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Becky F.

United States

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a question for colleagues in Marketing #Rewardical

16 days ago

Hi Natasa,

You can exchange your RW for
TCredits or GC (Gift Certificates)
and use those to pay for physical products.

I would "Do the Math"
to see which option gives you the better value.

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TripleClicks Products in Getting Started #TripleClicks

18 days ago

Hi Bulelwa,

The day and time that you place you first order
for TCredits ~ it will charge you for your first order.
Then you can adjust the day to the date (day of the month)
you want your AD to be charged on.

Hope this helps you
Enjoy Your Journey :)

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Improvement in Inspiration/Testimonials #Astro Auctions #Eager Zebra #TCredits

19 days ago

Hi Xolani,
Yes ! :) All suggestions are welcome in the Forum!

Just go the the Index page
and choose the category called "Suggestion Box"

Gery and team considers all suggestions!

Enjoy Your Journey :)

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Affirmations - Are You Kidding Me??? Read On!!! in Team Building #Astro Auctions #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Good Morning Bruce :)
I liked your post and agree with it,

one thing I have learned in MY life
is that there are three sides to a coin.
The third side is known as the "Balance"
(also called the edge).

If we keep our life in "Balance"
we find the "happy ~ sweet spot"
that keeps us in moderation
and from abusing anything.

Hope you liked my thoughts
on your two-sided coin!

Enjoying the Journey

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PRM Gifts in United States #TCredits #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

Good Morning Roberta,

You can go to the “Members Report”
and Choose the PRM to send TCredits to,

It does show that you are able to
“Issue a gift certificate or TCredit Pack”

Go for it!
And let me know how it works for you.

I was just quoting the soution page
". . . for issue TCredit Pack gifts . . . "
(which needs updating)

Thanks Roberta for updating me on this !!! :)
Enjoying the Journey!

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PRM Gifts in United States #TCredits #TripleClicks

2 months ago

Good Morning Rebecca,

I found this statement:
"Note that TCredit packs may be gifted
ONLY to PSAs at this time."

from this page:

Hope this helps you;
Enjoy Your Journey :)

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Ungrateful PSA in Team Building #PSA

2 months ago

Good Morning Amila,
I am glad, and oh so happy that it is working out for you !!! :)
and that you did not loose a future good worker!

Think I will email my DDs and see if anyone wants to try
to work with this guy first.
He is working some and maybe will keep growing,
I would hate to loose a future worker!

Enjoy Your Journey :)

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Ungrateful PSA in Team Building #PSA

2 months ago

Good Morning Amila,
Wanted to reply to you
but waited until this post was not on the front page anymore.

I have a PSA that joined back in December,
he rolled up to me in May –
at his roll-up he started working most days.

Sent him welcome at roll-up and e-cards
then I see a forum post (16 days ago) from him saying:
“ My sponsor has never responded to a one email. . . . “
So I email him and his response was
“ . . . Clever of you to remove the "g" from your email. . . . “
(now I am good – but not that good :)

So he was typing the wrong email address for me
and it is my fault.
Anyway - with the new rollover rule
he reached over 500 VPs last month
and I received a 1 star rating with a negative comment.
(also - all his forum post have been negative
and they say to get rid of the negative people in your life ;)

Now – this month
his points have rolled over again
and a new forum post yesterday:
“ You are very lucky. My up line is MIA. “

So I see that for the next few months
(or until he makes EA)
I will be receiving a 1 star from him.

My thoughts are:
Once – shame on you,
twice – shame on me!

Thinking that before the end of the month
I will send him down to someone who is MIA
and let him roll up to someone who is MIA
and then let him toll up to someone who
is a DD that I can work / talk with;
and see how he is doing by then.
She might want to re-assign him again?

Anyway – I do know how you feel !!!
And I feel better blowing off a little !!!

but I am still
Enjoying My Journey here!
Hope you can / will still
Enjoy Your Journey !!!

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Prayers Requested. in Just For Fun

2 months ago

Thank You Ray
I had a good laugh this morning! :)
Good way to start the day.

Oh ~ and stay off those horses!

Enjoying the Journey. :)

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REWARDICALS TOKKEN = TripleClicks Gift Certificates ? in Miscellaneous #Rewardical

3 months ago

Hi Prateek,

It will take 3,000 RTs to get you $5 TC GC.

