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Johnny a.

New Zealand

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New Signups Asking For Money in Team Building #Sponsor #Team Building

4 days ago

Totally agree on that!

I Know!!!

We have been here before , enough said!

However i cant help my self to have a crack... I still feel it's time to move away from the word Sponsor for the very reason mentioned and just had to say my piece... peacefully

Maybe Mentorpreneur or Suportrepreneur might fit and become a preferred meaning. Who know's they could be a new word in www language maybe.

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Why deceit? in Team Building #Sponsor #Team Building

11 days ago

This would have them log in look around and very quickly get the code to remove the pop up right?
If they did try to deceive, which this thread is about they would be locked from accessing further.
Deceit fixed. tier kicker gone and no more time wasters,.

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Happy New Year from Maree at SFI in Oceania #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

12 days ago

Happy new year back at you Maree....
Love this post not in you down line so thought this will be a good place to reply...

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Why deceit? in Team Building #Sponsor #Team Building

13 days ago

This is why confirmation and verification is a must ....Its called DOUBLE OPT IN
Then there needs to be a clear OPT OUT once new signups choose to do so.

My choice was to stay and do what was instructed according to the TERMS and CONDITIONS

My focus is to follow the leaders of SFI The readers here reading this just have to understand that and when they do they will know we are for real...Check my badges, they tell the real story of who Christine and I are.

Here is what will happen when you check us out, you will see consistency, commitment not only from us but also from those we follow. Check your upline and forget about those who do nothing .... You want the truth right so work with only the doers and forget the rest... Help and commend those who achieve even if they take 12 month to achieve another mile stone. Personally many who have joined us know we are still supporting them here because they so want to do this.

There is one thing everyone needs to know and that is not everyone can afford even time let alone the money but they willing to and are doing what they can afford.

Do not forget those who are doing that, just forget about those who are not as that will rip your dreams and desires of success from your heart.

It's called procrastination

Wait for no one, go for what you want, stop protecting those who think they need to protect themselves through "deceit"

Sorry Randy but your reason simply does not resonate with us as the problem is not about them in the past its about them and their future and we believe we can prove SFI is the ONLY way to go irrespective of past loss that occurred.

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Why deceit? in Team Building #Sponsor #Team Building

14 days ago

The way verification is today, because of security, would it not be advisable to set up a double verification were that one must accept to receive an activation code via the email address they use when joining?

If that is already happening then great? it's bee 7 years since I joined so I don't remember the full process at all.

I am questioning why affiliates like Morgan who is not alone in his thinking, need to be asking such questions when the obvious fix would be,

Page popups could have something like:

Confirmation is required
" Please confirm this is your preferred email address so you can activate your personal SFI account,
with a unique code which will arrive at this email. real-email@readdress.com

Full unconditional access will be granted upon confirmation and verification.

Until such a time as confirmation and verification of the email is confirmed curiosity will motivate them to either click the continue button or Not either way everyone here can rest easy knowing they are either real or not so real in wanting to become successful.

If the new signup does not follow such a simple path then working affiliates just won't receive a New Signup notification. No stress

If the path is followed the new signup would be deemed as a person of keen interest and the sponsor can now remain focused on what they do ....not why others are not doing.

Just my two bobs worth and maybe worth a look at as an alternative option.

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Still not convinced in Miscellaneous #Getting Started

16 days ago

Thank you for starting this stream Bulelwa as it has answered for me a question that I have asked myself over and over again so again.


The mud has now settled.

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Excellent improvement in Miscellaneous

16 days ago

Great improvement on the home page, congrats ...

Now, what about the improvement on the send your new member a group mail or Has that been there all the time?

I just performed an ice breaker and was about to follow through with a group mail to them. I was about to follow my normal way of doing that when I notice a couple of buttons
1: Send to personal email
2: Send to personal email and confirmed email on signup.
Have I missed this all along?

If so OPPS! my bad

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Uncredited actions points ! in VersaPoints #Getting Started #VersaPoints

17 days ago

Ok , right now you need to settle your thinking Sunny...Take a breath and maybe have a rest.

Once you have done the above return and revisit the subjects that are making you get crazy.

Please do this and let us know if that works for you and also revisit here often to achieve your wishes.

Nothing is ever worth going crazy over OK? Take your time Sunny.

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I Going To Post Ads 365 Days For 2019 Starting Today! in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

19 days ago

And here is the only issue with that tommie.

You will have to compete with the rest of us ๐Ÿ˜‚

Good luck and happy new year buddy and to everyone else here also.

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Award in Recognition #Eager Zebra

25 days ago

I am replying with one bit of advice....

