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Helen E.

South Africa

E365 Runner Up
Gold Fast-Track
Posts: 922 | Followers: 308 | 6th year with SFI

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Hidden Game is Amazing ! in Recognition #Eager Zebra

3 days ago

Hi El

Congratulations on all your new badges!

I agree with you, it is a great new game, educational, rewarding and much more! I don't have all the badges you have earned, but will enjoy getting there!

Keep on playing and winning!

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What is the gain? in Team Building #CSA #PSA

4 days ago

Hi Adeolu

Unfortunately many affiliates join and then do nothing! It's something we all face with signups.
Don't despair, we just need to keep on recruiting and keep doing what you are doing, by communicating and offering assistance. From time to time we find a gem and that is when you get to "work with the workers".

To your success!
Keep aiming high!

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New Eager Zebra game...HIDDEN! in SFI News #Eager Zebra

5 days ago

Thanks Gery

I love word games!
This one is challenging and a lot of fun. I have just played and think I am already hooked!!!

You come up with the most amazing ideas to keep us all entertained whilst earning valuable prizes and badges.
Thank you for always coming up with something new to tantalize us and keep us interested.

thanks again

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What happened to the post about Step up Program in Team Building #CSA #Getting Started #Team Building

9 days ago

Hi Mary

Ray was just asking what happened to a post he saw and wanted to re-read it.

Where are you coming from? Ray was not slamming anyone or anything, just asked a polite question.
We all know that glitches happen, not sure what happened here with the post but just relax.
Gery and his team always sort things out to everyone's satisfaction, we know.

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Discovering Interesting Rewardical-ECAs in Suggestion Box #ECA #Rewardical

10 days ago

Thanks Stephen

That is really useful to know and I will let my team know too!

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Pricebenders™ in Pricebenders

16 days ago

Just to update - there are now 3 auctions on PB's

I feel like it is dying! Why?

Come on people, if you love PB's then start supporting it as well as AA.

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Pricebenders™ in Pricebenders

16 days ago

I have just gone to PB to play and am SHOCKED to find there is ONLY ONE AUCTION AVAILABLE!!!
Please tell me Pricebender Auctions are NOT being fazed out????

Whilst I love AA - I agree with Mirjana

These are two totally different types of auctions- PB you can actively participate in and get the adrenalin rush! and AA which is quite a dead type of auction with no participation (but added benefits). Please tell me SFI is NOT fazing out PB auctions to be replaced by AA?????
This is a mistake. I would like to have both options available and do not like it that there is only one option to bid on in PB's at the moment!

I think both PB & AA should be promoted equally by TC. Sure, there is a lot of interest and excitement with the new AA's but don't disappoint people who want to bid actively. AA is great because of all the extras, but does not replace a live auction.
That is my opinion and I am disappointed IF we are being 'channeled' and forced to give up PB for AA. I think we need both as they meet different peoples likes as far as auctions are concerned.

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Pricebenders™ in Pricebenders

16 days ago

Why would you feel bad winning AA?
Your post does not make sense.

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Invest Now For Future Profits Part1: TIME/PATIENCE = EXPERIENCE in Team Building

16 days ago

Hi all

I think it is time to think about re-assigning PSA's to our teams. You only need to keep your top 5 PSA's. Re-assign all the rest to your most active PSA's. Try and select them by country to get best effect and possible responses.
This will help you understand the re-assignment tool

Hopefully your PSA's will be excited to get new PSA's and will start working.
Never give up!

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HELP!!! Pricebnders win MISSING!! in Pricebenders #Pricebenders #TripleClicks

16 days ago

Hi Addy

Congratulations on your win!!!

Please don't panic! Support will help you and you are guaranteed to receive your win. There may be payment issues but they can be worked out.
I have never been let down by SFI so you can be sure something can be worked out to solve your payment problem.

Keep on bidding, you have a lucky streak!!!

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AA Auto Bid - Setting option in Suggestion Box #Astro Auctions

17 days ago

Hi Tanja
Thanks for the suggestion.
It's just that on a normal working day I have very limited time so find it difficult to keep checking auctions. I may try it over the weekends in the meantime.
Hopefully SFI can make it so we don't have to and can just nominate once or twice a day.

Take care

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AA Auto Bid - Setting option in Suggestion Box #Astro Auctions

17 days ago

Thanks all for your replies.

Hi Tall Ship,
Yes I could do that, but the whole purpose of the Auto Auction, for me anyway, is that I don't want to be going back re-bidding or editing unnecessarily. I would like to set it and leave it until I win or run out of TCredits

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AA Auto Bid - Setting option in Suggestion Box #Astro Auctions

18 days ago

Hi Gery

May I make a suggestion for Auto bidding please?
There are currently 2 options on "How many times do you want to bid on ....."
- Bid until I win
- Bid as long as I have sufficient TCredits
Would it be possible to add a 3rd option
- Bid once a day

The reason I am asking for this is because I have budgeted for once a day, but if there are more than one auction a day (of the item I have set on Auto) then I am using up more TCredits than I can afford. I just think I would have more control over what I am bidding if I could set it to bid no more than once a day.
Thank you

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Alert Icon in AA in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #TripleClicks

19 days ago

Hi Randy

Thanks for pointing that out!
I must admit I did not "see" it. Very useful thanks Gery.

