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Johnny and Christine ..

New Zealand

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Bothered by Inactive PSA and Team Leaders? in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

10 days ago

When I choose to not attend to an appointment is that your worry and further to that, do you think I am worth a second thought if so, why?

Simply assist those who do what is required and let those who do nothing work it out for them selves and when they can ask you how this works and do what is required your question will be answered.

Let each person decide, only then can you guide them accordingly toward their dreams and goals and ultimately their financial $ucce$$ by offering them your help that benefits both you, them your up line and your team members.

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Marees SFI Tip. Account Set Up. in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership

16 days ago

Hi Maree, since we met in christchurch a couple of year back Christine and i have been veey busy but will in the not so distant future return to you stomping ground. You are a true and very motivational person that i follow. I would like to thank you for this reminder and even though we are not in your team in sfi i often refere people to your posts when they ask for poof that sfi works.

Well done lady friend, keep up the wonderful posting in the forum as it does help.

Ona lighter note go the All Blacks who for those who follow Rugby are playing the French on Saturday...

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Gift Certificate Denomination in Suggestion Box #TripleClicks

18 days ago

Hello, this is a problem to some sure however, GC’s are just one way to gift people and here is another sugestion.

What about asking an interseted party to have a look at triple clicicks and sellecting a product and letting you know what they sellected insurring they stick to an amount of what is available in commissions. Once they sellect it you can now order it for them and place the delivery address to where you wish it to go.

Remembering there will be a delivery cost that also needs to be considered if it is a drop ship item.

NOTE: ensure you use the tool box icon on any selected product and click the link provided to achieve commission for the said sale of you do that and this way it is a win win for both of you. You help them while they help you earn as would be the case with a gift certivicate.

Hope this helps you.

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48 Hours ticking clock in Getting Started

25 days ago

Here's an Idea

Why not put that 48-hour clock within the new affiliates page for 28 days?

That way they have 48 hours over their first 30 days which is more than enough time to make an educated decision.

48 hours divided by 28 days = 1.7 hours.

Plenty of time to read a couple of lessons and focus on completing the daily To Do List as well.

So have a counter that saves the time one spends on learning and completing tasks.

After all its the pressure of a ticking timer that has you flustered or runs out when you might have more pressing tasks to attend to. After the first 28 days, there would be no real excuse not to reach EA right.

Just a suggestion to advance those who need calmness and time to complete there initial learnings of How SFI basics work. If they can not complete this in 28 days then is SFI really for them?

I think you actually have a very valid point as I made a lot of mistakes when I first started because of limit available time to do SFI mainly due to not fully understand the basics.

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What would you consider is a realistic investment in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

28 days ago

What would you consider is a realistic investment you are willing to pay in your currency to make money online while using the free tools in SFI.

This should be your first thinking before you decide to, or should I say, should you consider any businees venture you believe will generate income using the internet.

If you are not willing to pay to earn money using the internet then you might look at what it costs to work an offline business or a job.

Not to sound like smarty pants but, reading that very sentence above has you already paying for traveling to and from job to make money, you pay for stuff you need to eat, stuff you need for utilities that provide a service to make sure your business works unlike SFI they don't ask you to pay for the platform but you do need to pay for the internet to access that and you do need to attend to tasks that are designed to help you grow.

The question is, do you know how much money you are willing to invest into what is already costing you to look for something to own, run and build online that will earn you a sustainable income while you purchase stuff that you already purchase at the shop that you drive to in that car you bought. Do they pay out commission for that and when others purchase from the same place you told them about will they pay you for recommending them?

Are you willing to spend money to make that happen, you do that anyway by working a job, buying food and paying for stuff you need and want and thats not all.

SFI is and always will be free to use as a way to make money but like a job costs you money to get there and do the tasks required to make money ...

The bottom line here is in every instance you need to do take action to achieve results for what it is you want and need. It is just the way it works like every business no matter what that business is.

You know what?
I don't know if any of this makes sense to you but I have tried to get only one message across,

"If you don't attend to your business, nobody else will"

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One Day - Two Victories - 1000 Rewardicals in Recognition

about 1 month ago

Congratulations... Wow, a double win awesome Navanithe. :)

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My First Mate is now in peace in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago

Stay the course Captian and let her spirit guide you into the port of your choosing.