No matter how trivial it might seem in your thoughts when you try SFI just DO it as like you Vesna I too get rather excited when I first see it work and see how easy this all is. Well done on your win but more importantly well done on what you now know others need to know.

Winners are grinners

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Is Hard Work Necessary To $uceed??? in Getting Started #Getting Started

27 days ago

Merry Christmas to you and yours Bruce, Christine and I have just seen our guests out the door. Its bee n a great and very well feed croup.

Now back to work

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Movers tab suggestion in Suggestion Box #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

27 days ago

Firstly merry Christmas from us here in New Zealand

Like the text bubble have the like button bounce and when clicked well done could pop up. Just a simple agknowlagement from both ps an cs. If a message is important to then ps or cs or both can still stream so once the thumbs up ๐Ÿ‘ is clicked the recipient is directed to the streem page or something like this

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Wish to all a happy Merry Christmas in Recognition #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Merry Christmas and thank you all for your efforts in 2018.
We hope you and your loved one enjoy the festive season and have a happy new year. See you on 2019

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Thank you Both our Team and SFI Suport in Recognition #Leadership #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Christine and I would like to wish all of you in this Forum a very joyful and meaningful holiday.

Just remember those of you who read this SFI started with just a few people 21 years ago and because of that here you are in 2018.... WoW! just that is so AWESOME and what makes it so Wow is we would never have known each other.

Some thing we are so motivated by...All of you in the forum have been so wonderfull

Christine and I want you to know that we are here to stay, if only to support everyone in our team and all you lot here any way we can.

We also want to tell you that we are not yet wealthy and promised we will never be deceptive in telling anyone other wise while we continue our journey to ward achieving our set goals in SFI. We have from day one always said that if we are going to do this full support will be offered with honesty and integrity being the most important goal while reminding those who communicate with us that such support also has it's limitations.

So, we joined SFI in 2012, we have been through some life changing situation since doing so that slowed our progress and only a limited few know all about that. One day we plan to tell our story but for now we would like to keep limited to the few.
Back to our support. We are about working with and helping others get started in SFI, it's not so hard to do and is really simple to do. The problem most face is no matter if others want to do it for free or if they invest some coin, there really is only two choices both of which come with conditions.
They are;

Everyone gets full unconditional access to everything free but must take action.

You get full unconditional access to everything, free online education that can improve ones knowledge on how and why people in business take action and invest in building a team that support each other.

No mater which selection is made every business has just one rule

"It Takes Time and Commitment To Make Things Work"

SFI has been open everyday for 21 years online in their quest to earn trust and to pay commission to those who work to a plan that has evolved over 21 years...its already a proven system that is working. We here right now see it working because of our efforts and our unending commitment . If others can not its because they are not doing something every day yet it will still work even without them, and probably not as fast as you might have been expecting it to because they didn't do something.

When you think about it, what would happen if the doors you first opened in SFI remain closed for business? ... if you don't for what ever reason open those doors of opportunity to the public would that mean nothing works ?

You see Christine and I like most of you here reading this will always be here to support those who have yet to open for business, We will work as hard as they do to help them get started when they do and so will you, that we are sure of. All we know about SFI is that "Our Success relies Yours" and on Every other SFI affiliates success first. And as a reminder so it is for SFI's Success. 21 Years and Growing strong...How many others are succeeding? Everyone here is even if you have just started, get that in your thinking and BOOM!

Think about that before deciding which path you take next and stay the course.

Either choice below is the right choice

Do it free (Takes time and action )

Or invest to (Speed up what takes time )

Let your new signups decide, then let SFI do the rest while you simply say hi and introduce yourself as you would anyone who you meet in everyday life for the first time.

That is it for 2018, right now it's the festive season so Christine and I here in New Zealand want to wish you and your families,

"What is your Why?"
Find it and go for it in 2019.

Respectfully Yours
Johnny and Christine.
Bronze Team Leaders Moving Forward

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Don't Forget About Privacy Maxx in Sales #Sales

about 1 month ago

I really like the fact that by reading the forum not only does it help us with SFI but just yesterday I was hacked.

So what I have said in the past when looking at ads about what you have just reminded me of.

This is something most have not yet and still probably would not consider until they have hacked like we have.

I will be implementing this as a must for us and will recommend it as you have to help other SFI ers in our team to ensure their online experience remains a safe a secure one .

Thank you Stacey, talk about timing. You should get a platinum star from everyone here for thinking about us all at SFI.


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Hope This Isn't Your Profile - A Real Lack Of Ambition!!! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing

about 1 month ago

All I can say to that Bruce is...Um Yep all of the above but hold on a minute, I think that way some times because of the results I see from those who join me.

