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Don M.

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The Will to Build in Team Building #Getting Started #Team Building

9 days ago

Alex, your post is one of the most honest and right on target I have read in 5 years. Thank you.
Don Mussetter STL

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The price of PSA's appear to be sky rocketing! in Pricebenders #Pricebenders #PSA

about 1 month ago

William, I picked up your humor right away. It even put a smile on my face. Thanks for making my day.

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Maintain the rank of EA in VersaPoints #Rewardical #TCredits #VersaPoints

3 months ago

Valentina, I suggest auto delivery of the Business Builder.

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How much do you like the opti-build program? in Team Building #Team Building

8 months ago

I jump on Opti-Build right away. I liked it and through Opti-Build I restructured my downline. For some unknown reason, I am not in Opti-Build at present and do not need to be. Now, I control 100% of my reassignments. Every one of my new PSAs is reassigned to my active PSA Team Leaders or one of their active Team Leaders. Currently, I am going down 3 levels. I feel I am truly helping my PSAs 100%. I am happy with my results. At 77 years old, I am not the biggest recruiter but for October I will have reassigned 100 PSAs.

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Daily Grand in Miscellaneous #Auto-Delivery #Contests

9 months ago

Svend, mine are processed on the 1st day of every month.

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thank you in Miscellaneous

9 months ago

Marica, I will add your name to my dialy prayer list of people with cancer. God has provided a quite high list of survivors from my list. I hope you will be one of them.

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New price for 1 TCredit for 150 MRPs. in Sales #VersaPoints

10 months ago

I have been in business for over 50 years. A business is in business to earn a profit. If the profit is shrinking on an item, you must make an adjustment. If you do not do that you go out of business. For the posts that were complaining, do you want to see SFI go out of business?

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Opti-Build freeloader in Team Building #Marketing #Sponsor #Team Building

10 months ago

Cheyenne, when ever I receive a new member through Opti-Build, I reassign them to my most active downline as long as that downline is actively working on building a Team and or earning vp. You can always reassign that complete leg if the leader quits leading. When you reasssign that former key person, his or her whole Team follows them automatically.

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Checkout error at TripleClicks in Sales #TripleClicks

10 months ago

I suggest contacting SFI support with your very unusual problem. I have never heard of this problem before.

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What will happen to my Versapoints if dont reach 1,500VP for EA in Getting Started #VersaPoints

12 months ago

Nothing, they will still be there in the next month.

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What is the strategy to get Bronze team leader in my team in Team Building #Team Building

about 1 year ago

Shaveta, analyze your current PSAs. Are any of them showing the ambition to be successful like yourself? If so, you concentrate on helping that person or persons. Do some reassignments to those people. Encourage them to do the same with their PSAs. Put your effort into helping them grow.

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Become the "Bronze Team Leader" in Getting Started

about 1 year ago

I am very proud of you upon becoming one of my BTLs. You have always followed my suggestions. You have received many super suggestions today in the Forum. I thank all of you who have given Sudha great advice today in the Forum.

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Won Daily Grand in Recognition

about 1 year ago

Sudha, that was 2 great wins for you. Keep up your super effort in building your SFI business. You and I will be happy the day you become a Designated Diamond. I see that in your future. I am very proud of the effort you put forth.

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I have been given more time! in Miscellaneous

about 1 year ago

Wayne, you have proven many times that you are survivor in SFI and now you have proven to be a survivor in
living your life.

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My view to make it big in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

about 1 year ago

Work with workers pays off.

This is a response from a PSA who joined on March 1st.

Thanks again Mr. Don for sending me these affiliates. I will do my best to instruct them. Computers have been an interest of mine since I was a small child, and I feel as if I am pretty savvy with them. The internet and computers in general are some of my strongest attributes. It is the SFI program where I still feel like I have a lot to learn. But I have been actively reading as many articles as I can get my hands on, and browsing the forums the last three days. TripleClicks seems to be an awesome marketplace, and I think I may be able to tap use it to my advantage. The ECA Program in particular has peaked my interest. Jacksonville is a large city, with a lot of people that I can recruit as PRMs, and also quite a few local shops and people I see at flea markets that I might be able to recruit as ECAs. I'm feeling very positive moving forward. Just need some time to learn all the ins and outs. Then it is simply putting the lessons provided here into action.

I'll be honest, I'm a little nervous about approaching strangers to recruit them for this program as of right now. Once I've read more, and memorized the rules and steps to success, I will maybe feel a little better.

Thank you again for the affiliates you reassigned to me. The New Member Packs, after reading the reviews and looking at everything they provide, seemed like to good of an offer to pass up. Between that purchase, and your reassigns, it looks like I'm a Bronze Team Leader. Now I'm going to spend some time reading about that, and this Badge Quest page, and I will let you know if I have any questions.

--- Willis.
I am proud and happy to have Willis on my Team.
Don Mussetter

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Inconsistent display of VersaPoints in Miscellaneous #VersaPoints

about 1 year ago

Thomas, I am not too sharp with computers, but is it possible that you have opened your SFI homepage twice. If that happened, if you click the 2nd site, it may update your efforts.

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Soar high in Getting Started #Getting Started #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

about 1 year ago

Jennifer, SFI provides every thing you need to know about SFI. You are in the SFI business now. You need to read and read and read some more. SFI provides their training FREE OF CHARGE. Neither your sponsor nor the SFI President can tell you in a couple of sentences what all you need to know. New SFI members like your self need the desire and ambition to take the time to learn every thing you can about SFI. Then you put that knowledge into practice.

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I am very disapointed in Sales #TripleClicks

about 1 year ago

I have had 2 bad experiences with ECAs. I contacted Support and they had me contact the ECA. After either no response or a negative response from the ECA, I contacted Support again on the status. Support immediatly refunded my money. If you go through this procedure, give Support some time, they will back you 100%.

If your order is coming from China, expect it to be on a slow boat.

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Scam alert in Miscellaneous

about 1 year ago

Chiara, I suggest reporting this person by name to SFI.

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How do I put PSA in my business? in Team Building

about 1 year ago

Ahil, how did you become involved with SFI? Did you respond to someone's SFI ad? Did some one talk to you in person about SFI? These are the methods SFI Team Members use to recruit people like yourself. The more we tell other people like you, the more join are respective Teams. I wish you much success in building your SFI business.

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Why are SFI members not given the amount invested and amount made as profit/loss as testimony in Miscellaneous

about 1 year ago

Over the years in network marketing, people would ask how much money I was earning. In a polite way, I would answer that it does not make any difference what I am earning because you can not spend what I earn. What does make a difference is what do you want to earn and what amount of work are you willing to do to earn that money.

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Menu Delay in Suggestion Box

about 1 year ago

I click on the heading in the black line. Then the drop down appears below.

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2 Weeks in SFI: Will My VP of 1,313 Be Cancelled At End of July in VersaPoints #Marketing #Team Building #VersaPoints

about 1 year ago

Shola, I suggest that you purchase 2 SINGLE T-Credits today (July 31st). That purchase will put you over 1500 vp and earn you the EA position for July. Then in August, start using unearned vp plus doing the Alerts everyday. There was an excellent post yesterday on how to do the above purchase. Good luck and hope you earn the EA position in July.

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Change again? in Suggestion Box

about 1 year ago

Reading about the changes was a little over whelming but actually doing my normal daily actions is easy. I also found some things I had missed in the previous program. I am closer to 80 years old then to 70 years old. I am liking the new program.