliates, now is the best time to start thinking of upgrading yourselves. Who knows SFI may come up with more benefits/surprises to team leaders next year.

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SFI Badge Quest Leaderboard, VPs in Miscellaneous #Sales #VersaPoints

3 days ago

Thank you, Sir. I'm looking forward for many positive surprises.

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SFI Badge Quest Leaderboard, VPs in Miscellaneous #Sales #VersaPoints

3 days ago

Remember that team building involves the participation of PSAs and CSAs. Active participation is demonstrated by earning versapoints and upgrading. As SFI and Tripleclicks badges are separated, I can see that my badge quest leaderboard rank has plunged far down to 300+ The remaining badges seem very challenging to obtain....

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Never Judge An Auction By The Cost Of An Item in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Rewardical #Team Building

4 days ago

My advice to new affiliates is to play AA starting with 1 tcredit. I am ready to give each 10 tcredits freeto my PSAs upon the completion of E365 tasks or 500+ vps within 10 days after registration. There's nothing to lose but gaining more for 1 tcredit.

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Astro Auction is for real in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Rewardical #VersaPoints

4 days ago

Good for those who have limited tcredits and not ready to participate in PB.

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New SFI Badge Quest for team building. in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

4 days ago

Let's wait and see! Some may be happy but some may be disappointed. The focus is on team building. It means teamwork. I like to play AA but I don't like other activities that contribute to the growth of my business. I have to change my approach. It means we have to work in all areas of the business.

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how do i become EA again in Team Building #Sales #TCredits #VersaPoints

5 days ago

You got 20 days to find alternatives. Log in daily and do the daily tasks and earn minimum free vps to qualify you for Daily Grand lucky draws, play t-time and daily crown to win some prizes like rewardicals, tcredits and vps. With tcredits you can play AA to win rewardicals, etc..

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To be or not to be! (BTL) .Hamlet's question? in Team Building #Team Building

6 days ago

I don't have to wait any of my PSAs to be EA. I maintained and still maintain my BTL for the last 6 years subscribing to S-builder, Builder bundle, BCQ and auto build. Of course there is a price to pay but you will get more benefits in return. CSAs generate income for me but not contributing to my rank. Inactive PSAs/CSA s are not my problem but a cause to it which is beyond my control. My problem, like your problem is to get active PSAs/CSAs to build up a successful team.

So I need both quantity(with limited resources) and quality which only the PSAs/CSAs themselves know. If then you are thinking of the benefits, then go to BTL which only needs 3 PSAs and 3000 vps to qualify. With auto delivery of Builder Bundle/BCQ which earn me vps, PSAs/CSAs and top up vps to 3000 on or before the end of the month, I easily maintain my BTL.

Having an auto delivery of 1 Builder Bundle does not give me enough vps to be BTL. I need to log in every day to earn free vps and top up my vps with the redemption of rewardicals. In this way, every affiliate can be BTL.

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Reward in Recognition #Astro Auctions

6 days ago

$1.00 lottery ticket can win a billion $ jackpot!. So 1 tcredit can win for you Supernova or 1,000 RT Rocket Box. Even though 1 tcredit may not give back 77 rewardicals but you still can win rewardicals and others like vps, etc.. I use to play AA at least 1 tcredit per day. there's nothing to lose.

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How long does it take VersePoint to expire? in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

7 days ago

Every first day of the month we all start fresh with 0 vp. Log in daily to do our business. Only with auto delivery of 1500 vps in the month will earn us EA rank to ensure that we will maintain our minimum rank of not losing our CSAs and other benefits. That's the rules that every one has to follow.

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Team Building with reassigning members. in Team Building #Leadership #PSA #Sponsor

8 days ago

New and old PSAs must read this. Success is bleak if you are only satisfied as affiliates and EAs. You got to create and open up your own opportunities before your sponsors can give you the opportunities. When you do this, you are creating a ripple and a chain reaction.

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No Get Rich Program in Getting Started #Compensation #E365 #Getting Started

8 days ago

Forget about joining SFI business if you think you can become rich within a short period of time, 6 mths or 1 year? Look at PTLs or DTLs. To my knowledge, a team leader become PTL/ DTL after 6 years in this business. That's the fastest I know. Others may have taken 17, 18 and 19 years to be DTL. So to be on track, make a good start with Day 1 and progressively, consistently move forward every day. You have the sponsor and co-sponsors to advise you what to do. If you want to win E365 contest , you got to be committed and always be in the front position until the 365th day.

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Getting Started in the Right Way ! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #VersaPoints

9 days ago

SFI/RECAs should make the first 5 items a necessity to complete the registration form before qualify to register as SFI affiliate. If not, then say 'sorry, your registration form is incomplete, Try again!" It's not only to participate in E365 contest but at least we know that they know what they are doing whether they give correct information or not. At least they are human, not robot!. Presently, it looks like picking any "Dick and Harry" to be sold as PSAs. May be some of them are not exist at all, with wrong email addresses and no response until the last day. Maintain a minimum standard to qualify. We know it will affect SFI/RECAs selling PSA business, but also consider us spending money to have S- Builder, Builder Bundle, PSA Auctions/pricebenders/PSA to go etc.

After all, there is no cost to join up to EA unless they want to take up Smart Start program. Forgive me if it hurts your feeling but no ill intention to spoil PSA business. We want to reduce complaints on inactive PSAs.