I think... What am I doing that is wrong?
What am I not doing that others are doing so well?
Why can't other see what I see is working?
Why can't I get others to do what I do?
Why isn't it working for them like it seems to be for me?

Oh my goodness Bruce ...ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Maybe I need to stop worrying and push harder by do more for that person...ME!

It,s not their fault it's mine and knowing that now from what you wrote, change is needed.

Thanks Bruce keep writing I its working for me every time, again Thank mate.

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email marketing in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

Mailchimp is both a free and paid platform and works ok for those just starting out.

I used mailchip a while back but now find it a lot easier to use the tools in SFI now.

The group mailer saves every email you send out so after a while you will have the same emails available to use

So as an example lets say you write a welcome letter to new signups gets a good response. You simply use the filter in the mailer and select the latest sigups filter and hit the submit button.

When the page refreshes the system will show how many new signups you can send your welcome letter to.

Now you used the select saved emails sent select that successful welcome email and send it. Remember that this is also in conjunction with the ice breaker which should be you first port of call to action.

This is a very short description you might consider trying first before you get tied down with out side systems that because they don't monitor your emails like SFI do can cause angst for you should anyone complain about spam.

Play with the SFI mailer first you might just find it the easiest and by far the less time consuming way to communicate with signups.

As far as email marketing goes try the free advertising that is being recommended in the forums and use the gateways as if they are your capture pages after all people are signing up every day from these gateways. This way it will save you time and will keep us all safe from being wrongly accused of spam or misrepresentation of a great affiliation that SFI is.

My opinion is Mail-chimp is good but a word of warning Darko, just careful what you write in your marketing emails as it's a dog eat dog world out there and you could upset some people if your material is not completely accurate.

Stay safe and Kind Regards

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IMPORTANT MEMO FOR ALL SFI SPONSORS in SFI News #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Hi Gery.

Would you give me half an hour of your time as I believe I have a suggestion that will excite the entire SFI community!
If you have any doubt about what we discuss then lets keep exploring our options on this thread.
What time would best suit you to talk online face to face?
Be warned Gery, you may just get a little excited when we chat!
It's your move.

Kind regards

Ps: To all you wonderful and enthusiastic entrepreneurs I am not soliciting here but simply not prepared to confuse everyone and hope you all understand that I would like to talk first with the president on this matter to see if what will be proposed has value for all of us.

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Sorry today I quit play Astro Auctions in Astro Auctions

about 1 month ago

The first question that needs to be answered will help fix your issue here.

When you bid do you collect each win within the 7 day time frame as stated below?

If you are doing the above then there should not be an issue.

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Wrong Biz Quiz Question in Miscellaneous #CSA #Getting Started #Sponsor

about 1 month ago

This question was a great question as it needed research to get the correct answer, I had to go to three different news item to find it but find it I did.

Readers are winners only if they read the question then read the answer which is in the question .

Just saying.

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Will Great People Share With You??? in Getting Started #Getting Started

2 months ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Is The Exchange Rate For Rewardicals-VP Fixed? in VersaPoints #Rewardical #VersaPoints

2 months ago

Different rates for different items James.

VP is not the same as T-credits as

T-credits can be used to Purchase products and service

VP are to improve your qualification/position to earn more commission percentage.

Use this chart as your reference which is what VP will help you and your team grow


I hope that help un-confuse your confusion James


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Don't be Me! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

2 months ago

This thread is about getting started not about joining and doing absolutely nothing .

I joined SFI when all that was on offer was a subscription, a monthly magazine. Then it was call something like Six Figure Income but I am not sure so please correct me if that is not right.

That was 10 years ago when I was so busy I just had no time left in the day.

I was working a job and a part time business to supported my life, my wife and my kids and as you can imagine life was so busy that I literally had no time to think about SFI or any other online ideas.

Fast forward to December 2008, living life of bringing up two wonderful children and working hard in my job while building up the second part time business came to a screeching Holt. Circumstances suddenly changed and I found myself starting over.

Without getting into the nitty gritty of what happened , I began searching for options to generate income online and was reintroduced to SFI. Yep i was "rearmed" years after I had first joined.

If only I knew then what I know now...

I beg you, STOP take an hour off from your life to login and take action.

Don't be me.
Be the you that you want to be 1 year form now not 10 years from now .

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Unwanted Claims Whats the Answer? in Sales #Marketing #Rewardical #Sales

2 months ago

Hello again James,

When you say unwanted claims I am thinking you have become involved in Rewardical as a Business and your are paying RT to customers who have purchased from that business.

Is this correct?

I am just trying to understand you demise in asking this question.