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How to make SFI known in our area? in Nigeria

11 months ago

Great I think the idea of a2a is a good one to start with and then we can add telegraph chat app, I suggest telegraph because it accommodates more people in millions while whatsapp has a limit of only 250, if I have your support I will create it and drop the link in this forum so that our members will just join through the link by clicking on it, in that case we can interact on the move with out mobile phones. Thanks

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Do I need to re-qualify for Wave3 benefits? in WAVE3 #Getting Started #Rewardical

11 months ago

I am a member of W3 sudden the benefits stopped coming, do I need to re-qualify again?

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Happy Friendship Day To All My SFI Family. in Recognition

over 3 years ago

@Abhijit P, what a wonderful thought, friendship is great, tell me your friend I tell you whom you are that is friendship in action

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I Just Turned 44 Today! in Recognition

over 3 years ago

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to you!

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Becoming A Team Leader Without Having PSAs in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

over 3 years ago

The beauty of SFI for me is that everybody is a leader, you learn and you lead at the same the time, the whole system is awesome

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MRP based game in Suggestion Box

over 3 years ago

Great idea