We will both continue to review and take onboard the advice you offer here while ensuring our crew remain steadfast while we with your help ensure they also reach the port they wish to arrive at.

May your First Mate rest in peace.

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Time Machine Results in Suggestion Box #Eager Zebra

2 months ago

Hi Felix,
As the rules are written so will they apply?
Given that the time machine "A Wrinkle in Time" has come to an end there will be a result be it no one has predicted the result or some have to remember there is a maximum figure sett that we are allowed to predict.
A result will be forthcoming soon enough :).

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Time machine in Eager Zebra

3 months ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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What puts you ahead of others as a sponsor? in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Sponsor

3 months ago

We registered with SFI in 2012 because we wanted to generate income online and worked every day following every step and asked just 3 others to join us of which none of those three remained.

We got help from our upline and because we invested into a few Tcredits we generated income in our first month as we treated this as a business from day one. We couldn't afford to but we understood that we would have to invest a few dollars initially to kickstart this and here we are.

Fast forward 6 years we are still generating income and we still reinvesting some of what we earn into SFI to improve our position and to grow and help our 5 Team Members do the same.

The inactive members who join SFI are looking for "THE QUICK FIX to remedy to their current situation but did you know that all those people we have and still see on here took 3 to 5 years and some to achieve their wealth but they seldom tell us that.

In a nutshell, the ones who join and do nothing are simply doing that to see if SFI can help them immediately so we simply write them one welcome email that tells them we will send them PSA's if they can show us they are serious about doing stuff here.

The bottom line is you need to believe that you can and more importantly must be prepared to help each and every member who works with the system that is set out for them.

We focus and assist the one that does stuff by applying the recommendations SFI and other affiliates teach us in the forum.

The only question we would ask to those who make such statements as you have stated here would be something like;

" So what have you done so far to make the money you expected to make"

If they answer then great, send them some PSA's as a sign of trust and you might find things start to work for you and them. If they don't then move on and find the ones who respond to your communication.


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Anyone can help me finding 2X Bids? in Pricebenders #Pricebenders #TripleClicks

4 months ago

When you bid now you earn 10 rewardical.

The rewardical can be converted to 3 VP for every 9 rewardical.

The 2X bids are no longer available.

Hope this helps you see the benefits of the new RT system, sir.

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Pricebenders and Eager Zebra go Rewardical! in SFI News #Eager Zebra #Pricebenders #Rewardical

4 months ago

Step One: Log into www.rewardical.com/Exchange
Step Two: Now slide the BLUE square in the slide bar to ZERO

Now as you slide it to the right you will see how many items you can obtain, in this instance, approximately every 10 RT will get you 3 VP

Get excited play with it and send this out BOOM!

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Rewardical Exchange in VersaPoints #Rewardical

4 months ago

Step One: Log into www.rewardical.com/Exchange
Step Two: Now slide the BLUE square in the slide bar to ZERO

Now as you slide it to the right you will see how many items you can obtain, in this instance, approximately every 10 RT will get you 3 VP

Get excited play with it and send this out BOOM!

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About New TripleClicks Seller License in ECA Program #ECA #Localvantia #Rewardical

4 months ago

Hi, it's me again, Johnny,

A refund to Christine and I would mean either a credit or monetary refund and would be returned as an investment to build SFI regardless so that we can continue building toward the goals we have set in concrete here.

This thread was actioned only because we have taken our time to use the purchase and were working daily on ensuring we did everything right. The question does not actually explain that we have yet to use the license and we apologize for this error.
It should have read
"Because we have purchased the "New TripleClicks Seller License", and have yet to activate our ECA can we request a refund?

This has now been answered and we appreciate and thank everyone very much for their response.

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About New TripleClicks Seller License in ECA Program #ECA #Localvantia #Rewardical

5 months ago

Thank you all for your input and we are now working with support,

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Help: The 'Keep a PSA going' technique in Team Building #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

5 months ago

Hi, Praise!
The one thing that keeps me running,

The system works. How do I know?

Because in 2000 I joined SFI and like so many today I left not knowing what SFI was all about. Sure I read a lot and believed in it but soon became distracted by the dream steelers offering get rich quick promises that were and are still rampant today only now I have become immune to these scams.

Fast forward to 6th of December 2012 after being scammed I revisited and rejoined SFI,

I know others will do the same as I have and they to will run hard the second time around after they see SFI for what it can give them.


