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Becky F.

United States

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I have an idea in Suggestion Box #Getting Started

12 days ago

Hi Emem,

That is your job!
They are your PSA / CSAs

Send them an e-card and say;
"Thank You for looking at SFI again,
Start with LaunchPad lessons.
I am here to help, etc."

Good Luck and
Enjoy your Journey! :)

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List Of Followers In The Forum in Miscellaneous

14 days ago

Hi Mohammed,

You can see the posts

and people you follow here:

You find it at the Forum Menu bar –
right side is “ME”

On Your Menu bar -
right side is “Follows”

This will list the Posts you follow.
At the top of the posts is
a LINK there for the “people” you follow.
“You follow 50 people” > click link.

Hope this helps you
Enjoy Your Journey :)

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Smart Start update in SFI News #Getting Started #Team Building

17 days ago

Hi Becky,

1. We definitely don't want anyone leaving this page until they've fully absorbed it. So, the link to learn about becoming EA opens in a new window, yes.

2. If they go investigate the TCredits pack using the link provided, the description of this product explains what TCredits are used for...and if they need further information, there's a link to our detailed "Mighty TCredits" page from the product description.

Thank You Gery! :)

1 . I would hate to loose them down a rabbit hole!
haha - trying to think like a newbie
2 . I must have missed the link provided --
other then the order button.


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Smart Start update in SFI News #Getting Started #Team Building

17 days ago

Thank you !!! Gery and team!

A lot of work has gone into this,
and it Looks GREAT
and it sounds like it is working great also! :)

I have a couple of questions ~

On page 2 – where it says
“Learn how to become an EA HERE.”
Does this link open in a new Tab?

On page 3 - where is says
"set up AD for 125 TCredit"
do they know what a TCredit is for yet?

Should there be a LINK on the word “TCredit”
that opens a New Tab to a Easy “Newbie TCredit page”
explaining that TCredits are used for
Bid, Play, and Buy at their TC store?

I really like the automated welcome
message setup for them !!!

Again ~ Looks GREAT :)
lots of work . . .
THANKS for all you do! :)

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TCredits for Purchases and VP in North America #VersaPoints

22 days ago

Hi Peter,

Yes ~ IF you are purchasing with monies;
( or credit/debit card, Bitcoin, etc.)

No ~ IF you are exchanging Reward Tokens
for your TCredits.

Hope this helps you
Enjoy Your Journey :)

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What Kind Of Doctor Fixes Broken Websites? in Just For Fun

about 1 month ago

My question Bruce, is:
Where do you find a "good" URLologist?

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Check your Gateway periodically! in Marketing #Marketing #Pricebenders #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

Hi Milica,

When you are checking your gateways to TC
you will see at the bottom right of the page,
You TC affiliate is your name

You have to be signed out of your TC account
to see the page as you prospect will see it.

Hope this helps you
Enjoy your journey! :)

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Setting Up My Goals in Getting Started #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Hi Nisar,

At the end of the month
see and write down your "(current #)"
Next month - set a goal # higher &/or lower
that you would like to reach for the new month.

Work to reach your new goal in the new month.
Always trying to better yourself
from the month before.

Enjoy Your Journey :)

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Marketing experience in Marketing

about 1 month ago

I have gotten through FB and L-in :(
That is why I do not SM much anymore!

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NCAA Badge in Bug Reports #Contests #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

What has happened to my
EZ LeaderBoard ~ UP NCAA FB Badge ???
It has been missing in action for a few days now!!!

Others still have / show theirs.
I was #28 !
and dropped off the top 500 players ???

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2birds with one stone in Just For Fun

about 1 month ago

Good Morning Hanswathee,
Thank You for the post ~
it made me laugh
and started my day on the right foot!

"Been there ~
Done that !! "

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Pricebender auction research ??? in North America #Pricebenders

2 months ago

Hi Darren,

I think you are bringing up a “touchy subject”
and I will try to stay positive in my reply
and answer in (mostly) Gery's own words!

“. . . researching the auctions and making adjustments accordingly. . .”

I believe that watching how the auctions are doing and
needing adjustments are a consistent action of SFI Corporate.

“. . . talk to people that are only interested in actions is hard sell . . .”

I agree, not much there IF one is not building their SFI business.

“. . . big dog auction . . . less than nine wins (junior) . . .
kind of limits the scope of people that can get in on the bidding. . . “

There will always be big dog and junior auctions.
They just happen to run at the same time by coinsidence,
this may happen two or three (?) times a month.
We just have to work our way around them and keep going.

Ever since the October 27, 2015 change in the auctions
and the index page format ~ I have not been a big fan of our auctions.
“New bigger, better Pricebenders auctions!”