Enjoy Your Journey :)

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New To SFI In Ohio in United States #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

3 months ago

Good Morning Gregory,

Welcome to SFI, we are glad you are here ! :)
and welcome to the forum.

There is a LOT of information in SFI,
Do Not get overwhelmed with all that is here!

Slow and Steady is what wins the race,
but this is not a race, it is a journey,
and a journey is taken One Step at a time.

SFI provides ALL the tools
we need to grow our business!
and we are always here to help.

The main thing is to,
Enjoy Your Journey!

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astro auction : This item does not ship to Morocco ! in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

3 months ago

Hi all,
as Gery has stated before:
". . . we can't defy government regulations or international law. . . . "

Read his full answer here:

Sorry you are unable to receive these items!
Hopefully you regulations will change ~ soon!
Until then,
Enjoy Your Journey :)

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Astro Auctions prizes in North America #Astro Auctions

3 months ago

Hi Jennifer,
You can see you Daily Crown entries
at the top of the "Play" page is a small box
with the DC information and a button to "Learn More".
or go here:

When you have an entry there will be a "HAPPY Face"
You receive a "Happy Face" for each game you enter
with the use of a TCredit and AA DC wins.

Good Luck! :)
and Enjoy Your Journey

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This time i am IN REVERSE GEAR ( about INFORMATION )* in Suggestion Box #Leadership

3 months ago

Last week I went back to see when I did a Support Ticket;
It was back in April 2018.

You may not use (find useful) past informatiom
but others do ~ and do use it for their benefit,
without having to bother support again.

Enjoy Your Journey :)

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Astro Auctions Change in Suggestion Box #Astro Auctions #TripleClicks

4 months ago

Yes ~ Thanks Delmage,

This would help on the STREAM TAB also !!!

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Astra Prizes Gift Cards in Astro Auctions #Eager Zebra #Getting Started #TripleClicks

4 months ago

This is so True!
I have had a bid on one of these Amazon Cards
for more than 24 hours now.
It has finally moved up to the middle row.

Be aware that some of these Astro Auctions
move slow and your bid may
NOT turn your "PB" Tab green for the day.

Enjoy the Auctions :)

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A2A page not access in Miscellaneous

5 months ago

Hi Vijaya,

The A2A page has been down for about a week.
That page has the message on it:

"This page is down for maintenance"

We are all waiting for its return.
Until then:
Enjoy your Day :)

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Reports: Rewardical referrals? in Sales #Rewardical #Sales

5 months ago

Good Morning Marilynn,
Good Question !!! :)

First ~ a PRM:
Personally Referred Member ~ is a member
of the Zing Network
whom you have referred.

Glossary definition: Personally Referred Member (PRM)
A person you refer--who is NOT an SFI Affiliate--
who signs up at a Zing Network property
(i.e., TripleClicks.com, Rewardical.com, etc.).

Also see:

You will find the PRM signup Report at
My Account > Reports > Member Report

Hope this helps you ~
Enjoy Your Journey :)

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Genealogy Table Error in Bug Reports #Compensation #VersaPoints

5 months ago

In the New Genealogy Table
my CV calculations are not showing correctly:
4 1070 $0.00

I show that one NSA has 5100 VP
and another NSA has 1543 VP

So how is the CV total $0.00 ???

Thank You for checking this out!

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Removal of Welcome Letter option from CSA Snapshot in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

5 months ago

This is now FIXED !!!

Thank You Gery and Team !!! :)

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Removal of Welcome Letter option from CSA Snapshot in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

5 months ago

Hi P K R,
Thank You for this thread.

I sent a New CSA an e-card
and went to make a "NOTE" of the date
that it was sent, so as to track it.

Yes ~ the whole bottom menu from the Snap Shot
was/is now - missing for newly assigned CSAs.

Hoping this will be fixed soon!
Stillll, enjoying the journey!

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Help in Miscellaneous

5 months ago

Hi Ebuka,

You will receive the 100 VPs sponsoring bonus
as soon as you become qualified BY reaching EA status yourself.

Enjoy Your Journey :)

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¿Qué pasó con mis PSA? in Miscellaneous #PSA

6 months ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Email Open Rates when you provide Value to your Prospects in Team Building #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

6 months ago

Hi Girish,
Thank You ~ there is helpful info in your writing.
But it is hard to read, as one long paragraph.

Please ~ follow your own advice,
so we can read easier.

Thank You and
Enjoy Your Journey! :)