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About New TripleClicks Seller License in ECA Program #ECA #Localvantia #Rewardical

5 months ago

Because we have purchased the "New TripleClicks Seller License", can we apply for a refund due to the recent changes?

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time machine winner in Recognition #TripleClicks

5 months ago

Congratulation Dakshesh S. from India for your Persistence more so than your win.

What we mean is because you persisted and continued to believe you achieved and your win is the happiness and joy you share here. You are proof the system works not only for you but also to the skeptical.

Keep that feeling of joy and Happiness inside your heart and stay the course that you are on with SFI.

Now write to your TEAM and tell them in a newsletter what you have been through and how they to can have the joy you feel through their wins.

"Together Everyone Achieves More"

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Can you please clarify the following for us Gery? in Ask Gery #Rewardical

5 months ago

You just have to love peoples answers here thank you and well done in you simple and very understandable view with making this very clear Priyanka J.

The old saying

"A picture can speak a thousand words" No wonder I loved reading books with Pictures ( Comics ) LoL

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ECA program moving to Rewardical.com in SFI News #Rewardical #Sales #TripleClicks

5 months ago

We have been reading the news on this matter and want to shout a big kudos to SFI,

The mind boggles what we can now recommend to those who visit this wonderful world.

We live in New Zealand and suggest that every SFI member talk to their local Brick and Mortar businesses and get them on board. with this;

Now Imagine being rewarded by everyone you register forever.
Every Brick and Mortar business NEED's paying customers but not everyone has what we do, YET!

To those who are new to SFI let us just say, take the time to read everything that is here and is still to be implemented into SFI

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Can you please clarify the following for us Gery? in Ask Gery #Rewardical

5 months ago

This is what the Builder Bundle offers as is written here at

* An EA-qualifying 1500 VP each month!
* 100 Mighty TCredits!
* 8 freshly-generated PSAs and 2 CSAs each month to grow your group!
* 350 Rewardical hot tokens!
The auto-delivered Builder Bundle includes the following items:

* An EA-qualifying 1500 VP!
* 100 Mighty TCredits!
* 20 fresh PSAs and CSAs (8 PSAs and 12 CSAs) to continually infuse your group with growth and momentum!
* 350 Rewardical tokens!
* A prestigious new badge that comes with 500 Badge Quest points!

Does that mean you are offering 350 Rewardicals for this purchase or 56 rewardicals as it states below?

Item ID: 556925
MRP Price: 19,660

purchase earns

1,500 VP
56 Rewardicals

Regards Johnny

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Could Gifting Excess VPs To Other Team members Work? in Team Building

5 months ago

Any VP that is made above the required BTL 3000VP by months end.

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Could Gifting Excess VPs To Other Team members Work? in Team Building

5 months ago

Yes, it was but does that mean it should not be discussed again by another?
If I was given a chance to obtain another hight in level after reaching 2/3 of such and helped my 2 or 3 members go BTL as a pre requisite to achieving that level do you think my upline would then help me more and get me to that level to benefit him or her?
Just a question that begs for an answer

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Could Gifting Excess VPs To Other Team members Work? in Team Building

5 months ago

This is only tricky if you have not read it completely.

As we have been here for a while and have studied the effects of giving to those who have just joined and we soon realized there was an avenue toward corruption in that.

We are not suggesting we offer any assistance to those who join and will not offer what we are suggesting until they first become EA. They must then show us that they have done everything to achieve BTL or all bets are off.

The back office gives each of us the ability to access each members achievements to the day so by monitoring them individually we are looking after our own business and as Team Leaders we are able to distribute VP according to individual team members, after all, that is what every business owner should do, Right?.

Anti Corruption is My middle name, but if you steal from me I will seek retribution as I am in the brick and mortar business a Loss Prevention Officer that takes theft/corruption quite serious, to say the least. I have spent my entire life in this field and as I tell people I grew up amongst a lot of criminals as I spent 15 years in prison...Ok, I was a prison officer and then a loss prevention Officer.
Simply put SFI gives us all the ability to monitor those who join us thus eliminating corruption in this business so who better to allocate VP to those who are doing what is needed to make SFI work than those who have asked them to join.

If we all took just 5 people and taught them this that you and I do we only ever need to answer to those five people, not the thousand that people think they need to have joined them to make their SFI business work so that they can make money.

That will be explained in part two of this if the responses we get favor this subject.