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Winning Limits in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

20 days ago

Hi Gery
The same greedy people spoilt PB for many of us over the years, simply because they have more TCredits and just want to dominate. The more they win the more they dominate. When we see the same names numerous times a day, winning a 'group' item, like Tcredits, it really does put others off bidding.

Despite win limits, they seem to be doing the same thing with AA.

Just as you have 'restrictions' on certain items that cannot be shipped to certain countries, I think you could put in place a 'restriction' for anyone who has won TCredits in the past 5 days (or something like that). You have restrictions on the 125 TCredit 3 month subscription (45 Days), so why not on 100, 200, 300, 400, & 500 TCredits? ( Say 1,2,3,4 or 5 days respectively).

Please don't let certain wealthy or powerful people dominate and spoil AA as they did with PB. People are excited about AA, but would also like to stand a chance of winning! When you up against people who are winning hundreds daily, there is a very small chance of winning the bids.

I know we are in the early days of AA. We know you always work things out so that it's "fair" for all. A few limitations would be appreciated and I believe you will see more serious bidding once the Bingo's are limited.

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How much financial situation affects SFI? in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

20 days ago

Hi Wendy
Thanks I would like to but do not have your email. A2A is down so not sure of how to get in touch?

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How much financial situation affects SFI? in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

21 days ago

Hi Snezana

Financial ability has always impacted people with little cash. It restricts what we can or cannot do to grow our business with SFI.

Here in South Africa, we have a very volatile exchange rate to the US$.
I have auto delivery for 2 packages:-
Builder Bundle US$55.00
125 TCredit Pack US$36.25
Total US$91.25

When I first set up this auto delivery the South African Rand was trading at about 10:1$ which meant I was paying Rand 912.50 per month. The Rand has weakened and this month I paid Rand 1,365.00. It is impossible to keep this up, it is now becoming too expensive for me to carry on with these 2 auto deliveries and maintain my rank. I have some very hard decisions to make. If I stop one or the other or even both, I could end up back at square 1 and lose everything I have been working for over the past 6 years with SFI.
I am in my 60's and have no capital, savings or investments. I work full time for 3 clients and one of them is going into liquidation, so I will lose my income from that client. At my age it is very difficult to find work, so this is a big blow. However, I have managed to maintain my rank at BLT for years now and will probably have to sacrifice my STL status, as I simply cannot afford to keep paying these exhorbitant rates.

Further to this, my husband has had 2 major operations and been in hospital 5 times this year. The additional medical costs have crippled us. SFI has been my passion for the past 6 years but I am now facing having to choose survival or SFI??

As I work full time I do not have a lot of spare time to advertise or blog. I have a very ill husband and my day already extends to 36 hours a day (it feels like that).

Times are very very hard.
BUT I am fighting to hold on to SFI !!

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I am now a VIP in AA in Recognition #Astro Auctions #TripleClicks

23 days ago

Congratulations Randy!

I hope you achieve even greater things!!

Keep up the good job !!!

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Why Setting Goals Is The Way To Go in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Leadership

24 days ago

Great achievement Teresa!

Thanks for your inspirational post and I wish you all the best for a successful future.'

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Announcing...the Astro Auction VIP program in SFI News #Astro Auctions

26 days ago

Thanks Gery!
Phew! Thought I had to get bidding on a whole bunch more AA auctions!!

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Announcing...the Astro Auction VIP program in SFI News #Astro Auctions

26 days ago

This is great news Gery, thank you!

I am a bit confused and hope you can help.
My Badges TOTAL showsI have 71 badges (but listed are 30 SFI and 40 Tripleclicks) that adds up to 70, so there is 1 badge not displaying.

Then on my AA Dashboard, I see this message

I don't understand why I do not have a VIP badge firstly, and secondly I don't understand why I need to bid in 15 auctions today, in order to stay qualified?
Is this a glitch?
Please clarify if I have misunderstood.

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Forgetting simple steps to make PSA's active? in Getting Started #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Great post Sanchia!

Excellent reminder to us all that we have these tools supplied to us - we just need to use them!


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MOVERS tab suggestion in Suggestion Box

about 1 month ago

I like the idea - thanks

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Getting frustrated with Brain Sprint - wrong "correct" answers in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

I would not post here unless I was sure. There are several answers of historical, Biblical and Original quotations that are incorrect. I have certainly checked them. However, someone as academic, intelligent looking and knowledgeable as you are, assume to know better, so be it.
If I do not know the answer I check it thoroughly. I certainly do not have answers to silly questions about Harry Potter or the favorite burger outlets etc., but where history, the Bible or famous quotations are concerned I am fairly well informed and certainly check my answers first!

I enjoy the game, I would like to enjoy it more, if there were less incorrect "correct" answers. I know I am not the only person who has experienced this. That is why I have suggested the QUESTION be revealed at the time the WRONG ANSWER is revealed!!!

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How to answer to downline when they ask what are this all about? in Team Building #Auto-Delivery #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

I agree with Jay!

I like to send an ecard and welcome them personally, let them know I am their Sponsor/Co-sponsor and that I am here to help them if they need it.
I give them this link
They already receive a lot of information from SFI, so try not to overwhelm your newbies.