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Biz Quiz in Suggestion Box

10 days ago

Get familiar with the contents of SFI especially the key words. Biz Quiz can be from any where eg. SFI news, Blogs, Announcements, EZ games etc. You can also use SEARCH, glossary, sitemap, etc.

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You’re definitely doing MUCH right! in Getting Started #CSA #Marketing #PSA

11 days ago

Every month I receive between 15 to 20 PSAs and CSAs through S-builder and Builder Bundle package and purchase from ECAs. But the response is almost 0 or if there is, they log in once and never come back. Is there any word in SFI advert that dispels/scares them away even though SFI business is free? Are they psychologically scared of the word "Free"? . Do they have the feeling of being "trapped" rather than being "attracted" to SFI business? What puzzling me is, are these affiliates registered in this business themselves or are they are bought from lists of other vendors by ECAs and sell to us? Just my opinion and out of curiosity.

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Am I doing something wrong? in Compensation #Compensation #Sponsor #Team Building

11 days ago

Rise and fall of TL including earning depends on team work. Active team members/PRMs will buy SFI products that contribute to your commission. This happens to every one. So don't be discouraged. Move on.

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How to get more RT in Miscellaneous #Rewardical #TCredits #TripleClicks

11 days ago

From AA you can get minimum of 1 rewardical and spending 1 tcredit in EZ games you can get 10 rewardicals. There are many ways to earn rewardicals.. Practically what you do can earn rewardicals by yourself or through your team memders and PRMs.

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cleaning up your sfi rank from 1-8 date of month in Compensation #Compensation

12 days ago

Backdating your purchase in order to maintain or upgrade your rank for last month. You don't earn commission$ from your own purchase but from sales. If your downline backdates his purchase you will earn commission for that month. If not, you will earn it for this month. If you don't maintain your EA rank(minimum) and fall back to affiliate, you will lose your CSAs.
Time frame given for backdating the purchase is to enable SFI to calculate your commission for last month after the 10th of this month. Compensation Plan @ www.sfimg.com/Reference/CompPlan#1 . A reminder for 'pending EA' last month and unable to be EA by 31/10/2018. About 4 days to go to recover.

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Commission in Getting Started #Rewardical #VersaPoints

13 days ago

It's important to have a team and a leader of a team. So start building a team and continue to maintain your EA or upgrade to team leader, BTL etc. Only when you make sales and your affiliates buy some products, you will earn commission. You can't earn from your own purchase. Do sponsoring!

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Re -enquiries in Getting Started #Sales #TCredits #TripleClicks

13 days ago

Tcredit is a virtual product and a form of currency used by SFI. When you buy virtual or physical products from SFI/ECAs, you can use tcredits or your debit/credit cards. When payment is done, SFI will acknowledge with receipt. For Tcredit, you can check in your Tcredit Ledger at Tripleclicks Member Page. You can also check your Order History in the same page.
When you but tcredit, it earns you 102 vps. But when you use it in EZ games etc, it earn you 1 vp and 10 rewardicals

When you buy tcredits, you can choose to buy 1 tcredit costing $1.99 or a pack of 10, 20, 125, 100 of different prices.

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Build a Strong SFI business for Yourself in Team Building #PSA #Sales #Team Building

14 days ago

This has been said many times but it fell on deaf ears. The 1st 10 days is crucial for new affiliates. During this period of time they have to decide to continue or to opt out if they are not interested. If they are serious, smart start should be followed.
At times I am wondering whether most of the new affiliates are real. They never log in until the end of one year.

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More Recent (45-days) VPs to Enable Rating Sponsor in Suggestion Box #Sponsor #VersaPoints

14 days ago

Humbly, I don't expect high rating. What do I expect when my PSAs themselves are not active. To my sponsor, I'm moderate because there rooms for improvement. Those who give a low rating unreasonably may be demonstrating a feeling of frustration and over expectation on the sponsor. We are all partners in this business and work as a team.
As a sponsor and a leader in the team, he/she is there to assist when needed. After all, we are free to decide for ourselves, to do or not to do. Every one can be sponsor and a leader as long as one has a team of active and inactive PSAs.

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Its all about true team work! in Miscellaneous #Sales #Sponsor #Team Building

17 days ago

Your team is awesome. They know what team work is. They don't wait for the leader to tell them. They have the initiative to go extra mile. They too are waiting for opportunities. A generous and unselfish team leader knows what to do and reward her hard working downline to move up. Even a good team leader cannot do much to help his downline if the downline cannot help themselves.

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Smart Start Review! in Getting Started #CSA #Getting Started

18 days ago

To many new affiliates, Smart Start seems to be feared as it required some investment. But that is one of the options. They can start the business free as usual going by completing the required information, do the daily tasks etc. without spending a single dime except tcredits are needed in AA, PB and EZ games. Before Smart Start was introduced, a good number of new PSAs logged in and tried to do the daily tasks . But of course sooner or later they too disappeared. But the number of those new PSAs log in on their first day after registration is not encouraging.
I don't mean that Smart Start is not good. But it seems to shy them away even before they start.. They don't see what Smart Start will give if they were to speed up their income. I believe that those taking up the Smart Start are in much better position now than their contemporaries. May be there are other ways to attract and to get them interested.