I think that is when the win limits went up from 12 a month to the now 18 a month
[“. . . you can win no more than six (6) auctions in a seven (7)-day period and
no more than 18 auctions in a 30-day period ...]
I think this is what could be changed back.

Hope this helps you
Enjoy Your Journey
Good Luck Bidding!

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commision volumes in North America #Compensation #TripleClicks

3 months ago

Good Morning Faizal,

The CV is listed in the "SFI Toolbox" tab / popup
just under the add to cart button.
It lists all the VP and Commission amounts.

Hope this help you
Enjoy Your Journey. :)

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Why should I work with SFI, convince me? in Getting Started #Compensation #Leadership #Team Building

3 months ago

Good Morning Dewan,
Welcome to SFI and the Forum! :)

My Question to you;
and only you can answer WHY you joined!
This Why is what will motivate you
now and in the future; in SFI or in some other program.

My WHY is my desire and goal to see fulfilled.
Your WHY is your desire and will become your goal
IF that you will work for it (or not).

Your choice now is:
will you COMMIT to work the best program around
just kick the tires and then go off and look to
what other things might draw your Interest ???

Your (ours / everyone) future depends
on the choices YOU (we) make today!

Enjoy the Journey! :)

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Enquiry in Getting Started #Getting Started #Sponsor #VersaPoints

3 months ago

Hi Damilare,

Welcome to SFI, we are glad you are here ! :)
and welcome to the forum.

Start by reading the launchpad lessons
and answer the questions at the bottom.

Go to your "To-Do" Tab
and do your DAILY actions - daily
You can get 10-12 VP and enter the Daily Grand drawing.

Here you will also see actions for the week and month ,
also one time actions you can start on.

Hope this helps
Enjoy Your Journey :)

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Member Connections on ECA in Miscellaneous #Sales #TripleClicks

3 months ago

Hi Nafisa,

I think ~
they are trying to see if there are still
40 ECAs on TC to connect with,
so they can get the gold strip
back on their "I love ECA" badge.

Just my thoughts! :)

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Received a 1099 yet in United States #Compensation #Leadership

3 months ago

Thank You Lori for the reply! :)
I did contact support and this is their reply;

Since my funds are accumulated
and used for building my business
I do not/ did not receive a 1099.
My New Goal !!! :) To do/ have both!

Thank You for the "Happy Anniversary" Wish!
I am starting my seventh year, still working part-time,
so it is slow going; but am Building Something GREAT!!
One Day . . . . . !!!

Enjoying my Journey!!

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Received a 1099 yet in United States #Compensation #Leadership

3 months ago

Just a quick question for us US residents.

Have you received your Form 1099 yet?
As of yesterday, I have not and
do not know if / when they come.


Or do I need to do a support ticket???

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PTP with Retail Price added in Suggestion Box #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

3 months ago

Thanks Fran
I have done that!
and sometimes, for some items
I have had to go many pages to find it,
as it was a few days since that item was on the auctions.
Again ~ Thanks for the idea.

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how to unluck block chat session in Miscellaneous #Sponsor #Team Building

3 months ago

Hi Pradeep,

Go to "My Account"
(the person icon on the black menu bar)

choose: Communication > Block List
Then choose the "Unblock" button.

Hope this helps you
Enjoy Your Journey :)

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PTP with Retail Price added in Suggestion Box #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

3 months ago

I know you have a lot on your plate right now
could the retail price of an item be added to
the PTP page as a reference point also.

Statistics ~ Last 5
Retail Price: $ 00
Average Winning Price: $ 00
Average Auction Length: hours, minutes

This would help in the guessing game!
Thanks !!!

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PSAs and PRMs added to Rewardical Exchange! in SFI News #PSA #Rewardical #Team Building

3 months ago

Thank You Gery!
Another great way to grow our business.

My Question is:
What Key Code will be assigned to these
Rewardicals PSAs, PRMs, and CSAs.

Hoping it is different
so I/ we can track them.

Thanks !!!

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Rewardical Tokens - How Many? How Use? in United States #Getting Started #Rewardical #TripleClicks

3 months ago

Good Morning Bruce,

How many RTs I have is not what is important.
I am waiting to see what the Silver is going to go for.

I will say to everyone ~
DO the calculations on what you are getting!
Some items have a better Value than others.

10K RTs at this moment will get you:
3333 VPs at the value of ??
(VP went down for last month)
129 TCs (the 125pk is worth $ )
$16.50 in Bitcoin
#16.00 is a TC GC

Enjoy Your Journey
as you Get More RTs